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KROQ a Double Winner 

(September 15, 2014) KROQ walked away with two prestigious honors at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters' (NAB) Marconi Radio Awards. Kevin & Bean, morning personalities on the Alternative station won Major Market Personality of the Year while KROQ won Station of the Year.  

“I am very proud of this incredible team at KROQ,” said Kevin Weatherly, long-time program director for KROQ when asked about the awards. “We have a very passionate group of individuals who collectively come together to make KROQ such an amazing station.”

Kevin sent a special thanks to Lisa WordenGene SandbloomAissa Juarez and the rest of the KROQ crew.

“I was so happy to accept the award on behalf of the Kevin & Bean show,” continued Weatherly. “They are more than deserving of this recognition for their remarkable success in the most competitive market in the country. This November is the 25th anniversary of Kevin and Bean waking up SoCal on KROQ. Last month, they extended their streak to 56 books in a row as the #1 morning show with 25-49 adults in Los Angeles.  They continue to consistently deliver one of the funniest, most compelling and entertaining morning shows in the country....day in and day out. It’s nice to see their incredible accomplishments recognized.”

Established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, the NAB Marconi Radio Awards are given to radio stations and outstanding on-air personalities to recognize excellence in radio. One of this year's NAB Marconi Radio Award recipients was Rush Limbaugh for National Syndicated Show.

The Beast Within. Does KFWB have a major branding issue by calling its new all-Sports format The Beast? There was no press release announcing the name, The Beast, yet there was a reference to it in a press release when Fred Roggin was named the new noon- 3 p.m. host.

WFAN, the Fan, has endured as a successful brand for decades. Across the country sports stations have been called The Ticket, The Champ, The Sports Animal, The Sports Leader, The Game, The Zone, The Buzz, and The Score, but no The Beast until now.

If KFWB is looking for an edge with the new format, there couldn’t have been a worse week to launch a station called The Beast, with so many domestic violence cases in the news along with child endangerment and concussions.

The KFWB Asset Trust should drop The Beast as a branding label right away. The issue of domestic and other forms of violence is not going away, it will be with a long time, perhaps forever. Is it a negative or positive to refer to an athlete as a beast? 

Trujillo ReboundsTammy Trujillo, most recently with KPCC, has landed a job with Cameron Broadcasting. She wrote on Facebook: “It’s funny about Facebook – a recent conversation reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ when radio was fun, resulted in me being reunited with one of my all-time favorite program directors, Craig Powers. Craig has been vice president of Cameron Broadcasting and its five stations in the Tri-State area [California, Arizona and Nevada] for quite a few years now. Turns out he was looking for a new news director and well, it worked out great years ago at KEZY so we decided to go for it again.  It's been two weeks now and I'm starting to get the hang again of getting up at 3 a.m. for a morning show.”

“I’d like to welcome aboard our new Cameron Broadcasting news director Tammy Trujillo,” wrote Powers. “Tammy was my news director back in the day at KEZY AM/FM in Orange County and also at KIK/fm in Orange County. She went on to win several Golden Mikes and she also worked at KFWB. I’m so happy to upgrade our news and weather department with her major market experience and talent."

Tammy concluded: “It’s a great group of stations that really is in touch with its fans and the reception from them has been just wonderful. Funny how this crazy little radio world of ours works, isn't it?”


Sanders by the BayLaurie Sanders became a LARP in 1985, when she arrived in the Southland from Chicago radio. She replaced Liz Kiley on the very successful evening program “Love Songs on the KOST,” and achieved enormous evening ratings.

She worked for KOST for six years followed by two years at KXEZ. Laurie went to KOIT-San Francisco and has stayed in the Bay Area ever since. She just started doing weekends at BIG103.7/fm . “After a long day I sound like Bonnie Tyler, but it felt so good be behind the mike where I am practicing and stretching my vocal cords,” said Laurie. She’s on Saturday and Sunday nights from 7 p.m. to midnight. 

Hear Ache. KLOS's Heidi & Frank announced this morning a big fan appreciation party, 2014 SogFest, on October 4 at the City National Grove of Anaheim ... There will be no edition of LARadio on Tuesday.

