1st Quarter - 2018

Compiled and Written by Don Barrett
Edited by Alan Oda

Email Saturday, 3.31.18

** Freedom Check

“I’m looking forward to April 1 for a number of reasons: It’s Easter. It’s the birthday of one of my favorite drumming icons, Jeff Porcaro. Jeff was a founding member of Toto, he was one of most prolific and acclaimed session drummers of all-time, and, like all truly-great people, he was very sweet, humble, gracious, and generous person, especially to his fans.

But, I’m especially looking forward to April 1 this year because that’s when those obnoxious ‘Freedom Check!’ spots will apparently end! Can’t wait!

Speaking of obnoxious spots, Tim Conway, Jr. continues to endorse Kars for Kids. Somewhat disturbing, considering what a sham they been proven to be. Thanks for keeping up your marvelous, must-read site.” – Andrew Schermerhorn

** Stories Enjoyed

“Just want to let you know that at least two items you recently posted brightened my week. First, in your excellent piece about Rich Brother Robbin you reminded me of how much fun it is to listen to RichBroRadio [in fact, I’m listening to it as I write this].

And secondly, I had no idea that WKRP in Cincinnati is available to be seen again. I always heard that it was too expensive to clear the music. Now, MeTV has become Must See TV. – Ken Davis

** Missing Bill Lally

“Thanks a bunch for the plug on recently. I’m still battling jet lag as I went back for the Paralympics, after a quick 6 day stay in Cali., to announce sled hockey. A supreme time.

Anyway, I just heard Bill Lally passed away. Very shocking! We lose another one of ours to that insidious disease. Bill was a terrific gentleman and along with a solid career in broadcasting, he had an even better sense of humor in the hallway at the old KFI building and at Clear Channel studios. I’m gonna miss his superb Peter Graves impression and most of all, I’ll always appreciate him for bringing me in there at AM 1150/XTRA 690, years ago, referring me to operations director Michael Clarke, to do updates. Now he can meet up with the real Mr. Phelps and trade P. Graves impressions up in the sky...R.I.P. Billy L.” – Mike Carlucci

** WKRP in Cincinnati on MeTV

“In case it helps, Don ... MeTV is a digital broadcast subchannel. It is only on cable in areas where either it is the main channel network or the station carrying it included it in their retransmission consent agreements. I receive it over-the-air because my HDTV set and TiVo both have digital tuners and are hooked up to an outside antenna aimed at Mount Wilson. Here in L.A., it is on KDOC/56.3, but also on cable via KAZA/54 (check cable guide for channel by system).  It is also on both DirecTV and DISH on channel 54, and on Verizon FIOS on channel 462.

For the rest of California, the over-the-air channels are:

Palm Springs - KMIR/36.2
San Diego - KGTV/10.2
San Francisco - KOFY/20.2
Sacramento - KCRA/3.2
Chico/Redding - KRCR/7.2
Bakersfield - KERO/23.3
Fresno - KGMC/43.6
Monterey/Salinas - KYMB/27.1
Eureka - KAEF/23.2

In other areas, MeTV's website has a lookup by zip code: MeTV has proven to be the most popular of the ‘retro programming’ networks and even shows up in the Nielsen ratings sometimes.  It is carried in all but four of the top 100 television markets and all but 12 of the top 150.” – K.M. Richards

** Don Imus’ Final Day

“Dale Parson's [former WNBC pd] posted:

Don Imus airs his final radio show Thursday, March 29 on WABC-New York and a network of stations around the country.

The first time I met Imus was 33 years ago and it seems like only last week. Actually, it seems like a different life. January 4, 1985. My first day on the job at WNBC Radio. I spent most of the morning in conference with general manager John Hayes, when, suddenly, the door to Hayes’ office was kicked open. My back had been to the door, and I jumped from my seat, not sure if I should dive for cover and prepare for an attack. Hayes was unperturbed, remained in his chair and simply said, ‘Dale, I’d like to introduce you to Don Imus. Don, this is Dale Parsons.’ ‘So this is the f***kin' genius you hired, Hayes? I hear you’re from No F**k, Virginia. What’s your big game plan?’ I replied, ‘My only job is to serve you.’ ‘And don't forget it,’ Imus retorted over his shoulder as he walked out.

As I sit here in the Maui jungle, thinking about Imus, I’m reminded of the late night phone calls [‘I’m sick, Dale...might not make it in this morning...’], and the shouting matches [Don called me fat one response was ‘At least I can lose weight,’ll never lose ugly...’], going with him to the Rolls Royce dealership [I told him to pick a different color, but he didn’t listen...the next Saturday we were back trading it in for a white a huge loss], and other ‘interesting’ incidences too numerous to mention.

Ginny remembers Don doing a couple of bits on the air about us taking bubble baths together when we first started dating. She said she was appalled, but I know she enjoyed hearing about it from her friends.

I was an Imus listener before I got to WNBC. Working with him made me an even bigger fan. I wish him well in retirement on his Texas ranch with his wife Deirdre and son Wyatt. Imus sent me this postcard while he was on vacation in Summer 1988...just before Emmis Broadcasting took over the 660 frequency and silenced WNBC Radio forever. The reference to getting a job comes from Emmis not carrying me over to the new station, WFAN, which was fine with me because I was doing a lot of freelance voiceover work at the time...and I was pretty worn out after dealing with Imus, Howard Stern, Soupy Sales, Wolfman JackJoey Reynolds, etc. over the years.

My response:

Fantastic post, Dale! I laughed reading this, remembering how Kevin Metheny used to like to have me in his office when Imus’ shift ended to bear witness to the daily insanity, and to hopefully minimize some of the intrusion by claiming he was in an important meeting – from what can guess, it never worked. One look at me, and even Imus wouldn’t believe it was important!” – Randy West

** There Are No Influencers (story sent to subscribers, 3.29)

“Today the influencers are people like the teenagers from Parkland, Florida, who tweeted Laura Ingraham into submission in one or two posts. How times [and media] have changed. Thanks for sharing.” – Roger Nadel

**Go Fund Me

"My good friend, Roger Collins, who worked at KUTE and KFI is battling colon cancer and could really use some financial assistance with his medical bills. A GoFundMe page has been set up in his real name, Paul Lancaster. If anyone in the industry could help him in any way, please go to his Facebook page. Thank you." - Jeffrey Leonard

Imus Walks Out on Final Show 

(March 30, 2018) Thursday was the last live Imus in the Morning program on WABC-New York. Don Imus served up an emotional monologue as only he could do, then left the broadcast booth. Imus was forced into an early retirement by Cumulus Media’s need to cut costs as it moves through Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.  

AllAccess did a great job of recapping Don’s final show: “Imus wrapped up his career with the assertion that ‘I'm not gonna miss doing the 'Imus in the Morning' program ... it's hard to do.’ His last segment indicated his pride in his half-century of broadcasting and his bond with listeners. “And he proclaimed that ‘there's been nobody better on the radio than me... nobody ever did this, nobody. But it wasn't me who did this... you know who I'm gonna miss? I'm gonna miss you [the listeners].’

Unsuccessfully fighting off tears, Imus described how the audience came through for his charitable efforts like the Imus Ranch, he concluded, ‘I'm gonna miss that.... you have no idea how much I'm gonna miss you.’

“But he reserved some vitriol for his critics, asserting that "we were neither dissuaded nor diminished by the intellectually, morally, and ethically crippled losers the likes of a racist, bigoted civil rights charlatan [a reference to Rev. Al Sharpton] or the insecure, envious shock jock all howlin' (Howard Stern) and the chorus of like-minded yappin' mutts lost in the dust of the caravan rollin' by on the road to greatness.  Rollin' by on the road to greatness! We did that! YOU did that! I did that! That's what we did! You goddamn right! That's what we did!"  

And with that, Imus abruptly ended his farewell to the strains of Kid Rock's You Never Met A Motherf---er Quite Like Me, leaving the show to air repeats of recent shows for the final three hours.”
War of Words. There was a dust-up at Fox News, between host Laura Ingraham and one of the survivors of the Parkland, Florida shootings. She apologized Thursday over a critical tweet mocking him over college rejections.

Laura’s comments triggered a backlash, including the loss of some sponsors.

David Hogg, the student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School encouraged his followers to boycott her sponsors. At least four of Ingraham's advertisers – Wayfair, Expedia, TripAdvisor and pet food brand Nutrish – announced Thursday that they were pulling their commercials from Laura’s program.

Hear Ache. Dodger Stadium was overflowing with sewage near the club dugout on Wednesday, the day before opening day. Jeffrey Leonard quipped: “I heard the Dodgers have sold the naming rights of the stadium to Andy Gump” … Nationally syndicated talk hosts Hugh Hewitt and Mike Gallagher are hosting Overtime with Hewitt & Gallagher on Sunday, April 29 in Minneapolis … Fortune Magazine pulled out their crystal ball to guess what was trending up and trending down. Podcasts fell on the side of trending down. “The airwaves have reached the saturation point of three guys and a Patreon account. A shakeout is coming” … KLAC’s Dan Patrick won’t return to NBC Sunday Football Night in America. The New York Post says NBC presented him with a new five-year deal in December. But Dan now says “I didn’t want to do it, and not love doing it.” He’s been a signature presence on NBC’s Football Night for nine seasons. It’s believed Dan is close to signing a new three-year deal to continue his radio show … Big comedy night tomorrow as KROQ’s Kevin & Bean host April Foolishness … Goodtime Steve Mitchell checked in from Atlanta. He was our night jock during the debut of K-100 (KIQQ) in the early 70s. He still hosts Thunder Road, a syndicated radio show that combines the best in Country music with coverage of the top tier of NASCAR Racing … Ben Shapiro, formerly mornings at Salem’s KRLA, will now be heard at KABC. Westwood One is taking his podcast and putting Ben on terrestrial radio. A press release claims his debut is completely sold out. Ben is editor-in-chief of … Bob Rivers, briefly at “Arrow 93” but a huge star in the Northwest, recently retired. Now he’s missing broadcasting. “But not for the reasons you may think. It’s not about wanting to be famous, or to make a pile of money,” wrote Rivers. “I miss the chance to say something about what’s going on, that I haven’t heard anyone else say. So much of what we watch and read today is just Schadenfreude. If you don’t know this word, you should.” Follow the very talented retiree at  
Home to Homeland. My wife and I are big fans of Homeland. It is probably good that this is the last season, but it has been a hellava ride since 2011 on Showtime. We call the Claire Danes character “crazy eyes” because you never know when she is going to go off.

I was surprised Hillary Clinton mentioned Claire’s character when reflecting post-election: “At times, I felt like C.I.A. agent Carrie Mathison on the show Homeland, desperately trying to get her arms around a sinister conspiracy and appearing more than a little frantic in the process.” Right on.

Change of Address. A longtime LARadio reader just discovered his daily headlines in his spam folder. We are moving over from to, so the headlines have been coming from the new address for about a month. If you are not getting the headlines and want them, first check your spam folder. If not there and you want the daily headlines, just drop me an email.

Former KDAY dj Wendy Williams Recovering from Graves' Disease 

(March 29, 2018) People Magazine devoted two pages to former KDAY dj and now queen of daytime tv gossip, Wendy Williams. Recalling her time on the local dial, Wendy said she wasn’t the best dj on the air, but she always showed up for her shift. Her consistency reflects her indefatigable approach to her professional success, yet her drive has taken a toll on her personal life.

Following doctor’s orders, Wendy stepped away from her hit tv show to address her affliction with Graves’ disease – an autoimmune disorder that leads to overactivity of the thyroid – which threw her usually healthy body into a tailspin.

“I had a storm going in my body is the best way I can explain it,” Wendy told People. She had been diagnosed with Graves’ disease 19 years ago but had been vigilant about taking her daily thyroid medication. But last year, a packed schedule caused her to fall behind on doctor’s visits. Wendy rationalized she was too busy with photoshoots, interviews and travelling.

Last Halloween, she collapsed on-set. For over a month, Wendy unplugged from her show, as well as phone calls and social media to concentrate on herself. Her husband of 20 years is the producer of the show.

“He’s been there every step of the way.  We are glued at the hip,” Wendy said. She returned to tv on March 19 with a clean bill of health with a promise to take care of herself first.

KFI's Michelle Kube Promoted 

(March 28, 2018) Perseverance has paid off for Michelle Kube, executive producer of KFI’s Bill Handel Show. She announced on Facebook that she has been promoted to Executive Producer for KFI,  meaning “I'll be working with all the shows and their producers to help them in any way they need.”

“It's really bittersweet for me. I adore Handel [as much as he makes me crazy] and I’ve been with the show for 23 of my 24 years at KFI.  First as a call screener, then producer, then Executive Producer when we had a staff of 3 producers on the show. Over the years, things have changed, people have come and gone, I've taken on other responsibilities, adding to my producing duties with Wake Up Call, but Handel and I have remained a solid team,” said Michelle. Alex Razo is Handel’s new producer, while Michelle now gets to sleep in.

And more congratulations. Mt. Wilson FM executive Mike Johnson joined Saul Levine’s 25 years ago this week. “I left KMPC to begin a new chapter of my life at Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters at ‘The All New K-JOI’ in those days. It is amazing how time flies.” Mike is now operations manager at KKJZ.

“The [entertainment] business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

Joe Rosati, weekend and fill-in at K-EARTH, was interviewed this week in AllAccess. He revealed about himself: “I'm stereo-blind. I was born with Strabismus aka crossed eyes. Cosmetically I look ok after having two surgeries throughout my life but functionally I’m technically crossed eyed. 3D movies are completely flat to me.”

"I've had heightened anxiety and mild panic attacks at the playground with my own children and wife there."
- Carson Daly, opening up about his anxiety, on Today

Jaime Jarrin Featured in LA Times Piece

(March 27, 2018) Very nice front page LA Times Sunday story on Jaime Jarrin, for 60 years as the Dodgers Spanish-language radio broadcaster. He spent his first eight years announcing the road games from a Pasadena studio while interpreting the action called by Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett. Read the story by clicking photo.

In 2005, Howard Stern was making the publicity tour for his move from the broadcast airwaves to Sirius satellite radio. He said he would be five times filthier than he was on terrestrial radio. In one interview he declared, “Wouldn't it be brilliant if my audience could all lie down at night together and achieve orgasm together?”

Hear Ache. Podtrac is the expert in podcast audience measurement, publishing the industry’s only podcast rankings. A lot of providers saw drops between January and February, even big-dog NPR. Their “unique monthly listenership” dropped from 16,370,000 to 15,773,000. The remainder of the top five include WNYC Studios (7,687,000), HowStuffWorks (5,700,000), PRX (5,226,000), and “This American Life / Serial” (combined three shows) (4,862,000). ESPN is in sixth place, The New York Times is in seventh, and in eighth place is iHeart. David Schwartz made a rare find of the premiere broadcast of NBC’s Monitor program on June 12, 1955 … John Skipper, former president of ESPN, was the subject of a major story in The Hollywood Reporter. To anyone who knows about substance abuse, their eyes must have been rolling when Skipper said he “compartmentalized” his drug usage. He claimed to be the master at compartmentalization. The problem with addiction is that it knows no boundaries and has no respect of business hours … Brian Perez sent a note that WKRP in Cincinnati starts airing on the Me TV network, weeknights at 9:30 p.m. beginning April 2 … Kelsea Ballerini is the midday guest host at KKGO throughout the month of April. “Country radio has been so good to me and I can’t wait to officially join the Go Country crew,” enthused Kelsea.

The sun sets on Don Imus morning radio show 

(March 26, 2018) Don Imus was the center of a seven-minute piece on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. Anthony Mason interviewed Imus and reviewed his fifty years on the air. Imus signs off this week from his WABC-New York morning show. 

Don owned his bigoted remark in 2007, when he made a disparaging remark about the women’s basketball team at Rutgers University. He said he knew better. The incident led to one of the four firings he experienced during his half-century on the air.

Imus lives on a sprawling ranch halfway between Houston and Austin. His son Wyatt has become a champion rodeo rider and calf roper. The 19-year-old said that his father went to every single one of the son’s rodeo events throughout  junior high, high school, and the son’s first year of college.

When asked if her husband is ready for retirement, Deirdre Imus replied, “It’s about time, don’t you think? Frankly, I’ll miss it a lot, ’cause I’ve listened all these years, every single show, since I met him in 1992. I met him on the air.” After getting married in 1994, the couple started the first Imus ranch, a summer camp for kids suffering from cancer. 

“I listened to what was on in New York and I thought, ‘Man, this is gonna be easy!’” he laughed, as Imus recalled his on-air start in at WNBC in 1971. He was an overnight sensation. More than 100 stations syndicated his broadcast. By 1997, Time magazine named Imus one of the most influential people in America. Don said he was one of the best five radio guys ever. He also included Arthur Godfrey, Jack Benny, Wolfman Jack, and Howard Stern on his list of the best. “Done this for 50 years, making a lot of money. Only person that’s won more Marconis than me is Paul Harvey. What was he on, three minutes a day? Stop it! Come on!” 

There’s much more at the CBS site. Click the photo.


Email Saturday, 3.24.18


** RichBroRadio

“GREAT story on Rich Brother Robbin. It was very nice you shared your history and the props you expressed. Love you both.” – Mike Butts

** Copy Cat, In a Good Way

“I enjoyed the piece about Rich Brother Robbin. When I started doing nights at WOKY in Milwaukee, they had me listen to air checks of Rich every week. They said ‘do this’ and you will be a winner. They were right. So from a long distance, Rich taught me how to do night time Top 40 as he did it better than practically anyone I ever heard.

I met him in Tucson a long time ago. Great jock, great talent, thanks for the nice article.” – Craig Roberts

** Variety Spices Up RichBroRadio

Rich Brother Robbin’s station is by far the best Oldies station I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. I can listen every day without getting bored because I’m always hearing something I haven’t heard in years. Can’t say that for most radio stations. It inspires me to put on my own Internet Oldies station, which I’ll do when I can afford it. Hope you are doing well and that you aren’t having to use a bot to get around. Please send some of that rain out this way, we can use it.” – Bill Powers

** Best Oldies

“Now we are talking radio! Loved the story and jumped all in on the app.” – Stan White, Seattle

** RBR’s Brother

“GREAT article on Rich Brother Robbin — maybe the most down-to-earth larger-than-life person I know. We’ve been close friends for close to 50 years [despite the fact that we’re both still in our 30’s], and beyond just his enormous passion for radio, the way he’s handled some serious life struggles has been truly inspirational. There’s a decency and grace to Rich that one can’t help but admire [and in my case, try to emulate]. And I’m not just saying those things because he plays my KYA jock jingle on

I highly recommend his station. For those of us who cherished great Top 40 radio since the dawn of time [dawn being the mid ‘50s] Rich keeps the flame alive.  He IS heavy and he’s my Brother.” – Ken Levine
** Oldies Outlets

“Thanks for the RichBroRadio story and link. Been listening a bit, and I like it. That said, my go to stream is Chris Compton's KFXM stream. He has a very large playlist and occasionally plays stuff you’d rarely hear on the radio, like the kind of tunes Dr. Demento might play. There are a few commercials an hour, usually just a couple at the top of the hour. I first heard it driving through the desert, and then Googled and found his stream. I’m also now thinking I may have written you in the past about this. :)

At any rate, it’s great to have stuff like this to listen to.” – Dwaine Maggart

** Potpourri of the Day’s News

“Love the Arbitron ratings from 2003. Wow. How many of those voices are still around? Memories.

Thanks for the smiles - both from the cartoons and for the story by Ed Ziel.   

I'm just sorry Mimi Chen didn't get the luck of the 'Chanley'!  I guess we're lucky to have her once a week!

Thanks for the spread on the American Idol advertising/media blitz. Very interesting considering the ratings started out Sunday pretty good then dipped.

If you ever go on Facebook, Charlie Tuna's son Bryan posts stuff on his dad's page from the voluminous archives his father kept. He has some great stuff from all the promotions he did.

Have a great [and dry] weekend!” – Julie Byers

** KROQ in 21st Place

“Any correlation to KROQ having low ratings and Ralph Garman leaving? Did his being fired have any impact on ratings? Or, even Lisa May, 3 years ago?” – Al Prado

** From LA to the Loop and Back Again

“You are more than gracious. It would have been spectacular for me had it only been a blurb among so many talented people, yet you gave me a headline. God bless you, brother. And God bless LARP wherever they are. I think I’ll share this guy via Tweet, FB, Linkedin and Instagram. Thank you!” – Kenny Noble

** Day the Music Died

“All of the story is in Last of the Seven Swingin’ Gentleman at Amazon. And the music still goes on at my house. Cast of thousands carry on at 90 & 1/2, and that’s not a dial position.” –Elliot Field

** Carson Daly More Relaxed

“You wrote about Carson Daly and his announcement about having anxiety disorder, and since the announcement he seems to be visibly more relaxed on the Today Show. Good for him.

One of the best medicines for what ails us is some transparency, so we don’t have to go through challenges alone. Now if more men would rip the band-aid off and realize this selfless expression is part of the healing process.” – Chris Carmichael

Memo to Staff at iHeart Radio

(March 23, 2018) For the second time since filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Bob Pittman (ceo) and Richard Bressler (cfo) have sent to memo to all employees with a status update:



It’s been a week since we reached an agreement with our lenders to give iHeartMedia a capital structure that finally matches its strong operating business.  We’re pleased that a number of news outlets got the story right.   



Of course there is always someone who wants to tear us down.  In fact, one sadly misguided and uninformed freelancer wrote an opinion piece claiming that we were going to sell off all our radio stations.  Clearly this is someone who didn’t bother to read anything published on the company or any reliable analyst reports.  The debtholders have spoken; they traded their $10 billion of debt for equity in our company.  They don’t want to break up the company.  So if you see anything else like this, you now have the right filter for how to think about it.


While iHeartMedia has had 18 consecutive quarters of year over year revenue growth, we still have more people to convert.  So as we talk with our partners and advertisers about the positive news surrounding our capital structure, we should also use it as an opportunity to remind them that we provide unique solutions to problems they’re facing today.


Broadcast radio is one of the most brand-safe environments for advertisers.  We are even regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and deliver live, human and authentic programming to 9 out of 10 American consumers every week.


Nothing bears this out like the scandal we’ve seen in the last few days about Facebook, which had a relationship with a company that harvested and exploited private member data without permission, manipulating the social media activity of tens of millions of people.


While advertisers have been directing significant dollars to social media, in light of this massive data breach, many advertisers are seriously rethinking it because they are not getting the ‘influencers’ they think they’re paying for; in fact, because of social media fraud, they’re often not getting real people, they’re getting ‘bots.’  


In contrast, our on-air personalities are the true social media influencers – they’re real, they’re genuine and they’re often among our listeners’ best and most trusted friends.  When our personalities recommend a product, listeners – and advertising partners – know they are getting the real deal. 


The agreement to reduce our debt by $10 billion has added to our momentum. Lots of people are interested in talking to us. This is an exciting time for our company, and we should use this as an opportunity to tell people about all the other good news at iHeart. We’ve attached a few slides to help you tell the basic story. 


Keep us posted on what you hear, and we’ll continue to keep you updated on any new developments.


Thanks for all you continue to do to make iHeartMedia the leading media company by reach in America – and the number one audio platform by far.


Bob and Rich 

Andy Chanley to Afternoons at 88.5/fm
(March 23, 2018) When 100.3/The Sound was turned off last year, the fan-favorite station lost some popular personalities. Andy Chanley, who had been doing mornings, has just been hired to do afternoons at Triple A stations, 88.5/fm (KCSN and KSBR). Sky Daniels, the general manager at 88.5/fm, has been rebuilding the station into a worthy and professional sounding frequency that introduces much new music into the market. Sky will concentrate on gm duties as he steps down from afternoon drive. “Years ago, I added my name to the list of Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and countless others who’ve realized that Sky is doing something truly special at 88.5/fm,” said Andy. Additionally, Andy has a very impressive VO career having worked on campaigns for Safeway, Subway, and McDonald’s.

In other news, KFI’s durable evening host George Noory was among 22 legendary news reporters, editors, photographers, broadcasters, filmmakers and others who were inducted into the St. Louis Media Hall of Fame last weekend. In accepting this honor, Noory credited his success to a number of broadcast executives, especially legendary sports broadcaster Ray Lane, who helped him break into the business in Detroit, his hometown, in the early 1970s.

Melody Rogers is very excited that a film she is in, Bathtubs Over Broadway, is having its premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. “It is an amazing look at an almost unknown part of show business and at the advertising industry back on one of America’s greatest production heydays,” wrote Melody.

Veteran newsman Ed Ziel shared a wonderful story on Facebook recently “Sometime in the summer of 1971, I took my son Bob, then two years old, with me to the Brentwood Farmers Market. While I did some business there, I thought I'd treat Bob to some ice cream at a food court. While I ordered a cone, Bob managed to squirm away (anyone who ever had a two-year-old knows what I mean). When I turned around, Bob was sitting on Dustin Hoffman's lap having a wonderful conversation. Dustin congratulated me on having a charming son and I told him he was a pretty good actor. We shook hands and I smiled all the way home.” Only in Southern California.

RichBroRadio is an Oldie and a Goodie

(March 22, 2018) This story will read better and you’ll get a better feel for it if you log on to Go ahead. I can wait a minute or two.

All set? As my GPS navigator in my car says, “Let’s go.”

