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The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 57 years, is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. Enjoy!    



(Machine Gun Kelly, The Real Don Steele, Melody Rogers, Pat Paraquat Kelley, Elizabeth Espinosa, Lisa Bloom, Freddy Snakeskin, Elayne Boosler, and Mike Sakellarides)

Netflix Part of the Media Future

(July 24, 2014) Netflix announced this week that the subscription service has signed up its 50 millionth subscriber. I am one of the 50 million. I love Netflix. House of Cards was genius – from conception, execution, and the unique distribution channel of seeing it ONLY on Netflix.

House of Cards couldn’t have been done without The West Wing going before it and blazing new territory. Fifteen years ago The West Wing was launched – seven years later, the series was showered with 26 Emmys, including four best drama series wins.

I LOVE The West Wing and we are revisiting the series on Netflix. We are almost through season four. Aaron Sorkin created the series with Thomas Schlamme. They delved into the personal and professional lives of those in the White House who worked directly for the President of the United States.

The Hollywood Reporter recently chronicled the series with many of the cast members. It was fascinating to learn some of the back stories. The series had its challenges: Rob Lowe, deputy communications director, departed midway through season four; John Spencer, chief of staff and the glue that held all story lines together, died during season seven; and creators Sorkin and Schlamme exited after season four.

Some highlights:

Day at the Races with Conway, Jr. KFI nighttimer Tim Conway, Jr.  joins Susan Flannery (Bold and the Beautiful), and NFL linebacker Christ Draft, for a ‘Day at the Races,’ this Sunday at Del Mar Race Track. Tim will participate with other lung cancer advocates and supporters at the Lung Cancer Foundation of America's (LCFA) unique ‘Day at the Races.’

Racing fans will learn that lung cancer is the USA’s primary cause of cancer death, killing almost twice as many women as breast cancer and three times as many men as prostate cancer. LCFA’s ‘Day at the Races’ will feature a special ‘Breath Of Life" race to support lung cancer research and help educate the public about this disease. More information at: http://www.lcfamerica.org/datr14.html.

Hear AcheGary Campbell, weekends at KKGO, Go Country, adds similar duties to K-Mozart (1260 AM) … Tony Sandoval of HOT 92.3 has been giving away tickts to the Smokey Robinson concert at the Greek in August ... Is it true that we are hours away from learning where Jim Rome will land on an LA radio station? ... Adam Carolla appears on the KTLA Morning News this morning.

LARadio RewindJuly 24, 1966. Peter Bergman begins hosting Radio Free Oz, a free-form program on KPFK. The series would later be heard on KRLA and KMET. Bergman was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, the son of Oscar and Rita Bergman, who hosted a morning show on WSRS. While in high school, Bergman formed a comedy group and worked as an announcer for the campus intercom radio station. His KPFK program featured many collaborators, three of whom wound up joining Bergman in a comedy troupe inspired by the 1950s BBC Radio series,The Goon Show. The Firesign Theatre included Bergman, Phil Austin, David Ossman and Philip Proctor. They recorded 29 comedy albums and starred in several films. Bergman is credited with coining the word "love-in" and he hosted the first such event at Elysian Park on Easter Sunday, 1967. He also produced a political satire series,True Confessions Of The Real World, which aired on KPCC in 2002-03. Bergman died of leukemia in 2012.

Banana Joe Memories"After hearing about the latest sale of KHJ, I thought about the night I arrived in Los Angeles (March 25,1979) after driving all day and all evening from my overnight stop in Albuquerque on my journey from Orlando," Joe Montione wrote on his Facebook page.

"I was so excited after seeing the lights of the L.A. basin in front of me, I drove straight through to KHJ at 5515 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood, where I did a two-hour break in show that night, right off the road! Passion and excitement brought me to radio, and kept me there my whole life! I'll never forget my special time at 93 KHJ or any of the incredibly talented people I had the privilege of working with at that 'three-letter-legend.'"


