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(Ellen K, Mark Wallengren, Bruce Scott, Michael LaCrosse, Kristin Cruz, and Kim Amidon) 

The Profitability of Radio:

Cumulus Clouds the Issue

By Bob Koontz (Former general manager at KSPN)

(October 8, 2012) It's difficult to know exactly where to start when responding to the John Dickey article in Radio Ink Magazine. To blame the ills of radio on the salespeople is the oldest, most overused cliché in the business.

A more accurate place for the blame is Cumulus. Just take a look at most or just about every Cumulus station in the major markets and you will see reduced revenue across the board. Is this the strangest coincidence you have ever seen? No. It's a company that had no business buying stations they couldn't afford and under the burden of huge debt.

Cumulus promised investors millions in savings so they immediately fire the most experienced and in their eyes "costly" employees. They have nobody left to watch the store. Give a salesperson the opportunity to reduce the rate and they will. Manage those salespeople properly and bad deals do not get accepted! Period.

Clear Channel and CBS don't seem to have this same problem. You don't see the rampant underperformance at their stations. Cumulus managers have so much on their plate that nobody has the time or the resources to manage inventory properly!

Then Mr. Dickey blames Arbitron for the problems in radio! The second most used cop-out in the radio business! Are Clear Channel and CBS in an adversarial relationship with Arbitron? No way. They have both learned how to operate in a PPM world and continue to grow in the marketplace today while Cumulus continues to lose money month after month at their major market stations.

I saw the ridiculous statement about Cumulus growing with revenue but that is entirely based on acquiring the Citadel/ABC stations. Give me a break. Do you think we are that dumb to not see where your revenue growth is coming from? It's very easy to see that radio’s biggest problem to date is a company like Cumulus gaining traction in the business. Just visit some of the heritage stations across the country that Cumulus has acquired and you will see a staff of employees walking into the studio with their heads down and beaten like dogs! 

Radio used to be fun, profitable, and companies used to invest in their operation to win. Cumulus with their massive debt is trying to save their way to profitability and it's exploding in their faces. Don't blame the salespeople. Don't blame Arbitron. Look in the mirror.


  • “I used to do rock climbing as a youth. I was much boulder then.” (Chris Carmichael,

  • “I think we’re probably headed for more solar events. I don’t think we’re talking about an earth-wide catastrophe, by any means.” (George Noory, KFI)

  • “If you’re a technical guy, I would say Android is the way to go. It is very customizable. Anything you think you might like to do on your phone, Android will let you do. iPhone is a great platform and it is very simple but there are a lot of thinkgs you just can’t change.” (Christian Wheel, KFWB, Let’s Talk Tech)

  • “Sometimes words can be more dangerous than pictures. Keep that in mind, you ladies reading 50 Shades of Grey.” (Valentine, MY/fm)

  • “I loved Body Heat. Bill Hurt is perfect when he throws that chair though the window, it is a perfect moment when his life is unraveling and he’s so horny he’s thinking of killing somebody and he sees a clown driving a car to a child’s party during the day. Lawrence Kasdan was in his wheelhouse.” (Dennis Miller, KRLA)

  • “When they go home at night, their parents are exhausted from working two jobs and these kids are not learning proper Spanish or proper English.” (Tim Conway, Jr., KFI)

Ramsey Sells-Out.  KFWB’s Dave Ramsey presented his common-sense debt reduction and wealth-building strategies to a crowd of more than 9,000 people at his Total Money Makeover Live Event at the Long Beach Convention Center last week.

“Another great Dave Ramsey event for KFWB!  Having such a successful day with over 9,000 people in attendance is a huge win for us.  We continue to value the close relationship we have with Dave and his team," said Valerie K. Blackburn, general manager at KFWB NEWS TALK 980. (Photo: Rachel Cruze, speaker; Diane Sutter, trustee for KFWB; Valerie Blackburn, general manager for KFWB; Dave Ramsey; Danielle Mosher, marketing for KFWB; Rosemary Hernandez, general sales manager for KFWB; Jon Acuff, speaker and author; and Andy Ludlum, program director for KFWB)

Coffey Celebration. Jay Coffey celebrated his 39th year in radio over the weekend. “I still remember my first night at KFIV in Modesto like it was yesterday. So many more highs than lows and I've worked with the best. Radio is the greatest business in the world and I'm one lucky dude. I'm spending this anniversary like most, doing my show for 200 affiliates across the U.S. from Hawaii to Maine, oh and Saudi Arabia. Love it!”

Harvey Pulling Rabbit Out of Hat. KJLH’s Steve Harvey joined the daytime talk wars last month, along with Katie Couric, Ricki Lake and Jeff Probst. All are hoping to grab some of Oprah’s magic and create lightning in a bottle.

Less than a month into the new season, Katie Couric's middling ratings and topics have affiliates grumbling, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Lake has a new executive producer, and a CBS exec's ouster is partly due to Probst's disappointing start. THR reports that Steve Harvey is trending up in viewers.

ABC-Disney's Katie, which arrived with the highest expectations, was off about 10 percent in national ratings in its second week. And affiliates already have begun grumbling that Couric and executive producer Jeff Zucker promised a topical show that would serve as a perfect afternoon news lead-in but instead has delivered more typical talk show guests, such as Jessica Simpson revealing her Weight Watchers success story during the show's premiere episode.