My on-air radio career started in Lompoc, the Valley of the Flowers. In 1965, 85% of all flower seeds came from Lompoc. It was at KNEZ that I worked with Joe Collins (Sullivan). Fifteen months later I responded to an ad in Broadcasting Magazine. I made a deal (I think for about $20 a week more, the great negotiator I was) and I moved from a market of 25,000 people to 100,000 in St. Joseph, Missouri. The man who hired me was Rich Brother Robbin. We have been friends ever since.

Our journeys criss-crossed, including my chance to return the favor by hiring Rich at W4-Detroit and KIQQ in Los Angeles. Rich went on to a marvelous career as an on-air talent, program manager and station owner. You eventually get to the point when the plane lands for good, the better jobs in radio end as young whipper snappers have ideas to reinvent the medium and begin their journey. For Rich, he had a much envied career with not too many regrets. If any place was home to Rich, it was San Diego. He loved it and had great success there. As Rich was sitting in his beach cottage near Ocean Beach, he decided that he would start a 24/7 Internet station, unlike anything on terrestrial radio. Oldies stations were playing less and less music from the 50s and 60s. He wanted to fill in that musical gap.”

Rich Brother Robbin at AFRS/Saigon, from KBEST in 1994 and today

“I started the website ‘cause I wanted something I could stand to listen to without all the usual stuff in the way of the music (especially in the car),” said Rich, from his new home in Tucson. “As an homage to the great stations of the late 50s and early 60s, I wanted a very music intensive moving very fast with short jingles and announcements, mostly 10 seconds or less, bam bam bam. Several old jocks called in the first few months loving the fact there were no jocks, allowing them to do their own talkovers over any/every song! I loved that.”

He launched on February 10, 2007. “When I started assembling the pieces in late ’06, there was no way to pick up a streaming site on smartphones, meaning all listening would require being anchored to a desktop. But within days of my decision to go ahead anyway, Verizon announced their intention of providing wireless Internet access at the beginning of 2007, which meant my site (and any others that wanted to) could be carried in phones plugged into cars. It took several months to assemble the library and get permission to use the old jingles by Johnny Mann. He was a great friend for years. He sent every jingle he’d ever cut. JAM/PAMS gave me permission to use any and all of their old stuff – they even cut me a couple of jingles (thanks Jon!). Talk about hog-heaven for a ‘senior’ jock puttin’ together a website!”

Two years ago, Rich picked up his radio station, stashed the computers in the trunk of his car and moved in Tucson. Why? “San Diego absolutely has been ‘home’ despite the fact I’ve been in and out of there since ‘69. Truth is California just got too damned expensive for the average retired disc jockey’s average retirement nest egg,” Rich responded. “So, it was either stay and risk being up a creek by 2019 or come over here where the living cost has turned out to be 40% less.”

During the move, RichBroRadio was offline for a little over a week. An amazing feat to not only move your life and personal possessions, but your radio station. “Listener numbers since the move are off a little, but many of my folks seem to have found their way back, many of whom have been listening since the start. Over the years, their emails have been great, expressing gratitude for what they were hearing (nobody ever griped). Needless to say, I’m grateful for every single one of ‘em.”

If you haven’t yet plugged into, do it now and hear some of the biggest music of the 50s and 60s, presented in a no holds barred way that will keep you rocking and rolling from here to there, with a set of mind-boggling jingles that keeps the pace full of memories. “Here’s hopin’ these old computers just keep on truckin,’” Rich said in closing. “A day at a time, of course.” Of course.

And thanks to you, Rich, for the significant steps you offered for my career. You can each out to Rich on his request line:  

Hear Ache 

(March 21, 2018) In their second Monday of singing competition, NBC’s The Voice had 10.7 million viewers while ABC’s American Idol had 7.7 million. That marks a drop of 26% percent for AI from the previous Sunday … Ira Glass (This American Life) listed his renovated condo in New York’s Chelsea district at $1.75 million … Behind every successful personality, there is a strategic partner. There was one executive producer behind Rick Dees and Ryan Seacrest. His name is Paul Joseph. He’s been promoted to the newly created role of VP/ Program Operations and Content for Cumulus … Legendary pd Al Anthony appears as a judge in the OWN series, Snapped, this Sunday night. Each episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder … Sid Rosenberg and Bernard McGuirk are preparing to take over the WABC-New York morning show from Don Imus at the end of the month. Bernard, decades-long producer for Imus, had a great quote for one of the NY newspapers: “It is surreal to be replacing Imus, whom I listened to as a youngster on the way to school” … Sammy Phillips (photo) had a bizarre accident. “I have a chemical burn to the eye thanks to a faulty safety seal on a bottle of @target concentrated bleach. After enduring endless hours of irrigation techniques and a tetanus shot, I got home around 3:30 a.m. …. Entercom L.A. cluster chief Jeff Federman will add regional oversight of additional Southern California markets, including San Diego, Riverside and Palm Springs … Word is that Dan Patrick is on notice to get his morning drive ratings up on KLAC. Tough to do when you are syndicated and the local station provides virtually no marketing … Carson Daly seems to be visibly more relaxed on the Today Show ever since he announced he had an anxiety disorder. Good for him. One of the best medicines for what ails us is some transparency, so we don’t have to go through challenges alone … Kai Ryssdal hosts KPCC’s Marketplace (day’s business and economic news) at 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Didja know that Kai is a former Navy pilot? … Walt Sabo is now heard on the Westwood One radio network as Walter Sterling.

KFI's Bill Handel Rushed to Hospital Four Times in Six Days

(March 20, 2018) Bill Handel returned to his morning duties at KFI on Monday, after more than a month off the air. His time away from the radio went from a case of the flu to major pain to visits to the ER four times in six days. His flu lasted 3 – 4 days. Bill then experienced severe pain. “It hurt so much I couldn’t walk,” he told his morning fans, shortly after signing on yesterday morning. “KFI news director Chris Little took me to Emergency at Kaiser Hospital. They gave me Percocet and sent me home.”

Two of Handel’s four visits in six days to Kaiser were by ambulance. Twice they sent him home, which is the standard operating procedure for most hospitals in most situations. But on the third visit, Kaiser admitted Bill. “They did everything right. Man, did they do a good job.”

“I never knew I could hurt that bad. I was screaming.” It turns out Bill had a cyst next to his spine. “They removed liquid from the cyst. It was an infection. It was unbelievable pain. I was screaming at the top of my lungs in pain.” The hospital gave him “massive” pain medication. Bill referred to it as “nuclear bomb antibiotics” because sepsis set in his blood. Bill was in the hospital for eight days. He has a silicone tube into his arm that runs across his shoulder and right next to his heart. He’ll be on antibiotics for another five weeks, which will be administered with a syringe by his wife.

“I’ve lost 32 pounds. Whotta’ way to diet,” Bill said.

KBIG (MY/fm) Tops Latest Ratings

(March 19, 2018) The February '18 PPM Nielsen survey was released this afternoon and mostly it was status quo with last month. KBIG (MY/fm) continues at #1. In the top 10, KFI had the biggest drop from 4.5 - 3.9. Biggest gains were K-EARTH and JACK/fm, moving up four-tenths of a point. News/Talk KPCC has the steadiest growth going from 1.9 in November and moving up to 2.5 - 2.4 - 2.8 and 3.0 in February.

1. KBIG (Hot AC) 6.3 - 6.1
2. KOST (AC) 5.5 - 5.3
3. KRTH (Classic Hits) 4.8 - 5.2
4. KIIS (Top 40/M 4.9 - 4.9
5. KTWV (Rhythmic AC) 4.4 - 4.4
6. KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.9 - 4.0
7. KFI (Talk) 4.5 - 3.9
8. KCBS (JACK/fm) 3.4 - 3.8
9. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 3.2 - 3.5
10. KNX (News) 3.2 - 3.3

11. KPCC (News/Talk) 2.8 - 3.0
12. KAMP (Top 40/M) 2.8 - 2.9
13. KLOS (Classic Rock) 2.8 - 2.8
14. KPWR (Top 40/R) 2.5 - 2.6
15. KKGO (Country) 2.4 - 2.5
      KRCD (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.7 - 2.5
      KYSR (Alternative) 2.5 - 2.5
18. KRRL (Urban) 2.6 - 2.4
19. KSCA (Regional Mexican) 2.2 - 2.3
      KXOL (Spanish AC) 2.0 - 2.3
21. KROQ (Alternative) 2.4 - 2.2
22. KXOS (Regional Mexican) 1.9 - 2.1
23. KBUE (Regional Mexican) 1.9 - 1.9
24. KJLH (Urban AC) 1.7 - 1.6
       KUSC (Classical) 1.8 - 1.6
26. KCRW (Variety) 1.5 - 1.5
27. KDAY (Rhythmic AC) 1.2 - 1.2
28. KEIB (Talk) 1.0 - 1.0
       KSPN (Sports) 1.0 - 1.0
      KSSE (Spanish Oldies) 1.1 - 1.0
31. KKJZ (Jazz) 0.8 - 0.9
      KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits)  1.3 - 0.9
      KRLA (Talk) 1.0 - 0.9
       KWIZ (Spanish Variety) 1.3 - 0.9
35. KFWB (Regional Mexican) 0.6 - 0.7
36. KKLQ (Christian Contemporary) 0.5 - 0.6
37. KABC (Talk) 0.5 - 0.5
      KFSH (Christian Contemporary) 0.6 - 0.5
      KSUR (Oldies) 0.6 - 0.5
40. KLAC (Sports) 0.4 - 0.4
      KYLA (Christian Contemporary) 0.3 - 0.4 

A Noble Journey from LA to the Loop and Back Again

(March 19, 2018) Kenny Noble has a long history in LARadio. From 1978-96, Kenny worked at a number of stations, including KPOL, KZLA, KFOX, KWST, KHTZ, KFI, KACD and KOST. Now, he tells a tale about a station 2,000 miles away, a now-departed legendary radio station recently in the news.

“Prior to coming to Los Angeles in 1978, I was the morning host at WLUP (The Loop), FM 98, Chicago,” wrote Kenny. “I was eventually replaced by Steve Dahl who became available a few months after I left. Garry Meier, who was doing overnights at The Loop hit it off so well with Dahl that he became his co-host. And the rest they say, is history.”

WLUP had a 40-year run of rock music. At the end, the Chicagoland heritage station became Classic Rock. “Interesting twist here,” wrote Kenny. “The last 7 years of my career were spent at Christian EMF’s K-LOVE and Air1 Radio Networks as a reporter/anchor. EMF is now the new owner of The Loop. I’m attaching the only known photo of my time in Chicago. This is probably the spring of 1978. The Loop was doing a promotion at a nearby mall. The guy on the right with the cool hair is Tom O’Toole. He was middays when I was there. The guy with the not-so-cool cowboy hat is yours truly. The guy on the left is program director Jay Blackburn, now deceased. Jay Blackburn and Dave Logan are the geniuses for putting The Loop together in 1977. What a long strange trip it’s been, lol.”

Kenny grew up in Houston and almost became an Air Force pilot. He was honored as an outstanding military cadet in high school R.O.T.C. and went to the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs in the mid-1960s. He elected to go into radio and graduated from the Columbia School of Broadcasting.  

Ken started at KTFM-San Antonio in 1974. He then went to KLOL-Houston and WLUP-Chicago before arriving at KZLA in the summer of 1978. In 1977, Billboard magazine saluted Ken as Top Major Market Album Personality. Between KZLA and KFOX, Kenny went to the Northwest for the first time to work for Jay Blackburn at KZOK-Seattle. Kenny’s voiceover career includes many movie trailers. He ran a dj critique service for 15 years and touched many young broadcasters.

Oh, his love for flying? He's a private pilot.  

Email Saturday, 3.17.18

** The Day the Music Died

"Every year at this time, my mind wanders back briefly to an eventful day in 1968 for listeners of LA radio. March 11th marked the beginning of all-News broadcasting on KFWB. For a little over ten years beginning January 2, 1958, Channel 98 presented music with colorful personalities. The first five years were considered the ‘glory period,’ with the highest ratings of any station. 

Since my mother and Joe Yocam (photo) were friends, he invited us to sit in with him on his last day, after 26 years with the station. After Joe’s shift ended, Roger Christian came on and he asked that we stay awhile to visit. Although being very young at the time, I could feel a sense of profound sadness radiating with the air talent and engineer. We left before Gene Weed came on to become the last music dj on the station that night.  During his broadcast, he named all 50 personalities who had worked there during that decade. It does not seem like 50 years ago this week that the station bid farewell to a music format.” – John Hart
 ** David and Goliath

“With KFWB and KNX. It was funny. At KFWB we always saw KNX as being the big network news station. Big writing, production and delivery. We at KFWB were the little radio station that could. And boy did we!” – Jeff Baugh

** Annoying Commercials

"I agree that Kars for Kids is overwhelmingly the worst. Another that I find intolerable is Goettl Air Conditioning. Very self-serving on his part and just annoying to listen to. Which I don’t. If at home, I leave the room. If driving, I change the station.” – Lyn Fisher

** Voice Work

“My best to Mary Beth Garber. Long ago we announcers did everything – books, commercials, etc. The toughest for me were the medical discs they would send to doctors. It was the hardest money I ever earned BUT it was big $$$.” – Roger Carroll

** iHeart Bankruptcy

“Some folks refer to iHeart as the ‘Evil Empire.’ This letter seems to belie that. Very inclusive respectful of the sensitivities of the employees. Good for them.” – Keri Tombazian

** More iHeart

“Truly a very positive letter from iHeart ceo. Thanks for sharing.” – Stan White

** Tough Ads

“Remember the concept of Chinese water torture? Water was repeatedly dripped onto someone’s forehead until they eventually went insane. A radio version of this form of torture is being perpetrated by KABC through the ridiculous number of spots for retirement seminars for a company owned by Ken Moraif, who also hosts an infomercial on the station. Just for fun, I turned on KABC as I’m writing this email, and have already heard the commercial twice within the same spot break – which is not uncommon –  and I’ve heard it as many as three times within the same spot break.

Does Moraif not know how talk radio works? Does he think that people just listen for a few minutes at a time? Back in the late 90s, there was a station called K-Traffic that only broadcast traffic reports all day. People would listen briefly to get the info they needed, then moved on to another station so, in that situation, running a commercial repeatedly to catch the ears of transient listeners would have been understandable. But to oversaturate a talk radio station with the same spot over and over again to the same audience is wasted money for the advertiser and an extreme annoyance for listeners. I guess Ken Moraif doesn’t realize that talk radio listeners generally tune in for an entire show or, in some cases, listen to the same talk station all day if they like the station’s air talent line-up.

Moraif runs his commercials on other local stations, as well, but KABC is the most serious offender when it comes to repeatedly running these annoying spots. One of my close friends, another talk radio listener, probably summed it up best: ‘KABC will occasionally interrupt Money Matters commercials with some actual programming.’” – Peter Thomas, L.A. radio listener

** Former News Anchor at KABC and KNX

“Howdy from Dallas, old friend. As you know Anita Garner and I have been sharing a blog for more than a decade and recently started recording them as well as writing them. Today she sent me her voice and music tracks and lo and behold, there you were – the star of her minute and a half piece! Just thought I’d check in and see how you're doing. My wife, Carolann, and I are very happy in North Texas. We arrived six years ago this month and have no plans to leave.” – Dave Williams

Seacrest and the Promotion of American Idol

Hear Ache

(March 16, 2018) Lisa Foxx is certainly a survivor in LARadio. She partnered with Ryan Seacrest at Star 98.7 in the nineties, and is now part of the gargantuan ratings at MY/fm, hosting middays. Since December she is down almost 30 lbs. “I can’t explain how much my life has changed during this experience,” she wrote on Facebook. “I'm ready for MORE drastic change, losing more weight, move to the beach, or maybe chop the hair off?” She credits Athenix Body Sculpting Institute and the Orbera Weight Loss Balloon for the new look.

Once upon a time, LARadio used to have two full-time all-News stations – KNX and KFWB. The late “Car 98” newsman Gary Franklin used to opine at this site that KFWB should create a new format (all-Tech was one of his favorites in the 90s) and let KNX have exclusive land with all-News and jump to the leader board of the ratings. KFWB did ultimately make wholesale changes but KNX never seemed to budge up the ratings ladder until recently, at least not until last year. Probably due in part to the volatile political landscape and the Trump presidency, KNX is regularly in the top 10 of the current ratings. Two decades ago, those who followed the two stations loved to argue which news outlet was better. In 1993, KFWB created a tv spot offering differences between the two stations. John Brooks has included it in his tasty Facebook page on KFWB. You can see the tv spot here.

Craig Roberts is moving to Las Vegas this summer. You’ll know hot when you experience Vegas summer heat … Last Monday, the industry saluted decades-long veteran newsman and news director Lyle Kilgore in a Celebration of Life. He died February 22, at the age of 89. Jhani Kaye put together a video montage you can see by clicking Celebration of Life. 

Add to the list of Art Laboe accolades – a Schlagle. The City of El Monte presented Art with a Key to the City last week. He’s the first person to be recognized with this honor. Famous for his dances at the El Monte Legion Stadium, I grew up with great memories of El Monte and performances by the Johnny Otis Show & Band, Handsome Mel Carter, and the Penguins.  

iHeart Radio Has Filed for Bankruptcy

( (March 15, 2018) It seemed like it was just a matter of time for the largest owner of radio properties. After months of delays, discussions and last-minute attempts to avoid an unfortunate financial necessity, the inevitable has finally happened: iHeartRadio has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The radio titan officially filed for protection late on Wednesday. The company has been suffering due to more than $20 billion in debt. The following is an internal memo from Bob Pittman (ceo) and Richard Bressler (cfo) that was sent to employees last night:



We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement in principle with the majority of our creditors and our financial sponsors that reflects widespread support across the capital structure for a comprehensive plan to restructure iHeartMedia’s debt – reducing it by more than $10 billion.  This is a significant accomplishment, and it will finally resolve an issue that has been hanging over the company for some time.  iHeartMedia will use a court-supervised process (Chapter 11) to implement this agreed upon restructuring plan.

To put this in perspective, seven years ago, when we began our transformation as a company, we faced two major challenges.  First, we needed to transform iHeartMedia, then called Clear Channel, from a traditional broadcast radio company into a true 21st century multi-platform, data-driven, digitally-focused media and entertainment leader.  And second, the company needed to address its capital structure, which has been burdened with more than $20 billion of debt since the 2008 leveraged buyout (LBO).

Thanks to your efforts, we’ve made great progress on the transformation challenge, generating 18 consecutive quarters of year-over-year revenue growth, something very few media companies can claim.  And even though we still have work to do, as America’s #1 audio company, our business has unparalleled reach – greater than Facebook and Google in the U.S. – and our cutting-edge products and services are now available on more than 200 platforms.  That is quite a feat.

Meeting the second challenge has taken longer than we had originally anticipated, but the Board is finally addressing the balance sheet in a definitive way to give iHeartMedia a capital structure that matches the impressive operating business we’ve built together.

Before going into further detail, we want to assure you that during this court-supervised process the company will operate as usual, including paying wages and providing benefits, and your day-to-day roles and responsibilities will be unchanged.

We want to explain a bit about what this process means for our company and for you.  There are different flavors of bankruptcy filings.  In some cases – not ours – companies are in trouble because their businesses are failing, they are not generating enough cash and, as a result, they’re unable to fund their ongoing operations.  In those cases, stakeholders are looking to salvage what they can, and those companies frequently stop operating and liquidate.

That’s not the case for us.  iHeartMedia generates a substantial amount of cash.  We are restructuring the balance sheet of an impressive business – not fixing a failing business.

Two good examples of companies familiar to you that used a court-supervised process to improve their capital structures are General Motors and American Airlines, which operated as normal during the process and emerged as stronger companies poised for success and ready for the future.  In fact, since emergence, these companies have reported record profits.

In the last reported 12 months, our company generated more than $6 billion in revenue and $1.6 billion of OIBDAN.  Currently, we devote substantially all of the cash generated by the business to the payment of cash interest on our debt.  During this court-supervised process, we no longer have to pay interest on much of that debt and as a result we expect to have significantly more cash available for our business than we did before.

After all the hard work we’ve done together to transform iHeartMedia on the operating side, we will now definitively resolve the capital structure too, putting us in the best position for the future.  To us, that’s the very last piece of the puzzle.

We want to highlight some key points about this process and what it means for you:

           You are imperative to iHeartMedia’s success.

           There will be no changes to your wages and benefits, subject to routine court approval.

           iHeartMedia is operating business as usual.

           We expect to have more than enough funding to run the business as usual for the benefit of our stakeholders.

           We are finally and definitively resolving an issue that has been hanging over the company for some time.

           As an FYI, please note that Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, which includes Clear Channel International and Clear Channel Outdoor Americas and is the New York Stock Exchange public company that’s 90% owned by us, has not filed for bankruptcy.

We want to make sure you’re comfortable explaining this to your friends and family as well as to the people you interact with day to day as part of your job.  For more information, please visit Workday, where you’ll find a number of answers that may be helpful.

We will also be hosting a Town Hall at 12 p.m. ET (9 a.m. PT) to address questions you may have.  In advance of the Town Hall, questions can be sent to Please connect with your local manager on where to gather as a team; the Town Hall meeting will only be available for viewing at iHeartMedia locations.

One of our corporate values is transparency and, as always, we will continue to keep you updated on developments and encourage you to stay focused on growing our business because that is how we will continue the success we’ve had as an industry leader in breaking new ground at iHeartMedia – the #1 audio company in America.

We are proud of all that you do, and we thank you for your incredible commitment to our company.


Bob and Rich

Seacrest Seems to Have Weathered a Storm of Bad Publicity

(March 14, 2018) The timing for Ryan Seacrest couldn’t have been worse. Oscar red carpet duties and the launch of American Idol were only days away. But allegations of sexual harassment by a fellow-worker at E! forced Ryan into offense that got him ahead of the story. Yet it didn’t make the controversy go away.

E! stood by their man, but publicists were torn between guiding their clients up the red carpet to the E! location or bypassing Ryan. All of the Best Actress nominees bypassed Ryan. The controversy had a major impact at E! The E! president saw Oscars red carpet viewership drop 35% from 2017, citing Ryan as a distraction after a harassment accuser went public.

On the American Idol front, ABC voiced support for Seacrest. The ceo of the production company stood by the results of the E! investigation. “I’ve known Ryan now for almost 16 years. I stand by him. Obviously, it’s unfortunate. I’m not privy to the details. He seems to be very robust in his defense. And we’ll see where it all goes." (Artwork courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter)
How did American Idol do in ratings debut? Going head to head with NBC’s singing competition show Monday, The Voice came out victorious. Idol was down 22% in the demo (18-49) from its ABC premiere on Sunday to mark the series’ lowest Week 2 showing, according to Deadline. On Sunday night, Fox ran a gimmick program dealing with OJ Simpson’s alleged confession to killing his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. Fox's effort may have hurt AI. “It’s too soon to call it a smashing success, but ABC’s relaunch of AI got off to a strong start Sunday with audiences,” according to

While sexual harassment allegation conversations swirled over the Oscar weekend, Roger Friedman wrote in Showbiz411 about Ryan’s charitable Foundation. “It just seems to be a way for the radio deejay and tv host to pay salaries to family members. His sister, Meredith, and dad, Gary, are the only two staff members of the foundation who receive payment,” Freidman wrote. “The foundation’s Form 990 for 2016 is now available. Together, Meredith and Gary made $310,603. Meredith got $208,784 plus extra compensation of $5,819– a bump up from last year of $10,000. Gary, the father, a personal injury lawyer, received $96,000. But that money for family members is MORE than the Ryan Seacrest Foundation donated to anyone with a charity. Grants from the organization only totaled $303,148. And THAT amount was paid in equipment, not money. So the Ryan Seacrest Foundation only exists to give cash to his relatives.”

Carson Daly Has High Anxiety 

(March 13, 2018) Carson Daly, former AMP morning man and KROQer, has suffered with anxiety for years. He opened up about his challenges last Friday morning on The Today Show. “It is something I can’t change about myself, in fact, it is okay. I’ve learned to embrace it and hopefully by opening up it will inspire others to do the same.”

Carson sat on a Today Show stool in the main studio. Instead of dispensing pop culture news from the Orange Room, he was the subject of the story as he sat (dark jacket) with co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb. “Looking back on my life I was a worry wart. My father died when I was five. I have been nervous my whole life. My very first panic attack happened when I was a host at MTV.”

Daly explained how his life changed overnight when he got the TRL (Total Request Live) gig at MTV. “I had a hard time breathing,” he continued. “I was terrified for no apparent reason. At times I feel there is a sabre tooth tiger right here and it is going to kill me, attack me, and bite my head off. I’m scared and believe it is really happening. I feel like I’m dying.”

If you look at The Voice on Monday or Tuesday nights, he’s never still. “And the same thing in the morning on The Today Show. "Some days I’m just a little anxious. You’ll see I’m fidgeting.”

Once, Carson rode across the country on a motorcycle to find some relaxing time. Instead, he incurred some panic-stricken attacks throughout his trip. “This is the way I was born. This is the way I was hard wired. This is a down side of the way God made me. And there is a tremendous upside as well. I love music and it moves me in a very visceral way. I get the chills when I hear certain music, like soul music.” Carson went to a cognitive therapist to learn some tools on how to work through his anxiety. Muscle tension and relaxation really helps Carson.

