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The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 57 years, is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. Enjoy!  



(LaLa, KFWB jocks in early 60s, Kat Snow, Norm McBride, Richard McIntosh, Donna Page, and the reel-to-reel recorder)

KNX and KFI Top the Radio Newscast Awards at 2015 Golden Mike Awards

(January 27, 2015) The local “More Stimulating Talk” and “All News” came away as winners at this year’s Golden Mike Awards. KFI and KNX received honors for their newscasts at the 65th annual awards dinner on Saturday night.

KNX received honors, among major-market radio stations for “Best Newscast over 15 Minutes,” while KFI won for “Best Newscast Under 15 minutes.”

As for small market stations, Ventura County’s KCLU won the Golden Mike for the best small-market radio newscast under 15 minutes, while Cal State Northridge campus station won in the “over 15 minute” category.

Special honors at the dinner went to Maria Elena Salinas, co-anchor of the Univision Television Network’s nightly newscast, Noticiero Univision, who was named an RTNA Broadcast Legend.

Bob Miller, the National Hockey League’s Hall of Fame announcer, now in his 42nd season as the voice of the Los Angeles Kings, received a Lifetime Achievement award. (Photo: RTNA president Chris Little, Maria Elena Salinas, Bob Miller)

The awards competition includes radio and television stations from Fresno south to the Mexican border. 

KFI’s Steve Gregory posted this photo and note on Facebook. “It was a good night at the ‪#‎GoldenMikes. I was proud to win Best Hard News Feature; Best Light Feature; Best Serious Feature; Best Radio News Special (with @oborraez); Best Internet Reporting (with @dperezaudio) and Best Investigative Story (with @oborraez). On top of that, @kfiam640 won Best Newscast in our category with @shannonfarren at the helm. I’m blessed to work with such talented friends and colleagues. Thanks to @TheChrisLittle @billhandelshow, @billcarroll640, @ConwayShow for continued support.”

“We have the best news team here at KFI, these folks rock,” said, KFI program director, Robin Bertolucci. “Steve is a prime example of the caliber of talent that makes us so proud!”

Steve Gregory said, “It’s wonderful to be recognized like this from the RTNA and I’m especially proud of my partnership with Oswaldo Borraez from Univision, and our 3 hour special report on the US and Mexico border.”


As for KNX, the station took home Golden Mike trophies in the following categories:

BEST NEWS BROADCAST OVER 15 MINUTES: KNX MORNING NEWS – Dick Helton, Vicky Moore, Jonathan Serviss, Pete Demetriou, Margaret Carrero, Jon Baird, Ed Mertz, Laraine Herman, Paul Gomez, Diane Dray, Wendy Thermos, Scott Finder, Ryan Bravo, Darlene Rodrigo, Randy Kerdoon, Jennifer York, Jeff Baugh

BEST LIVE COVERAGE OF A NEWS STORY: “LAX Shooting” – Tom Haule, Linda Nunez, Pete Demetriou, Jon Baird, Scott Burt, Charles Feldman, Ron Kilgore, Tom Reopelle, Frank Mottek, Diane Thompson, Jim Thornton, Wendy Thermos, Ric Schroeder, James Tuck, Paul Gomez, Diane Dray, David Singer, Greg Habell, Kathy Kiernan, Josh Cuadra

BEST NEWS REPORTING: “Nanny Nightmare” – Charles Feldman

BEST SPOT NEWS REPORTING: "The Great UCLA Flood of 2014” – Desmond Shaw, Ed Mertz, Pete Demetriou

BEST NEWS PUBLIC AFFAIRS PROGRAM: “Ask the Mayor” – Charles Feldman, Tom Haule, Jonathan Serviss, Paige Osburn, Logan Moy

BEST TRAFFIC REPORT: “KNX Traffic at 6:15am” – Jennifer York, Jeff Baugh, Mike Baez

BEST SPORTS REPORTING: “Watts Bears” – Ed Mertz


(Jeff Baugh, Jennifer York Mike Baez;  Ric Schroeder Julie Chin, James Tuck, Joe Guimond, Ed Mertz; Ron Kilgore, Julie Chin, Pete Demetriou;
Jennifer York, Bill Handel; Ron Kilgore, Frank Mottek, Kathy Kiernan, James Tuck, Ric Schroeder, Wendy Thermos, Pete Demetriou)

Rez Radio. Rez Radio 91.3 was also honored by the Radio-Television News Association.  Their program, Pala Today was first runner up for best long-form Radio Newscast in Southern California, division B that includes stations from San Diego, LA, Inland Empire, Ventura, Santa Barbara, High Desert and the Central Valley. Rez Radio / KOPA is presented by the Pala Band of  Mission Indians, located in Northern San Diego County, heard on both the fm dial and streamed on iHeartRadio.

