January 2013 Emails/Stories

Ron Escarsega to KGO and KSFO in San Francisco


(January 31) Ron Escarsega, formerly apd of KABC, moves to San Francisco as operations manager of all-News KGO and News/Talk KSFO.  Escarsega said, “I’m excited for the new challenge to work with two iconic stations KGO and KSFO. I appreciate the confidence Cumulus has shown in me and look forward to the new challenge.” News/Talk/Sports Corporate pd for Cumulus, Jim Mahanay, said “Ron has done a great job for us in Los Angeles. We’re excited at the skills he brings north to the Bay Area.”


Ron has multi-format experience from Talk to Classic Rock. His previous experience includes having worked for Cumulus, CBS and Greater Media, all in Los Angeles.

Paul Hosley departs Cumulus Media.

Uncle Joe Benson Finds New Sound 

(January 31 - Press Release) 100.3/The Sound (KSWD-FM) is proud to announce the addition of legendary L.A. Rock dj “Uncle Joe” Benson as its new morning host.  “Uncle Joe’s Rock & Roll Morning Show” debuts this Monday morning (February 4, 2013) from 5:30 to 10 a.m. 

“At The Sound, we consider our listeners to be family, and everyone’s favorite Uncle belongs on The Sound,” says KSWD Program Director Dave Beasing.   

Benson has been living and broadcasting Classic Rock from its very beginning. More than a voice on the radio, he’s been a family member to millions of Southland residents over the past 32 years, keeping in touch via thousands of personal appearances. He says, “This is going to be so much fun! Just look at all the music I’ll get to play again on The Sound… and the stories I can tell! The Sound plays the music that’s part of all of our lives, past, present and future. What better way to start the day than with family and great tunes?” 

KSWD vp/gm Peter Burton points out that, “The Sound’s mission is to connect with the people of Southern California through great Rock music.  Nobody does that like Uncle Joe Benson.  His addition cements The Sound’s position as the area’s leading Classic Rock station.” 

To join The Sound, Joe leaves a long and successful run on KLOS’ afternoon drive shift. He’ll be reuniting on The Sound’s airstaff with Rita Wilde, another longtime KLOS dj and programmer who joined The Sound in 2011.   

In addition to ongoing updates to his “Uncle Joe’s Record Guide” series of Classic Rock history books, Joe will continue to host his “Off The Record with Joe Benson” rock star interview program, syndicated nationally on dozens of stations by the Dial-Global Radio Network. He’ll also continue his unique involvement in motorsports as a participant, announcer and reporter.



"I was one of 160,444 people at the CES show in Las Vegas last week when a stranger bumps into me and asks for directions. I look at his name badge and I’m literally stunned to see that it’s Tom Campbell – KYA, KLOK, etc., Bay Area radio legend – and someone I had not seen for forty years. Really, what are the odds?

These days I’m teaching photography around the world – embarking on a 37-city US tour in FEB with week-long workshops in Budapest and Italy this summer – and my latest book, No Small Thing, just published featuring my photography for The Ronald McDonald House; a pro bono effort of mine for the past eight years in both Manhattan and Portland, shooting portraits for these special kids and their families.


Life – like the ad game and being on-the-air – is very different in 2013 than it was in the late 60’s and 70’s. But sixty-three years into my adventure now, radio remains the one love in my life which has not changed since I was nine and discovered KFWB, Color Radio and Bill Ballance on my dad’s portable Zenith.

I’ve gone from Top 40 to Top 60; incredibly expanding my playlist but I have an ‘in’ with the PD!

Thanks again for thinking of me." - Bob Ray


"Help, what is going on with The Phil Hendrie show at KTLK? One hour from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.?" - Dave Adams, Los Angeles





Who will be LA’s next mayor?
Live Mayoral Debate
on KPCC’s AirTalk with Larry Mantle 

(January 30) KPCC/Southern California Public Radio will host a live debate among four major candidates for mayor of Los Angeles at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum on Wednesday, February 6th at 7 p.m. PT. 

AirTalk host Larry Mantle will moderate the debate, which will be open to the public, broadcast live on 89.3 KPCC, and video streamed and archived at www.KPCC.org.  The program will also be rebroadcast during the regular AirTalk broadcast on Thursday, February 7th at 12 noon PT. 

This year voters in Los Angeles will select a new mayor for the first time since 2005.  Four of the major candidates vying to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will participate in this live debate, including LA City Council Members Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry, City Controller Wendy Greuel, and attorney and radio host Kevin James. 