Inland Empire Ratings. The June ’14 PPM Nielsen ratings 6+ 6a-mid, Mon-Sun:

1. KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 9.8 - 10.2

2. KOLA (Classic Hits) 5.7 - 6.6

3. KGGI (Top 40/R) 4.4 - 4.7

4. KFRG (Country) 3.4 - 3.6

     KLVE (Spanish Contemporary) 3.7 - 3.6

Healyisms. Bill Dwyre of the LA Times wrote a great story about the legendary sports radio icon Jim Healy on the 20th anniversary of his passing. We will feature some highlights in the days to come. After all, if you were a fan you couldn't get enough. Healy was the epitome of appointment listening at KLAC and for the last 10 years or so, on 710/KMPC. I was one of those who planned my departure from work at 5:30 p.m. to get his full 30+ minute show, which helped with the awful commute home. When he was about to go over 30 minutes, we would revel in hearing the "dreaded six o'clock tone."

From Dwyre: "Over the years, he had developed this quirky show that relied on noise from Teletype machines and background music and a precious collection of tapes of famous people saying clever or stupid things. Healy threw them all together in a bouillabaisse of sports fun."

"It wasn't exactly journalism, but amid the sound tracks and sound bits were frequent tidbits of news that nobody else had. Healy had an army of correspondents. It was a badge of honor to get an item and feed it to Healy. You could read the nuances and elaborations in the paper later, after Healy had given you the tip of the iceberg."

"In those days, The Times sports staff numbered close to 100 and half of them leaked to Healy, mostly about the other half."

"He called Chick Hearn 'Chickieburger' and Stu Nahan 'Silver-Tip Stu.'"

Funnie. After a long day on the golf course, I stopped in at Hooter’s to see some friends and have some hot wings and drinks.

After being there for a while, one of my friends asked me which waitress I would like to be stuck in an elevator with. I told them "The one who knows how to fix elevators."

I'm old, tired, and pee a lot! (Today’s Funnie from Leon Kaplan)

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** Mottek Honor Much Deserved

“Always enjoy your column. I met Frank Mottek briefly, several years ago at a special AFTRA Broadcasters meeting I was asked to attend. He conducted himself as a true gentleman in our meeting, and since that time, I’ve always been impressed by his consistently high level of professionalism. Well deserved.

I had the opportunity to rub elbows with Jim Healy during my time at K-Lite, across the hall from KMPC, and I was told me he somewhat ‘invented’ the ‘wacky' tv sports reporter archetype, back in the day. I also got the impression he did not suffer fools gladly. He typically would never respond directly to a hello from me or a fellow member of the K-Lite air staff - instead commenting to ops director John Felz something along the lines of, ‘One of those fm people tried to say hello to me.’

A funny man.” - Bill A Jones

** Response to Stephanie Miller

“From Stephanie Miller in the Overheard section this week: ‘Here’s one thing we can all agree on – Rick Perry is a dope. Newspaper headline: border sheriffs perplexed by Rick Perry’s plan to send a thousand troops to stare at Mexico.’

Stephanie Miller’s quote made me think of how many troops have been standing at the border between North and South Korea since 1951 staring at North Korea. Or Jack Nicholson's character in the film A Few Good Men talking about ‘standing the wall’ at Guantanamo Bay staring into Cuba. There are plenty of good reasons to have people [with guns] patrolling the Texas-Mexican border staring into Mexico. [And I'm not referring to the poor children pouring across the border.] Is Rick Perry stupid? I think in Stephanie's little finger pointing exercise, the four pointing back at her are more telling. Rick Perry is being a good manager of an awful big piece of real estate.” – Rich Johnson

** Talk Radio Changes

“In response to a couple of your emails yesterday, I don't believe that the management at KFI is really concerned about KABC. This is a station that has been adrift for quite some time. Formerly a consistent Top 10 station, albeit many years ago, it has floundered around 40th in the recent past. With rumors flying that KABC would once again become the Dodgers flagship, it is a bit of a surprise that a deal was made with the hockey Kings. I totally agree that it will certainly wreak havoc with the on air line up. If you’re going to have a major league sports franchise on your air it can't be done in a vacuum, you have to bookend around the games. This will consume lots of air time. Other changes must be forthcoming at KABC.