“The station that is making a difference is where I’m relearning radio roots,” said Chris Carmichael. “John Fox is putting KOPA/Rez Radio on the map. As general manager of the station at Pala, California, he’s taking community radio to new heights. Getting recognized at the Golden Mike awards Saturday night is huge. Not only is he collecting well deserved awards from RTNA, and the local San Diego Press Club, he’s been a mentor for me. As the producer of a local music show, John’s guidance has made me a better broadcaster. ‘Think locally, act globally’ is the wall posting at the studios. Congratulations, John, on another job well done. Hear Rez Radio on the air at 91.3 FM, iHeartRadio, or Tune-In.”

Bob Shannon Dies. Bob Shannon, veteran of KWIZ (pd in the mid-70s), KFI, KHJ, KLAC, and K-EARTH), died of an apparent massive heart attack yesterday, according to his son-in-law, Mike Lynch. Bob was working on a film project in Pennsylvania.

Bob was the last dj on KHJ before the station switched to Country music.

He was born in St. Catherine's, Ontario and grew up in Western New York near Buffalo. He started his radio career in Arizona working in Yuma and KRUX. From KUTY-Palmdale in 1965, Bob joined KDWB-Minneapolis for the first time. He went on to work mornings at WKYC-Cleveland, KXOK-St. Louis and KING-Seattle. In the early 1970s Bob was at KJR-Seattle, WIXY-Cleveland, KDKA-Pittsburgh and back at KDWB to be pd and work mornings. Bob worked morning drive as “BS in the Morning” with Ed Nix at KWIZ. At KFI he was hired to work the swing shift and ended up doing afternoon drive for two years. He left KFI for middays at KCBQ-San Diego and he returned to the Southland for KHJ. During the 1980s Bob started "The Actor's Workshop" in Orange County. Using his birth name of R.J. Adams he turned to acting. Bob appeared in close to 60 episodic tv shows including a regular role on Riptide. He was seen frequently on Hill St. Blues, Murder She Wrote and Hotel. He appeared in 8 major films including Rocky IV. Bob lived in Mission Viejo and continued to act, coach at his workshop and produce documentaries.   

LARadio Rewind: January 27, 2014. Madeleine Brand begins hosting Press Play, a daily noontime series on KCRW. Program director Gary Scott calls Brand an “original” who will focus on “the latest in issues, ideas and culture.” Born in Hollywood, Brand attended UC Berkeley and worked at campus station KALX. She received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University  Brand has hosted a program on KPPC, co-hosted NPR’s Day To Day, served as a correspondent for NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and contributed to SoCal Connected on KCET-Channel 28. She joined KCRW in 2013. Episodes of Press Play can be heard at http://www.kcrw.com/news-culture/shows/press-play-with-madeleine-brand


Email Tuesday

We GET Email …

** Rick Dees Revenue Winner

“Without Rick Dees LA would have never become a $1 Billion marketplace. In the mid-80’s KIIS started charging $1000 per spot for Rick and everyone in the market doubled their rates from that day on. It climbed to $2000 a spot at one point. 

Also, Rick was the first to charge big talent fees for personal appearances.  It changed the course of LA Radio forever.” – Bob Moore

** KFXM’s In-Hotel Studios

“KFXM moved into the Holiday Inn studios along with KDUO/fm, their sister station, in the fall of 1963.  It was a short move, since coincidentally the Holiday Inn was brand new and built at the same time the stand alone studios and offices of KFXM/KDUO were constructed on the west side of the hotel.

The old transmitter/studio site of KFXM was indeed in a small bungalow of a building that continued to house the KFXM transmitter. The Holiday Inn was located literally just a stone’s throw from that old fortress of a studio and the three towers. That huge piece of property was located at the intersection of the 10 and 215 freeways in San Bernardino. 

At the time of the move, KFXM djs were separated from the rest of the radio station staff in that the management, sales and support staff were still located either at the California Hotel, which USED to house the studios and the quite a bit smaller tower set-up.  The station also had a presence in the Mission Inn in Riverside, though I don’t know how extensive that was.  

