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The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 57 years, is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. Enjoy!  



(Bill Handel, Howard Stern, Carson Daly, Michelle, Booker, McCabe, Seena, Uncle Joe Benson, and Christian Wheel) 

They Came to Say Farewell to Joe McDonnell

(March 26, 2015) Hundreds of Los Angeles Radio People joined many others to pay their final respects to veteran sports talk host Joe McDonnell yesterday morning. The memorial service was held at the St. John Baptist De La Salle church in Granada Hills. Towering above the crowd were superstars from the world of sports, like Jerry West.

During the Celebration of Life service, Joe’s wife Elizabeth, office manager at 100.3/The Sound, shared some personal thoughts. (Photos by Alan Oda)

Joe loved for people to gather – it didn’t matter to him if it was a dinner table, in a clubhouse or around a radio. He lived for opportunities to make people think, learn and experience all that was Joe McDonnell.

Joe was known for going to bed at a young age with a transistor radio – it was no surprise that he fell in love with the medium and became a talk show host.

Combining sports facts, entertainment and Doug Krikorian – “The McDonnell Douglas Show” honed their skills as Infotainers and people listened.

1. Steve Kindred, Joe Cala, Randy Kerdoon, Ted Sobel, Bob Brill; 2. Vic the Brick, Ross Porter, Randy Kerdoon; 3. Andy Ludlum

Joe was an information hound; this man would read five books at a time. He would juggle subjects like the Old West, baseball, wrestling, The National Enquirer and cooking.  He actually became a pretty good cook and was proud of some of the creations he dreamed up. He was especially proud of his BBQ rub and wanted to make a line of spices called Mr. and Mrs. BBQ.

Joe had a unique approach to athletes, coaches, managers, front office workers, ushers and listeners and it served him well over the years. He used to say he had a secret, it was to listen. He would hear the same people ask the same questions over and over to the same people.  Joe’s approach was to sit nearby and listen to what they had to say to each other…if it was golf, a new car they were interested in getting, or who they thought would win the Kentucky Derby – Joe would ask the question…so did you figure out what color Lexus you are going to get? Whenever he was stopped by a fan, Joe made it a point to ask them their name – he said it was the least he could do.  And that’s how the magic of Joe McDonnell captivated anyone he wanted to get to know. Those relationships have lasted for years…he created new ones the same way…these friendships are evident in this room, by all of you here today to honor Joe. 

1. Doug Krikorian, Vic the Brick; 2. Don Barrett, Rita Wilde; 3. Tom Patterson, Monica Barnett, Sara Martin, J.V. Martin

When Joe took a different career path and began to write, he took his listeners, now readers, on journeys in sports and sometimes on other topics that interested him.  Whether the subject was JFK, Wyatt Earp, or the Undertaker going to wrestle in a steel cage match against four people younger than him. Joe had a passion for telling stories in very compelling, funny, and always informative way.  I liked listening to Joe talk, but reading what he’d written was always a deeper way to get to know him.

One of the most known facts about Joe was that he spoke his mind.  You always knew where you stood with Joe - sometimes it was on the same page.  If he didn’t agree with your views it was possible that you felt like you were in a different book. And then there were those taboo subjects and Heaven help you if you dared to bring up a subject that crossed the hairs on his neck. 

1. Bob Koontz, Jeff Biggs; 2. Steve Futterman; 3. Joe and Elizabeth McDonnell

Being a man of size, Joe knew that he needed to live his life as if it was an open book. Though he may not have shared every small detail with most, he had a way of making you feel like you were in his inner circle. There was a very private side to Joe, a side that only a few got to see, but if he let you have a glimpse into that part of him, then you were there to share his joy, his success, his trials and tribulations, and sometimes his pain. He was true gift to so many.  He lives in the hearts of all of all of you here today.

Joe was so passionate to help others. He made “Pay it Forward” a priority long before it was cool to say it that way.  He supported many charities and causes over the years, but the one that he helped the most was The Make A Wish Foundation.  Joe always tried to make someone else’s life better each day.  Sometimes it was as simple as a handshake and a smile and other times it was a donation of money or time.  If you are looking for a way to honor Joe – Please Pay it Forward! Thank you again for being here today.