KLOS to the Maxx. KLOS is moving Melissa Maxx from evenings to middays, while pd Derek Madden takes himself off the air to concentrate on corporate duties.

“It is not often that you get to leave a show on your own terms and pick the person that follows you,” said Madden Friday afternoon. “I cannot wait for her to be here with you guys on Monday.”

After studying tv/radio broadcasting in college and several jobs in radio markets with 90 or 91 listeners, Melissa moved to Boston and got her first major market job at WBCN where she stayed for 10 years. She then moved to Los Angeles and was the executive producer, writer and VJ for the first made-for-mobile rock video channel.

"Working at the legendary KLOS since 2010 has been truly a dream come true and I am excited and honored to host the midday shift. I look forward to this opportunity to connect and share the best in rock with daytime listeners. I also look forward to watching prime time tv in real time." 

Madden said: “Melissa has done a tremendous job in nights for the past year, doing a heavily interactive show that has garnered a really unique fan base. I’m excited to share this show with an even larger audience during daylight hours.”

Madden will focus his efforts on growing the radio station and will maintain an on-air presence during the “Gold and Platinums” segment on the Heidi & Frank morning show.

Last Man StandingElliot Field, original afternooner at iconic Top 40 KFWB, also went on to become an animation voice. “Mothers are the world's best PR agents,” wrote Elliot. “They are all heart so if the message is a bit mixed, hey, they are great, but not always pro. At age 15 I was making good progress with CBS Saturday morning kid block, Youth on Parade. I told my mother, I was to be the narrator.

Radio and narrator were new to her, but she shared my excitement, telling a friend on the phone, ‘listen to Elliot Saturday, he’s gonna be a radiator."

Cumulus Media. Every week The Hollywood Reporter spotlights entertainment movement and industry ups and downs. In the current issue of THR, they spotlight Cumulus Media with a downward arrow for a -7.2% stock decline. “Analysts lower earnings projections as the owner of 457 radio stations works to integrate 2013’s $280 million acquisition of audio content provider Westwood One.”

LARadio Rewind: September 15, 2008. Restaurant and travel critic Elmer Dills dies at 82. Dills spent 20 years as an officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, where he developed his vast knowledge and passion for food and wine as he entertained heads of state and other dignitaries. After retiring from the CIA, he wrote restaurant reviews for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. In 1975, he joined KABC and began hosting a weekend program, often teamed with Merrill Schindler. Dills also gave restaurant reviews on KABC-Channel 7’s Eyewitness newscasts. In 1996, he left KABC and spent a year at KMPC/KTZN, then spent three years at KIEV and five years at KRLA, finally retiring in 2005. His son Peter Dills has worked at KIEV, KABC and KLAA and currently hosts a weekend program, Dining With Dills, on Charter channel 188.

Funnie. It has been a while since we had a caption contest. Timmie Manocheo has provided this cartoon that begs for captions. Send your captions to: db@thevine.net

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** Valentine Saga 

“Holy crap, that Shaun Valentine saga is incredible. 

I lovedddddd the K-100 rate card. I still have my K-100 tee shirt.” – Mike Butts 

** Overseas Work

“That is the problem with overseas work. Shaun Valentine is quite the horror story. I am glad he was able to get out. Interesting that the US could give him an emergency passport only after escaping.” – Steve Peterson

** Shaun Valentine Dubai Ordeal 

“Do you think that a fund raiser should be done for Shaun Valentine? GiveFoward or some such site? 

Although I do not know him, never heard of him before yesterday and am outside the industry, I would be more than happy to spearhead such an effort. 

Glad that you got the servers back up. I was not sure if it was my computer or a problem on your end. I am pretty short fused since the surgery and get frustrated easy but that is improving. Finally was able to finish a crossword puzzle yesterday for the first time since the operation.” – Bill Mann 

** K-100 Memory 

"Yes, I do remember K-100 and thanks to Craig Hines for sharing his memory. It was a great time to be a kid and listen to great radio. We were migrating from AM and junky transistor radios, over to giant speakers and tube technology receivers. Very fun music, and one more personality we liked a lot was Billy Pearl. He was a like a cool older brother that would let us listen to his records. 

Great time and great station, K-100!” – The Crowley boys, John, Bill, and Joe 

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