“I really wear the way I am as a badge of honor. This is who I am. I proud of it. I may be a little anxious but I know I will be okay.”

Mary Beth Garber Has Gone to VO and Water


(March 12, 2018) Mary Beth Garber
is one of my favorite Los Angeles Radio People (LARP) for many reasons. She’s a great leader (head of the Southern California Broadcasters Association, SCBA). She’s been in local sales. She appreciates talent. She's a problem solver. When she left the SCBA, Mary Beth took on an executive position with Katz Media. And now add one more notch on my admiration list … resiliency. She has moved into talent, voicing audiobooks. Let her tell the story:

As you reported, in June 2017 Katz Media bought out my contract. I had to decide if I wanted to try to get another job, set up a consulting business or take the opportunity to use my performance talents in some way. I fumbled around research - all kinds of paths, really getting nowhere. Then I attended a luncheon of the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters in September last year and promptly sat at the wrong table (I was at 15A, but sat at 15). Across from me was PJ Ochlan, who knew me from my SCBA days and his Mt Wilson FM days. We got to chatting about what he did and he told me that a great deal of his time was spent narrating audiobooks, the fastest growing area of book publishing. A bell went off in my head.  Sirens, maybe. “Really,” I said. “Yes, and I make good money at it,” he said.

He explained that this burgeoning new field was different from VO and acting. No agents involved, only publishers and authors. He said I had a great voice and needed training at speaking and acting to be good at this. He was doing a class for beginners a couple of weeks later at Deyan Audio Institute and gave me the sign-up info. I took the class (which was excellent, quite comprehensive and a good intro to the field) and began doing what he advised. I asked him to coach me on creating 3 audio samples, then put them up on ACX and SoundCloud. I joined APA and began researching. A board member from APA called me (I was in awe!) and said they did that with all new members. We chatted about how to get active in the business and he gave me Pat Fraley’s name for technique training. I’m on my 4th course with him – he and Scott Brick, another big audiobook narrator, do them together. They are excellent.
I wanted to begin auditioning for titles on ACX, Amazon/Audible’s marketing exchange place that brings authors, publishers and producers (narrators) together to do business. But I didn’t have a home studio and I had no clue about how to operate Pro-tools, let alone to the specs demanded by ACX. I tried to book time at Deyan Audio’s studio, but they didn’t have any openings for a week. So I turned to my friends Shotgun Tom Kelly and Jhani Kaye to see if they had a home studio where I could record a couple of auditions and things for my audio courses. Miracle workers. Jhani directed me, Shotgun coached me and recorded me in his home studio. It took roughly 4 hours to record about 10 minutes of finished product. The direction and coaching was invaluable. What great, generous guys to mentor me.

I didn’t get any of the jobs I auditioned for, but it did give me great experience. I did remember I had done some favors for a local publisher, Red Hen Press. They had sent me an invitation to an event that they ended up canceling in November but told me to come visit anyway. I met with the executive publisher and her marketing director to talk about how to help them market their books. I interjected that I no longer worked for Katz and was shifting to becoming an audiobook narrator. Karen, the publisher, looked at her marketing director and said, “She has the perfect voice.” The marketing director said, “Perfect!” They had a series of books by a female author that were in need of the “perfect voice.”

As for DOING the books…. I auditioned a few weeks later, was offered the books, booked time at Deyan Audio and Pat Fraley led me to his son, Ford, who does my editing and mastering. By this time I had finished 3 or 4 training courses and done about 20 auditions, so I was familiar with the technical requirements. Then I sat down with my book director, James Berish and began the 3-day task of actually recording a book that had about 60 different voices, 10 main characters (thank you PJ and Pat for guidance on how to create that many different people), and a story that would run about 8 finished hours. I learned all about stomach noises and what to eat/not eat (thank you Scott Brick). About dry mouth and green apples (thank you PJ). About water. Lots of water. And then I just got immersed in telling this great story, House Arrest by Ellen Meeropol. I actually did pretty well – it usually takes two hours of recording to produce one finished hour of audiobook. I finished the first one with maybe a couple of hours to spare – amazing since I drove my director crazy with book noise, helicopter noise, stomach noise, flubbed lines and my “wait, I don’t like that, let’s do it again” or his “mmmmmm, no, not really…..”

It was great fun and I can’t wait to do the next three.

Email Saturday, 3.10.18

** Talented Mancow?

"I noticed that in this morning's column, you mentioned the 'talented' Mancow. What exactly was his talent?  

The talent to do a 0.000 rating or his talent at scaring away advertisers? The year with Mancow as our morning show at KLAC probably took a year off my life and caused me to lose the 43 hairs I had left." - Bob Scott

** Annoying Commercials

Mike Baird of Hanford thinks the Kars4Kids spot has to be the most annoying spot in radio history.

Even more annoying than the garage door guy?” – Bill Schwarz, Ontario

** More Kars

“I've got to agree with many LARP’s on the Kars4Kids spot. Someone tell those brats how to spell :)” – Mike Butts

** Worked with Cassidy

“GREAT piece on Paul Cassidy. He really was one of the ‘good ones.’”  Rich Brother Robbin

** More on Cassidy

Paul Cassidy was a loving husband of Marla Jean Cassidy for 57 years, who was at his side with Paul’s children when he passed away peacefully. Ultimately, Paul was most proud of his children, three of the four followed his footsteps in the broadcasting industry.  

Daughters Carolyn Cassidy is a Senior Vice President at 20th Century Fox TV in Los Angeles and Paula Polma is a Senior Account Executive at Cumulus’ WBAP-AM in Dallas.  Paul’s son Kevin Cassidy has spent his entire career in radio.  Kevin is the former President of D&R Radio Sales and current GSM for Entercom’s KVIL/KLUV/KJKK in Dallas. Paul’s other son Stephen Cassidy is a successful attorney and former Mayor of San Leandro, California.” – Cassidy family

 ** Horrible Music

“I read where you started one of the LA rock stations in the 70’s ... that’s cool!! Btw, the HORRIBLE garbage music of the last few years, I think is affecting ratings and listenership. There are very, very few ‘Super Stars’ and Top Super Groups, any more. Maybe the Internet will change that. The record companies are losing their grip and control, and I think that’s a good thing.” – Bob McKay 

** Music Promoter to the LARP

“Glad to see your up and running. I have attached an article on the passing of Brian Murphy, he was a concert promoter going all the way back to 1969. If you worked in Rock radio, you knew who he was. He was the nicest and smartest guy in the room. The concert business will not be the same without him.” – Bob Koontz  

Hear Ache

(March 9, 2018) Thanks for your patience while LARadio went through being off the air. That’s what it felt like. Pretty much good to go with an enormous effort by Christian Wheel … iHeartMedia woes continue. The company and lenders buy a little more time before bankruptcy is triggered … Remember when the talented Mancow (l) was doing mornings at KLAC? He was gone after a year locally, but he was a big success in Chicago, in particular at WLUP (“The Loop”). Earlier this week, the heritage station in the Windy City was sold to the Christian music outfit that took over 100.3/The Sound. For Mancow, the plane has landed. It will be interesting to see where he ends up … Mike Fleming of reviewed the recent Oscar telecast and observed: “Jimmy Kimmel was hilarious. Compared to the men-are-bad funereal atmosphere of the Golden Globes, this show was fun. So, what the hell happened to the ratings?" One of Fleming’s young staffers said his generation watches highlight clips on their iPhones – why sit through 3+ hours? … Just a reminder about Lyle Kilgore’s Celebration of Life. It will be held next Monday (12) at noon at the Old Ranch Country Club, 3901 Lampson Avenue, Seal Beach. Lyle’s wife Eva is feeling very empty. “I’ve known him since I was 22,” wrote Eva. “He was bigger than life.” Commander Chuck Street will be the officiant … Bill Lally died March 3. “Bill was loved by so many dear friends and he knew that,” wrote KFI pd, Robin Bertolucci in an internal memo …
Somehow this might be the best way to die. Tower Records founder Russ Solomon passed with a drink in his hand and a smart-aleck remark on his lips. "Ironically, he was giving his opinion of what someone was wearing during the Oscars last Sunday that he thought was ugly, then asked his wife to refill his whiskey. When she returned, he had died,” according to his son. Bob Sherwood, a Bay Area veteran, wrote. “There may be someone who was more passionate about music, artists and art in general – and cared more about the music business than him. If so, I never met that person.” It’s the perfect documentary if you have yet to consume Rise and Fall of Tower Records … Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg will be taking over the WABC-New York morning show when Don Imus leaves at the end of the month … Geena the Latina is part of the “Kramer and Geena” show on Channel 933 in San Diego. She had been part of the KIIS “street team” before moving south about 13 years ago. Next month, the city of San Diego is proclaiming “Geena the Latina Day” … Ken Levine is always spot on in his Oscar review. You can read it on his blog. He thought it was so dull, he was watching Phantom Thread … Ken Davis will be hosting a book signing for his tasty tome, In Bed with Broadcasting, tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Thousand Oaks (the Westlake Promenade). 

Paul Cassidy, Decades in LARadio, Dies

(March 8, 2018) Paul Cassidy, part of the LARadio scene from 1968 to 1981, was at the helm when the new Ten-Q (KTNQ) was launched. Paul died March 1, at the age of 83.

Paul started his radio career at KDKA-Pittsburgh in 1961 in the sales department. He’d been in hotel management at the Pittsburgh Hilton. Paul arranged details so well for a Westinghouse Public Service Conference that the radio chain hired him. He spent 10 years with Westinghouse, working later at WIND-Chicago, then going to KFWB in January 1968 when it was still a music station.

In August 1971, Paul went to KHJ, where he was named manager just after two weeks at the iconic station. “My best memory of LA Radio, was 1971 when Don Imus and Robert W. Morgan were cavorting with the Billy Sol Hargus Act live in the KHJ studio. Reverend Billy was healing the hole in the records that Robert was playing! I called Robert to tell him that the FCC was on the way to the station and to get back to reality. Guess what, he did! Then came upstairs to ask, ‘are they really?’”

The RKO position lasted about a year, then Paul joined KLOS in sales before being moved to ABC sister station, KSFX-San Francisco. In October 1974 he moved back to L.A. to run KGBS AM & FM. In 1976, station owner Storer Broadcasting switched their AM property to rock ‘n roll, while KGBS/fm became “Gentle Country.” Paul became titular head of both operations. He was named vp in 1977. Paul was active in making KGBS/AM a 50,000 watt 24 hour operation rather than just a daytimer.
The New Ten-Q  was positioned to challenge long-time Top 40 leader KHJ, Paul calling it a “street fight” between the two stations. He was let go shortly before the station was sold to the Liberman Brothers in 1979. His last radio job in the Southland was as gm at KWST.

When he left radio he spent 19 years in television! Tucson, Lansing [Go State], Lafayette, Louisiana, Wilkes Barre and Buffalo at WKBW. “For five years I was president of Cordillera Communications headquartered in Plano, Texas. Cordillera is a group of 12 tv stations, primarily in the Western US., and represents 4 different networks.”  
 (Photo: Paul Cassidy, Ringo Starr, and Bob Hamilton)
Supermouth Awarded

Larry Huffman, veteran of Orange County radio (KWIZ and KEZY) and the iconic voice of Motor Speedway announcing,
was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award from the Advertising Federation of America at the Mission Inn in Riverside.
"It was a sold out affair and blew my mind," said Larry. "I can't believe people remember me!"

Randy Thomas Up for Oscars

(March 5, 2018) The LA Times saluted Oscar announcer Randy Thomas. The veteran of KMET, KMPC/FM/KEDG/KLIT, and KTWV, Randy made history in 1993 as the first woman hired by the Motion Picture Academy to be the announcer for the Academy Award. This was her ninth time in the Oscar announce booth. Randy has gone on to be the first woman to announce the Miss America pageant, the Super Bowl, the Emmys, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Tony Awards. 

Born in New York, then raised in South Florida and Detroit, Randy returned to New York at age 17 with an enormous zest for life, waiting on tables while she studied acting. She was inspired to pursue radio while listening to WNEW and the "Nightbird," Allison Steele. Randy packed her bags and headed home to Detroit where she was hired at WWWW, then WRIF.  In 1974, an ABC executive took her to WPLJ-New York. Next was KZEW-Dallas, then “Zeta-4” (WZTU), WAXY and WSHE in South Florida before arriving in Los Angeles in 1986 with no job but a great resume.

From a boat tucked away in the Marina, Randy ventured forth, knocking on radio station doors until KMET hired her. "It was a dream come true to finally add those legendary call letters to my resume." Shortly thereafter, the entire air staff was fired as KMET made way for KTWV, the first New Age radio station (that featured no DJs). Inspired by the music and spiritual aspects of the format, Randy created Crystal Vision Productions with her husband, to produce a syndicated show. Then Alternative radio knocked and Randy moved on to KMPC/fm (“The Edge”) for middays. While at KMET, Randy became the commercial spokeswoman for the reading program “Hooked on Phonics.” Randy recalled “they tell me that I have taught more people to read than almost any teacher.” In 1991 Randy was back on 94.7, becoming the morning show host for "The Wave."

In the Times article, Randy was asked if she has an Oscar voice compared to her other VO work. “I do have an ‘Oscars voice,’ and it seems to show up when I’m doing the Oscars. All of the other shows that I do, I tend to find a voice for them.”

Randy’s philosophy: “If you dream it and never give up – anything is possible.”

Email Saturday, 3.3.18 

** Jay Coffey in Tennessee

“My station [Classic Hits 93.1 WNOX] runs the Westwood One Classic Hits format. We air part of Jay Coffey’s show weekdays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET. When our local jock/production director needs a day off, we’ll run all five hours of Jay Coffey’s show.” – Frank Murphy

** Carlucci Journey

“Well deserved story about Mike Carlucci, who torments me almost daily during the baseball season –  with the exception of last season. Mike is a diehard Giants fan, while most sensible fans are diehard Dodger fans, like me. Mike is also quite the comic, as I found on our way to a weekend at La Fonda in Mexico. He will travel anywhere, any time to ply his craft, so hard work is his key, plus he somehow knows how to pronounce everyone's last name, even during the Olympics. Something going on with that boy!” – Mike Raphone Ritto

** Is Podcasting Worth Your Time and Effort?

“In answer to the last question [which even the Wall Street Journal was fuzzy about], it’s the wrong question. The right one is…is what you have to share important enough to podcast?” - Mark Ramsey

** Evil Thoughts on Podcasting

“‘Is podcasting worth it?’ reminds me of that phrase – if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it. You should only do a podcast if you can’t wait to do it because u have so much to say and you HAVE to get it out there. You should only do a podcast if not doing one would kill you!

Seriously, I’ve been doing my daily podcast, Evil Thoughts since August. [I started w/ 3X a week last April.] Radio still has reach, and I miss that, but the freedom is exhilarating!” –Joe Crummey

** Stop Kars4Kids Spots

“I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. The Kars4Kids spot has to be the most annoying spot in radio history.” – Mike Baird, Hanford

** Seacrest Accusations and Denials

“Thanks for the news about Jay Coffey and Tony Scott. I can't count the hours of enjoyment Jay gave on KIQQ, and it’s so nice seeing Tony Scott getting a new place.  

I’m actually sorry for Ryan Seacrest. Despite the fact that his accuser is an extortionist, it’s her word against his and ‘innocent until proven guilty’ doesn't seem to apply anymore. So I guess I don’t need to watch the red carpet on Oscar Sunday. No loss. But I am looking forward to Jimmy Kimmel and Keala Settle's performance of This Is Me from The Greatest Showman, which was the only nominated movie I’m sorry not to have seen.” - Julie Byers

** Pronunciation Guide

“So I’ve been listening to an audiobook, I’m barely into the 3rd or 4th chapter, and I've heard the narrator [who isn't the author of the book] say ‘eavedrop’ [instead of ‘eavesdrop’] as well as one of my biggest pet peeves, ‘acrosst’ [instead of ‘across’].  Now I want to find a Barnes & Noble to look through this book to see if it was written this way or if the narrator just thinks that’s how those words are pronounced! Good Lord, how do I break into this business?” – Brian Perez

** Kilgore Services

 “Lyle Kilgore' s memorial service will be on Monday, March 12 at noon at Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach. So we can get a better head count, could those who are coming please rsvp to me at by March 6? I would really appreciate it.” - Eva Kilgore

iHeart Financial Woes 

(March 2, 2018)  The financial saga of iHeart Media continues. The company has filed a Form 8-K with The Securities and Exchange Commission, making public that its Board of Directors has elected not to make the interest payments due on March 1, 2018 of approximately $59.1 million with respect to its outstanding 11.25% Priority Guarantee Notes due 2021, and of approximately $78.8 million with respect to its outstanding 9.0% Priority Guarantee Notes due 2021, according to

In a separate 8-K filing late Wednesday, iHeart's Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors approved bonus payments for several executives ahead of an expected reorganization. The Compensation Committee approved a bonus opportunity for Robert W. Pittman, the Company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, under a new 2018 Key Incentive Bonus Plan, pursuant to which Mr. Pittman will be eligible to earn a target bonus for each calendar quarter of 2018 of $2,325,000.

In other news: Roger Aldi, former news director at KDAY, wrote that his heart is under repair, and at the same time filled with love and gratitude. “I am finally in a room after five days in ICU following what was labeled a massive heart attack. My original intention was to keep totally quiet about this, but dear, dear friends proved me wrong. Thank you for your love, prayers and support.” He's home now … Mason Dixon, (KHJ 1977), celebrates 40 years on the radio this week. His biggest success has come with a long run in Tampa … Fun to see Keith Olbermann on PTI yesterday ... Garrison Keillor, former host of Prairie Home Companion, says “no button was unbuttoned” and “no zipper was unzipped” during what he describes as “a flirtation between two writers that took place in writing.” The ousted Minnesota Public Radio host/content creator and owner let the AP view “hundreds of emails” between him and the woman now accusing him of inappropriate conduct. He characterizes the sometimes steamy exchanges as being mutual." ... Randy Thomas will once again announce the Oscar telecast.

Kelly Ripa Supports Ryan Seacrest 

(March 1, 2018) Kelly Ripa stood up for her co-host Ryan Seacrest Thursday by lauding his professionalism and saying she is looking forward to seeing him at the Oscars, according to Fox News. Her statements on their Live with Kelly and Ryan show came amid calls for Seacrest to step down from hosting E!’s red carpet coverage at the Oscars, following sexual misconduct claims against him by a former stylist.

“I cannot wait to see you there [at the Oscars],” Ripa told Seacrest on Thursday morning. “I am very excited.” She continued, “And I just want you to know, you are a privilege to work with and I adore you. I know what a professional, great person you are, and I feel very, very blessed to work with you each and every day.”

Variety devoted a full-page this week to the on-going controversy with Ryan Seacrest
in the face of details of sexual-harassment allegations

Some PR Folks Will Avoid Seacrest on the Red Carpet 

(March 1, 2018) The head of E!, Frances Berwick, was asked by The Hollywood Reporter if the social climate makes it harder for E!’s red carpet interviewer Ryan Seacrest to do his job. “It’s not an easy gig. It’s a time when it’s harder to be humorous because it can be open to misinterpretation.” Top Hollywood publicists tell New York Post’s Page Six that they will steer many of their stars away from Seacrest on the Oscar red carpet. Given the white-hot emotions and politics surrounding Hollywood abuse — and the seriousness of the allegations made against Seacrest — the flacks said “they would instead direct their clients to Seacrest’s co-host, Giuliana Rancic, or skip E! altogether.” Another PR voice said, “Usually Ryan is the one you want, but there are so many outlets on that carpet, why risk it? There’s plenty of other places for clients to get the exposure.” Another PR source said it would depend on the client, but “if it was a [client who had been involved in the #MeToo movement, I would never put them in that position. I don’t think any smart person would.”

In other news: Wonder what happened to KABC and KRLA Talk show host Kevin James? He ran for mayor in the last election. When he was out of the running, LA Times’ Steve Lopez wrote that Kevin “suddenly fell under Garcetti’s spell and offered an endorsement. Once mayor, Garcetti handed James a six-figure job at the Public Works Commission.” In a recent column, Lopez wondered how the city’s recycling program went so wrong. “So there I was, talking on the phone with James, and I couldn’t help but suggest that back when he was a radio talk show host, he would have had a field day with a disaster like RecycLA. He reminded me right away how much more fun he was as a talk show host.” … Jay Coffey and Tony Scott return to Westwood One. Coffey joins the Classic Hits channel after a quarter of a century experience KIQQ and K-EARTH. Tony Scott has worked for some of America’s biggest radio stations, including KLOS, K-EARTH , and 100.3/The Sound, all in Los Angeles. Scott also worked for over 25 years on Westwood One’s Classic Rock format, where he is returning as nighttime host.

And the Winner Is ... 

(February 28, 2018) Yesterday was the deadline to vote for Oscar nominees. I’ve been a member of the Motion Picture Academy since the 1970s, and this is the first time I have not had a favorite film. You might think having nine nominees that I could find one. Couldn’t. They were all B-minuses to B-pluses, but not one I am rooting for. All seemed flawed to one degree or another.

One thing I will be rooting for will be host Jimmy Kimmel, former KROQer and current host of his own late-night variety show. He will be the first person to host back-to-back Oscars since Billy Crystal did the honors in 1997 and 1998. But the record goes to Bob Hope, who emceed a whopping 19 times between 1940 and 1978.

“I can’t imagine that,” said Kimmel. “Even nine times would be way too much – not just for me, but for America.” (thanks to David Schwartz for this link to the opening of the Oscar telecast 50 years ago. It sounded like this)

In other news: Times are changing for personalities at all levels of entertainment – think the multi-talented JoJo Wright and his story earlier this week. Steve Harvey hosts a number of tv shows, plus his syndicated radio show that is heard locally on KJLH. When Harvey’s syndicated daytime tv strip was up for renewal after a five-season deal last year, he reviewed his renewal options. Harvey was annoyed that the production company was taking an estimated 25%-30%, even though NBCUniversal Domestic TV was the lead producer. He decided to drop both production companies. “Hollywood is a game,” Harvey told The Hollywood Reporter. “You’ve got an agent, a manager and a lawyer, and all those people get a percentage. That’s a lot of people eating off the pie. If I combine the manager and the production company and I get a larger share of the show ownership – that’s a better business move for me.”

Lyle Kilgore Dies 

(February 27, 2018) For almost four decades, Lyle Kilgore delivered the news in his famous dramatic style. Lyle started at KHJ shortly after 93/KHJ "Boss Radio" was launched. For fans of early Top 40 radio, his booming voice made every story important. Verbs were so descriptive that they danced out of the radio. Lyle died on February 22, at the age of 89.

"Ron Jacobs [pd at KHJ] told me that radio is like a roller coaster ride ... first you're up then you're down. I've worked the overnight. I emerged from the darkness as new operations director with a staff of 20. We covered riots, Charles Manson and the Hillside Strangler stories on 20/20 News," Lyle said when interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People.

For a brief time Lyle went into the cookie business. Before arriving at KHJ he worked the legendary Rock stations in the Inland Empire, KFXM and KMEN. "It has been a long and fun ride since the pioneering Rock stations in the Inland Empire. It's been an E ticket ride and I'm still on it and loving it!"

KILGORE, Lyle: KHJ, 1965-77, nd; KDAY, 1978; KLAC, 1982-90; KFWB, 1990-2005.

Busy Nighttimer

(February 26, 2018) A recent announcement by iHeartMedia gives you insight into how personalities make it in today’s radio. JoJo Wright, longtime KIIS evening host, has joined Premiere Networks as host of the iHeart Radio Countdown. He will host the two-hour program that currently airs on more than 100 affiliates worldwide. He'll continue to host the nationally-syndicated JoJo On The Radio, which originates from KIIS and airs on 60 stations nationwide. Plus his nightly show. Whew.

In other news, the NAB announced the finalists for its 2018 NAB Crystal Radio Awards, set to be presented at the NAB convention in April. Despite multiple stations being nominated in New York and Chicago, not one LARadio is included … Former Mega (KCMG in late 1990s) man Dennis Martinez has just exited his pd post at WOMX and WQMP in Orlando … From Andrew Sacks of Riverside, a letter to the sports editor in the LA Times: “Bill Walton could have chosen Chick Hearn or Vin Scully to have been his broadcasting model, but, alas, it looks as if he chose Dick Vitale.” … Craig Powers is looking for a morning show host for his Cameron Country powerhouse, KFLG, covering Laughlin, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu and everything in between. If you are a candidate, write … KPCC has purchased defunct news website LAist for about $50,000, which gives the news/talk station access to the LAist archive of about 75,000 stories. Scores of jobs will be resurrected.

Podcasting Worth It? Wall Street Journal Story

(February 25, 2018) Is Creating Your Own Podcast Actually Worth It? It’s never been easier to launch your own show, according to the Wall Street Journal. But it’s tough to persist when you’re speaking to an audience of one.

Matthew Kitchen asked the pros to debate both sides of the question. Click artwork to read the story.