As for Rush leaving KFI and the ratings falling, I believe the ratings were already heading south while he was still there. KFI sounds tired and continues to be overloaded with repetitive commercials. Their on air talent has been beating the same drum for many years and it is no longer ‘stimulating.’ I still think that the real problem remains to be the incessant commercial blocks that causes many, including me, to switch stations. Changes need to be made at KFI to return to the Top 10.” - Herb Redholtz, West Covina 

Frank Mottek Voted #7 Best On-Air LARP of 2014

(July 23, 2014) Frank Mottek is the voice of business news in Los Angeles. An award-winning broadcast journalist with more than 25 years of experience, Frank currently anchors the business reports on KNX. Weekdays at 1 p.m., he hosts the KNX Business Hour. Seventy-seven of his peers working in Los Angeles radio voted Frank as the #7 Best On-Air LARP of 2014.

Frank was the substitute anchor for Paul Kangas on The Nightly Business Report on PBS from 1989 through 1991. His tv experience also includes anchoring and reporting on WTVJ in Miami, where he was part of the station’s Peabody-award winning tv coverage of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Since joining CBS in Los Angeles in 1992, he served as a spot reporter for KCBS/Channel 2 for six years. He was also a reporter and business news anchor on the KTLA/Channel 5 News at 10 and the Emmy-Award winning KTLA Morning News for ten years.

Frank began his career in broadcast journalism in high school at a top-rated fm station in Miami where he was promoted to news director at the age of 18. He then joined the all-news CBS station in Miami where he was morning news anchor, reporter and news/talk host for 11 years.

During that time, he provided the live descriptions of all space shuttle launches for the CBS Radio Network from 1985 through 1991. In 1986, he was an eyewitness to the Challenger disaster at the Kennedy Space Center.

For ten years, Frank was an instructor at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC teaching the “Newsradio” course he created.

Frank has won numerous awards from the AP, UPI, RTNDA, Florida Medical Association, L.A. Press Club and the Radio-TV News Association of Southern California. He won the RTNA Golden Mike award for Best Business and Consumer News Reporting in 2012.

Frank currently serves as Immediate Past-President of The Society of Professional Journalists-Los Angeles Chapter. He is also on the board of directors of the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California and the Concern Foundation for Cancer Research in Beverly Hills. He previously served as President of the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters.

KNX's Frank Mottek

Comments from some of those who voted for Frank:

Wagging a PromotionRob Wagman, formerly with KBIG and afternoons at KFSH, ‘The Fish,’ has joined Contemporary Christian WAY/fm as network program director. "When you're shopping and you try on that shirt, then you look in the mirror to see that it fits as if it were tailor-made for you,” said Wagman. “This is how it feels to be joining WAY/fm.”

"The position, which allows me to utilize all the skills God has given along my path in this industry, is also perfect in its timing; as an answer to prayer, allowing my wife, Sarah Lee and me to be closer to our families before our baby boy is born this coming October.”

Faustian LeadershipLou Faust managed KPOL and KIIS AM & FM in the mid-60s to the early 1970s. The LA Times’ late radio columnist Don Page named Lou Executive of the Year “for supervising and helping develop one of the most stylish music concepts heard here in many years.” He is credited with coming up with the “KIIS” moniker.

Lou was a longtime executive with CapCities, managing WPAT-Patterson, New Jersey for a time. One colleague who worked for Lou at KPOL said, “We would have walked through fire for him.” Lou also headed Selcom Radio Reps in New York, gm of WKBW-Buffalo and executive vp of Blair Radio. He went on to KCMJ-Palm Springs and worked at Jones Radio Network as regional sales manager of Western and Central states.

It is so much fun when people discover LARadio. Lou’s widow, Rusty, checked in this week.

“My past also includes radio – KIIS AM & FM [was vice president of broadcasting] when they merged years ago,” wrote Rusty. “I also was manager of the AM and took it to religion for a short time.  Then to business manager at KFWB then into cable.”

Rusty retired with Lou to Palm Springs.  They were together 36 years. The former president of Torbet Reps and Bartell Broadcasting died January 24, 2008. He was 82. He died at his home in Boise, Idaho after a long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. He had fifteen grandchildren, thirteen great grandchildren and one sister.  “After he passed, I moved to Parker, Colorado to be near family,” she continued. “I miss hearing about all the old timers and will spend much time going through your LARP lists – trying to remember as many names as I can for my memory is not the best having just had my 86th birthday.”


Production ProJeff Serr, longtime production director at KKGO, Go Country, is leaving to start his own production company. “I’m working with two new clients out of a home studio,” emailed Jeff. “Even though I love the vibe and energy of working at the radio station, this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I might end up being even busier than before.” His website is at: www.jeffserr.com.