The candidates will discuss major issues, including the city’s budget, crime and public safety, transportation, public health and energy policy, as well as questions about potholes, lighted billboards and a possible NFL team for Los Angeles. 

The debate is open to the public, though seating will be limited and reservations are required.  RSVP for this event. 

The debate will be held at The Crawford Family Forum, 474 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105.  



"Here's hoping you are doing LARadio again, although I always thought it was an altruistic endeavor of heroic proportions.

I see a letter from Ed Pyle about the Golden Mikes and the notice of Joe Cala's worthy honor. It was so great to visit with Ed, he has a smile and a warmth that is hard to beat. I hope you can add me to your email list, as when I retire on April 1st after 34 years at KFWB and KNX , I need some way to keep in touch!

Thanks for everything." - John Brooks    

KNX Sports Anchor Joe Cala Inducted into Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame
KNX Scores Best Sports Team Honors

KNX veteran sports anchor Joe Cala was inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame today at its 22nd annual awards luncheon at the Lakeside Golf Club in Toluca Lake.  

Cala, a native of the Central Valley city of Manteca, has spent the past six years of his nearly four decade sportscasting career at KNX 1070. He spent 32 years doing sports at KFWB prior to that.           

The SCSB has served as a major forum for recognizing and advancing sports broadcasting in Southern California since 1958. Its Hall of Fame includes Dick Enberg, Tom Harmon, Don Drysdale, Chick Hearn, Gil Stratton, Stu Nahan, Vin Scully and Jim Hill, to name a few. 

The KNX sports team also received the 2012 award for Best Anchor Staff.  KNX’s team of Cala, Randy Kerdoon, Steve Grad, Joe McDonnell, Chris Madsen and Geoff Witcher picked up the honor for the second straight year. 

Other honorees at today’s luncheon included HBO boxing announcer Larry Merchant, who received the President’s Award, and former NBC Sports President Don Ohlmeyer, who received a lifetime achievement award. 

Carson Daly was on hand to congratulate his buddy Jimmy Kimmel, who received the 2,489th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 



"I'm hoping you are enjoying the down time that you have damn well earned!
Sitting here in my office looking out at the darkness, hoping the rain The Weather Channel had predicted would start this morning and keeps predicting will happen may finally arrive.  We need rain.  It'd help wash away some of the ice-encrusted snow that's been stubbornly sticking around since before Christmas.  And, it'd provide the trees and shrubs with some much needed moisture.
Had pretty much decided against the trip to John North's funeral despite thinking I really should be there.  When Lance Orozco asked if I planned to attend and I expressed doubts, he said he had hoped I would because he'd like me to give a brief tribute to John at the Golden Mikes.  That gave me the impetus to change my mind.  The service at Forest Lawn Glendale was very nice. Only the moderator/minister/rabbi/philosopher (obviously I've no idea what he is), John's daughter Theresa and I spoke during the service.  At the entombment a couple people, including another daughter and a son of John's and Pete Demetriou remarked.  Pete, Andy Ludlum, Julie Chin and Maggie McKay were the only KNX/KFWB people there.  There was a lovely reception at the Tam-o-Shanter on Los Feliz afterward.
Did not see near as many people at the Mikes dinner as I thought I would:  The aforementioned minus Chin and McKay, Lance, of course, Frank Mottek, John Brooks, Jose Rios, Mitch Waldow, Jeff Wald, Tammy Trujillo, Don Fair, Rick Terrell, Bill Moran, and Kyle Hunter. There were others but my mind is reverting to it's typical blank.  And, by the way, my date:  Ronnie Bradford.
Drove down Thursday, Friday was filled with the funeral and reception and Saturday a meeting with my beloved Glendale financial adviser of many years, shoe shopping (they sell a lot of boots and other outdoor footwear here in Flagstaff, but not much in the way of great shoes…well, maybe Dillard's has some, haven't been there) and the Mikes dinner. 
Had breakfast at DuPar's in Studio City 6:30 a.m. Sunday and immediately hit the road for Flag, armed with DuPar's cinnamon rolls for Connie.
It was a bit weird getting used to life without your website, but as you know, we move on.  I already spend way too much time on the Internet.  I trust that's something you are not doing and I hope whatever it is you are, well, that it's a blast." - Ed Pyle, former news director KNX



"During Johnny Olson's 58 year career in broadcasting, stage and screen he worked with some of America's biggest stars as well as lived through the birth of television. Now fully re-formatted for Kindle, Johnny Olson: A Voice in Time chronicles his amazing life and career, from local radio through the growth of network tv, to The Price is Right.