Affiliates are locked into two-year deals for Katie, with top markets paying $10,000 to $15,000 a week in license fees, and ABC's stations -- including WABC in New York and KABC in Los Angeles -- doling out as much as $50,000, say sources. But many deals have performance clauses, which would allow affiliates to reduce the price or move the show to a different time slot if ratings lag. A survey of local-station GMs indicates they aren't ready to sound alarms. Says one, "It's way too soon to say any show isn't going to make it."

The Jeff Probst Show is the longest of all shots in daytime because almost nobody in the daytime universe knows who he is. There’s no real clear mission statement to The Jeff Probst Show, or at least not one that was graspable, but it appears he wants you to live in the moment, say yes to risks (for rewards) and live your life out loud.

And while Probst has the steepest odds, don’t count him out if people actually decide to tune in or land there by mistake while they’re trolling for Steve Harvey. His earnestness is, in fact, likable (so, so rare). If you give him an hour, he might talk you into watching again. He’s not going to go out without spilling all of his adrenaline. But the show lacks real focus.

Steve Harvey wasted no time talking about who he is and what he’s done. Comedian. Radio host. Game show host. Author. Divorced. Remarried. Father. In a blended family of seven. “Believe me, if there’s something going on in your house, there’s probably a piece of it going on in mine too. I’m here to help. We’ll get through this thing together.”

Harvey’s set was bland and boring. There wasn’t a real comfort level there. It needs to be redone so it’s not like a makeover project from some cheap design show. Of course, the bigger issue is whether women want to watch Harvey suavely help them or if they’d rather get through this thing on their own. Or with Katie.

Hear Ache. On his way to the Clear Channel building in Burbank last Friday morning, KOST’s Mark Wallengren stopped for gas. The guy at the station said that the prices were going up 20 cents at 6 a.m. He called his wife, woke her up, and told her to get up and fill her car before six … Michael Benner has returned from Maui to live in L.A. “I’m still doing the Anxiety Disorders work as well as other Personal Development seminars and classes. Also looking at doing some Mindfulness-based Pain Management with a local hospital's Spine Clinic … KABC’s Merrill Shindler went to his local Costco for gas over the weekend and there were no lines. There, also, was no gas. Pumps were closed … Rob Archer lost his job at Dial-Global’s GoRadio is a group of streaming radio stations that are online only. Most of those working on GoRadio are in Denver or New York. Archer still does part-time news anchoring at KFI. “I'm available for any and all kinds of broadcasting/streaming/marketing/social networking/dj/announcer/emcee type work,” Rob posted on his Facebook page. “I know how to work a lawn mower too.” … Music industry veteran Nic Harcourt is moving to mornings at Triple A, KCSN, the non-commercial station from California State University, Northridge … KTAR-Phoenix and KMJ-Fresno hosted KFWB’s Dave Ramsey at sold-out events last week.

Frank Mottek celebrates 20 years at CBS/LA

Northwest Ratings. The Portland September ’12 Arbitron has been released:

1. KKCW (AC) 7.7 - 9.1
KWJJ (Country) 5.9 - 5.6
KLTH (Classic Hits) 5.7 - 5.4
KOPB (N/T) 5.7 -5.4
KINK (AAA) 4.6 - 5.3

KOST's Mark Wallengren hanging in studio with Chris Mann from The Voice!

LARP Rewind: October 8

2004 - Britney Spears fires manager Larry Rudolph; she later rehired him, fired him again, rehired him.
2004 - Keith Urban begins his first US tour with a performance at Emens Auditorium in Muncie, Indiana.
2002 - Capitol releases Keith Urban's Golden Road CD; three of its singles would reach #1 country.
1984 - Anne Murray is first female CMA Album Of The Year award winner, for A Little Good News.
1956 - ABC/tv debuts Lawrence Welk's Top Tunes & New Talent, featuring new acts and Welk's band.
1950 - Robert "Kool" Bell, bassist & co-lead singer of Kool & the Gang, born in Youngstown, Ohio.
1949 - Hamish Stuart, guitarist in Average White Band and Paul McCartney's band, born in Glasgow.
1944 - CBS Radio debuts The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet (Nelson) on their 9th wedding anniversary.
1942 - Buzz Clifford born Reese Clifford III in Berwyn IL; his Baby Sittin' Boogie reached #6 in 1961.
1935 - CBS Radio debuts The O'Neills, a thrice-weekly 15-minute serial sponsored by Ivory Soap.

Top songs, October 8 

1991 - Emotions by Mariah Carey, Good Vibrations by Marky Mark/Funky Bunch/Loleatta Holloway.
1990 - Praying For Time by George Michael, Close To You by Maxi Priest.
1977 - You Light Up My Life by Debby Boone, Keep It Comin' Love by KC & the Sunshine Band.
1970 - Cracklin' Rosie by Neil Diamond, I'll Be There by the Jackson 5, Candida by Dawn.
1951 - Because Of You by Tony Bennett, Cold Cold Heart by Tony Bennett.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Hank Allison (d), Rona Barrett, and Alan Harvey (d)


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He speaks of Frank DeVol, Judy Garland's sister, Glenn Wallichs, and The King Sisters. I was just a child when this event took place and yet I remember the festive-ness of the occasion. I was also from an agnostic family and in time came to love these Christmas stories/songs, and still it is my favorite Christmas album. Signed by Sue Ramey, Pam Garner, maybe a G Mitchell, Marilyn Arthur, and a couple more names I cannot read. Can you please fill in my memories of this evening?

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