With Serr’s departure, KKGO now has an opening for a director of production and imaging. Prior major market experience is required and a background in Country is a plus.

LARadio RewindJuly 23, 1937, Robert W. Morgan – the W stood for Wilbur – is born in Mansfield, Ohio. In 1965 he left KEWB in San Francisco to become morning man at the new Boss Radio, KHJ. Hundreds of thousands of listeners would awake to his signature greeting of “Good Morgan!” At his peak, Morgan had a 20% share of the listening audience, according to Arbitron. Was he destined to be in radio? His parents were Arthur and Florence Morgan, initials AM and FM. He began his career at WWST in Wooster and also worked at KACY-Port Hueneme, KTEE-Carmel, KMBY-Monterey, KMAK-Fresno, WIND-Chicago, KIQQ, KMGG, KMPC and KRTH, leaving radio in 1997 after developing lung cancer. Morgan narrated the 48-hour History Of Rock & Roll special in 1969, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1993, and was a charter inductee into the National Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1994. Robert died in 1998 at age 61.

Hear Ache. KFI's Bill Handel leaves for Iceland tomorrow and his family vacation, but not before announcing that the LA Daily News readers have named the Bill Handel Show the best morning radio show. "The only reason I bring this up because if you read the LA Times, our show isn't even on the air," quipped Handel this morning.

Trujillo Exits KPCC. “Since so many people are asking why they haven't heard me on the air in the past few weeks, well, KPCC did a round of budget cuts and the evening news was one of the things cut,” emailed veteran Tammy Trujillo. “Please don’t send condolences. I’m fine. I am going to now do the projects that I have been wanting to do for a long while but did not have time to do. Stay tuned!  Some of these ideas are pretty cool and have been sitting around asking to become reality far too long!  Who knows, there may even be a place for you in one of them!  I am up for any great news gigs that are out there of course as well. You can keep track on my website www.TheRealTammyTrujillo.com, or on Facebook.”


“Carnac the Magnificent – you know how it works – first the answer, then the question.

 The Answer: Phyllis, Michael Jackson and Vladimir Putin!  (Rip the envelope)

 And the question: Name a Diller, a Thriller and a cold blooded Killer!” (Mike Butts)

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** Who Goofed?

“’Is it true?’ Jim Healy would quip to open his nightly KMPC sports soap opera rant about some sports jock’s scandalize behavior off the sports venue.  

Jim had the most entertaining sports show ever. No one but no one escaped his wit and his ‘inside’ stories on his daily radio version of the National Enquirer. Jim was a one of a kind ‘diamond in the rough.’

Lasorda never could figure out how Healy got his profane laced comments on tape. I know as I asked Tommy about his ‘F’ word laced comments being aired on KMPC almost every night. But then again Tommy is a total honest and down to earth guy with a big heart, especially for kids. Heck, I knew a famous MLB umpire who used the ‘F’ as an adjective, verb, noun, pronoun, and adverb. He was addicted to the word and sprinkled it in everyone conversation about anything and everything, you know like the guys down the pier unloading ships back in the old days before cargo containers.

Vin Scully is the classic baseball story teller. Jim Healy was the classic Howard Cosell ‘telling it like it is,’ storyteller. Jim’s Walter Winchell staccato style of broadcasting was engaging, entertainment and was never, ever boring. I miss him to this day.” – Joe Cosgrove 

BZ Was a Pirate

(July 22, 2014) Ben Ziegler is a footnote in the history of LARadio, but nonetheless a part of the rich history of those who entertained us over the years. Known as BZ at the tail end of ‘Pirate Radio’ at 100.3/KQLZ, Ben was working at KYNO in Fresno in 1991 when he got the call from to cover weekends. The originator of ‘Pirate Radio,’ Scott Shannon had already left the station and returned to New York.

Ben went on to radio station ownership in North Dakota at 103.9 The Truck KZTK/fm.

Ben was born in Glendale and moved to San Diego at age 6, where he listened to many of the radio talent that would influence his future. As a young boy he knew that he wanted to be that voice in the radio someday. “When I was 14 years old, my mom dropped me off at KGB, as was invited by Bobby Ocean to hang out in the studio. I was hooked. Shotgun Tom Kelly was also a big influence and his now a friend."