Email Saturday
** Lyle Kilgore Dies

“I am saddened by Lyle Kilgore’s (l) passing. He was the consummate professional. A newsman for all seasons. He delivered the news with a great baritone voice that was unmistakable. He was of the Walter Cronkite era, no fake news for Lyle. My condolences to his family.” – Norm Epstein

** A Great News Director

“I only worked with Lyle Kilgore for one year, but in that year he was always smiling and co-operative. He was a great news director at KHJ and a perfect, brilliant gentleman. RIP.” – Larry McKay
** Sunday Nostalgia with Ann and Richard Beebe

“The only thing wrong with Ann and Richard’s relationship is that it didn’t last anywhere near long enough. I’ve known her since she was fifteen. Ann was a regular listener when I was on KLIV- San Jose. When I met her, her last name was Strohecker.   

What a wonderful human being!” – Jack Hayes  

** Kars 4 Kids Lawsuits

“One needs only Google ‘Kars4kids lawsuits’ to see what a deceitful organization they are. Whether it be California, where the company has come under legal fire ever since the D.M.V. first sued them for deceptive business practices back in 2003, or Minnesota, where the state attorney general recently found that less than 1% of donations went to local kids, they keep finding a way to deceive the public.  

KNX should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their annoying ads to continue without including a disclaimer as to where the ‘donations’ really go. Sadly, it appears profit takes precedence over transparency.” – Ken Davis

** Carlucci Story

“A post note on Mike Carlucci: If he gets the professor role on Syfy, he will be a natural since he's been teaching Communications courses part-time at Coastline College and Santa Monica College for many years.” – John Hart

** State of LARadio

“I was very interested in your discussion about the state of LA Radio and the loss of listeners when they die and / or lose their favorite format. My sister and I were followers of The Sound and haven't found any one station to take its place. Here was an opportunity for a station like KLOS or KRTH to increase their audience by even adding one of the djs and some of the format. Instead, they’ve acted like anyone into legacy music [Beatles, Rolling Stones, Classic Pop, etc.] isn’t worth attracting. And the only station to pick up ‘Peace, Love and Sunday Morning’ and Mimi Chen doesn’t market much outside of the college market. Talk about missed opportunities.” – Julie Byers

** Passing of Billy Graham

“I met Reverend Billy Graham when his Sunday show came from Los Angeles. At the time they could not ask for money on ABC. A staff announcer had to do it I won the audition to ask at the end of the program for your free gifts and offerings for the support of this program. I cannot remember the actual words. He would tell me I was doing a good job. I was at the broadcast site.” – Roger Carroll  

Carlucci is Untouchable for Varied Projects 

(February 23, 2018) Mike Carlucci has been a busy guy. He’s nearing the end of his time in Pyeongchang, So. Korea where he was the voice for Men's and Women's Ice Hockey at the Winter games. This is Mike's sixth Olympics overall, most recent Olympics was last summer in Rio. He is slated to work his seventh as baseball is coming back to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Back home, Mike has been heard in last summer's hit, The Power Rangers movie, a VO snippet on HBO's Ray Donovan and as Dirk's dad in Broken: A Musical, and for a brief VO moment on FOX's Orville. Mike recently completed his 22nd Year as the PA voice of Sony's MLB The Show, coming out next month. “If things work out with the Syfy channel, my role as professor Jared McKinney will be seen on the feature film The XSpecies.

Mike has taken his radio talents into a variegated array of areas. He has been the public-address announcer at Dodger Stadium, Anaheim Mighty Ducks P.A. announcer, and staff announcer at KDOC/TV. Over the years he’s worked radio in Ontario, Riverside, Palm Springs, San Diego, as well as KFI, KIKF, KYSR and KBIG. The Society of Voice Arts & Science rocognized Mike for work on a promo for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. He worked with Rob Lowe on The Lifetime original film, Drew Petersen: Untouchable.

LARP Memories of Reverend Billy Graham, 2.22.18

Beau Weaver (ex-93/KHJ: Marking today the passing of Billy Graham. Even though I felt he was a “Nixon enabler,” I came to respect him for admitting, albeit late, that he was wrong about civil rights. Though he and I found very different directions in the Jesus teachings, I feel that throughout his ministry he retained the “heart of a pastor.” His Christian walk included empathy, compassion and forgiveness at the center. I only wish his son Franklin had found some inspiration in his fathers gentle way. And so it goes. Jami Mayberry (ex-KYMS): My favorite Billy Graham memory: I lived in Southern California and did radio in Orange County in the 80s. I was also in the church choir. One day we got a notice that the Billy Graham Crusade was coming to Anaheim Stadium and they wanted church choirs to come together to form one huge choir. Seeing Billy Graham preach was on my bucket list so I didn't hesitate. We learned several songs for the event and it was so moving to be a part of something that big. If you have ever sung in a huge choir you know the thrill of hearing the power of voices blended together. They brought him to the stage in a golf cart and he preached his heart out. At the invitation there were streams of people coming down onto the field to accept Christ. It was remarkable to see. On the way home that night I knew I had experienced something that I would remember the rest of my life. Today is a day of reflection. I feel sure Billy is hearing "well done good and faithful servant..." I was honored to be a small part of one of his crusades. RIP Billy Graham. Hal Smith (ex-KLAC in 70s): August, 1954. It was a Monday, my first radio job an announcer at WNAH- Nashville. My shift started at 9 a.m. I arrived at about 8, checked the log. Scheduled at 9:00 "Nashville Crusade" live, in studio. I was in the station lobby when 3 men walked in. The tall one came to me with his hand extended and said, "I'm Billy Graham." He introduced the other two, George Beverly Shea and Paul Mickelson (piano). He asked to see Van Irwin, owner and gm. Van and I took them to the studio, set up the mikes. For the next two weeks, 9am - 9:30, Monday thru Saturday I did his show. He invited me to join him on stage for the final Sunday service. (My Mama was real proud). R.I.P Rev. Billy.

Hear Ache 

(February 22, 2018) Jock changes at KIIS. Alex Gervasi (l) moves up from late nights to middays, as Letty B transitions to weekends/swing. Letty B will continue voicetracking middays at “Channel 93.3” KHTS-San Diego. Replacing Alex in late nights is Edris “EJ” Jenkins. He arrives from KDMX-Dallas … Bob Koontz got a rude awakening last week at the Celebration of Life for Jack Sweeney. “I was expecting a bunch of KMPC guys and gals, what I didn’t think about was Jack retired in 1992. Most of the guys he worked with are dead, guess I’m getting older,” emailed Bob … Former talk show host Tavis Smiley is reportedly suing PBS for firing him last December, following an investigation into allegations into sexual misconduct. Conversely, PBS is not going down without a fight. A network spokesperson provided TVNewser with the following statement: “Today’s meritless lawsuit is yet another example of Tavis Smiley’s attempts to distract the public from his pattern of sexual misconduct in the workplace.” … Bryhana has joined middays at KDAY. The former KIIS intern replaces Cece, who now joins J Cruz and the Power 106 morning show. Cruz’s former partner Krystal Bee moves to KPWR middays. She can also be seen on MTV’s Amazingness with Rob Dyrdek … Ever since Westwood One has been covered here, the abbreviation has always been WW1. This email arrived yesterday: “When you are writing about us and abbreviating our name, can you please use WWO and not WW1? WWO is what we use internally.” Wonder what happened internally and how long they have using WWO within the company? As for the latest news from WWO, they state they are “building upon its business momentum by bolstering revenue power and expertise within the network sales organization.” Joining WWO is Craig Rossi (former KABC/KLOS, KYSR and KBIG exec) as vp, Spoken Word … Kars for Kids and its annoying jingle still airs incessantly on KNX, with the vast majority of the children that benefit from the cars donated to Kars4Kids live in the Northeast, particularly in New York and New Jersey. “The ad is also heard – albeit less frequently – on other L.A. stations …  Len Weiner, former Sports director at 710/KMPC, adds programming duties at Sports WQAM-Miami to his current pd post at WAXY-Miami … Eva Kilgore is asking that radio friends keep her husband, Lyle Kilgore, in their prayers. “He’s at Hoag Hospital with pneumonia, kidney failure, and a host of other problems. He’s sleeping most of the time,” wrote Eva.

New Mornings at Power 106

(February 21, 2018) Cece Valencia, better known as "Cece The Mamacita," has moved from KDAY middays to be part of the morning drive team at "Power 106." With over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, Cece’s main message to her audience is to inspire, recharge and reflect through music.

She began her radio career at Wild 96.1 in the Inland Empire then made her way to Hot 97.5 in Las Vegas where she spent time doing nights. Returning to Los Angeles, Cece did morning's at 93.5 KDAY and voiced the popular Grand Theft Auto 5. Eventually she made her way to Latino 96.3 and started working for Jennifer Lopez’s network NuvoTv on music driven show “The Collective.”

Growing up in Los Angeles, Cece is driven by the LA Culture Of Hip Hop. She is currently working on a project called "Tons Of Anarchy,” executive produced by George Lopez and she can be seen in Chocolate City 2.

MY/fm Back on Top
(February 20, 2018) The January '18 PPM ratings have been released and KBIG (MY/fm) is back on top after a couple of months of holiday tunes at KOST. This survey period covers January 4-31 and People 6+ Mon-Sun, 6a-12M. KLOS seems to have benefitted from the disappearance of 100.3/The Sound (now KKLQ, which is kicking off their brand of Contemporary Christian with an impressive start beating Sports KLAC).

1. KBIG (MY/fm) 5.7 - 6.3
2. KOST (AC) 11.9 - 5.5
3. KIIS (Top 40/M) 4.3 - 4.9
4. KRTH (Classic Hits) 4.8 - 4.8
5. KFI (Talk) 3.9 - 4.5
6. KTWV (Rhythmic AC) 4.1 - 4.4
7. KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.1 - 3.9
8. KCBS (JACK/fm) 2.7 - 3.4
9. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 1.9 - 3.2
     KNX (News) 2.9 - 3.2
11. KAMP (Top 40) 2.8 - 2.8
      KLOS (Classic Rock) 2.4 - 2.8
      KPCC (News/Talk) 2.4 - 2.8
14. KRCD (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.3 - 2.7
15. KRRL (Urban) 2.3 - 2.6
16. KPWR (Top 40/R)) 2.6 - 2.5
       KYSR (Alt 98.7) 2.2 - 2.5
18. KKGO (Country) 2.9 - 2.4
19. KROQ (Alternative) 2.4 - 2.4
20. KSCA (Regional Mexican 2.3 - 2.1
21. KXOL (Spanish AC) 2.2 - 2.0
22. KBUE (Regional Mexican) 1.8 - 1.9
       KXOS (Regional Mexican) 1.4 - 1.9
24. KUSC (Classical) 1.7 - 1.8
25. KJLH (Urban AC) 2.0 - 1.7
26. KCRW (Variety) 1.3 - 1.5
27. KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 1.7 - 1.3
28. KDAY (Rhythmic AC) 1.1 - 1.2
29. KSSE (Spanish Oldies) 1.0 -1.1
30. KEIB (Talk) 1.0 - 1.0
       KRLA (Talk) 1.0 - 1.0
       KSPN (Sports) 0.9 - 1.0
33. KWIZ (Spanish Variety) 0.8 - 0.9
34. KKJZ (Jazz) 0.7 - 0.8
35. KFSH (Christian Contemporary) 0.5 - 0.6
       KFWB (Regional Mexican) 0.5 - 0.6
       KSUR (Oldies) 0.6 - 0.6
38. KABC (Talk) 0.4 - 0.5
       KKLQ (Christian Contemporary) 0.5 - 0.5
40. KLAC (Sports) 0.5 - 0.4
       KWKW (Spanish Sports) 0.3 - 0.4

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
(February 20, 2018) LA Magazine features baseball in its current edition, getting a head start on the upcoming season. If you are a baseball fan, you will find plenty of stories, timelines and new lore. The “Kings of the Mound” story highlights Sandy Koufax, Fernando Valenzuela, Orel Hershiser, Clayton Kershaw and Don Drysdale.

Vin Scully recalls the move west and how the Dodgers weren’t particularly charismatic, arriving in Los Angeles having finished seventh in an eight-team league. The team was playing in a football / track stadium, not a baseball park.

“The big thing was 1959,” wrote Scully. “Out of nowhere they not only win the pennant, they win the World Series. That was a major in becoming the heart and soul, of the Southern California community."

Jaime Jarrin writes about becoming a commentator for the Spanish audience. “I come from Ecuador, and in Quito, where I lived, they didn’t play baseball. I never saw a baseball.” He didn’t start traveling with the team until 1965 or ‘66.

“We would go to a studio. There was no tv. We had to listen to Vin and Jerry Doggett describe the game, and we would be practically translating what they were saying. We have a tape going with background noise.”

In other news, subscribers will get the latest PPM ratings this afternoon in their email box. If you would like to be on the mailing list, just send a request to It’s a free service to readers of

Chatting it Up with the President

(February 19, 2018) TALKERS publisher Michael Harrison (right) is pictured engaged in a conversation with President Trump (left) last night (2/18) at a special Presidents Day Weekend dinner at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida. Harrison and his wife Bernadette Duncan were the guests of Newsmax ceo Christopher Ruddy, a personal friend of the Trump family. Trump was joined at the dinner by First Lady Melania Trump and his children Tiffany Trump and Donald Trump Jr. as well as select friends and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. 

Harrison reported back to TALKERS, “Trump was basically in a solemn mood, the weight of the Parkland shooting was obviously on his mind and the breaking story about the Russian election meddling operation was swirling in the air.  However, a lot of the conversation was purely social. It was interesting seeing the President – amazingly relaxed and informal - among personal friends, associates and family…away from the press. Up close, he has a snarky sense of humor, like a Millennial, that rivals the best of his comedic media critics.” Harrison added, “It is clear that Chris Ruddy and Newsmax are held in extremely high regard by this administration.  If you recall, Newsmax was one of the earliest supporters of Trump.  They even ran a cover story speculating on the prospect of a Trump GOP candidacy more than a year before he announced his intentions to run.”

80-Year-Old LARP Sues 77-Year-Old LARP for Age Discrimination

(February 19, 2018) Sports guy Warner Wolf is suing Don Imus, WABC-New York and three executives (including Cumulus svp of programming Mike McVay) for age discrimination. A report in the New York Post alleges that 80-year-old Wolf was replaced in 2016 due to his age. Wolf was replaced by New York sports veteran Sid Rosenberg, who is 30 years younger. Wolf also cited comments Imus made on the air about his age, including suggesting that Wolf be “put out to pasture” and “shot with an elephant dart gun.” The suit also claims that Imus accounted for about one-third of WABC's revenue, allowing him to “call the shots.” Wolf is seeking severance – 26 weeks of pay, totaling $97.500 –  plus damages. The suit also states Wolf took a pay cut from $195,000 to $80,000 so he could continue to report from his home in Naples, Florida. Imus purportedly found the arrangement dissatisfying. “We tried it,” Imus allegedly wrote. “It sucks. If you’re (Wolf) in studio in New York … it’s terrific. Anything else is not.” Wolf said neither Imus nor the station had previously said his working from Naples was an issue. Wolf also states there was an agreement he would get 26 weeks of severance pay should he be terminated. He claims Cumulus reneged on the agreement.

In other news, the efforts made by the KLOS airstaff raised $725,218 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the St. Jude Rocks event held earlier last week. The two-day live broadcast capped Cumulus Media’s inaugural “St. Jude Rocks” fundraising partnership across 14 of its Rock-formatted stations in markets across the U.S.  The St. Jude Rocks Radiothon brought the total dollars raised by Cumulus Media radio stations for St. Jude in 2017-18 to a record-breaking $2,099,518 ... KTWV afternooners Deborah Howell tripped over a metal pipe sticking out of the sidewalk. “I tumbled into the street and broke my collarbone and ripped a ligament in my shoulder. Fun times! Right now can't even lift a spoon with my left hand and, of course, I'm left-handed. Putting on and taking off headphones is an excruciating procedure,” Deborah wrote ... Bruce Chandler just heard from a friend that former 93/KHJ news director and KFWB weekend news anchor Lyle Kilgore is at HOAG hospital in Orange County. "He was moved recently from intensive care and is showing improvement, suffering from renal failure and pneumonia. His kidneys are functioning better now but he's still battling pneumonia," wrote Bruce. "I'm sure all of the LARadio family would want to wish him and his wife Eva well."

Email Saturday 
** Anybody Having Fun on the Radio?

“This idea of yours is already happening: ‘Take us down the hallway, tell us what is going on with your station and with your personalities.’ Many nights, whoever follows the Tim Conway Jr. show on Instagram will be treated to a live behind-the-scenes video during commercial breaks. Sheron Bellio gives a point-of-view tour of the studio, Aron Bender is in the news booth, engineer Mondo at the board, and interacts with those of us peeping in during these live scenes. Tim chimes in with fun shout-outs when he can.

It’s absolutely brilliant, it takes us behind the scenes, and costs them absolutely nothing. Bravo.” – Dave Kunz, Automotive Reporter, KABC-TV and Co-Host, The Car Show, KPFK/fm
** More Fun?

“Fun? I think it went on a remote broadcast and never came back!” – Dave Armstrong

** If You Don’t Promote, a Funny Thing Happens: NOTHING

“Yep you are right, nothing. I recall my earlier days at Columbia Pictures where I was responsible for covering seven states in marketing and promotion. My first stop in every city was starting my list of radio stations to create different promotions for our upcoming motion pictures.  

It is interesting to note that I was using radio to promote motion pictures. I did walk the halls looking for enthusiastic personalities that I could work with in creating and promoting both sides of media. I did this in the mid-70s where computers were still in diapers. I took nothing and created something. If today you are questioning yourself, create a marketing plan and go out and PROMOTE. The surprise will be in your package.” - Stan White, Seattle

** Bill Lally Under Hospice Care

“For those who haven’t heard yet, we wanted to let everyone know some unfortunate news about our friend Bill Lally. He has recently been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (Skin Cancer), unfortunately it’s Stage 4. He’s currently at home receiving Hospice Care, but as you can imagine, his medical expenses are very high now that he needs around the clock care.  

While Bill receives Social Security, once the rent is paid there is very little left over to help with these unforeseen expenses and Medicare covers very little of it, so we’ve decided to go a Go Fund Me page for him. Anything you can do would be tremendously appreciated, below is the link. And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU in advance if you’re able to help him.” – Brian Blackmore,
(click Bill for link)

** The Real Don Steele

“Loved The Real Don Steele parody! I was listening to it while perusing emails at a Starbucks, secretly hoping somebody would ask why I was laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks. It was almost embarrassing for a guy my age.” – Brian Perez

** Parody

“That Real Don Steele parody Neil Ross posted is the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. Absolutely nailed it! I think Steele would have given that thumbs up most definitely!” – Shaune McNamara Steele

** Ross and Steele

“Love the mentions of ‘Natural’ Neil Ross and The Real Don Steele. It makes me think of the late lamented KHJ and KZLA.

My favorite movie this year is The Greatest Showman. The music alone is worth going to see it!” – Julie Byers

** Memory of Jack Sweeney

“Very sad to hear the passing of Jack Sweeney. He was one of the good guys. Jack and I worked for Gene Autry for more than twenty years.” – Roger Carroll

** Video

“On a day filled with so much sadness in the air because of the Florida school shootings, the video of Johnny Mathis and Diane Schuur was a much-needed upper and even brought a tear to my eye.

 Thank you, Don, for sharing Jhani Kaye and Tom Kelly’s video and for showing there's actually some positive things going on in our world.” - Ken Davis

 ** Eric Leonard

“I don't usually tune to NBC-4 for my tv news. I'm a fan of CBS-2 and KCAL-9, but now that Eric Leonard is with Channel 4 I will certainly give it a look because I have enjoyed Eric’s reporting on KFI-AM 640. I had noticed Eric not being on KFI recently, but I’d hoped he was getting some rest after a grueling 2018 so far with all the California storms and fire coverage.

Kris Ankarlo of KFI and many of the field reporters at KNX seemed to be working tirelessly during these weeks of disasters.” – Steve Nieto, Yorba Linda

End of the Week Thoughts

(February 16, 2018) LARadio reader Chris Bury from Pasadena read with interest the Steve Dahl / John Belushi story, about how “it ain’t over until it’s over” and even quoted the source exchange from Animal House is being used to market the WLS-Chicago personality. Chris thought the line appropriate for He’s right that our site has had its share of starts and stops while attempting to navigate the information onslaught offered on various platforms. There are other sources for information, but none dedicated on a daily basis to Los Angeles Radio People. We’ll continue as long as there’s interest. If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be added, just send me a note at:

In recent days, the column and the stories have pricked some questions in my mind. For over two decades, LARadio has been a proponent of the motto, “if you don’t promote, a funny thing happens: NOTHING.” Where are the great marketing minds? As mentioned earlier this week, Cumulus / Chicago is promoting Steve Dahl on WLS with outdoor billboards. Cumulus / New York has been making significant changes to make the station VERY New York-centric. Meanwhile, Cumulus / Los Angeles seems to have their head in the sand. KLOS lost a very strong competitor when 100.3/The Sound was sold to a Christian outfit, yet there seems to be no attempt to draw any of those listeners. And KABC is a heritage station, yet the ratings place the station barely in the Top 40. Even in bankruptcy, Cumulus seems to be spending money elsewhere, but not in the Southland.
Didn’t you love the tour of KOST? Even though the material was dated, it showed outsiders what was going on in the inside. Radio is such an intimate medium, so we love to know everything we can about our favorite stations and personalities. However, local radio today appears to be in lock-down mode. It is next to impossible to get information today. Radio personalities should be promoted, but every time there is an inquiry about a new hire or when someone moves on, it is like “we are not allowed to talk about personnel issues.”

Really? Hey folks, lighten up. You might wonder why listeners haven’t embraced you. They become fickle because you are. Take us down the hallway, tell us what is going on with your station and with your personalities. Give us something to root for. Where is your station going? What is it you are doing to gain a new audience?

I was chatting with an astute radio executive the other day about radio’s concern that listeners are getting older, with the real need for the industry to attract younger demographics, especially in Talk, News, and Sports formats. The subject was of concern to my boss, Gordon McLendon (photo above), back in 1967. My first assignment with McLendon was program director at KABL-San Francisco. When I arrived in the Bay Area, the station was a VERY successful Beautiful Music station playing classic, familiar music by Mantovani, 101 Strings, Ray Conniff Singers and the George Shearing Quartet. My assignment was to lower the demographics.

Gordon expressed his concern about the aging audience. He would frequently remind me that every time one of our KABL audience members dies, there is no one to replace him / her. We embarked on an aggressive programming path that proved to be very successful. The purpose of sharing this anecdote is to note programmers have striven for decades to generate the maximum audience in the appropriate demographics.

Sometimes listening to LARadio feels stodgy. I wonder if it is stodgy inside the stations? Are the bosses having any fun? Is radio having any fun or has it become just a job?

Behind-the-Scenes Along the KOST  

(February 15, 2018) Want a behind-the-scenes look at super successful KOST? Take a peek at a station tour from 1989,conducted by their longtime morning team Mark Wallengren and Kim Amidon. Their success is noted with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Also, meet longtime pd at KOST, Jhani Kaye, along with other familiar voices along the KOST. (Click artwork of Mark, Pam Baker, and Kim)

In other news: When management changed at Oldies K-EARTH, many of the personalities like Shotgun Tom Kelly and Christina Kelley (no relation) left the station along with the Oldies. They moved on as the now-Classic Hits station transitioned to newer music from the 80s and 90s. Now, former nighttime star Christina Kelley has joined KABC as a fill-in morning news anchor … At the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters luncheon on February 9th, the honoree was veteran tv actress and producer Donna Mills. Additionally, there were many other highlights that day. The most heart-warming moment occurred when two-time Grammy-award winning jazz vocalist Diane Schuur was overwhelmed when her idol, the legendary Johnny Mathis, walked into the room to meet her and sit next to her at lunch. The whole thing was arranged by radio host Shotgun Tom Kelly and caught on film by longtime programmer, Jhani Kaye.

Cumulus Uses Outdoor to Promote Steve Dahl

(February 14, 2018) Cumulus/Chicago just launched a clever marketing campaign to salute market legend Steve Dahl‘s 40 incredible years in radio (starting at KPPC and KKDJ). Dahl, who currently does afternoon drive on News-Talk WLS, is featured on this billboard in a vintage photo with John “Bluto” Belushi, and any self-respecting Animal House fan will immediately recognize that immortal line… part of that classic sequence when Bluto rants, “Over? Did you say ‘over?’ Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!” Otter: “Germans?” Boon: “Forget it, he’s rolling.” Bluto: “And it ain’t over now.” (Story from the Ramp newsletter)

Howard Stern a Video Star

(February 14, 2018) Video will embrace the radio star this summer as 64-year-old Howard Stern will become a multi-media play for SiriusXM, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Jim Meyer, ceo of SiriusXM said they “we are not going into the Netflix business but will be wading into the video pool” before July. The satellite provider will draw on 30 years of Stern interviews as a blueprint to launch video of other talk hosts, comedians and musicians.

In other news: The American Life’s Ira Glass paid a nice tribute to KCRW’s Joe Frank, who recently died. “Frank’s dark narratives touched on the meaning of life and death with surreal imagery, absurdist wit and often hypnotic musical backdrops.” … If you were around LA in 1966 when Tom Brokaw joined KNBC/Channel 4, he pens an incredible, nostalgic look back a half-century in Vanity Fair. “I landed in the midst of seismic change around the world and at home,” wrote Brokaw … If you have missed hearing KFI reporter Eric Leonard, he is now with KNBC4.