KFI Droning On. Under the leadership of Chris Little and program director Robin Bertolucci, KFI News has made a significant breakthrough in its news gathering process. KFI news people will now be equipped with drones fitted with on-board HD cameras. A press reported stated: “Reporters are required to complete both classroom and field training with an instructor.”

"There is no doubt in my mind that this is the future of news gathering," said Bertolucci. "The news drones will be a great addition to our content capturing technology. Our listeners demand dynamic content on our website and social media. Not to mention, they’re just really, really cool." (Photo: Eric Leonard, Jo Kwon, Steve Gregory)

Hear Ache. Mike Lundy got excellent news from his oncologist. “No expansion, no extension. Wheee,” enthused Mike. And with great physical therapy, I am doing the stairs here at home. The oconlogist wants to do a bone marrow sometime in the future, but not now … KFI’s Tim Conway, Jr. has some revealing stories to tell when Shotgun Tom Kelly gets roasted tomorrow at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters luncheon. “Tom saved me from an ass kicking by KLSX management,” Tim remembers. “(And) he has a Tonight Show set in his garage.  Did Johnny Carson have a Shotgun Tom recording studio in his garage? I'll tell you Friday.” Tim also has a TMZ-style story to tell about Shotgun and the Mayor of San Diego … Ready for retirement or would like to begin planning for retirement? KNX’s Tom Haule and Charles Feldman will devote an hour this morning at 10 a.m. to how new ways of planning for retirement have displaced long-held traditional views and strategies.

B-100 Boogie. San Diego has its one-and-only boogie station on until Sunday. B-100 took to the airwaves this morning at 1 a.m., as KOPA/Rez Radio 91.3 in Pala turned over the station as a tribute to the 40th anniversary. Hear Ken Levine, John Fox, Bobby Rich, Shotgun Tom, Gary Kelly, Gene Knight, in recorded and live broadcasts throughout the weekend. Danny Wilde, Bobby Rich, and Ken "Beaver Cleaver" Levine, and John Fox will provide live shows on Friday starting at 3 p.m. The station is heard in the San Luis Rey Valley at 91.3, and also through "I Heart Radio" and Tune-in. Look for REZ Radio or KOPA.

Over 50 former B-100 staff members get together in Pala to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this great radio station. Many more will be heard from on recordings saved from the 70s and 80s aired throughout the B-100 hours.  There will be four hours of Rich Brothers - four hours of "The Golden Ear", a 1976 and 77 rate-a-record show that aired late on weekends, and 6 hours of the B-100 Saturday night dance party hosted by Tony Pepper all through the 80s.

John Fox, general manager of Rez Radio said, "Anyone who lived in San Diego or Southern California in the 1970s and 80s is going to want to hear the 2015 B-100 Hours.  It WILL be a trip ... back in time." Rez Radio 91.3 http://www.palatribe.com/pala-radio is owned and operated by the Pala Band of Mission Indians in Pala, CA.  The station - became B100@40 this morning at 1 a.m. Rez Radio streams live on iHeart.com.  Just search "Rez Radio" or click http://www.iheart.com/live/rez-radio-913-5655/ KOPA is a broadcast service of the Pala Tribe and is located in North County San Diego.

Music Industry Reunion. Jon Scott is preparing the 3rd annual Music Industry Reunion, set for this summer in Calabassas. “We’re getting the word out early for those who may want to fly in and get the best possible airfare. Our first one here in Los Angeles drew 75 incredible people. The second doubled and now the third one is over 175 RSVP'S with a month to go. You will see friends you haven't seen in years and that was my reason for doing this. When Al Coury died something in my head said you gotta do this -bring people together. We're not getting any younger and now is the time to do this.”

You can get more information from Jon at 818.981.9876 or click the artwork. 


KMPC Glory Years. Were you one of the fortunate ones to have witnessed history with a grand reunion of 710/KMPC super stars? We should somehow post that three hour evening.

LARadio Rewind: March 26, 1995. Former KKBT dj Eazy-E dies of AIDS complications at 31. Born Eric Wright in Compton, he dropped out of high school and began selling drugs, using his profit to co-found Ruthless Records in 1986. He formed the rap group NWA (Niggaz Wit’ Attitude) with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Yella and MC Ren. Their biggest-selling album was Straight Outta Compton. Eazy-E also recorded two solo albums. From July 1994 through February 1995, he hosted The Ruthless Radio Show, a three-hour Saturday night program on KKBT. He was joined by Julio Gonzalez, Tony Gonzalez and Jesse Collins. Eazy-E did not like the term “gangsta rap.” He preferred “reality rap” because “it's about what’s really going on.” KKBT general manager Craig Wilbraham noted that Eazy-E “didn’t live the lifestyle that his music may have indicated. There was a softer side of him that people weren't aware of.”

