August Birthdays:

Hugh Fuller, 8/1
, 8/1/50
Lee Hamilton, 8/1
Kathy Kiernan, 8/1
Tom Leykis, 8/1
Steve Parker, 8/1/54
Chris Patyk, 8/1
Michael Ambrosini, 8/2
Dave Forman (d), 8/2/51
Phil Hall, 8/2/57
Dennis Prager, 8/2

Jon Badeaux, 8/3
Jim Gott, 8/3/59
Beverly Hyken, 8/3/68
David Kort, 8/3/64
Spinderella, 8/3
Duke Anderson, 8/4/25
Mike Daniels, 8/4
Danny Michaels, 8/4
Jane Monreal, 8/4
Robin Banks, 8/5
Richard McIntosh, 8/5
Bob Rowe (d),
Eric Roy, 8/5
Tommy Smalls (d), 8/5/26
Kurt St. Thomas, 8/5/63
Randy Wang, 8/5
Jim Ameche (d), 8/6/15
Kevin James, 8/6/63
Michelle Kube, 8/6/72
Mark Larson, 8/6
Bryan Simmons, 8/6
Dave Williams, 8/6
Doug Brown, 8/7
Charlie Cook, 8/7
Dave Diamond (d), 8/7/36
Stan Freberg (d), 8/7/27
Andrew Howard (d), 8/7
Art Laboe, 8/7
Norm McBride, 8/7/49
Russ O'Hara, 8/7
Craig Wilabraham (d), 8/7
Jason Bowers, 8/8
"Shotgun Tom" Kelly, 8/8/49
Jere Laird, 8/8/33
Will Lewis, 8/8
Mike Lundy, 8/8
Carl Nelson, 8/8
Robin Quivers, 8/8/52

The most comprehensive listing of 6,000 Los Angeles Radio People, spanning the last 58 years, is now available just by clicking on your favorite personality. The listings provide a colorful snapshot of where they came from, where and when they worked, and what they’re doing now. Enjoy!   



(Brian Roberts, Gary Owens, Mr. Blackwell, Brad Chambers, Paul Olden, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel)

While daily posting of LARadio news will no longer be, please feel free to reach out to say hello or update your Where Are They Now section.

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We would be remiss if we didn't take a moment today to pause and say thank you and "Happy Trails" to one of our own -- the talented Don Barrett, who is ending his long-running and popular industry website, Even if you hadn't worked in the Los Angeles market, Don's terrifically in-depth stories of the people behind the mic -- and behind the scenes -- both current and market legends -- really brought these talented and dedicated radio pros to life. Launched in 1997, was -- and is -- a phenomenal radio fan resource, and throughout the years Don always cared for his baby with an obvious love of this business that always shown through.
On July 15, Don posted his final column, and we urge you to read it... then scroll down the page and see the incredible amount of love and support his audience has shown him over the years. Godspeed, Don, and we look forward to our paths crossing again in the near future. -- Your fan, Kevin Carter, the Ramp newsletter

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