Former KABC Talker in Media Blitz for Her Netflix Documentary

This week, the LA Times and People magazine feature stories on the Gloria Allred documentary

Jack Sweeney, GSM at 710/KMPC, Dies
 He Spent Three Decades with Gene Autry

(February 13, 2018) Jack E. Sweeney, a 33 year veteran with Golden West Broadcasters, died peacefully in his sleep the morning of January 30, 2018. He was 87.

“Jack was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet and work for,” said colleague Bob Koontz.

Born in Los Angeles on April 19, 1930, Jack graduated from Cathedral High School in 1947. He was drafted into the Army in 1950. After serving his country, he received a degree in Advertising from Woodbury College. In 1953, he married his high school sweetheart Lee Gallagher and they settled in San Marino. Jack began working in radio sales for 710/KMPC. In 1992, he retired as general sales manager. In 1993, the Sweeneys moved to Niguel Shores in Monarch Beach. Jack was President of the local Men's Club and Garden Club. He enjoyed golf, horse racing, traveling, gardening, and cooking. He was an avid Angels and UCLA fan. Jack attended daily mass at St. Edward's and was an usher at the Saturday evening mass.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, February 15th at 11 a.m. at St. Edward's Catholic Church in Dana Point.

Seacrest Pained

Ryan Seacrest: "Seeking shoulder pain relief and my cap and gown reminds me of the days at the salon getting frosted tips."

Newest News Reporter at KNX 
(February 12, 2018) Craig Fiegener (l) is the newest reporter at KNX, according to his pal Ethan Harp. Craig returns to Southland radio, previously at KFI, mostly covering the Inland Empire. He arrives at KNX by way of the NBC/TV station in Las Vegas. “He provided some of the top coverage of the Las Vegas shooting rampage and questions about the police investigation,” emailed Harp.

Craig also spent years reporting for KCBS-TV/KCAL and KNBC.

In other news: Congratulations to former KNX program director Andy Ludlum and his wife Rodi Shemeta Ludlum on their 40th wedding anniversary. They celebrated in San Jose … We had a wonderful meal with Judy and Jim Duncan in Avila Beach recently. The couple was spending a week in the area. You can only imagine the radio stories we shared over lunch at the Custom House … PJ Ochlan, veteran of Saul Levine’s operation, moved on a few years ago to voicing audio books. Last week he shared some exciting news. “I’m officially the dialect coach for Universal Studios Hollywood and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!” … Classical KUSC begins a week of playing a movie theme every hour during the workday, as part of the station’s pre-Oscar buildup. It’s a reminder that a film score has life beyond the big screen. By the way, what is your favorite film this season? … Neil Ross sent a link to the parody of The Real Don Steele on KMPC

Email Saturday, 2.10.18

** KFI Tops with LARadio Readers

Tim Conway, Jr. is the best! Thank you to you and the LARadio readers for their love and support! Congrats, Tim! So proud of you!” – Robin Bertolucci

** Conway Most Listened to LARP

“This is Awesome! It saved me a suspension for asking where Caitlyn Jenner’s new granddaughter will find a happy anniversary card for her Grandmother and Grandmother.” – Tim Conway, Jr.
** Gary Owens and a Dose of Preparation H

Gary Owens’ reading of the Preparation H commercial is still one of the funniest moments in LARadio history. A postscript: Most of us, having made it through that ordeal, would have been glad it was past us. Not Garish. He had it dubbed to a cart and gleefully played it once per shift between Thanksgiving and Christmas every following year until he left KMPC. He even guested with Roger Carroll one year and told the story himself. G.O. had a wonderfully huge sense of humor, even when the joke was on him. He is still missed. [And missed-FM.]” – K.M. Richards

** More Preparation H

“The Gary Owens bit never gets old. BTW, at one point someone had a link to the ‘The Real Don Steele/KMPC’ aircheck. Do you know where that lives on the Internet? I need to hear it again!” – Mike Johnson

** Lowering the Demos

“Your State of LA Radio was a fun read from you, as always Don. The K-EARTH comment [obviously] held importance to me as I was part of the 2014 music changes.  You wrote: ‘the challenge for most of the radio programmers is to find a way to keep your P1’s while attempting to bring on new listeners – albeit YOUNGER listeners. K-EARTH spent 2014 adding newer music to the playlist from the 80s. It seems like for every 80s song they added, they subtracted a 60s title. Will this lower the demographics of the station while maintaining the cume? We should have a pretty good idea by this time next year.’ And where did it go? Even our market manager wondered if it were the right thing to do, eschewing the 60s and adding Depeche Mode and Madonna. You saw the numbers climb, and yes they DID get younger.

What people also wondered was what was the effect on JACK/fm, which over the past 3 years hasn’t really suffered much, while K-Earth has stayed in The Top 4 book after book after book. Other stations have made changes, some not very successful. Having been a part of the resurgence of K-EARTH I think the real winners there are Gary Bryan, Keith Smith and Rick Thomas who spearheaded the changes. With Chris Ebbott coming in, a lot of the ‘old guard’ K-EARTH was changed out and the station hasn’t missed a beat. These changes were well thought out, and highly researched. But the truth of the matter is the people involved really cared and saw the benefits of ‘fixing’ the aging audience. It’s still about numbers – both from ratings and revenue standpoints – and we all know a business that isn’t making money won’t last long.   Thanks for tickling the memory bank!” – Dave Mason, Sunny98.1 San Diego, (former APD, K-EARTH 101)

** Mentoring Teacher

“You had your Mr. Richardson who had a lasting impression on you. I had Hans Erlanger, the general sales manager of Hunt’s Foods. Hans had been brought to this country in the early 30s by relatives in the U.S.A. who convinced him to leave Germany before the Nazis got hold of him.

I was in my early 20s, and a member of the office staff and Hans was somewhat of a mentor. He often repeated to me that it is important to market one’s product in a meaningful manner. I listened to him. After three years on the inside at Hunt’s, I asked for a sales territory in order to gain direct experience with customers. I had no prior sales experience. At the time, Hunt’s Foods was running full page color ads weekly in Life magazine. So, I decided to produce some marketing that would connect with my clients. The sales management at Hunt’s had carved out a small territory for me in East L.A. and some surrounding communities [Bell Gardens, Pico-Rivera, etc.]. My customers were small mom and pop stores and I had not one supermarket in my territory. I got a bunch of Life magazines and cut out the full page age ads of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, filling a three ring note book with about 20 of the ads. I started calling on my customers and the first thing I would do was show them my note book with the ads and explained that Hunt’s Tomato Sauce was being pre-sold for them. I also explained to them how they could save 25 cents on each case of tomato sauce by buying direct instead of from their co-op. I also told them to stack three cases of tomato sauce near their check-out stand, and I would provide printed recipes that utilized tomato sauce.

I opened 26 new clients my first month, and there were 15 sales persons in the greater Los Angeles Market. The first month of selling I was the No. 1 sales person for Hunt’s Foods in Southern California. The sales managers couldn’t believe it as I had a really small and unproductive client list [or so they thought]. Each month, I was No. 1 or 2. Later in the year, when peaches had been canned and were available, I had done some research and found out that because of bad weather the prior year, the peach crop was low and the canners including Del Monte, Hunt’s, and others had run out of peaches months before the year was over, and the price of canned peaches had skyrocketed. I also read reports that weather was bad for the current year, and once again peaches were going to be a small peach pack. I went to my small grocery stores and told them that if they purchased peaches at opening price that Hunt’s would not charge them for storage, but the grocers had to take all of the peaches they had purchased at the opening price by the end of the year. It was simply supply and demand.

I sold over 10,000 cases of peaches. Sales management called me into the office and asked what the heck I was doing to sell so many cases of peaches because their chain store salesman had sold only 1,000 cases. I told them I studied the reports of the peach pack and passed on that information to my customers. I thought it was interesting that management never looked at industry information that was readily available. And I learned some valuable lessons about marketing and salesmanship at Hunt’s Foods. Among other things, it taught me how to sell and market value. It’s all there for the taking if one is interested.

By the way, I loved Rimsky Korsakov and had a record of his recording of The Bolero. It is a very emotional piece of music.” – Bob Fox

** Super Bowl Memory

“I’m sitting here waiting for the Super Bowl to crank back up, and just happened to recall your great ‘Get Bart Starr Sunday’ liner running on KABL-San Francisco back in ’68 prior to Super Bowl II, and following the rout by the Packers the listener who called Monday to ask ‘did you get enough of Bart Starr yesterday?’ It still makes me laugh. 50 years ago ... Good God!” – Rich Brother Robbin

** Radio Ads

“Thanks for the page of LA Times radio ads. As a born and raised southern Californian, KMPC was the station I was most exposed to while growing up. Geoff Edwards was a great fit for the station. After Dick Whittinghill and soon to-be before Wink Martindale, he was just the right mix of the ‘old guard’ and the ‘up-and-comers.’ Anyway, could you email me a PDF of that LA Times page? I can blow it up, but with all the small type it becomes a blurry mess. It brings back some great middle-school memories.” – Brad Cramer

** Go West Carson

“The throw-back picture of Jim Carson and Gene West. I worked with both of them at KFRC-San Francisco. I ran the board in the morning for Carson, and later, produced Gene on the all-nite show. When I bumped the all-nite guy because I had seniority,  moving to a 6 hour day, I got paid ‘nite-time differential’ [paid for 8 hours], thru I.B.E.W. progressive contract, so I could moonlight at KTIM in San Rafael, doing 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. doing Rock. Then, I moved on in March of ’73 to program KQIV in Portland, Oregon.” – Joe Collins  

Ryan Seacrest Tells It Like it Is

(February 9, 2018) When the Harvey Weinstein sex allegation scandal broke last October and the seemingly endless parade of victims surfaced, I figured that LARadio People would not be immune. As the weeks evolved, we started hearing about very private cases involving names you would know … names of on-air, off-air and bold-faced personalities.

Many of the cases were already settled, but just knowing about them would raise an eyebrow. But I decided that LARadio would not break these stories.

And then came Ryan Seacrest getting in front of a story about a claim from a former E! wardrobe stylist claiming Seacrest behaved inappropriately during his tenure at E! News. At the time, Ryan said: “I do not take things for granted. Every day I am living my childhood dream because of the efforts of so many other people. I do my best to show and express my gratitude to my co-hosts, producers, guests, audiences, executives, partners and fans for the privilege of their collaboration and participation, and for the unwavering support of my loved ones and team.”

Now, in a guest column in the current Hollywood Reporter, Ryan tells his story about what happened after he was wrongly accused of harassment. Some highlights:

In November, I received a letter from a lawyer representing a former show stylist. She claimed that I mistreated her more than a decade ago when we worked together. This arrived during an unprecedented public reckoning by women in our industry and beyond, courageously coming forward to share their stories, many of them heartbreaking.

These women sought to bring attention to the systemic gender inequality that has occurred for decades. I was — and am — amazed at their bravery. To have my workplace conduct questioned was gut-wrenching. I’ve always aimed to treat all of my colleagues with honesty, respect, kindness and compassion. Yet, I knew, regardless of the confidence I had that there was no merit to the allegations, my name would likely soon appear on the lists of those suspected of despicable words and deeds.

The pressures of our overflowing newsfeeds would insist on it. I absolutely want to be part of the change, the progress that is coming. I did not want to be a postscript of evidence of its cause. After sharing the letter with the network, I publicly denied the claims against me, and agreed to participate in any inquiry the network deemed appropriate.

On February 1, I received notice that an independent third party found the claims to be unsubstantiated and that there was no evidence of wrongdoing on my part. Most of us agree that the presumption of innocence is an important standard. We are taught early on that it’s essential to see all sides, to give everyone a chance to explain and to check for exculpatory evidence that may have been missed.

At a time when improper interactions between men and women, particularly in the workplace, are part of a national conversation, we must find a way to ensure that everyone — the public, private and public institutions, accusers and alleged accused — is given the opportunity for a swift and fair review. My job is to listen. Beyond listening, which I will continue in earnest, I also will ask questions and try to help voices be heard. It isn’t lost on me that my platforms — radio, tv, social media — can be powerful conduits for change. We all have the right to be treated equally, regardless of our gender, race, faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or other status. We find ourselves in extraordinary times in American culture. We live with near constant change, disruption and public discourse. I realize the morals and values, the decency, we’ve perhaps taken for granted, individually and as citizens of the world, are in question. Worse, at risk. I do not take these things for granted.

A Story for the Ages

(February 8, 2018) Back in the mid-1970s, Eric Norberg demonstrated his programming wizardry as he successfully captained for three years “The Station of the Stars,” 710 / KMPC. In October 2000, Eric was appointed editor / gm of The Bee, a monthly neighborhood newspaper in Portland. He also did some work teaching radio at Mt. Hood Community College, also in Portland, as a part-time instructor.

Eric is now in his 34th year of publishing his weekly Adult Contemporary Music Research Letter for his subscribers. In 1996, he published Radio Programming: Tactics and Strategy, published through Broadcasting Magazine, still in print after three printings, with a Spanish version translated and published in Spain. He also was weekly columnist in the Gavin Report for 19 years in the 1970s through the early 1990s.

For many years, Gary Owens offered one of the most memorable holiday moments in the long history of Los Angeles radio. Eric emailed a tale from behind the scenes of this on-air incident:

"I was on my way home to the Monterey Peninsula at Christmas, after my first few months at KMPC as apd in the early 1970s. I was listening to KMPC as I drove on a late afternoon, the 50 kw signal was still pretty strong as I was around Paso Robles northbound.  All of a sudden I became aware that Gary was laughing uncontrollably – HAW HAW HAW type stuff – and he just kept laughing.  

Gary, Mr. Control, had lost it...and just kept laughing...until, after about a minute and a half of nothing but laughter, I lost the KMPC signal. One of life’s really surreal moments. After a minute, I realized it was time for the pattern switch, and that’s why I had lost the signal. KMPC protected 50 kw KIRO from Seattle at night, and that was the pattern change. But I was left with puzzlement over what could possibly have happened.

When I got back to LA after Christmas, I had the 24-hour logger tape pulled from that afternoon. I finally found out what happened. Like many stations, right at Christmas, when no ads were sold, the station used stock 15-second ‘Christmas greetings’ scripts. We gave the air staff a list of advertisers, they were to grab a script in one hand and the list of advertisers in the other. They would then read the top script (putting it back on the bottom) and use the next unchecked advertiser in the list, filling the blanks in that script with the advertiser’s name. Needless to say, it would have been a good idea to have taken a pre-emptive check of the subsequent spot, but Gary had not done so.  He picked up the script of ‘sincere holiday wishes from our family to yours…with best wishes for the New Year.’ And he started reading – plugging in the name of the next advertiser – which was Preparation H! Gary began to giggle, and manfully kept going, but the advertiser name was to be read repeatedly in the script. He never made it all the way through. And now you know...the REST of the story. Eric

You can hear this Christmas tale via You Tube:

Hear Ache 

(February 7, 2018) Subscribers to LARadio got the word over the weekend that Meruelo Media had made a change at the top of “Power 106.” It is now official that Val Maki (l), head of the cluster (KPWR and KDAY), and Janet Brainin, vp of sales, have resigned. Val joined KPWR in 1998, then after three years KZLA duties were added, which later flipped to KMVN (Movin’ 93.9/fm).

In other news: Rick Shaw, afternoons at 101.3 “the Mix” in Temecula finally scored his first ever hole-in-one. The avid golfer did it on the 18th hole, 180 yard, par 3 at Colton Golf Course. “It happened only two days after my birthday,” wrote Rick. “I can die happy now!”… Rita Cosby is joining former KABC Talker Curtis Sliwa for early afternoons at WABC-New York. Cumulus brass could be listening carefully for a possible new morning show to replace Don Imus, come next month … Congratulations to Mark Wallengren, celebrating 32 years at KOST … Jim Hilliker just finished 10 weeks of radiation for early stage prostate cancer on January 16th, but still have hormone therapy ahead, with two more hormone shots to go in February and May. “My oncologist says they won't know how well a job the radiation did, until I finish the hormone shots,” said the Monterey resident. “But I feel good.”

LARadio Readers Listen to KFI - Tim Conway, Jr. is Favorite 

(February 6, 2018) Talk station KFI is the most-listened-to radio station, expressed by readers of Last week, readers were asked to what and to whom they listen to each day. KFI’s evening host Tim Conway, Jr. is the most-listened-to LARP.

Craig Daniger listens to KABC’s John Phillips and Jillian Barberie but “she can drive me crazy with her incessant ‘I was on tv 20 years, I have two kids. I know everyone.’”

David Schwartz listens to KNX or AM 1260. “Most of the time I am listening to either CDs or my iPods.”

“In a time with the country in such conflict, it’s refreshing to escape with the drama of pro sports,” offered Jeff Gehringer. “Mason & Ireland broadcast with intelligent conversation and avoid the screaming match of some talk radio programs.”

Elizabeth McDonnell listens to Pandora or XM/Sirius. “Yup, I’m one of those.”

Mary Beth Garber can “tolerate” KNX in short bursts. “The announcers all say ‘uh’ every 5th word [drives me crazy] and they repeat the exact same bits of news and commercials all day long.”

Larry McKay listens to KSPN all the time. “My favorite is Stephen A. Smith.”

KCSN/KSBR is my favorite station,’ wrote David Alpern. “I like the 88.5 combo, although their signal is unusable in the car here in Long Beach.”

Karen Martin writes: “I only listen to KLOS when the indefatigable Gary Moore is on in the afternoons.”

AMP Radio Morning Team Ready

(February 5, 2018) The new AMP Radio morning team is now complete. Joining Edgar Sotelo and Brian Moote will be Chelsea Briggs. She earned a bachelor's degree in Arts, Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts in 2008 from Central Michigan University.

Following some assignments with MTV, Chelsea joined Hollywire TV as an entertainment host/writer/ producer. She hosted a daily pop-culture infused show.

"Words cannot describe how excited and honored I am to join the Entercom family as part of the 97.1 AMP Radio Los Angeles morning show,” said Briggs. “I look forward to creating an incredible morning show that brings a new, fun and genuine energy to the SoCal community every morning.”  

Most recently she has been a Billboard News correspondent. Chelsea has also appeared as a guest host on a number of different networks including MTV Networks, HLN, VH1, Yahoo! TV, Clevver TV and Ovation TV. 

Email Saturday 2.3.18

** Skewed Voting

“The principal problem with lists such as these is that they can be skewed to the point of meaningless by the age and personal tastes of those being polled. I’m an old guy [I’ll be 84 in a month] and I would not have hesitated to vote for Steve Allen (l) as the all-time best LARP. According to, his KNX show in the late ’40s through 1950 drew the biggest nighttime audience of any show in the history of LARadio. But how many of those who voted were even aware that Allen had a show on KNX [or even know who Steve Allen was]?

I could make a similar comment about legendary newsman Chet Huntley, a fixture on KABC in the early 50s. And how could such a list be compiled without mention of Al Jarvis, LA’s first disk jockey [and likely the first in the nation], who entertained daily for nearly two generations? No mention of Jim Hawthorne, who replaced Allen on KNX and remained an idiosyncratic presence on LA Radio for years? And while I may have had my personal differences with Harry Shearer, he was often superbly brilliant on The Credibility Gap — and did an amazing put-down impression of winner Don Steele.” – Lew Irwin

** All-Time LARP

“So good to see Ken Cooper on the list of all-time Best LARPs. I worked with him for one short, phenomenal year at KYMS and learned TONS! Nobody else took as much time with me as he did in helping me ‘just have fun’ on the radio.  – Brian Perez

** McKay Humbled

“I am SO honored and humbled to even be mentioned among these truly great L.A. radio people.” – Larry McKay

** Big Jim Wood’s Timing

“In response to Larry Boxer’s Saturday email: Larry, you’re right. Jim Wood was at KGFJ with you in the fall of 1971. You have a misdated aircheck, which should read 10/31/72. KBBQ didn't become KROQ until September of 1972.” – Mike Hagerty

** Color Radio Anniversary

“I can’t believe we bypassed January 2, 1958 and the 60th anniversary of Johnny Mann Singers, Gloria Wood, Chuck Blore and the Seven Swingin’ Gentlemen. Where’d everyone go?” – Elliot Field

** Reel Radio Founder

“Sad story concerning ‘Uncle Ricky’ and ReelRadio. I’ve been in touch with him for a few months now as I’ve been working on a multi-hour Labor Day weekend special that he has agreed to air on his site later this year called, ‘L.A.'s Number One's of Rock & Roll: 1955 – 1985.’ The program is a tribute to the first thirty years of Rock and Pop #1’s. K-Earth only aired this program one time, in 1985, although the recordings cover a period through the 1990 airing. Added to the unscoped airchecks will be interview segments featuring the KRTH personalities heard on the station during this time period, some of whom will offer their thoughts on the state of radio today.  

Among them is Brian Beirne, ‘Mr. Rock-N-Roll,’ who recently drove to San Diego’s ‘Studio C’ to provide his voice-track following almost 14 years in retirement. In addition to his short, candid interview segments, you will also hear Brian doing his natural born thing as he hosts a marathon shift playing the 1977 through 1985 portion of the local #1 charted songs.    

Before I undertook this production, I became aware of Mr. Irwin’s condition and continually keep him in my thoughts and prayers and also thank him for this fun opportunity.” – Vince Daniels  

** American Heart Red

“For a worthy cause, the American Heart Association and Macy’s National Sponsorship has invited me to model three Ralph Lauren gowns at Macy’s in Pasadena at 1 p.m. on Saturday, February 3. All are welcome to come. I’m representing the Great state of California as Ms. Senior California 2017 First Runner-Up. I walk the runway on Saturday in honor of my mother who died from a stroke. ‘Go Red For Women dot org’ is to bring awareness to women regarding heart attack and stroke.

Hope your readers can support this event.” – Rita Pardue

** Slick Grace

"I was somewhat skeptical of seeing Jefferson Starship, a group I have grown up with since the 1960s, when they were Jefferson Airplane. All of the founding members are either deceased or no longer working with the band. January 28th was the second anniversary of the passing of founding members Paul Kantner and Signe-Toly Anderson, a rare and bizarre coincidence. The current line up appearing at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach featured David Freiberg, Kathy Richardson, Jude Gold, Chris Smith, & Donny Baldwin, who put on a hell of a show.

Get Together from the first Jefferson Airplane album in 1966 was performed along with White Rabbit, Somebody to Love, and Today from the seminal second album Surrealistic Pillow. David Freiberg joined the group in 1974 and performed his own composition Jane and Marty Balin’s Miracles. He currently fronts the band along with Kathy, who resembles Janis Joplin and toured with Big Brother & The Holding Company for a while, until the Starship snagged her away over 10 years ago. She can belt it out with the best of them and offered no criticism of Starship's best known song We Built This City. She said, ‘If you want to hear a bad record, listen to Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band.’

The highlights of the entire career of Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship / Starship were fully covered with dear respect. For the final jam the offspring of various members of the band joined them onstage, one of which was China Kantner, daughter of Paul Kantner and the dynamic Grace Slick. China was very friendly and very interested in my story about her mother Grace.

Back on New Years’ Eve, 1970, while attending a Fillmore Show in San Francisco at Winterland, with headliners Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Sly & Family Stone, and LA Jazz/Blues/Rock band Spirit, I got lost backstage around 2:30 a.m. and found myself on metal bleachers talking to a gorgeous red-headed woman. We discussed politics, current events We were just getting to the subject of music when bassist Jack Cassidy of Jefferson Airplane appeared and said, ‘Grace, we're on!’ She said, ‘by the way my name is Grace’ and I replied, ‘by the way my name is stupid.’ So there I was, talking to Grace Slick without even knowing it. My friends who were with me did not believe the story. But China did, and said, ‘my mom was pregnant with me when you had that conversation with her.’

P.S.: Peter Noone entertained a full house the previous weekend at a Herman’s Hermits show. He just turned 70, and sounds pretty much like he did in the mid 60’s hitting all the high notes, [and there were many]. He sang most of the Herman's Hermits catalogue, and songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Monkees, and even Johnny Cash ... sounding just like ALL of them. A great talent that fully respects musical history!” – Bill Dudley

** Outlaw Radio

“Outlaw Radio with Magic Matt Alan had added new affiliates in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Green Bay and Wausau, Wisconsin. The show airs this Saturday, February 3 at 3 p.m. with Wink Martindale, Dr. Demento, and the Scorpions drummer James Kottak. Outlaw Radio: We are not politically correct, but We are correct!” – Howard Lapides,

Another New News Voice to KFI News 


(February 2, 2018) One of the newest news voices at KFI belongs to Corbin Carson. He just started at the 50,000 News/Talk station at the beginning of the year. Corbin arrived from KTAR- Phoenix, where he was an award-winning, breaking news and investigative reporter.

“I am most knowledgeable and passionate about the criminal justice system, election fraud, politics, and parenting. I am honored to have just received two 2017 Edward R. Murrow Awards. One individually in the News Documentary category for ‘Locked Up Arizona,’ an in-depth look at the state’s criminal justice system. The other as an integral part of the KTAR News team for Overall Excellence,” he wrote on his website.