Up until the move to the new Holiday Inn facilities, the djs did their on-air shifts in that little building that the transmitter was in. I’m not exactly sure when the studios were moved out of the California Hotel. 

KFXM’s glory days of Top 40 Rock ‘n’Roll radio were first broadcast from that little building circa late 50s through the fall of 1963 and then from the Holiday Inn in the fall of 1963 on until the end of their AM Top 40 format.  KFXM was never challenged in the Top 40 Rock ‘n’ Roll wars until March 10 of 1962 when ‘K/men 129’came to town, taking over the old KITO studios in Highland, also in a big field – a cow pasture. 

KFXM had a few competitors, like KRNO 1240, up until K/men came to town but they didn’t do that much to derail the ‘Big 59’s’ dominance.  Even when K/men came to down, it still took about a year to finally knock KFXM off.  Ironically, with the move of KFXM out of their humble little on-air building to the length of a football field away into the new state of the art studios at the time in the Holiday Inn, again, fall of 1963, the station ‘fumbled’ away their ratings by dismissing the entire current jock staff, flushing the ‘Fabulous 59’ survey and totally revamping the format into ‘Big Top’ radio, with a circus type branding and bringing in all new deejays, like Larry Lujack [future Super Jock at WLS-Chicago] for mornings and a host of others that came and went in the course of a couple of years. 

The decision was costly.  The dismantling of their heritage was the exact wrong move when across town the year and a half campaign of K/men to ‘Chip, chip, keep chippin’ away’ at KFXM’s numbers was helped greatly by KFXM itself when it voluntarily gave up on its A-Team of talents and reduced itself to being the ‘new kid on the block’ by starting at square ONE.  [By the way, K/men’s FIRST SONG PLAYED on Saturday morning, March 10th, 1962 by ‘Huckleberry’ Chuck Clemens was Chip Chip by Gene McDaniels. It was an ‘inside message’ at the time to KFXM that the mission of K/men would be to chip away at their ratings.]

Back to the future, the ‘Fatal Flaw Fall’ of 1963, the long-time KFXM listeners were jilted by the sudden unfamiliarity of EVERYTHING but the music and fled to K/men. It wasn’t until Al Anthony came into town in 1965 and took over the programming reins that KFXM slowly clawed its way back to the top. The new studios were cool, sure, BUT at the very same time, the sudden alienation of listeners was a huge misstep. I lived and listened through it all as a junior high and high school kid in Fontana who loved radio and made it my life’s dream, thanks to the Top 40 radio wars in the Inland Empire.” – Bruce Chandler

** Aging Equipment Notice Yesterday

“Maybe fortunately or unfortunately, we are all having that same ‘combination of aging equipment and power problems.’

Don't worry, the column came alive as usual.” –  Sterrett Harper, Burbank

** Aging Equipment Part 2

“Have you been to the doctor yet to check on your aging equipment?” –  Christopher A. Bury, Pasadena 

An Honorable Tribute to Rick Dees

(January 26, 2015) For decades, Rick Dees ruled the morning drive airwaves, entertaining a couple of generations getting up for school and those commuting to work. On Friday, the industry got to repay the favor by honoring Rick at this year’s Pacific Pioneers Broadcasters celebrity luncheon at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Sherman Oaks. PPB president Commander Chuck Street, familiar sidekick in Rick’s morning show at KIIS/fm from the “Yellow Thunder” traffic helicopter, presented the beautiful Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award to Dees.

“The honor itself was the highlight of the luncheon,” said Rick a day later. “What a humbling feeling and joy to see my name next to those greatest talents in entertainment!”

Dees loved the “the lively one-liners and jokes from members of the dais.” Appearing Friday were Wally Clark, Rick’s original general manager for much of the 80s, KNBC/Channel 4 weatherman Fritz Coleman, KFI nighttimer Tim Conway Jr., voice announcer Joe Cipriano, former tv entertainment reporter David Sheehan, and sportscaster Scott St. James, who worked alongside Rick for years.

There were some surprises. Jerry Bruckheimer made an unexpected appearance. Bruckheimer has an impressive resume of producing such movie hits as Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, American Gigolo, and Pirates of the Caribbean. His tv credits include the CSI series, and Amazing Race. “Jerry is my dear friend, and he surprised all of us with his appearance and kind words,” said Dees.