His dream was realized after a year in Fort Collins, Colorado where he “leaned the ropes” of radio.  He then returned to San Diego to work at Country outlet 97.3 / KSON, a station he grew up listening to. He eventually moved across town to KCBQ and then Cleveland radio.

In 1995, he partnered with Jim Babbitt and they are still a team in North Dakota. Ben has done it all from programming to operations. Ben loves morning radio best. He summed up his love affair with “radio is my playground.”



Sullivan & Son. The KLOS morning team of Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer appear on Sullivan & Son tonight on TBS. The show airs at 10 p.m. If you have seen the sophomore series, Sullivan & Son stars Steve Byrne, who surprises his parents when he leaves his job as a corporate lawyer to take over a bar owned by his father in Pittsburgh. 

LPFM. Michi Bradley is one of the applicants proposing to put an LPFM station on the historic KRKD tower on the Spring Arcade Building. “There are currently 21 competing applications and it is likely that several applicants will be granted CPs. I am involved in the KRKD application and if granted, we will be time sharing, like the original KRKD,” wrote Bradley. “If the CP is granted, we will be bringing the call letters KRKD back to Los Angeles. I have the call letters sitting safely on another LPFM but if everything works out, they are bound for LA.”

Bradley is looking for information on the original KRKD, especially airchecks. “I have already compiled some history on the station. I am not sure if they had any jingles or other imaging. I am with REC Networks. I have been involved with LPFM advocacy for the past 15 years. I lived in Los Angeles from the 1970s to the early 1990s.” If you can help Bradley with any historical information, contact her at: mae@recnet.com

KHJ Sold. Liberman Broadcasting has sold KHJ-AM to IHR Educational Broadcasting for $ 9,750,000.00. They are also buying KTYM-AM 1460. IHR is a Catholic Radio network.

LARadio RewindJuly 22, 1994. Jim Healy dies of complications from liver cancer at age 70. Born in Spokane, Healy attended UCLA and served as sports editor of the Daily Bruin. He wound up marrying Pat Campbell, the newspaper’s editor. Healy worked at KMPC from 1951 to 1961 and from 1984 to 1994.

In the intervening years he worked at KLAC, KFWB, KABC Radio and KABC-Channel 7. In addition to his nightly sports wrap-ups, he announced football and boxing. Healy had a collection of more than 500 sound bites which he would use throughout his programs.

His most famous was recorded in 1978 by KLAC news reporter Paul Olden, who, in a post-game interview, asked Dodgers manager Tom Lasorda to comment on the performance of Dave Kingman, whose three home runs had helped lead the Cubs to a victory against the Dodgers. Lasorda was stunned to learn that a bleeped version of his profanity-laced tirade was played on Healy’s show the following day. Healy would continue to play excerpts on almost every broadcast. Lasorda held no grudge against Olden, saying, “He was doing his job. I probably shouldn’t have talked like that, but I didn’t think he would play it.”

Healy was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1991 and was inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 1997. Healy’s son, Patrick, has been a reporter for KNBC-Channel 4 since 1984.

The uncensored Lasorda rant can be heard by clicking the photo. (Thanks to Steve Thompson for meticulously preparing the LARadio Rewind)

Hear Ache. Weird Al Yankovic joins Bill Handel on KFI Thursday morning … Sheila and Tom Bernstein come to Santa Barbara every year for a week of fun and golf. We had delightful dinner at the Tee-Off on State Street. Tom worked in sales at KNX, KGIL, KHJ, and KRLA. He really had a wonderful time in his career working with Art Laboe and shared so many wonderful stories.

FunnieJerry Lewine found this morning’s funnie.  


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** KABC Challenges

“Make no mistake, KABC taking a little talk radio away and adding some hockey is only about money. Last time I checked it’s a talk radio station. I guess you have to do something when your ratings are nearing 40th place.” – JP Myers

** KFI Jumping for Joy

“OMG, KABC is going to kill talk radio in LA. Programmers should be ashamed of themselves by representing one of the largest radio audiences in the US with such poor program choices.  It seems every station I turn to at night is now all sports programming and we don't need another.