In 2010, Corbin graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University. Two years later he earned a Master’s degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Hear Ache 

(February 1, 2018) Rob Frazier headlined his Facebook post with ‘New gig, New Town, New State. Big new adventure.” The audio / production master is going to be the Creative Director for a small, locally owned group of radio stations in State College, Pennsylvania (home of Penn State). “Non-rated market so creative, results, relationships and community involvement are what matter. Was looking for a change, and change found me,” posted Rob …  Jimmy Beaumont, the golden-voiced singer of the Skyliners, died a few months ago in his sleep at his home in McKeesport at age 76. His career lasted nearly 60 years. Lloyd Price called him “the best white R&B singer ever.’” Since I Don't Have You will forever be etched into minds of teens growing up in the late fifties. The song was featured in American Graffiti  … Ed Tyll, former KABC and KLSX Talker, has joined Salisbury-Ocean City news / talker WXDE, Lewes “Delaware 105.9.” … Tavis Smiley has maintained a low profile since PBS yanked his show off the air, after allegations of sexual misconduct with several subordinates. A story in the LA Times this week suggests Tavis is not quietly going into late night oblivion. He’s hosting a new inspirational series called The Upside with Tavis Smiley, set for April on the Word Network.

(January 31, 2018) Randy West, a subscriber to, passed along word that “Uncle Ricky,” aka Richard Irwin, is in rapidly declining health. “While I have no specific information, it appears he's suffering from a debilitating and progressive illness, including damage to his spine. Ricky can no longer drive and apparently can barely type. He has been consulting with a neurosurgeon as to the future course of action.”

Ricky's life's work and passion, the airchecks he archived over the past 20+ years are reportedly in jeopardy of being lost due to lack of interest expressed by any person or entity willing to manage the digital assets. Sadly, Ricky has posted this statement, confirming his medical issues: “It’s truly a shame that at 67 years of age, I am losing the physical ability to complete what I started.  I guess I deserve it, and now I am getting my punishment for all the bad things I did in life.”

Richard Irwin was born in Flushing, New York in 1951 before his family moved to Concord, North Carolina. His landed his first radio job at the age of 14. Ricky worked at stations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, before moving west to KAFY in Bakersfield. After a stint as morning man at Sacramento’s KROI in 1978, Ricky worked for Jonsson Communications, the station’s owners, as the company’s Operations Manager. He learned programming language on a Commodore 128 and created music programming software for radio stations. Ricky later designed websites, then became a software engineer.

The aircheck museum was started in 1996, dedicated to preserving recordings from Top 40 stations between 1955 to 1989. “The business is allowed to forget me,” said Ricky, “but the business should never forget the great era of radio that we celebrate” at Uncle Ricky said he has enough funds to keep the website running for the time being. He does have a personal caregiver named Crystal, who helps Ricky with medical appointments, picks up his mail, and generally helps around the home and office. Ricky would like to solicit donations not for, but to help send Crystal to Nursing School. The GoFundMe link is  

KABC Wins Top Honors in All Nominated Categories

(January 30, 2018) Cumulus Media announces that its Los Angeles News Talk radio station 790 KABC swept the 68th Annual RTNA Golden Mike Awards on Saturday, January 27, 2018, capturing top honors in all five categories in which the station was nominated, according to a Cumulus press release. The station has won nine Golden Mike Awards in the past two years alone, and sportscaster Randy Wang brought home his second consecutive win this year. 790 KABC received the five Golden Mike Awards in the following categories:


  Best Newscast Under 15 Minutes: Leeann Tweeden, anchor; Sharon Reardon, editor

  Best Sports Segment: Randy Wang

  Best Government and Political Reporting: James Rojas

  Best Traffic Reporter: Bill Thomas

  Best News Reporting by Radio Network or Content Syndicator: Jim Roope


Photo: Sharon Reardon, Nathan Baker, James Rojas, Bill Thomas, Leeann Tweeden, Doug McIntyre and Randy Wang

Billy Bush, Former MY/fm DJ, is Rebuilding His Life

(January 30, 2018) Billy Bush's syndicated radio show ran on MY/fm for four years between 2008-12. He got caught up in the President Trump/Access Hollywood scandal and the current issue of People devotes three pages to his rehabilitation. Some highlights:

"Hanging on the wall of Billy Bush's Santa Monica office is a placard that reads 'The Burning Bush ... Was Not Consumed.' It's both a play on his name and a biblical reference. More than that, it's a nod to the fact that his own life was nearly immolated by scandal."

"A flicker can turn into a bonfire in two seconds," says the 46-year-old former tv host. "The story caught fire, and I was in it."

"Trump survived the scandal and became President of the United States, but for Bush it was catastrophic."

"The video brought his 17-year-old daughter Mary to tears."

"He is the nephew of a former President (George H.W. Bush) and the first cousin of another (George W. Bush)."

A year after the scandal he separated from Sydney, his wife of 19 years and mother of his three daughters.

'The experience made him think deeply about the sexism his girls will contend with in life. 'There's a term for what I did. It's called 'bystander abuse,' Bush says of his role on the tape. 'By not doing anything, you are endorsing the moment and adding to it."

"When it comes to his own marriage, Bush is hopeful for a reconciliation. 'We got married young and had our first child right away. We are taking a step back to see how we do it. Amazing things can happen when there is a little air in the pocket."

The Real Don Steele Voted Best LARP of All-Time

(January 29, 2018) The Real Don Steele was voted Best LARP of All-Time by the subscribers to The iconic Top 40 dj with many stations, including 93/KHJ, has always been a fan favorite.

Hundreds of readers of LARadio had 60 different favorites and they are listed below in no particular order. Stan Ecklund of Redondo Beach nominated Pat "Paraquat" Kelley. "To myself and many others, he was KMET, and listening to an old 'Fish Report' can still bring a smile to my face. But the way he has handled the challenges life has dealt him makes me respect the man all the more."

Eric Norberg, former pd at 710/KMPC, was one of the many who voted for Gary Owens. "He was truly a brilliant ad-libber when he was really under pressure, or really mad about something. When Roger Carroll, who followed GO, was delayed in a traffic jam, Gary was annoyed because he didn't want to do extra on-air work. But, he worked without notes or anything planned, and was just brilliant!"  Jeff Gehringer added: "He made the imagination of radio part of your mind. There has been no one funnier and no one kinder."

Craig Daniger nominated KABC's Doug McIntyre. "I've listened to him the longest."

Brad Cramer was one of the many who voted for Vin Scully, "the one and only 'Voice of Summer' in Southern California."

Lara Scott, middays at K-EARTH, gave the nod to Rick Dees. "He was one of the reasons I started making 'deejay tapes' for my mom when I was a kid. I listened every week in my little town in Florida and tried to do what he was doing."

In nominating Cleve Hermann, John Brooks said: "Cleve could make me laugh with a sports report and cry with an obituary."

The following were nominated as All-Time LARP: 

Gary Owens
John & Ken
Bob Crane
Mimi Chen
Lohman & Barkley
Doug McIntyre
Vin Scully
Dr. Demento
Michael Jackson
Pat 'Paraquat' Kelley
Bill Drake
Wink Martindale
Wolfman Jack
Johnny Grant
Emperor Hudson
Casey Kasem
Rich Boerner
Dick Whittinghill
Charlie Fox
Art Laboe
Jim Ladd
Jim Healy
B. Mitchell Reed
Humble Harve
Noel Confer
Uncle Joe Benson
Ken Cooper
Robert W. Morgan
Chick Hearn
Rick Dees
Larry McKay
Robert David Hall
Red Blanchard
Bobby Dale
Sweet Dick Whittington
Charlie Van Dyke
Barbara Barri
Rita Wilde
Gene Norman
Dave Hull
Charlie Tuna
Skip Weshner
Dick Haynes
Hudson & Landry
Dan Ingram
Roger Christian
Cleve Hermann
Shawn Parr
Jimmy O'Neil
Tom Clay
John Gentri
Johnny Magus
London & Engleman
Shotgun Tom Kelly
Click and Clack
Bobby Ocean

Dave Randall
Kevin & Bean

Email Saturday 1.27.18 

**Imus Ending WABC Gig

“With all his baggage - and he has several airport carousels worth – Don Imus is one of the greatest radio performers ever. Today, he is a ruin of his former self, but so is the Acropolis in Greece and people still look at it in wonder.” – Doug McIntyre  

** Fan of Imus

“I’m with you. Always liked Don Imus. Had a great side cast too. The stations he was on here in L.A. never promoted him properly and I think that’s why he never caught on here.” – Tom Bernstein


** KNX Commercials

“We were motivated to write as to how taken aback we were when Jeff Wald complained about KNX pre-empting the CBS national news feed, to lead and report more about the absolutely horrific parental child abuse of 13 children in Riverside. If that is not a lead story - in fact, a national story – that is not covered and discussed for a while, we don’t know what is.

Either Jeff Wald has no kids of his own, or he is incredibly insensitive and disrespectful towards the need for radio and society to give ongoing coverage and efforts. Addressing child abuse, particularly of this magnitude, where 13 kids in one family were affected was clearly more important.” – Bob MacKay

** Early Supporter of Rush Limbaugh Dies

Ed McLaughlin has passed away. I met him when he was sales manager of KGBS in L.A. We became friends and the friendship endured. We had many great experiences and fun together.

You know his history, as he ending up syndicating Rush Limbaugh. And I just heard from Mickey Luckoff that Bruce Marr passed away a couple of months ago. Bruce had been program director at KABC, then later discovered Limbaugh when Limbaugh was on the air in Sacramento. Bruce was also a friend of mine and consulted for us at KVEN, developing our morning team that eventually owned the market.

A couple of years ago, Bruce put together a luncheon for Ben Hoberman when Ben was living at the Belmont Village on Wilshire Blvd. in Westwood (assisted living). There were about a dozen or more people at the luncheon, and I was the only one there that had not been with ABC. I’ve lost more than a few great friends in the last few years. Very sad.” – Bob Fox

** Oh, Happy Day – Edwin Hawkins Singers

“I remember this well. 1969 was a busy year. Men on the Moon. The Mets won the World Series. The Manson Murders.” – Christopher A. Bury

** Podcast/Radio Help

“I am wondering if you can help me with something? I am a 29 year old male with cerebral palsy, and I am legally blind. I have a topic that I would like to share with the world through a radio show or a podcast. Do you know of anyone who might be interested? If you can on think of anyone, would you be willing to put something on the website asking this question?” – Chananya Freedman, 818.859.2345, 

** Holiday Ratings

“Very interesting numbers, but the upward movement of KKGO just shows what the addition of a 2nd ‘Christmas Music’ format [different mix with an emphasis on older classic standards] for the holidays can do. 

Funny thing is social media was full of complainers threatening to change the dial to KFRG for ‘their’ Country music. Guess that didn’t happen!” – Julie Byers

** Big Jim Wood

“An old friend and co-worker sent a 10/31/71 aircheck of Jim Wood at KROQ AM.

I’m confused, because I was already at KGFJ by then, and Jim was doing nights there. Maybe someone can clarify that.

As I’m sure I mentioned somewhere along the line, Jim was one of my heroes before I went into radio, and we later became close friends.” – Larry Boxer

KABC Makes Midday Show Official

(January 26, 2018) KABC has officially made the announcement that you read at LARadio over a week ago. Lauren Sivan, a Los Angeles television anchor, reporter and pop culture observer, joins the nationally known medical expert and media personality Dr. Drew Pinsky as co-host of the midday slot. “Psycho” Mike Catherwood exited the Cumulus station to make way for Sivan. Word is that Mike will be joining a popular morning show soon.

Sivan is no stranger to KABC listeners. She has made regular appearances as a fill-in co-host over the years. She hosted a “KABC Friday Night Special” in 2016. Sivan previously anchored the KTTV FOX 11 5 O'Clock News, and reported for FOX 11 and for Good Day LA. A native New Yorker and a graduate of the George Washington University with degrees in Journalism and Political Science, Sivan began her broadcast news career in 2003 as morning anchor and reporter in Elmira, NY.

Ellen K to Announce Grammy Telecast 

(January 25, 2018) KOST morning personality Ellen K will be the voice of the 60th Grammy Music Awards. This is the eighth time she has voiced the Grammys. “I couldn't be more excited to return in 2018 and celebrate 60 years of honoring the best of the best in music through so many amazing performances. I know the entire GRAMMY team is gearing up for a spectacular night,” Ellen said.

In other news: Reader Rick Bisetti emailed to say that Andy Chanley is guest hosting afternoon drive through February 9 on KCSN, 88.5 and streaming on … Recently terminated Garrison Keillor, former host of A Prairie Home Companion, is apparently facing more allegations of sexually inappropriate incidents. It appears NPR is going on the offense and walking a delicate line of making clear why he was let go yet trying to protect his privacy … Jim McKeon, former pd at KWST in 70s, posted on Facebook his challenges with prostate cancer. “After successful 5 hour surgery last week at Providence St. John’s Hospital – John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, my surgeon Dr. Timothy Wilson confirmed that it was a complete success, had not spread, and follow up treatment is not required. I’m recuperating for a couple more weeks but want you who matter most to me to know" … I’m loving Goliath on the Amazon Channel, probably because his “office” is in the Chez Jay in Santa Monica, near the top of the Santa Monica Pier. I used to drink there with Mike Connors (Mannix) on more than a few occasions. Also, great steaks. Goliath opening credits has Bartholomew from The Silent Comedy’s 2010 album Common Faults. The Silent Comedy is a San Diego-based rock band … KNX’s  Frank Mottek, “the voice of business news in Los Angeles,” will be the master of ceremonies at the March Distinguished Journalists Awards Banquet, sponsored by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

KOST Holiday Music Jingles to the Top

(January 24, 2018) KOST leaps to the top of the Holiday '17 PPM Nielsen survey for 6a-12M, Mon-Sun, 6+. Country Go Country (KKGO) was up almost a full point.  Stevie Wonder's station, KJLH, made a significant jump from 1.5 to 2.0. Despite the elimination of The Sound (100.3), KLOS remained static with a 2.4 for the past three months. The new 100.3, "K-LOVE" Christian contemporary station fell from 1.2 to 0.5. Basically no movement with the sports stations, and KABC dropped from 0.6 - 0.4

1. KOST (AC) 8.7 - 11.9
2. KBIG (Hot AC) 5.9 - 5.7
3. KRTH (Classic Hits) 4.8 - 4.8
4. KIIS (Top 40/M) 4.5 - 4.3
5. KTWV (Urban AC) 4.2 - 4.1
6. KFI (Talk) 4.1 - 3.9
7. KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.2 - 3.1
8. KKGO (Country) 2.1 - 2.9
     KNX (News) 3.1 - 2.9
10. KAMP (Top 40/M) 2.9 - 2.8
11. KCBS (JACK/fm) 3.2 - 2.7
12. KPWR (Top 40/R) 2.4 - 2.6
13. KLOS (Classic Rock) 2.4 - 2.4
      KPCC (News/Talk) 2.5 - 2.4
      KROQ (Alternative) 2.6 - 2.4
16. KRCD (Spanish Adult Hits) 2.7 - 2.3
      KRRL (Urban) 2.2 - 2.3
      KSCA (Regional Mexican) 2.4 - 2.3
19. KXOL (Spanish AC) 2.1 - 2.2
       KYSR (Alternative) 2.6 - 2.2
21. KJLH (Urban) 1.5 - 2.0
22. KLAX (Regional Mexican) 2.9 - 1.9
23. KBUE (Regional Mexican) 1.7 - 1.8
24. KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 1.5 - 1.7
       KUSC (Classical) 1.9 - 1.7
26. KXOS (Regional Mexican) 2.0 - 1.4
27. KCRW (Variety) 1.4 - 1.3
28. KDAY (Rhythmic AC) 1.0 - 1.1
29. KEIB (Talk) 1.0 - 1.0
       KRLA (Talk) 1.0 - 1.0
       KSSE (Spanish Oldies) 1.0 - 1.0
32. KSPN (Sports) 1.0 - 0.9
33. KWIZ (Spanish Variety) 0.8 - 0.8
34. KKJZ (Jazz) 0.5 - 0.7
35. KSUR (Oldies) 0.5 - 0.6
36. KFSH (Christian Contemporary) 0.5 - 0.5
        KFWB (Regional Mexican) 0.5 - 0.5
       KKLQ (Christian Contemporary) 1.2 - 0.5
       KLAC (Sports) 05 - 0.5
40. KABC (Talk) 0.6 - 0.4

Thanks for the Ride, Don Imus

  (January 23, 2018) “Imus is everyone’s bitch.” Howard Stern used to rag on Don Imus a lot during their decades together on New York radio, and in the world of syndication. Imus will not be the last man standing. He announced yesterday that he was stepping down from Cumulus’ WABC.

No one knows for sure who made the decision, but the fact is his plane will land sometime at the end of March. Imus’ contract was slated to end in December, but the syndicator of his show, Cumulus Media, filed for bankruptcy last year. The company decided to move on from Imus sooner rather than pay him millions of dollars to finish out the year, the I-Man explained. "They have a responsibility, as far as the bankruptcy, to try to cut costs, to save money and figure out a way to make the thing work," Imus told listeners Monday.

I liked Don Imus as a radio performer. If you didn’t, that’s okay. I liked him because he was a great story teller. After all, isn’t that what wonderful radio is all about? But he never was successful in LA. There were a number of syndication deals (KLAC, KGIL to name a couple), but he never gained any local traction. In 1972, he sat in for Hudson & Landry at KGBS during their vacation.

As he marks the remaining days, critics and feature writers will opine about his legacy. Perhaps it will start with his racist and sexist remarks. You can hear it here. He later called his comments “reprehensible.”

Or maybe he will be remembered for the Imus Ranch for kids with cancer, located about 50 miles southwest of Santa Fe. For a decade, he broadcast from the ranch every summer. Imus frequently had some of the dying kids appear on his show, talking about the incredible experience of living and feeling like a “cowboy.”

Back in 2000, Don suffered a serious fall from a horse at his ranch. Broken bones and punctured lungs took a toll on his breathing. The altitude eventually played havoc with Imus’ respiratory system, so he put the ranch up for sale. The family now lives in Brenham, Texas, halfway between Houston and Austin.

Or maybe Imus will be best remembered for establishing a pioneering sports talk format. Jeff Smulyan (former owner of KPWR) attempted to put sports on 24 / 7 on WFAN-New York back in the 80s. It was a bust until Imus joined the station, about a year into the new format. Smulyan successfully sold WFAN a few years later for $75 million. Imus wasn’t sold that putting his WNBC show on WFAN would work. At the end of his first shift, he said, “It’s 10. This ends the entertainment part of today’s programming. For the next 20 hours, you will hear mindless drivel by idiots talking about sports.”
Time has not been kind to Don. His years of cocaine abuse has taken a toll. He always looked his age. Ten years ago, Imus was diagnosed with Stage II prostate cancer, which he opted to treat with eating a heavy intake of Habanero peppers.

Don Imus was his own man. Perhaps Howard Stern did Imus a favor over the years by constantly berating him, which may have caused listeners to tune in to hear what all the fuss was about.

From shock jock (he was on air while Stern was still in school), Imus made the transition from music jock to controversial talk show host. If an author wanted to sell his / her book, an appearance on the Imus show helped immensely. And he had a who’s who guest list who appeared on his radio show that for many years simulcast on cable tv including MSNBC and the FOX Business Channel.

Thanks for the ride, Don.

New Alt 98.7 Program Director 
(January 22, 2018) Lisa Worden (l) spent a couple of decades at CBS/LA, specifically at KROQ as assistant program director and music director. She demonstrates there is life after KROQ. Lisa has joined KYSR as program director, while continuing in her corporate capacity as Alternative Rock Brand Manager for iHeartMedia’s national programming group.  In 2003, Worden spent two years as the pd for WHFS/fm in Washington, DC before returning to KROQ in 2005. Former Alt 98.7 pd, Mike Kaplan, is headed to New York, according to tasty newsletter, Ramp.

Ever since Chuck Blore wrote his essay a couple of weeks ago, Blore stories abound. Don Elliot remembers when Chuck was trying to jump up the next rung, to be known in advertising, Stan Freberg was the top of the list, A-number one, king of the hill. “So Chuck took out an ad in the trades with a very interesting way to position himself.  It read: “If you can’t get Chuck Blore to do your ads, call Stan Freberg.” In another magazine run, Chuck did an ad with a special page mounted so that the corner protruded past the other pages and out of the side. Inside, the text read, “For ads that stick out, call Chuck Blore.” Don marvels how Chuck’s ads are better than most of what’s available today.

Joe Collins wrote to say that he is friends with Reb Foster on Facebook. The former KRLA/1110 jock is now living in Amarillo. “In the fall of 1963, on a Friday afternoon while cruising in my ’54 Ford, I heard Rebel play the Dovells, You Can't Sit Down,” remembers Joe. “I still remember exactly where I was when I heard it. It was on Grand Avenue, heading out towards Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, about 3:30 in the afternoon. I still have a vivid memory of it. The song JUMPED out of my car speaker.”

Email Saturday, 1.20.18

** Living Today

“I go along with your column in today’s LARadio, in particular the last part of the column where you talk about living each day to the fullest. I just want to say that by publishing the column, you attain your goal every day by spotlighting the people that worked in LARadio over the years, you fulfill that promise. Keep it up, this is what you were meant to do.” –Barry Wildman, Fountain Valley

** A Day at a Time

“A sad but well written story yesterday — and I agree with you — make each day matter!” – Mark Alyn

** Covering the Industry

“I support you 101% about your coverage of celebrations of life, reports of death, reports of new babies to LARP families, changes in life situations and jobs, and everything to do with the industry.

I have enjoyed the salutes you have done about the achievements of many others in the group. You have been a catalyst and of great assistance to feeding and filling in the gaps that one needs to acquire an objective, healthy overview to this crazy business. Also, you’ve been very helpful with the decision-making process for us to help overcome career obstacles along our crazy way. There’s no better teacher than the experience of others, which you have shared – except of course, the mistakes of our own which teaches us volumes. You have spared us a lot of that pain with your sharing.

You have my vote for continuing to do so with the best industry publication on the planet.” – Don Elliot

** Morning Side of the Mountain

“Your ‘Morning side of the mountain’ piece was so touching. And sad. And inspiring.  Thank you.” – Mary Beth Garber

** Living Life

“Your comments are moving and obviously deeply felt. Thanks for adding some valuable perspective for this old guy.” – Larry Boxer

** Make Today Count

“My heart just breaks over so much loss in Montecito. Thank you for the beautiful and inspiring words in your column today, reminding us that tomorrow is not a given and to make today count. So glad that you and Cherie are safe.” Lara Scott

** LARP Available

“I ran into comedian Joey Medina (l) today. When I was working for Clear Channel with George Lopez and Sinbad, Joey Medina was the morning man on Latino 96.3. In a way, we were competitors. 

As we talked, Joey, who does stand-up across the country, is also a comedy writer on a tv show. He told me he misses doing radio like crazy. He said his time on LARadio airwaves was the most fun he ever had.

In my opinion, the LARadio industry should talk to Joey Medina. He’s a pro and funny as hell. ‘Power 106,’ for example, which targets the Latino demo, should give him some serious consideration. I know the Meruelo Group owns ‘Power’ now, and they’re missing a great bet. Then again, so is everyone else. This dude is quick witted and a radio veteran.

This has nothing to do with me, but I saw his passion today, and I was hoping that you would include Joey in one of your daily columns.”Jeff Schimmel

** Where is the Rebel?

“Great website! Thank you tons and tons for your efforts in keeping the memories of LARadio alive.

After brief stints in Top 40 Radio in 64/65 in Lake Tahoe and Honolulu I made it to LA and opted for the music business side of the street, eventually, after [adventures of an under-assistant west coast record promo man] – and many, many nights at Martoni’s watching Johnny Bond at work – I wound up as an agent with APA.

Reb Foster and I met along the way and we eventually, in 67/68, teamed up as roommates for a while. Bob Dayton was a friend as well.

I left the business and LA in the early 70s and have been living at Lake Tahoe for past 40+ years. Unfortunately, I’ve lost tract of The Rebel and I was hoping you might be aware of his current status. And if he’s still with us. I recently caught a clip of a Texas tv interview/story with Dennis around 2014 or so, but the reporter is no longer with the station. Any news or hearsay you might want to pass on would be appreciated.

Thanks again for the history.” – Brian H. Williams, Lake Tahoe, NV

** KNX News

“First of all, I’m a little late on this, but I am so glad you are back writing!

Speaking of KNX, I totally agree with what Jared Kliger commented on regarding the commercial added to the national CBS News hourly updates, however, there are two additional items that are also just as irritating!

1.  KNX is regularly preempting the hourly update in favor of a local story. I certainly would support that if we had an earthquake or major story that was breaking worthy of usurping the CBS hourly update, because it significantly affected the entire market. But this morning, they eliminated the 8 a.m. CBS national news because of the story about the couple accused of shackling their 13 children in filthy conditions in Perris. The story broke yesterday and as tragic as it is, one could argue that it certainly could be the lead local story; however, was it worth dropping the CBS Hourly update? I realize that KNX is positioning themselves as a local news operation, but does that mean the listeners should be deprived of a brief summary of national and international news that may be of interest to listeners wanting to know what happened overnight?

2.  KNX for some time now, regularly cuts the CBS News on the hour down from a 5-minute block with a national commercial to 3-minutes. There are often 2 or 3 other brief National and International updates after the short commercial that are also of interest to local listeners that are regularly lost.