Rick wanted to acknowledge his dear friends and superstar talents in attendance:  “Shotgun Tom Kelly, Mark Wallengren, Valentine, Wink Martindale, Kerri Kasem, Mancow Mueller, Joe Kieley, Paul Joseph, Jack Silver, Paul Liebeskind, Don BarrettMike Ramos, Frankie Quijano, Melanie Leach, Bob Catania, Jhani Kaye, Danny Lemos, Kraig Kitchin, Dennis Clark ,Lois Travalena, Chris Hamilton, Lynn Anderson, Charlie Rahilly, Juanita the "J-Unit", Cheryl Quiros, Jill Degan, Frances Murietta, Ray Delagarza, the 102.7 KIIS/fm sales stars, Diane Vudmaska, Bob Moore, Mary Beth Garber, Bianca Pino, Ric Ross, David Dow, Bill Moran, Jeff Wald, and so many more!”

Rick said he enjoyed re-connecting with “the most talented people in radio.” A number of attendees just hung out after the luncheon, catching up and exchanging radio gossip and stories.”

“I enjoyed the well-deserved award bestowed upon my dear friend, Michael Brockman…(and) seeing the glowing recognition of Julie and Kevin Dees.”

(Tim Conway, Jr., Fritz Coleman, David Sheehan, Joe Cipriano, Dees, Fritz Coleman, Harold Green, Lynn Anderson Powell, Julie Dees, Rick Dees, and Wally Clark)

Dees thanked PPB prexy Chuck Street for “the incredible work that went into the event and the entire Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters board.” Of course, Rick couldn’t leave our conversation without a quip. He thanked the PPB “for the free parking at the Sportsman’s Lodge.”


(Carson Schreiber, Don Elliot, Ron Shapiro, Jeffrey Leonard, Jim Pewter, Gene Price, Jerry Fry,
(front row) David Sheehan, Fritz Coleman, Rick Dees, Wally Clark, (back row) Tim Conway, Jr., Scott St. James, Commander Chuck Street, and Joe Cipriano)

Scott St. James, the first speaker for the afternoon gathering, said he had a good time. “Above all, Rick and his family were very happy.” (Thanks to David Keeler and Don Elliot for photos)

Franklin Dies. Syndicated radio host and pioneering tv host Joe Franklin has died of cancer, at the age of 88. He gave breaks to the likes of Al Pacino and Bill Cosby on his variety show long before they became famous.  

Franklin often is credited with developing the standard tv talk show format, sitting behind a desk while interviewing wanna-be celebrities, minor celebrities and the occasional bona fide celebrity.

The host of The Joe Franklin Show started in tv back  in 1950. Billy Cristal used to parody Franklin on Saturday Night Live.

After Franklin's tv show ended in 1993, he worked on his late-night radio show. He continued to work even after he was diagnosed with cancer, doing celebrity interviews on the Bloomberg Radio Network.

Hear Ache. KLAC’s  Jay Mohr and J.T. The Brick will broadcast live from Radio Row at The Bridgestone Fan Gallery, located at the Phoenix Convention Center this week. They join other media from around the country with interviews and other coverage leading up to Super Bowl XXXVII … Oscar time is coming soon and it is always fun to reminisce about the great films of our past. Take a listen to the best move quotes of all time at: https://www.youtube.com/embed/594Oxq4c0XA?feature=player_embedded

Patriot Amezcua Gone. “Carlos Amezcua has left his daily KEIB show to pursue other business interests,” emailed Robin Bertolucci, pd of The Patriot 1150 (KEIB).

“Carlos has a media company and will be focusing his energies there. We are adding another hour of Dave Ramsey (3-6p) and moving Clark Howard's start time up an hour from 7p to 6p.”

Greenberg’s Mea Culpa. Mike Greenberg of KSPN’s Mike & Mike Show has just written a book called My Father’s Wives. Greenberg appeared with Dennis Miller on KRLA to promote the new published work. “I’ve been a lifelong fan,” Mike told Dennis. “I’ve always promised myself that if I ever got a chance to talk with you, I would apologize.”

Explaining the reason for the apology, Greenberg said he had stolen a Dennis Miller line and used it on his show and ESPN’s SportsCenter a thousand times. “If there is a team that soundly crushes another team, I will say they got beat ‘like a narc at a biker rally.’ I’ve never credited you and I get a laugh every time. So I apologize.”

Dennis told him that he was flattered that Greenberg used the line.