 Funnie. (Thanks to Timmy Manocheo)

Email Thursday

We GET Email …

** The Gorilla

“Re: Jack Armstrong, here’s an aircheck from his days at KFRC-San Francisco in 1983. Thirty-two years ago, better quality radio than what’s put out today. The people running today’s Top 40/Classic Hits stations could learn from such airchecks.” – Greg Wood, West Hills

 ** He Said to Rick Hill

“Sorry, I just couldn't resist responding:

‘In classic conservative pretzel logic, you attack the messenger rather than the message.

1) The Daily Show is liberal. However, they also skewer their own, as Jon Stewart has several times this past week regarding Hillary Clinton. When was the last time Hannity did that?

2) The Tampa Bay Times has been called liberal. It has also won every major journalistic award in America, including the Pulitzer. And Politifact attacks Democrats as often as Republicans. Hannity?  Hannity?

3) As a high school and university debater, I was always taught that points unrefuted stand. Your letter is a profound argument supporting Jon Stewart’s (and my) contention. Let’s see some facts. Oh, yeah. As a right winger, you're allergic.” – Christopher Ames

** He Said (Ames) He Said (Hill)

“Pretzel logic? What is that? OK, attack me for saying that everything you said about ‘Conservatives’ (btw how do you know I’m a Conservative? Oh I know; it’s because I disagreed with you) can be applied equally to Liberals and the left. That’s really all I’m saying.

And the Tampa Bay Times has not just been called Liberal; they ARE Liberal. Nothing wrong with that; but it’s a fact. A fact that you don’t want to hear. Like many media outlets who veer left or right, their objectivity is questionable. So we might actually agree on that. Stewart? Stewart?

Really? Every major journalistic award in America? Even if that’s true, so what? If you’re a middle of the road moderate as I am, you get news from different sources; you seek facts and truth, not left or right wing opinions.

Great that you were a high school and university debater. So was I. Again, so what? Just like in debate, I gave you facts, not opinions; but like John Stewart you are not interested in facts.

I guess you’re allergic.” – Rick Hill 


No LARadio today ... We are attending the Joe McDonnell services



Not So Ducky for Terry McGovern

(March 24, 2015) Terry McGovern, a huge star in San Francisco, gave us a few years in the early 1980s doing mornings at KWST and 1110/KRLA. His name surfaces because of a post on his Facebook page yesterday. “I am heartsick. Bad news. This is not a life or death situation, but it feels like one,” wrote McGovern:

"Disney is re-booting Ducktales. And, here’s the bad news for me and the rest of the original cast – they are RE-CASTING! A very sweet woman called me from their offices to impart this development just moments ago. It was considerate of them, but it was not what I wanted to hear. When she first introduced herself on the phone, that she was calling on behalf of Ducktales, I thought, WOW! THE BAND’S GETTING BACK TOGETHER! Alas, it’s going to be a new band. So, someone else will play Launchpad McQuack. I haven’t told Launchpad himself yet. He’s in the garage tinkering with the Thunderquack. I just don’t have the heart to tell him. But I will. Just don’t tell him until I do, OK? And thanks for your sympathy. I wish the new cast well.”

Terry is a great example of taking his radio career as a start, to then building multiple platforms to share his gifts. He appears in cinema, as the nasty man who fires Robin Williams in the opening scene of Mrs. Doubtfire and the anesthesiologist in Nine Months.

Born in Pittsburgh, Terry worked in his hometown at KDKA and had a successful run in San Francisco at KSFO and KSAN.  For 12 years he made hundreds of tv appearances including guest star roles on Cagney and Lacey, Happy Days and St. Elsewhere. He was a season regular on the CBS series Charlie and Company, starring Flip Wilson and Gladys Knight. Some of his other guest roles included: Fernwood 2-Night, The Hogans, My Sister Sam, Happy Days, The Jeffersons and Newhart.