One of the reasons the newscasts that I was responsible for at KTLA for so many years were successful was people knew when they tuned in they would get the ‘full meal.’ We were positioned as a hyper local news broadcast, however, we were always flexible to lead with a national or international story if it was merited.

Again, great to have you and your website back!” – Jeff Wald

** KABC Programming

"I just finished the biography of Ken Minyard. As a longtime listener of KABC, I'd like to make the following recommendations. Currently, the ratings stink – lowest ever, I believe.

I think KABC has a better product than KFI. I think Cumulus should move KABC over to 95.5/fm to get younger listeners. And they have GOT TO get rid of the all-infomercial weekends. Right now the station is ‘live’ only from 5:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. That has to change.

Here's my suggestion to SAVE KABC. Move the format to fm. Keep Frosty, Heidi, & Frank in morning drive 6-9am. Then from 9-noon place Jillian Barberie and John Phillips. Keep Dr. Drew and his partner-of-the week noon to 3. Put Doug McIntyre 3-6 p.m. Move Peter Tilden from 6 to 9 p.m. Bring back Mr. KABC, Mark Germain from 9-midnight. Then midnight to 6, if they can afford a LIVE host, I recommend Randy Wang or if not, they can run the very unlistenable to me Red Eye Radio coming out of (gulp) Texas. KLOS is a dying dinosaur. If Cumulus HAS to have infomercials to pay for everything, then flip 790AM to all-infomercials, all-brokered, like KCAA does in the Inland Empire.

I ask Drew Hayes, who I met at a remote and I believe DOES listen, to consider these suggestions. What do they have to lose? In my book, KFI is stale and ready to be taken down. Mr. Hayes, please think about this.” – Bill Earl,, author, Dream-House (KRLA/1110 history book)

** Blore Magic

Chuck Blore, was the guy who created the ‘magic’ that, for me, has not been surpassed in radio. When I was in my early teens, and would listen to KFWB in Los Angeles and KEWB in Oakland, the ‘magic’ that the jingles, and imaging created was true ‘theatre of the mind.’ When I'd listen closely to the personalities on Channel 98 and Channel 91, it really was true, ‘when the mic went on....the curtain went up.’

I spent seven years working with some of the best in the business in my years in San Francisco at KFRC [1966 thru ’73], and yet, the Drake format created a more ‘edited’ form of magic. I’m grateful that I grew up in the years that I did, being exposed to some of the best radio that ever existed on the planet, KFWB, KRLA from Los Angeles and KEWB in Oakland. Thank you Chuck for your valued contribution.” – Joe Collins, Fresno

** More Blore

Chuck Blore is absolutely correct. But it is now impossible to happen or implement his ideas. Expansion and supposed growth of many broadcast companies was fed by overwhelming debt and then the perfect storm hit. Debt, the economy and the Internet provided tremendous loss of operating cash. Companies have fired thousands of employees [hello iHeart, Cumulus and others]. Inept ownership and management who manage by the numbers have exacerbated the problems.

In my opinion, the game has been over for many years. Times have changed and there is no going back. Some of us were in the industry during the best of times. Great memories!” – Bob Fox

Hear Ache

(January 19, 2018) Edwin Hawkins died this week in Pleasanton at the age of 74, of pancreatic cancer. “In its weekly reviews of new 45-rpm singles releases, a springtime 1969 issue of Billboard forecast this SF Bay area recording of Oh Happy Day to be  " out-and-out smash," wrote Bill Kingman. “Ultimately, it achieved position #4 nationally on Billboard's Hot 100.  It was produced by Paul Anka.’ Click the album cover to hear when a gospel song could go so high on the charts ... Yesterday, we included a story on how Salem (KRLA/870 AM) was handling the use of the word “shithole.” "CNN is extremely comfortable with the use of sh**hole, so expect a seamless transition for usage of the descriptor in their coverage of the Perris prisoners,” emailed Bill Seward. And Don Elliot sent a note that Dennis Wharton, spokesman for the National Association of Broadcasters trade group said: “We’re confident the news exemption that absolved broadcasters of indecency fines in the past will apply in this case, as well.” Elliot thinks what the FCC seems to be saying is it’s OK to report it in a quote but you cross the line once you begin to politicize it and use it (“shit hole“) to make a statement, in this case, against the speaker ... The PR spinners at Cumulus call the controversial changes on-air at KGO-San Francisco “the next generation of Talk Show programming” ... Barry Funkhouser left iHeartRadio and is now at Tunein, working as a producer for MSNBC at their Venice studios and also Mt Wilson FM. “I’m now I'm trying to find work in film,” emailed Funk. “I have been writing a screenplay loosely about radio and am working as a PA in film production to learn how it’s done and someday in 4 years join the union and become a 2nd AD. I have done 5 PA jobs in the world of film so far. If you know anyone who is looking for help in that world, I would love to talk to them.” Funk has a Comrex Bric Link that he would like to sell. If you’re interested, contact him at ... Jared Kliger wrote last Saturday about the use of sponsorship tags, under the heading of 'everything old is new again,' David Grudt found two examples of sponsorship tags at the top of CBS Radio newscasts in the 1960's. 1. @ 6:16  'Chevrolet spotlights the news'  4/17/60  and 2. General Motors sponsors the news'  7/20/69  ... Rod Bersen retired from the LAPD 25 years ago this week.

What Do You Do With 'Shithole'?

(January 18, 2018) What to do with airing the word “shithole” on terrestrial radio? Salem Radio Network senior VP (KRLA), Phil Boyce says: “The word ‘shit’ is one of the FCC-banned words and our hosts should never use it, no matter if the president did or didn’t. My morning guy in Los Angeles, Brian Whitman, will be using the word ‘BLANK hole.’ We want our shows to be safe for the whole family.  No need to have listeners turn off the radio because kids are in the car.”   

In other news: Dave Gyurina (photo) worked at the all-Traffic station KKTR in the late 1990s and for a number of local traffic services. Dave had quadruple bypass heart surgery just before this Christmas. “It was totally unexpected,” Dave posted on his Facebook page. “I am starting to feel much better and my head is finally beginning to clear. Looking a little scruffy this picture is during my walk yesterday (38 minutes unassisted).” … Irma Blanco left her morning gig at KOLA-Inland Empire. Said she wanted to spend more time with her family … Doc Wynter is the new evp of Urban and Hip-Hop programming for iHeartMedia … Former KFI Talk host Maria Sanchez was accepted as a Ph.D. student in Psychology with an emphasis in Media Psychology at Fielding Graduate University. “I am thrilled and terrified! It is said that if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough. I learned that with Pepperdine and here I go again,” wrote Maria ... Brad "Martini" Chambers is now working on Plan Z to keep his tasty website, Martini in the Morning, operating. "Whether we're able to 'deliver' depends on how many people subscribe. When I talk about the future, I don't say 'IF' Plan Z works, I say 'WHEN' Plan Z works! After giving up everything for 11 years, from downsizing to burning through my family's savings and retirement, I can't imagine any outcome short of success," emailed Brad. Click Martini in the Morning to help out.

KGO-San Francisco Shuffles Programming Impacting Two LARPs

(January 17, 2018) KGO-San Francisco stirred up its programming last week and a couple of LARPs are involved. Ronn Owens, a longtime midday fixture at KGO, has relinquished his 42-year program but will continue with the Cumulus Media talk news/talker as host of a new short-form commentary feature, the “Ronn Owens Report.” Owens told San Francisco Gate that he hopes “to be a 2018 version of Paul Harvey and Andy Rooney” with his 8-minute commentary feature, which he says is a win-win situation for both he and the station.

“They get the credibility of still having me, and it helps me because ‘Ronn Owens KGO Radio’ gets me a better table than just ‘Ronn Owens.’” If you remember in 1998 it was decided to simulcast the midday Ronn Owens show with KABC. It never seemed to work and ended a year later.

Owens departure of his midday show makes way for the addition of Dr. Drew Pinsky. The last two hours of Pinsky’s KABC program (1 p.m. – 3 p.m.) will be simulcast on KGO. There is no word if Pinsky will alter his program to accommodate his new audience in the Bay Area. The big advantage with a two-station simulcast in the same state, there are issues that impact both areas.

With this simulcast, the cast of Dr. Drew’s program changed. As of this week, Mike Catherwood has exited the station and Lauren Sivan is acting as sidekick. She was a co-host on KABC a few years ago with Leo Terrell and most recently on Fox11.

KCRW Storyteller Joe Frank Dies at 79

(January 16, 2018) Joe Frank, a decades-long contributor to KCRW (230 shows), died January 15, at the age of 79. The LA Times called Joe "the most innovative radio dramatist in Los Angeles." His radio plays, Work in Progress, In the Dark, Somewhere Out There, and The Other Side, all aired on KCRW. Joe became a storytelling legend of public radio. Jennifer Ferro, KCRW general manager, described Joe as an audio artist who called Santa Monica’s KCRW his home. “There was and is no one like him – a storyteller who used audio to create a world that you fell into and often had no idea where you were when you were in it. I'm grateful I had the chance to work for him and was able to see how a genius works.”

“The great radio artist of our time has passed away,” wrote Harry Shearer. “You will never hear anybody smarter, darker, funnier than Joe Frank.”  

Joe Langermann was born in 1939 in Strasbourg, France, to a Viennese mother and Polish father who were in flight from the Nazis. He was raised in New York, where he spent much of his childhood recovering from leg operations to correct clubfeet. He attended the prestigious Iowa Writers Workshop and was later by a private school in Manhattan.

His radio career started in 1977, hosting a comedy show on Pacifica’s WBAI-New York. Joe started with NPR in 1978 as the weekend host of All Things Considered. During this period, Joe did a number of shows for NPR Playhouse before joining KCRW, in 1986. His show Joe Frank: A Work in Progress was broadcast on the NPR network. He is the author of The Queen of Puerto Rico and Other Stories, short stories based on his radio work. A Guggenheim Fellow, Joe was also the recipient of the prestigious Peabody Award, two major Armstrong Awards, two Gold Awards from the International Radio Festival in New York, and two Corporation for Public Broadcasting Radio Program Awards.

His wife, Michal Story, posted Joe’s passing on Facebook. He had been battling cancer for the last several years. A GoFundMe page to help Joe with his medical expenses raised $124,000. Services are pending.

Keith Jackson's Death Made Front-page News in Main and Sports Sections 

(January 16, 2018) Over the weekend, subscribers to LARadio received a bulletin that the broadcasting sports giant and longtime Rose Bowl play-by-play announcer, Keith Jackson, had died at the age of 89. The LA Times had three stories on Jackson. Author Chris Erskine had some wonderful descriptions of Keith:

“All I can think is Dick Enberg has a drinking pal.”

“Keith Jackson was like a big slab of country ham.”

“He lived for 50 years in the same Sherman Oaks house.”

“He graced his remarkable voice, which he used like Rembrandt’s brush.”

“His calls were melodious, up and down the scale never losing the clippity-clop of his Southern upbringing.”

“Jackson was truly great.”

“Covered everything – rowing, baseball, boat races and Olympic games.”

“Jackson belongs on a list of greats of the game.”

Vin Scully said of Jackson: “It might have been the result of his time in the Marines, but despite his old country boy technique, he had a quiet dignity about him.”

San Diego Broadcaster C.S. Keys Dies 

(January 16, 2018) Longtime San Diego sportscaster/weather reporter C.S. Keys died January 13 at age 54.  

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Keys earned degrees in English and journalism at North Carolina Central University and began his career as a sports reporter and anchor at WTVD-Channel 11 in Durham, North Carolina. He later worked as a weather reporter and talk show host at WGAL-Channel 8 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After stints as a weatherman at KDKA-Channel 2 and WPXI-Channel 2 in Pittsburgh, Keys moved to San Diego in 2000 and spent four years at KUSI-Channel 18 before joining XETV-Channel 6 as a sports anchor, weather reporter and host of That Sunday Sports Show.

Most recently he was executive producer and host of The C.S. Keys Pregame Sports Show on 1090 XEPRS. He also hosted a podcast at and established the Kids With Athletes For Education Foundation to help needy youth in San Diego.  (Story by Steve Thompson)

In Bed with Broadcasting

(January 15, 2018) Ken Davis began his career as a small-town radio dj during his college years. He eventually became active in Southern California television. Little did he know he would later find himself face-to-face with a notorious serial killer in the middle of the night; be nearly shot by a world-famous music producer; or unexpectedly come across the lifeless body of a legendary Hollywood bombshell. Along the way, he hung out with everyone from Barack Obama to Walter Cronkite to Sting.

Ken has written a fascinating book from an upfront and personal perspective. Broadcasting is his mistress and he shares his experiences with such a diversity of celebrities. Readers get a backstage pass to many classic tv programs, including: The CBS Evening News, EXTRA, PBS NewsHour, and Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

This Thursday night Ken will be hosting  a book signing at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena. “Hettie Lynne Hurtes is going to introduce me and several other names (some famous/some not) in the book are going to be there. Sadly, many are no longer with us and Phil Spector turned down my invitation :-),” quipped Ken. 

The event begins at 7 p.m. with a talk and Q&A, followed by a book signing. A fun read and the Thursday event will have many voices and faces  that you will recognize.

On the Morning Side of the Mountain

(January 15, 2018) A LARP recently canceled her subscription because she said she was reading too many stories about death, and she was finding it depressing. When we started 22 years ago, the mission of the site was to shine a spotlight on the people of the Los Angeles airwaves. This meant feature stories of those who had passed during the previous year. Why not provide one last salute to those who entertained us, no matter if it was a well-known morning star or the obscure all-nighter. My feeling was – and still is – that he or she deserves the recognition. After all, if not here, then where?

Over my two decades with the site, I’ve attended dozens of ‘Celebration of Life” services. I belong to a 12-Step program where far too many die earlier than they should. I’ve spoken at my share of funerals. And my wife Cherie is very active in hospice work. None of us is immune from death. I’m closer to 80 than I am to 70. I know that being on the twilight side of the hill means it’s now reality to live each day as jammed-packed as possible.  

The mudslides in Montecito really affected me. A few years ago, Cherie broke her wrist in a hiking accident. We visited on a few occasions with Dr. Mark Montgomery, one of the leading orthopedic hand surgeons in the area. He died in the mudslides, along with his 22-year-old daughter Caroline. She died in her brother’s arms. Dr. Montgomery’s wife, son, and another daughter survived.  
When Cherie and I got married five years ago, we moved into her house which was on the cusp of Santa Barbara and Montecito. I loved living there, albeit I love living wherever I am. During my early career, I lived in six cities in six years, as I moved to larger markets before eventually returning to L.A. to run a radio station. I lived in Valencia for 35 years.

I never felt a true connection to the places I physically lived. Instead, it was more about the memories of what happened in my life while I resided in the neighborhood.  

A little while ago, Cherie and I decided to move in to an “our” house further up the Central Coast. We sold her house last year. The real estate agent representing the buyer was another mudslide victim. Had we still lived there, we would have had to evacuate three times in 30 days.

The ranch where we held our wedding dinner has been destroyed. And our meeting facility for the 12-Step meetings has also been washed away.

We hear all the time we should live life to the fullest and jam-pack everything you can into a day at a time. You never know what life and Mother Nature have in store. Sometimes we get so consumed with the daily flotsam and minutiae of life, we forget to live life itself. Tony Bennett said he never sang a song that didn’t matter. It’s a high standard, but with my remaining days, I would like each day to matter.

Email Saturday  1.13.18


** KNX Making News

“I know you're not publishing many letters these days, but I wanted to share my thoughts about CBS Radio’s decision to put sponsor tags at each end of their three-minute hourly news updates. They may only take 10 or 15 seconds out of the three minutes, but I find it really annoying. 

For all the ads we hear on KNX throughout the hour, I was always grateful for the three minute updates on the latest national and local news during the day, or five minutes during off-peak hours. Having no sponsor mentions during that window gave some credibility to the news. I know that business is business, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.” - Jared Kliger

** Entertainment Coverage

“As radio struggles to retain audience and advertising revenue, let me offer this enlightening case study as to how opportunities for compelling programming are being missed: Sunday was the Golden Globes. Yet in this entertainment obsessed town, there was nary a spot to find Golden Globes info on-air during the 7p hour when the show’s primary awards are announced. Rather than 60 Minutes, KNX was airing a stale rebroadcast of Friday’s ‘KNX In Depth,’ which was discussing the ‘next day’s’ Rams game even though by Sunday we already knew the sad result of that game. KRLA was airing yet another conservative Trump supporter monologue, KABC had a taped delayed ‘Money Talk,’ KFI’s Mo Kelley was just slightly acknowledging the show, and KEIB was not covering the Golden Globes at all.

And to think, it was just 5 short years ago when KFWB was still making efforts to own the entertainment buzz on radio in this town, sending Ross Crystal and others to cover all the major awards shows. Now, even KNX can’t seem to be bothered to provide the entertainment news this DMA is so obsessed with wanting to know immediately as it happens.” – David Alpern, Long Beach
** Blore’s Essay

“Chuck Blore is as insightful as he always has been with his clear and concise primer to creating the radio equivalent of ‘must see TV.’ Styles change, but a pair of pants is still a pair of pants. Likewise, what compels listenership has never changed. Chuck’s philosophy is as relevant today as it was when I sat slack-jawed, listening to him at the radio conventions in the 1980s. I still don’t know how he used to cue himself to begin his lip-synch to the recorded first few sentences of his speech. That was an unforgettable ice-breaking attention-getter. Hell, I remember it a generation later.

To my mind, in just a few tight paragraphs Chuck shared more knowledge than a roomful of smoke from Kent Burkhardt’s pipe or the reams of research data I’ve waded through from any of a cadre of consultants. Thanks to Chuck for his brilliance, and to you Don, for always starting the morning with the faces and news of some our family of radio friends.’ – Randy West

** More Blore

“I LOVED the Chuck Blore piece. He is not only a forward thinker but one of the few common sense voices in the world today. Radio people are, understandably distracted by everything digital these days, not unlike the way we were distracted by 8-tracks, cassettes, vinyl, MTV, movies, and television. Careers have been made and broken by concerns over the ‘next’ medium to take ears away from radio.

Chuck invented music radio, the kind that was refined by others like Bill Drake, Mel Hall and Rick Thomas. If everyone felt the same way in our business, things would be MUCH different than they are now.  I’m just sayin’” – Dave Mason

** Blore Redux

“The principles Chuck Blore highlights are about how to succeed in radio but his ideas about talent and the need for relevance, the need to be compelling, interesting and liked are equally important to success in any medium that lays its wares at the feet of the ultimate arbiter...THE AUDIENCE. No matter what you call what we do in radio, it’s intimate, personal and, needs honesty and professionalism because the audience can see fraud a mile away but will trust and celebrate someone they get a chance to know and like over time. Chuck’s essay reveals some of the reasons he has gained legendary status in broadcasting.” – Larry Van Nuys

** Discovered LARadio

“Great website. Having fun looking up my favorites and all the jocks I worked with. I checked out Bill Wade, as I didn’t know where he went after leaving KGB in San Diego. I attended his school of radio and Television in San Diego in 1965. Not sure when the school was started, but I believe I was one of his first students. He and newsman Tom Shaffer ran the school together. Bill was a great teacher.” – Bob Ames, Murrieta (KOGO in the 70’s), (KCBQ in the 80’s), (KGTV10 in the 80’s & 90’s)

** Game Show Cover Story

“Our mutual friend, David Schwartz [who sees all and knows all at GSN] gave me the heads-up that I will be on the premiere episode of the series Cover Story this Sunday, January 14. The show, highlighting the Press Your Luck game show scandal, will air at 7 p.m. and again at 10 p.m. I hope you’ll be able to see it. I’m told I have a few of Fred Wostbrock’s mannerisms, which is an extreme compliment as I was doing this show in his memory.” – Shelley Herman,

** Entravision Shuffle

“Word reaches me that Entravision has flipped KDLD-Santa Monica and KDLE- Newport Beach (103.1) and KLYY-Riverside (97.5) from the Spanish variety hits format ‘Jose’ to its long-running regional Mexican ‘Radio Tricolor’ programming. This is the latest in what has been many format changes for the 103.1 pair since they first began simulcasting back around 1990. They have been A/C ‘K-Surf/K-Ocean,’ Alternative new wave ‘MARS/fm,’ ‘Jazz FM,’ A/C ‘CD 103.1,’ dance ‘Groove Radio,’ adult Alternative ‘Channel 103.1,’, dance ‘KDL,’ alternative ‘Indie 103.1,’ and regional Mexican ‘El Gato’ before the flip to ‘Jose.’ 

That's 11 formats in a little less than three decades. The Jose afternoon drive ‘LMShow,’ rebranded ‘Los Metiches,’ moves to Tricolor as the morning show. It appears to be a wholesale cancellation of the Jose format/ The remaining stations on the format, in Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Stockton-Modesto, El Paso, Monterey-Salinas, Palm Springs, El Centro and the Rio Grande Valley have been flipped to  Entravision’s Spanish soft Oldies ‘Suavecita’  format, which was launched on the 107.1 trimulcast (KSSE/KSSD/KSSC) a little over a year ago as a replacement for ‘Estrella.’” – K.M. Richards

** Eatman Tribute

“Thanks for the very beautiful tribute to my friend and friend to radio, Bob Eatman.” – Howard Lapides

** Turnbull’s Passing

 “I had no idea that Barry Turnbull had passed. It really saddened me. Barry and I worked together when we both did weekend mornings at KNX. I always admired not only his delivery, but his masterful understanding of sports. Beyond that, I felt he truly loved radio and appreciated the chance he was given to stand on that big stage. Later, he spoke often on social media about the pride he took from being in master control for the Dodger and Angel radio broadcasts in Ventura County. I always felt he never got the recognition he so richly deserved. It reminds me to tell the people who I admire and respect how much a part they've played in my professional and personal life while I can. RIP Barry.” – Larry Van Nuys

** Passing Parade of 2017

“Masterful compendium of bios from those lost in 2017. Time is the only commodity that can't be negotiated.” – Randy West

“Thanks for that Last Look, Don. Appreciate it.” – Larry Huffman

“Very nice tribute to the class of 2017”– Mike Butts

“Thank you for a wonderful and heartfelt remembrance of those in the industry who made radio and ‘the theatre of the mind’ work. Here’s hoping 2018 is a happier and more peaceful year and that radio continues to be a medium both accountable to and entertaining for everyone.” – Julie Byers

** Cal State Long Beach
“Thank you for your story on our Cal State Long Beach student radio station!  The attention is much appreciated.” – Danny Lemos, Student Media Coordinator/ASI,
** Life in Music Radio

"I loved J. J. Johnson’s You Tube book trailer for Aircheck:  Life in Music Radio. Enjoyed the photos and the story he tells in his own voice and what he says about how most people who listen to radio don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. I hope his book’s a big success." - Anita Garner

New Voice at KFI 

(January 12, 2017) Beginning this weekend, Ohio born Mary Kate Gaffney joins the overnights at KFI. She studied Public Relations and Journalism at the University of Cincinnati. Following graduation, Mary Kate was hired as an entertainment reporter in Los Angeles at SpinMedia. She later moved to more traditional reporting, working for FOX19 and later an ABC affiliate in Cincinnati. Before moving back to Los Angeles, Mary Kate was in Phoenix launching and hosting FOX News' first digital show. Discovering a knack for public speaking and telling stories, Mary Kate was hired as a news anchor for iHeartRadio. She had previously hosted on her local iHeartRadio station in Cincinnati, 700WLW.  

In other news: At KCAL-Riverside, SBR Broadcasting cut four on-air personalities, including morning drive cast members James “Jimbo” Smith and Tiffany Angelo, as well as morning show producer Steven Kono. All-nighter Michael “Stu Man” Stewart was also let go. “The ownership decided they just couldn’t keep operating KCAL with such high expenses. All of the people we had to let go are like family to me,” said Jeffrey Parke, gm at KCAL. “This has been really tough, to say the least.” KCAL pd and afternoon host Daryl Norsell said the cuts at the longtime rock station “took us by surprise, especially when the station is seeing some of the best ratings success we’ve had in years.” … Dominique DiPrima joins the syndicated Michael Baisden Show (heard in over 50 markets, but not yet in LA). The Emmy-winning DiPrima is best known as the host of the popular daily news and public affairs show Front Page on KJLH. In addition to being a co-host she will also take on the role of senior producer. She will continue on KJLH … Condolences to KCBS 2’s Greg Mills on the passing of his father … Chris Patyk, formerly with Star 98.7, has joined KBZT- San Diego as pd … Radio/TV station owner and cable/streaming content producer Kevin Adell offered Tavis Smiley a haven, after Smiley shakes off being cut by PBS and Public Radio International following allegations of sexual misconduct with staffers. His road to redemption takes him into inspirational territory via The Word Network, thus avoiding current events … Mimi Chen has joined KCSN for her Sunday morning program, Peace, Love and Sundays … “It’s official, I’m going to Dallas,” wrote Freddy Rivera, former KIIS late night jock. “Joining the iHeartMedia team in Dallas as afternoon host and APD on 102.9 NOW! I’m actually writing this from my hotel room in Dallas now as I look for a place to live.” … Congratulations to KFI’s John & Ken on their 30th anniversary on the air together.