LARadio Rewind: January 26, 2003. Jimmy Kimmel begins hosting a late-night television talk show on ABC. Born in 1967 in Brooklyn, Kimmel began in radio while in college, working at Arizona State University station KASC and University of Nevada Las Vegas station KUNV. He jocked at stations in Seattle, Tampa, Palm Springs and Tucson before coming to KROQ in 1994, where he spent five years as “Jimmy the Sports Guy” on Kevin & Bean’s morning show. On television, Kimmel co-hosted Win Ben Stein’s Money and The Man Show and co-created/co-produced Crank Yankers. He has also hosted the ESPY Awards, American Music Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards. His ABC talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, debuted on January 26, 2003, following Super Bowl XXXVII, and continues to air at 11:30 pm each weeknight.

Valentine’s Gift. With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, KFSH’s Lara Scott has a book she wrote with Cori Linder called From the corner of Hollywood and Divine: Your Guide to 30 Old Hollywood-Inspired Spots in Southern California. You can get the book at Lulu.com.

“I wrote this back when I just had one kid and had all that free time,” emailed Lara. “You could take your Valentine to a theatre that looks like a tomb (The Egyptian), the glam 1920s hotel where the Munchkins once stayed (The Culver Hotel), or for dinner aboard a 1930s Art Deco luxury liner (The Queen Mary).” 

Funnie. She was standing in the kitchen, preparing our usual soft-boiled eggs and toast for breakfast, wearing only the t-shirt that she normally slept in.      

As I walked in, almost awake, she turned to me and said softly, ‘You've got to make love to me this very moment!”

My eyes lit up and I thought, “I’m either still dreaming or this is going to be my lucky day!” Not wanting to lose the moment, I embraced her and then gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table.      

Afterwards she said, “Thanks,” and returned to the stove, her t-shirt still around her neck.      

Happy, but a little puzzled, I asked, “What brought that on?”

She explained, “The egg timer’s broken.” (submitted by Christopher Bury)

Email Monday

We Get Email …

** Radio Wars

“I loved your item about the latest radio wars, and your memory of the KRLA/KHJ battle over the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl. I remember that. What a night. I was still in elementary school and my best friend and I were there at that concert. We all noticed the circling message overhead ‘KHJ Welcomes the Beatles to Boss Angeles.’ It was before the Beatles played and you couldn't miss it, because they flew low enough to see easily, and low enough to hear the noise it made as it circled directly over our heads.

I think it was Bob Eubanks who was the emcee. He was onstage at the time. He looked up and cracked – ‘It's very nice to see those greetings from the station that hasn’t earned its fourth letter yet.’ It got a HUGE laugh from all of us in the audience. True enough, for a VERY brief moment, KHJ did one-up KRLA. But Bob Eubanks’ comment allowed KRLA to shut that moment down – cold. Just stole their rivals’ thunder in one quick retort. Kind of like what the President did during the State of the Union speech the other night, when some snarky GOPers applauded his statement that he had no more campaigns to run – and he shot back with ‘I know because I won both of them.’" – Mary Lyon

** Dees First Day on KIIS

“I am glad I had enough foresight to aircheck Rick Dees near the end of KHJ as a rock station. I also have an aircheck of his first morning show on KIIS/fm in 1981.

As a collector of novelty records, I know there are two Rick Dees related recordings related to the O.J. Simpson trial back in February 1995. These were Dickie Goodman-style interviews with snippets of hit records that had airplay on KIIS/fm. At that time, I spoke to a music staffer at the station (who coincidentally shared my February 15 birthday). She said the records would be edited and played on the (nationally syndicated) Rick Dees Weekly Top 40. However, I had someone check an archive of the program and there’s nothing indicating the parodies were ever played on the show. After seemingly millions of hours searching through a variety of sources, I cannot find any airchecks of these records. If someone does have these recordings, please let me know and make them available via upload.

One more novelty recording I’m looking for is recordings featuring “Tom Brokenjaw.” He was heard during a sketch played as KDUO 97.5 (San Bernardino) changed formats from beautiful music to oldies K-HITS (KHTS), probably around 1998 or 1989.

Thank so much in advance.” - Larry Hart, Sherman Oaks

** Inflate Gate

“I recall, just a couple of weeks ago as the Lions were preparing to play the Packers, the tv announcers were talking about how Aaron Rodgers preferred to OVER-inflate the footballs he’d be using in games, even in the cold, Green Bay weather. I guess he never got busted for over-inflation. Strange that the Rodgers factoid hasn’t re-emerged with all of the discussion about football PSIs this week.” – Jerry Downey, Detroit

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