Not a hockey fan myself, I can’t imagine anyone would actually want to listen to a hockey game on the radio! Very disappointed in this decision. I am sure KFI is jumping with joy over this stupid move.” – Jill Charvet

** Call Letter High

“If those were my call letters – KLSD – I would think seriously about changing them.  Lol” –  Mike Baird

** Is Tammy Bruce headed to The View?

 “No, and neither is Barbara Whiteside or Mother Love.” – Tomm Looney

** Content Does Matter

“This is not brain surgery, Don, radio listeners will follow content they want wherever it goes. I predicted when Rush was moved from KFI that KFI would free fall in its ratings and it has. This report validates what anyone with common sense knows.” – Joe Cosgrove

KLOS’ Bloody Promotion

(July 21, 2014) There’s a lot of consistency in the history of KLOS.)  The Classic Rock station has been part of the Southern California landscape with favorite Rock music and such iconic morning shows as Mark & Brian for a quarter of a century. Another consistent thread for the past 33 years is the annual KLOS Blood Drive. The Red Cross effort expects to draw more than 6,000 pints of blood.

The timing is once again perfect, as there is a severe summer shortage of the community blood supply. The five-day blood collection effort aims at stabilizing the region’s blood supply for more than 160 hospitals.

Rock lovers across the Southland are invited to donate at any of the 20 blood drive sites throughout San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties. Tomorrow blood donors can give blood while Derek Madden broadcasts live from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Pomona site, 100 Red Cross Circle.  Appearance locations of other KLOS djs can be found at; http://955klos.com    

Participants will also have an opportunity to receive a limited edition commemorative 2014 KLOS Blood Drive T-shirt, or a voucher for a Charburger from The Habit Burger Grill, or a concert voucher to one of the hottest rock concerts in the Southland (KLOS Company Picnic featuring Santana, Boston / Cheap Trick, Chicago/REO Speedwagon, Michael McDonald/Toto, YES, Heart, or Crosby, Stills & Nash).   

All blood donors will receive one voucher for a single event ticket. Event vouchers are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Walk-ins will be accepted, but donors with scheduled appointments will receive priority.

In 1981, KLOS organized its first Red Cross blood drive at Los Angeles High School, collecting 250 pints of blood. More than three decades later, the KLOS Blood Drive has grown from a single-site, single-day event to a multi-site, multi-day event – making it one of the largest media-sponsored blood drives in the country. With the help of thousands of Southern California blood donors, the KLOS Blood Drive has collected more than 153,000 units of blood since 1981 for patients needing blood and blood products. This summer, the Red Cross and KLOS anticipate a phenomenal public turnout to break past records for the most blood collected.

The LA Times ran a story this morning on the front page of the Sports section that poses more questions than answers.
The story indicates that there is a 5-year deal between KABC and the Kings hockey team to broadcast the games.
Is this the precursor to a format flip to sports for KABC? If not, running a sports franchise plays havoc with regular programming.
Larry Elder, Mark Levin, and Peter Tilden depending on where a game is being played (East coast games will begin at 4 p.m.)
 will be pre-empted all the time during the season and lonnnng playoff season.

The story says that "the Kings will be the only sports property on KABC." Sports franchise? Sports programming?

On the Kings' run for the Stanley Cup, many of the tv games were aired on NBCSN. Tough to get an audience on tv, let alone radio.
Dan Avey, former Kings broadcaster once said,
"There are 17,000 hockey fans who come and watch the game.
There are only 17,000 fans who care about hockey."

Hear Ache. Does anyone have any details on the passing of KFWB and KABC’s Chuck Walsh? … Nikki Finke suggests that former KABC Talker Tammy Bruce (l) is being considered for a hosting slot on The View as the so-called "anti-Rosie.” Sarah Palin apparently recommended Tammy because the producers of The View “want the show to be politically combative, and Tammy would certainly be the anti-Rosie in every possible way." … Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton, celebrating his quarter of a century doing Sportstalk radio in Southern California, would be a great addition to a local sports outlet ... Just when you thought the Casey Kasem story couldn't get any worse, now we get reports from the Northwest that his body is missing. Very sad story.