New AMP Radio Morning Show

(January 11, 2017) After the departure of Carson Daly last July, AMP Radio (KAMP) will fill the vacant morning drive slot with Edgar Sotelo and Brian Moote. The duo begin next month, according to pd Chris Ebbott. Edgar comes from sister AMP/New York, WBMP. When Rick Thomas, former pd at KRTH, joined AMP/New York, he was the one who discovered Edgar in Dallas while he was broadcasting in Spanish. “Yes, I’m very proud of Edgar. He is a great guy and very funny,” said Rick. “I miss him a lot but happy for him to be the newest LARP.” 

Edgar was born in Mexico and grew up in LA with his brother, Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo, who was a big star with Univision. Edgar is happy to return to LA. On Instagram, he posted, “I serve God, love all, spread joy and eats. Blessed to be a husband, father, hijo, and creator of positive content.” In an on-line interview he said “when I feel it, I speak Spanish.” With the huge Hispanic population in the Southland, Edgar should be the perfect bi-lingual morning host.

Brian Moote, Sotelo’s partner, was previously part of the syndicated Bert Show that was based at WWWQ (Q100)-Atlanta. “I can't wait to meet the AMP RADIO morning family," Moote said in the official press release. Moote is also a stand-up comic who is a native of Southern California. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Moote just wants to return to the West Coast where he lived for many years. His brother Patrick, an actor and writer, resides in L.A. and his mom lives in Seattle. “That’s where I need to be,” Moote said. “As much as it hurts to leave this (Atlanta) family, I realize I just can’t leave the people who depend on me and love me on that side of the country.”

As for Edgar’s brother Eddie, it’ll be interesting to hear the two brothers, one in English, the other in Spanish. Known by his nickname “Piolin” (“Tweety Bird”), Eddie Piolin worked afternoons at Sirius XM for just over a year after leaving Univision’s KSCA amidst charges of harassment which Eddie Sotelo disputed. “El Show de Piolin” is now syndicated on 40 stations by Entravision, heard locally on KSSE (“La Suavecita 107.1”).


A concept by Chuck Blore. BLOREGROUP@GMAIL.COM

*W.G.A.W. Registration # 27403

Entertainment Radio

What follows here is an unfamiliar, seldom used approach to radio, it’s called ... entertainment. Radio as an entertainment medium ... pretty wild idea, huh?

If it’s really interesting, if it makes you smile, or makes you laugh, makes you think, or makes you curse, or nod your head, or makes you say, “I’ll be damned,” that, by this definition, is entertainment. Thus Entertainment Radio.

Here is radio that knows its audience and knows its value to that audience, expressing in everything we do and say, a consistent connection with people in search of something better, presented at their convenience, in their language, on their playing field.

The beauty of what we’re talking about  – this interesting stuff, this stuff that’s relevant to our audience, this stuff that matters – is irresistible and it’s everywhere. All we gotta do is funnel it through to them continuously, relentlessly, unremittingly in an entertaining manner.

So, who is the you it matters to?  Not Corporate Management or even the station GM, and it’s not the PD.  It is the audience. What matters to them is all that matters. The stuff that creates an affirmative emotional response from the listener.  It’s what's fascinating, compelling, relevant, or just interesting. Tight little circle, eh?

Okay, but to fill up 24 hours a day with this quality of entertainment is impossible. So then – and this may be the most revolutionary part of it all – we are not concerned with 24 hours.  People listen to weekday radio from an average of 29 minutes to two hours a day. But they listen habitually ... that is, if they listen to a given station from 7:30 to 9:00 today, they will, in all probability, do the same tomorrow, and the next day.  Also, much of the “two hour” listening is done in cars going to and from work, an hour in the morning, an hour afternoons. Ergo, we can cover all our bases and all our listeners, for all of those 24 hours, with two programs, each two-and-a-half-hours in length. One for mornings, one for afternoons. We need only create 5 hours a day, rotated and repeated to cover the entire 24. What every listener will hear is fresh, original material. All of this has been worked out in much greater detail and some other things are needed, but the 5 hours instead of 24 works!  Anything more is superfluous and unnecessary.

Now, considering all of that...Consider this ...

All on-air personalities are likable, intelligent, charismatic people who are obviously in love with what they are a part of. Everything we do is eventually presented to the audience, by the on air people. What they do and say how they do and say it is essential to the success of this concept. While most of what is unique to the local radio station will be well thought out, well written and much of it, pre-produced, a great deal of it will be done live.  That which is done live can be our greatest strength if it measures up to the demands of being “fascinating,” compelling, relevant or amusing. All of this requires an immense amount of preparation and hard work by the presenters but the rewards are inestimable.

Obviously, what’s happening in the world matters. Probably every third or fourth segment is news- or headline-oriented. This is complimented, several times each day, with a positioning promise, such as, it is our job to try, with all the resources at our command:

         To provide the basic news and information that intelligent individuals require to live here. 

         To provide a platform to ensure that perceptive people looking for information that matters to them can have as a source that will deliver that information with consistency and with   accuracy.

Entertainment, relevance, amusement, fascination, stuff that matters, what’s going on here. Not some of the time, all of the time.

It'll be great ... and just think, we’ve only scratched the surface.

O'Malley Was a Star 

(January 9, 2018) Paul O'Malley (l), former Star 98.7 station manager in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is joining Saga Communications Charleston cluster as general manager. In addition to his time in LA, Paul is a 27-plus year radio veteran, most recently serving as svp of programming for Westwood One.

In other news, c
ongratulations to Cal State Long Beach’s 22 West Radio (formerly KBeach Radio). The Great Value Colleges website puts 22 West Radio at No. 2 in its rankings of 30 Amazing College Radio Stations, a list based on what the stations offer and their dedication to the students and culture. “We are the only local radio station that provides hands-on experience for students,” 22 West Radio general manager Ennovy Bowman said. “No matter what skills you may or may not have to start, when you become a part of our station, you leave with the skill necessary to perform in a professional environment.” 22 West Radio can be heard at and in Southern California at 88.1/fm HD3 ...  George Noory celebrates his 15-year anniversary as host of Coast to Coast AM, heard locally on KFI. Noory became the full-time host of the popular radio program, which reaches nearly three million weekly listeners on more than 600 radio stations, in January 2003. The broadcasting milestone comes on the heels of Noory’s renewed long-term contract with Premiere last year. “I’m so excited about starting year 16 with my same, amazing staff, dedicated advertisers and, of course, our faithful listeners worldwide,” said Noory.

The Passing Parade of 2017

            Bob Elder, January 19 (68)

Bob was involved in Orange County radio at KEZY and KORG in the 1980s and early '90s.

He ended up in sports management.

                 Jack Vincent, January 29 (99)

Jack was a San Diego veteran dj during the Top 40 era (notably at KCBQ). “He was known as one of the ‘KCBQ Good Guys’ along with Happy Hare and Don Howard,” said his lifelong friend and fellow dj Shotgun Tom Kelly. “They were like local celebrities, they made a lot of public appearances. They were there when Elvis came to town.”

     Mike Walden, February 12 (89)

Mike was the only announcer in radio and tv to serve as both the voice of the USC Trojans in football and basketball, and he later became the voice of the UCLA Bruins for both sports. He was also well known for his play-by-play work on NCAA football and basketball.
            lan Colmes, February 23 (66)

Alan was hired by Fox ceo Roger Ailes to co-host Hannity & Colmes, the two hosts offering their right-left (respectively) perspectives to the issues of the day. The program lasted through 2008, with Hannity soon going it alone on his now solo-titled show. Colmes was the author of 2003’s Red, White & Liberal: How Left is Right and Right is Wrong.

He was heard on KTLK and KGIL in the 2000s.

      John Harlan, February 27 (91)

John was
the past president of Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters. He was one of the founding members of PPB and one of the biggest supporters of the organization. He worked on numerous television projects for over 40 years, particularly game and variety shows. Perhaps his best-known work was for the Bob Hope specials aired on NBC during the 1960s through the 1990s. Among game show fanciers, his most memorable outings were the versions of Name That Tune produced between 1974 and 1985.

                Chuck Van Horne, May 15 (69)

Chuck was bitten by the radio “bug” while serving overseas with the U.S. Air Force. When he left the military, Chuck enrolled in the Don Martin School of Radio and Television Arts and Sciences in Hollywood.

He started his first radio job on November 12, 1972.  In less than two years Chuck had worked at KTOT-Big Bear, KICO-Calexico, KPTL-Carson City, KTHO-So. Lake Tahoe and KONE-Reno. A network of radio friends began to pay off for Chuck with assignments at KDES-Palm Springs, KSTN-Stockton, KSOM-Ontario, KFXM and KUDO-San Bernardino/Riverside.
        Jimmy Piersall, June 3 (87)

Jimmy was a Boston Red Sox Hall Of Famer and KABC Talk show host back in 1965.

Elected to the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2010, Piersall still holds the club record for most hits in a nine-inning game. His lifetime career batting average was .272. He was regarded as one of the best defensive players of his era, even ahead of several Hall of Famers including Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays.  

Piersall suffered a nervous breakdown in 1952 and courageously battled mental health illness throughout his career. His autobiography, Fear Strikes Out, was published in 1955 and made into a movie in 1957, advancing awareness of mental health issues.
                 Bill Smith, July 10 (74)

Beginning in 1970, Bill was on KGIL, KABC, and KNJO.

An Army “brat” whose youth was spent globe-trotting with his U.S. Army parents, Bill’s entire broadcasting career was in LA. He began as a news reporter at KGIL, became nd and eventually took over morning drive when Sweet Dick Whittington left the station after a long and successful run.

Bill spent ten years as reporter and anchor on KTTV/Channel 11. During his decade at KABC, he worked as regular fill-in (with Eric Tracy) for the popular morning team, Ken Minyard and Bob Arthur. He also teamed with Wink Martindale for an afternoon drive program.
              Tommy Hawkins, August 16 (80)

A two-time University of Notre Dame men's basketball All-American, Notre Dame All-Century Team member, Notre Dame Ring of Honor inductee and 1959 Notre Dame graduate worked at KGFJ, KABC, and KKJZ. .

Hawkins was the first African-American to earn All-America honors as a student-athlete at Notre Dame. Drafted in the first round (third overall pick) by the Minneapolis Lakers, Hawkins played 10 years in the National Basketball Association with Minneapolis, the Cincinnati Royals and the Los Angeles Lakers.

After his playing career, he worked in radio and television and served as the vice president of communications for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2012, Hawkins authored a book on poetry entitled Life's Reflections: Poetry for the People.
              Jay Thomas, August 24 (69)

Jay was the morning man at KPWR in the late '80s and early '90s. He was the co-star of the hit movie
Mr. Holland's Opus.

Before joining KPWR, Jay did a number of tv shows, including Love Boat and Spencer for Hire, as well as dinner theater.

Jay's later tv carreer includes Mork & Mindy, Cheers, Almost Grown, Murphy Brown, Family Ties, The Golden Girls, Love & War and others. He won an Emmy. Jay was nominated for Billboard's Top 40 Radio Air Personality of 1993.
                            Jerry Lewis, August 20 (91)

 Jerry  was a lot of things to a lot of different people. Frenchmen found his movies to be masterpieces. Some found his comedy slapsticky and funny. For a decade he was unequally paired with singer Dean Martin. He became a mainstay on Labor Day tv as he served as national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethons for 44 years.

In the early '60s, he owned KVFM (94.3) in the Valley.

                     Don Bishop, September 10 (69)

In the mid-70s, Don was a jock at KIQQ, KMGX and Westwood One. .

Before broadcasting at “K-100,” Don worked in Utah, Washington and Chicago. Don also worked at the Bright AC format at Westwood One for many years.

             Barry Turnbull, October 3 (61)

 Longtime sports broadcaster and Golden Mike recipient, Barry was known in Los Angeles as a part-timer with Shadow and MetroBroadcasting, heard on all-News KFWB and KNX. He had a long run with KVEN / KHAY-Ventura as the station’s sports director and hosting weekend call-in shows, along with a time at KVTA. Barry was awarded a Golden Mike in 1992 for his KVEN sports commentary.

When he was interviewed for Los Angeles Radio People, Barry offered some thoughts about sports broadcasting. “There is no question that Vin Scully is the voice of Southern California baseball. But as a broadcast team, there was none better than Dick Enberg and Don Drysdale in the 70s on KMPC. They made an Angel team that was especially bad on the field still fun to listen to regardless."
        Steven Gonzalez, September 18 (67)

Steven was a veteran from KWIZ and KABC. His wife, voiceover artist and former news and traffic reporter Tammy Schroeder wrote: “I've tried to find the right words to post on Steve's Facebook page for three days now. Steve's battle with brain cancer was tough to say the least, yet he never once complained or said ‘Why me?’ He lived every moment to the fullest and he cherished every day he was able to spend with his 4 children and 11 grandchildren. When I asked him why he never complained, he laughed and said it wouldn't change anything so why make everyone else miserable.”

Steve was unable to speak since July 26th because of how the cancer affected the speech part of his brain. “One of the last things I heard him say was ‘Lord! Please take care of my children!’ And that says it all,” said Tammy.

     Robert Eatman, September 24 (65)

Bob distinguished himself in two different careers. A gifted French horn player, Bob earned music scholarships first to University of Denver, and then to Indiana University. He worked internationally for four years as a professional musician, performing with prestigious music festivals and later working in Israel as a member of the Jerusalem Symphony.

Bob worked his way through Chicago-Kent School of Law, and then joined the Chicago chapters of AFTRA, SAG, and AGMA. Moving to Los Angeles, he worked as an executive in animation production. Bob founded his own talent agency, representing many of the top talent in local and syndicated radio, and was considered by most to be one of the preeminent talent agent for radio performers

                 Joe Reiling, October 7 (65) 

Joe was a familiar voice for four decades at KLOS, KMET, KNX/fm, and KLSX. He has been alternatively described as jovial, sweet and an all-round good guy.

Joe's jock and rock programming past prepared him well for his tenure when, in 1992, he became the programming, voicing, artist interviewing and producer of inflight entertainment for over 30 airlines. He began this part of his career with AEI Inflight. Joe then moved to Inflight Productions USA as a vp in June of 2000. Working for the airlines is somewhat prophetic, for Joe since he was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation.

                John Davis, October 9 (84)

John specialized in engineering work in the aerospace industry for many years then moved full-time into the broadcast industry. He was Chief Engineer for KKGO-FM for close to 50 years and consulting engineer for many other radio stations. He also designed and built his own FM station in Yucca Valley, KROR-FM.

He also was the on-air host for many years of "Heartfelt Music" on KPFK-FM and prior to that, on KCBH-FM, the first FM station in the Los Angeles area.

               Helen Borgers, November 12 (60)

Helen was a decades-long mainstay in LA Jazz radio and inspired and enriched the lives of thousands of people in art, literature, music, and theatre.

A personal message from Dave Grudt: “I knew Helen well for nearly 35 years from our days at KLON on the campus at CSULB. Along with her brother Ken, I worked side-by-side with both of them in the programming department. I have so many wonderful memories of this special one-of-kind woman. She could so easily make me laugh.... and boy did she have the laugh that could be heard now.... all the way to the angels! I was fortunate to be there at the end. A truly unique experience.”
    Cliff Winston, December 19 (63)

Born and raised in L.A., as a youngster Cliff was fascinated with listening to his transistor radio. “I would be up in the middle of the night listening to the radio and I loved KHJ. When I was a real small kid, they had KRLA and my mom used to listen to KFWB and KGFJ. It’s funny that KFWB used the same jingle they used when they were a Top 40 station. I loved that style of radio with Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele, Sam Riddle and all those legends.” 

Cliff was like many LARP who grew up DXing in their bedroom at night attempting to find stations in Denver and even KOA-Oklahoma City. “I used to announce everything I could find - checker games, and pick-up basketball games at school, I just liked to announce. I listened to Chick Hearn and Dick Lane. I guess I grew up in the golden age of broadcasters – Dick Enberg was doing UCLA games, Vin Scully with the Dodgers. Everywhere you turned there were great radio people and I was really influenced by them all.”

      Dick Enberg, December 21 (82)

Dick was a versatile sportscaster known in Southern California as the longtime voice of the Rams, Angels, and UCLA, plus known nationally for his years covering Wimbledon and other major events for NBC and CBS Sports.   

The Michigan native was a football quarterback, basketball center, and baseball pitcher while a student at Central Michigan University, where he started his work as a broadcaster at WCEN, where he was a dj and play-by-play announcer. While at Indiana, Enberg broadcast Indiana Hoosiers football and basketball.  

He was admired for his preparation and his enthusiasm, with his signature “Oh my!” quickly identifying him on the air. He also was the host of several game shows, most notably the syndicated Sports Challenge. Enberg was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  

“If there was a Mount Rushmore of L.A. sports announcers, Dick Enberg is on it with Chick Hearn, Vin Scully and Bob Miller,” tweeted Lakers radio broadcaster John Ireland.
                    Hilly Rose, December 27 (91)

Hilly was a true pioneer in Talk Radio. Before moving to Los Angeles, Hilly was on the air in San Francisco for a number of years, hosting highly-rated talk shows on  KGO, KCBS and KNEW, as well as a television talk show on KTVU. He spent close to two decades at KABC, KFI, and KMPC.

In the late 1970s, Hilly demonstrated the power of talk radio advocacy. "There was a lot of talk about tax relief for property owners and Proposition 13 was born as the Jarvis-Gann Initiative. The problem was they weren't talking to each other and it looked like it might fail." Hilly surreptitiously brought them together along with L.A. County Tax Assessor Phil Watson. "I locked the studio doors while they worked out their differences on-air!" The result was a huge vote for Prop 13.  Hilly was also an author, writing on book on the talk radio profession entitled But That’s Not What I Called About.

In 1984, Hilly retired from radio and purchased a large housewares store in Santa Cruz. A year later he started a series of weekend radio shows on KGO-San Francisco that ran until 1992.  In 2016, Hilly was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame as a “Pioneer/Living Legend”.

Andy, Julie, Mark, Dave, Gina, Mimi, Uncle Joe, Sean, Emo, Jeffrey,
 Trey, Tim, Ernie, Amanda, Katie, Charles, Cynthia, Chris, Mike, Todd,
 Jackie, Daniel, Mary, Greg, Peter, Josh, Tina, Tony, Rita, Steve, Sam
November 15 (9)

For almost a decade, 100.3/The Sound captured the imagination of a dedicated fan base.
KSWD was alone with its own take on Classic Rock music and an eclectic group of personalities to take us along on the ride. 
The station ended its run November 15, making way for a format dedicated to Christian music.

Email Saturday 1.6.18

** KOST Robocall

"My after Christmas present from KOST 103.5 was a robocall from a live lady at a call center encouraging me to 'listen at 1:20 p.m. for my next chance to win $1,000 in cash.' She told me to text my cell number to them, then they text me back confirming they received by cell number…blah blah blah…hello?

I know it is a nationwide contest involving many, many iHeart radio stations, KFI among them here in Los Angeles.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have time at my business to listen to that pitch, and I was pissed they called me. 

Note to KOST management:  if you have to do contests, please offer LOCAL contests ONLY and don’t participate in a nationwide contest where my chances of winning are so ridiculously slim. Recently I heard Bill Handel promote the same type of contest and Bill could hardly contain his unhappiness and frustration that he had to stop what he’s was saying at 7:20 a.m. during his 'super segment' to tell us all that now was the time to participate in the contest, knowing full well that the chances of anyone in Los Angeles winning was super slim when so many stations are involved." - Steve Nieto, Yorba Linda
** Nighttime Radio

" Sorry to hear about Hilly Rose's passing. When I was a kid we would sleep outside in the backyard and we would listen to Hilly Rose and Herb Jepco." - Mike Baird

** Hilly’s Partner

“When Hilly Rose was on KNEW he did his show from the Top of the Mark in  San Francisco. At the time I had a crush on Karna Small, weather chick on NBC4.  One day he invited me to be a guest on his show and when I got there, Karna was on with Hilly. I sat down and joined the conversation. Karna was funny, engaging and lovely. As the show was wrapping up Hilly asked Karna what she considered to be her best attribute. Without missing a beat she looked at me, and said, 'tonight I'd say I have an ability to look in a man's eyes and tell, whether.' 

And so began a wonderful few months. She was a great foil on the air. We had a great time together.” – Jack Hayes

** Response to Don Elliot Re. Apple

“Apple is not refusing to turn on the FM chip that is in iPhones and iPads. The radio, while a wonderful feature, may produce subharmonics that will impair the use and function of the device.

I'm not defending Apple here, however, as my role as an RF engineer in the aircraft industry, RF does hinder more than it helps. While I am an Apple user from computer to phone to table, I always maintain: Get the device, plan, and program that works for you.” - Christopher Carmichael
** All-American Strong in Radio Sales

"I didn’t know that Hal Bedsole died. Thank you for letting us know. 

Where was he? I worked for him at KNX/fm about a century ago it seems. He is the one who opened the door for me to transition from agency-side to radio sales – something that only about 5 women had accomplished by the early 70s. 

Hal turned out to be, well, 'chemically impaired' for most of the time that I was there, but he taught me a lot and let me make the most of the talents I brought from the agency side. I believe at least one of his records at USC still stands today. I’m glad he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame a few years ago. 

He was … difficult … but he made a huge difference in my life and I’ll always be grateful to him.” - Mary Beth Garber

Hear Ache

(January 5, 2018) KIIS’ Ryan Seacrest had fun teaching his tv partner, Kelly Ripa, on how to be a dj Dawn Kamber celebrates 29 years working at Saddleback College for KSBR Radio as News Director. “I continue to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to report, write, produce and anchor news. And host a half hour public affairs show Collage,” shared Dawn … Bill A. Jones had successful back surgery this week ... Deloy Sterns noticed that none of the Los Angeles stations offered radio coverage of the Rose Bowl. The game was heard in Orange County on KLAA and AM 1090 in San Diego … Cumulus Media-San Francisco anchored a fund raiser for the Bay Area Fire Relief Fund. The Cumulus stations reached their goal of raising $500,000, bringing much-needed relief to victims of the massive Northern California wildfires.

At First Whispers, And Then a Roar

In the LA Times year-end review last weekend, Robin Abcarian (former Talk show host) wrote the story about the sexually charged personalities who lost their jobs last year.
Al Franken, outed by  KABC's Leeann Tweeden, and former LA personality Bill O'Reilly were featured in Robin's piece

Norm Pattiz to Step Down

(January 3, 2018) Norm Pattiz “had recently been pressured” to resign his position as a regent of the University of California system and will step down in February, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Allegations surfaced last year about the founder of Westwood One making sexually harassing comments. Pattiz was accused of inappropriate remarks to at least two women around his current project, PodcastOne. One of them, actress Heather McDonald, recorded his comments and posted them. The Chronicle says “Pattiz has denied creating a hostile work environment and has apologized for the recorded remarks.” He became a regent in 2001 and was reappointed in 2014 by Governor Jerry Brown. The L.A. Times quotes Pattiz saying, “I have nothing to be ashamed of. My conscience is clear. I just want to take 16 years of great memories and move on.”

In other news: Veteran sports talker Dan Sileo is out at the Mighty 1090-San Diego. He’s been doing mornings for three years … AMP pd Chris Ebbott says he will have announcement about the vacant morning slot “Soon!” … Bill Kingman reminds us that it was 60 years ago this week when the iconic Chuck Blore debuted Color Radio/Channel 98 KFWB ... Funeral services for Cliff Winston will be held tomorrow, January 4, at 1 p.m. at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ (North Campus) 3045 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles.

Al Michaels Set to Broadcast from Home

(January 2, 2018) Al Michaels, the NFL’s best play-by-play man, has provided play-by-play and commentary around the world, yet has never worked on a game in his hometown of Los Angeles, according to Sam Farmer in the LA Times. After 32 years, Al will be in the Coliseum booth for the first time this weekend, calling the Atlanta-LA Rams playoff game.

He did six Rams games in Anaheim, but never when the team was in Los Angeles. And never a Los Angeles Raiders home game.

Al lives in Brentwood, so he will be making the 11 mile drive to the Coliseum. He’s called 49 games in the New York area, 45 in Denver, 43 in Dallas, 42 in the Bay Area. And now one in his own backyard.

In other news: Ralph Garman, who recently lost his morning drive show with Kevin & Bean on KROQ after 18 years, is adding podcasting to his repertoire. Click Ralph's artwork at the top of column for details ... Karin and Bill A. Jones are celebrating 22 years of marriage. “She is the love my life,” wrote Bill … We are guessing that KNX's Phil Hulett has a new New Year's resolution - learn how to pronounce Los Robles ... Mike Carlucci is headed to the 2018 winter games in Korea. “Sticks, pucks, skates, and sledges,” said Mike … Ryan Seacrest says hello to Kelly Ripa in the morning before cameras roll on Live. Her former partner Regis Philbin didn’t. “He had almost a superstition about it," Kelly told the NY Times. "I’d say, ‘Good morning,’ and he’d say, ‘Save it for the air.” … Hal Bledsoe was a football all-American for USC and had a brief pro career. He was later the general sales manager of KNX/fm. Hal died last month, at the age of 76 … Over the holidays, about 40,000 pounds of avocados spilled onto a Texas highway after a big rig carrying them crashed and caught fire. KRLA’s Hugh Hewitt tweeted “Holy Guacamole!”


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