Terry returned to San Francisco to enjoy much success at K101 and KYA. For many years he hosted the Bay TV morning show on the local NBC station. He started his movie career working with George Lucas, providing voices for Lucas’ first film, THX1138 and later for Star Wars. While recording wild lines in post-production with sound wizard Ben Burtt, Terry was given those immortal words: “These are not the droids we’re looking for.”

In between, he played the young high school teacher in American Graffiti. "The thing that's always amazed me, is that nothing gets cut out of that movie,” McGovern reflected. “Watch it late at night. I always figure my scene’s going to get cut. But there it is. And the restored stuff is great: Harrison Ford singing, the Committee’s John Brent as the evangelical salesman. It really is a cult classic. I had two guys in their twenties come up to me at a bar a couple of years ago. 'You’re Mr. Wolfe, right?' 'Guilty,' says I. They then launched into the dialogue from the scene I'm in with Richard Dreyfus. Word for word!"

Who Made You the Person You Are Today?

There are a significant number of Los Angeles Radio People who have been helped by a mentor – a parent, coach, teacher, troop leader, religious leader or all-purpose lifesaver. A mentor encourages positive choices.

We asked a number of LARP to share with us their mentor and how he or she helped them get to where they are today. 

Boyd R. Britton

Doc on the ROQ

Having some spare time, I tried to think of key people in my career, both positive and negative. There have been people or stations I so loathed working for, I made blind leaps into new (or even no) jobs. The best of these was from Stockton to KCBQ in its heyday.   

Among the big break was from Jack McCoy deciding I sounded like the news director at KCBQ in the day, whom I had rarely heard but considered a colossal horse’s ass on and off the air! I never agreed with Rick Carroll about anything – except bringing me to L.A. twice, though Rich Robbin, Charlie Tuna, and Freddy Snakeskin did the heavy lifting on those. At Ten-Q Jimi Fox let me have the run of the store!  

And of course, The Real Don Steele put up with me and taught me intensity, focus and star quality. That in a sense is what I read years ago about an old news anchor on the Texas State Network asked by some young journalism schoolers what was important: Actualities, on-scene coverage, commentary? His reply: “Be a star.”

Which brings me to Texoid Brad Messer (KGB/fm, KMET) who taught me in the briefest of comments: “Your resume’s too short. Go somewhere and sit.”  “Oh, you’re one of these big-words f –oers.” And the concept that you have to “commit” to a story to the end – or not do it at all.  Never matched his low-key urgency but earned his respect. We asked each other for jobs.

But the ultimate mentor was Bert Kelsey, a prep school English teacher who made us write a piece every single day...always in less than 100 words!

Woops, I’ve used too many!

LARadio Rewind: March 24, 1975. Aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach at a party given by Paul and Linda McCartney to celebrate the completion of their upcoming Venus & Mars album, KMPC afternoon host Gary Owens introduces the Meters, a funk group from New Orleans, whose concert is recorded for a live album. Their 15-song set includes their 1969 hit Cissy Strut along with versions of Liar, It’s Your Thing, Make It With You and Love The One You’re With. The recording would remain unreleased until 1992 when Rhino Records issued it as Uptown Rulers! The Meters Live On The Queen Mary, complete with Gary Owens’ introduction. Coming 15 years after the Meters disbanded, the album did not chart.

Hear Ache. Mancow, former KLAC morning personality, starts on Chicago’s Classic Rock station, WLUP (The Loop), next Monday … Want to have lunch with Shotgun Tom Kelly (l) and dozens of other LARPs this Friday? Shotgun is being honored at the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters luncheon. On the dais: Harold Green (former tv anchor on KCBS-2 & KABC-7), Neil Ross (voice actor), Jhani Kaye (retired program director KOST 103 & K-Earth 101), Tim Conway Jr. (KFI 640), Gary Bryan (morning host on K-Earth), and a special surprise from Charlie Van Dyke and Jhani). Today is the deadline to purchase tickets. You don’t have to be a member, just a fan of LA Radio. Tickets can be ordered on line - www.ppbwebsite.org/shotgun. See you there ... Condolences to Michael Benner on the passing of his mother yesterday in St Louis. She was 93 ... Former Saul Levine personality P.J. Ochlan got a supporting role in Buddy Solitaire, a new film starring Sally Kirkland.