LARadio RewindJuly 21, 1991. KLSX begins carrying Howard Stern’s syndicated program. The station’s new slogan is “Howard Stern all morning, classic rock all day.” Stern began in radio in 1973 at Boston University's WTBU. He worked at several stations before taking over the afternoon slot at WXRK in New York in 1985. A year later, he was moved to mornings and his show began syndication. At its peak, it was heard by 20 million listeners in 60 radio markets in the United States and Canada. Since 2006, Stern has been heard on Howard 100 and Howard 101, two uncensored channels on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. In 1995 KLSX switched to a talk format on weekdays but continued to play music on weekends. In 2009 the station became contemporary hits “AMP Radio” and is now KAMP. (LARadio Rewind is meticulously prepared by Steve Thompson)

BJ UpdateSteve Kindred has taken care of mortuary arrangements for his recently departed wife, KFWB’s BJ Kindred. “She wanted to be cremated without a religious service or funeral ceremony,” Steve posted on his Facebook page. “There will be a memorial in a couple of weeks at the Whitnall Highway dog park In North Hollywood. Thanks to your overwhelming support and generosity, I'm paying off her prior medical bills and hospital costs, and feel optimistic about covering the medical bills that are yet to arrive. As a result, I'm suspending the fund-raising appeal, at least for now. I'm planning to return to work at 24/7 News on Tuesday, and looking forward to seeing work colleagues again. But I'm not fooling myself into believing that this nightmare is over. Even with a great support group of friends and relatives, the shock, horror, and depression runs deep. I don't know what to do with all her stuff. It pains me to see it all day, yet I'd feel terrible throwing away or selling ANYTHING right now. Once again, thanks for all of your love and support.”

San Diego Sports. Clear Channel launches XTRA 1360 FOX Sports San Diego(KLSD-AM) this morning. “1360 AM will super-serve San Diego sports fans with relevant, credible coverage of sporting news and games,” according to a press release. “In addition, XTRA 1360 FOX Sports San Diego will be a San Diego Chargers broadcast partner, covering the team’s training camp activities beginning next week with daily live broadcasts from the practice field. The station will broadcast all Chargers Preseason and Regular Season games in addition to airing a Chargers Power Hour Show weekdays from 6-7 p.m.

XTRA 1360 FOX Sports San Diego (KLSD-AM) weekday programming lineup:

6 a.m. – 9 a.m. - Dave & Jeff

9 a.m. – noon - Jay Mohr Sports

Noon – 2 p.m. - The Dan Patrick Show

2 p.m. – 6 p.m. - Loose Cannons with Steve Hartman and Mike Costa

6 p.m. – 7 p.m. - Chargers Power Hour with Judson Richards

7 p.m. – 8 p.m. - XTRA at Night with Judson Richards

8 p.m. – 11 p.m.  - FOX Sports Tonight with Jason Smith

XTRA 1360 FOX Sports San Diego lineup will include nationally recognized sportscaster Steve Hartman as host of the Loose Cannons Show during afternoon drive with Mike Costa. Hartman’s career in sports began at UCLA as a football color commentator for the Bruins. Following graduation, Hartman worked at KABC radio and then with the LA Raiders for four years as media relations/publications director before taking a position at KFOX Radio in 1989. A year later, he helped launch XTRA, the first all-sports radio station in southern California where he worked with Chet Forte and later Billy Werndl. Throughout his broadcast career, Hartman has covered 21 Super Bowls, 16 Final Fours, and six Major League All-Star Games.

“I could not be more excited about returning to the city where my radio career started. So many great memories with many new experiences to come,” said Hartman. “We have assembled a lineup second to none in San Diego and look forward to giving Charger fans a true radio home.”


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** Faustian Response

“Today a friend called and gave me information on LA Radio People. Happy to be able to see what has happened to some of ‘the old timers.’ 

My first reading and it is of Ken Miller’s passing. My thoughts go out to Marlene during this sad time. Fond memories of great dinners with the two of them and my Lou.

Thanks for having Lou as part of this history.” – Rusty Faust

** PPM Woes

“I think the real crux of the matter is that significantly more accurate ratings based on sampling a universe of potential listeners is VERY expensive.  To increase the confidence level to 99% or even 98% would require a much larger sample. 

To get to that level would mean increasing the sample size by a factor of 10 or more.  While this would be more accurate, who would pay for it? Radio stations are the customer here. They would have to pay much more for any rating process that delivered real significantly reliable numbers. Will they pay our just continue to gripe? They are paying for a Kia and they expect a BMW.” – Douglas C Brown 

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