Funnie. (Thanks to Robert Sudock)

At 3 a.m. a blond and her husband are awakened by their neighbor's barking dog.  The blond says "This has been going on long enough.  I will take care of it myself."

She returns ten minutes later but the dog is still barking.  "What did you do?" the husband asks.  

"I put their dog in our yard.  Let's see how they like it!"  

Email Tuesday

We GET Email …

** It’s My Party

“Sad to hear of the passing of Lesley Gore. I never met her, never got the chance to have her verify [or get her take] on this story from back in the day.

In December of 1962, my folks rented a house that they could ill afford near Marin Country Club. The owner of the house was Hugh Heller, who had just been promoted from his post as pd of KSFO and was moving down to Los Angeles [I assume to KMPC, as this was before the advent of the Heller-Ferguson jingle company].  KSFO was in its Golden West heyday at the time, dominating San Francisco – billing itself as the WORLD’S GREATEST RADIO STATION.  And it very may well have been, with a lineup that included the legendary Don Sherwood, Al Jazzbeau Collins, Jack Carney, and Jim Lange. As program director, Heller was directly responsible for the famed ‘Sounds of the City’ KSFO jingle masterpiece.  Young, hip, and well-heeled, Marin Country Club was part of the KSFO playground – Heller lived just off the course, and Lange played a lot of golf there, some with my step-father [who could ill afford to live or play there].

A year or so later, Lesley hits big with It’s My Party, Judy’s Turn, etc, and is heavily promoted as one of the lead acts on the giant Cow Palace rock ’n roll show.  These shows were big stuff, with seemingly a dozen or so featured acts all on the same bill, each doing their current hits. Well, my step-father was the NorCal sales rep for the apparel company of which Lesley’s father was the president. So my parents invited her to have dinner with us one night, as she would be in town for the Cow Palace show.  I was a little younger than Lesley, and was clearly beyond enthralled at the thought.

I think she declined, as my memory is vague now whether she cancelled us first, or whatever – but she never made it to the Cow Palace show. The official announcement was that she took ill and wasn’t able to appear.

Years later, Gene Nelson is on the air and he’s talking about the old Cow Palace shows, and he recounts the story of Lesley Gore. As he told it, the promoters would routinely quote a certain price to the performers and then when the artists got to town, ready to go on, the promoters would renege, offering half of the original quote in a take-it-or-leave-it situation. Most of the performers were kids, they were already in town, so they took it – but not Lesley. Remember, she was far from struggling financially, her family had money, so as a matter of principle, she told ’em to take a hike, and wouldn’t go on, despite all their heavy pre-show promotion.  Hence, the on-air announcement that I heard as a kid that she had gotten sick and couldn’t perform.  

Well, as I say, I never had the chance to get HER recollections of the story – whether she actually made it to town and then cancelled the show, or as I suspect, never even made the trip. I would imagine there are a few folks out there who could shed some light. Maybe someone could share a bit more on this story?” – Barry Salberg    

** Left Banke

“Not only sad when the superstars go but also w/the ones we dug but about whom we really knew very little. Remember how you used to [occasionally] announce Walk Away Renee as being by ‘Michael Brown and the Left Banke?’ 

Michael died at 65 ... no cause shared.  The group disbanded in ’67 and that’s about all Wikipedia had to offer, which always makes me wonder what became of these folks afterward. And the beat goes on.” – Rich Brother Robbin

** Wheatstone a500a

“I recently found two of these -- both work and are in decent shape but I want to take some time and make them beautiful again. Could you please check to see if any of your readers have the manual –I want to scan and return it and will pay postage both ways.” – Jack Hayes, jackh@clearwire.net

** Musical Formats

“Chris and I joke about how The Sound is a reincarnation of Arrow 93 with jocks from KLOS who used to make fun of Arrow 93: (a) March 17, 2005 was the death of Arrow 93 (b) March 17, 2005 was the birth of JACK/fm. Take your pick.” – Diane Thompson

** Ratings

“Nice to see two stations getting respectable numbers while carrying great music (albeit now considered niche programming) – KUSC (Classical) and KKJZ (Jazz).

KLAC, KFWB and KLAA have a combined share of 0.7.  Don Page was perhaps right when he said Los Angeles is not a sports radio town.” – Chuck Southcott

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