 400 pages, 100 photos, and many direct quotes from his own personal writings.

The book as well as the new Kindle version are now available for preview and purchase at: http://www.amazon.com/Johnny-Olson-Voice-Randy-West/dp/1593934718" - Randy West


Holiday '12 PPM Ratings - Arbitron 12+ 

Riverside-San Bernardino


1. KLYY (Spanish Adult Hits) 7.1 - 7.5

2. KOLA (Classic Hits) 5.9 - 6.0

3. KGGI (Top 40/R) 4.8 - 4.8

4. KRQB (Regional Mexican) 3.9 - 4.8

5. KSGN (Religious) 3.1 - 3.6

San Francisco


1. KOIT (AC) 5.4 - 7.8

2. KQED (N/T) 6.0 - 5.5

3. KCBS (News) 5.4 - 5.2

4. KMEL (Top 40/R) 3.8 - 4.1

5. KNBR (Sports) 4.2 - 3.8



1. KYMX (AC) 4.8 - 8.7

2. KDND (Top 40/M) 6.3 - 6.3

3. KSEG (Classic Rock) 6.2 - 5.8

4. KFBK (Talk) 5.5 - 5.5

5. KHLX (Classic Hits) 3.5 - 5.4


San Diego


1. KSON (Country) 7.2 - 6.0

2. KYXY (AC) 4.8 - 5.7

3. KHTS (Top 40/M) 5.4 - 5.1

4. KGB (Classic Rock) 4.3 - 4.5

5. KPBS (N/T) 4.9 - 4.2

     XHTZ (Top 40/R) 3.8 - 4.2


"Here's an update on what I’m doing. I'm still at KRAZy Country 105.9, but I'm now news director at AM 1230 KPRL in San Luis Obispo County. I go by Mike Mesmer, there.  

By the way, any word on a dj who used to work at KIK? She was part time and went by Jennifer Bell?  She moved to 95.5 in Tulsa around 1983-84. 

Thanks." - Mike Edwards, mike@kprl.com



"Ed Crook (left) was Dave Hull's classmate at Alhambra High School.  Ed was general manager of KTHO 590 in South Lake Tahoe in this 2003 photo when Dave appeared and seemed to be 'looking for work.'!" - Bill Kingman


"I'm so glad to see that LARadio.com is back! A friend told me about it when he referenced learning of Christine Martindale landing the midday gig at Go Country. Seeing LARadio.com back up made my day. Browsing through the December and January emails saddened me though to learn of the passing of Bill Mouzis. He was an amazing man with all his accomplishments and contributions and will be deeply missed by a lot of us, even those of us who never met him. I also saw a post from Ron Myers, who I've wondered about for years and now know he's alive and well.  

One thing I want to report here for the benefit of anyone who doesn't already know, Bob Manfredo (aka Bob Allen, formerly of Dial-Global and GO Country, who had been working at Peak Broadcasting in Fresno) passed away on December 3 due to a massive heart attack. He was 57. It was a real shock because there were no indications that anything was wrong. He had just sent out an email probably a couple of hours before his death to let us all know that the first of three Wheel of Fortune episodes would air Monday-Wednesday, and he was so proud that he got to see the recording of that show and meet with Jim Thornton. How cruel that he didn't get to even see those shows since he died the morning before it was broadcast. For me it's really unsettling because he called me daily, sometimes more than once, then all of a sudden he's gone.   

Now as an aside, does anybody onboard here know how to get a hold of his friends Mark Fleming and Robert Chenault? If so you can contact me at powersradio1@charter.net   

Thanks so much, and again, glad LARadio.com is back!" - Bill Powers


"Anything new on the whereabouts of former KROQ and KRLA disc jockey, Greg Shannon. Long time ago but he had an amazing voice." - Rich Kredel, rkredel@voyagers.org

Dave Hull - the Hullabalooer - Sells 400 Books at Burbank Event


"1. The best part of our book signing was the amount of people who showed up to a place that's difficult to find, at best.  There were HUNDREDS - standing in lines for 30-40 minutes without A COMPLAINT. 
2. The crowd was thrilled when Bob Eubanks came from his ranch up north - and Rich Marotta (KFI) came down from Reno.
3. The owner of Fuddrucker's had ONLY TIME to say..."this is a GREAT DAY," then went back to slinging burgers.

4. We sold nearly 400 books (just short of 40-boxes of 10). 
5. Hollywood types present - KRTH, "Shotgun Tom" Kelly - CBS Producer/Director "Entertainment Tonight" & "The Insider, Kevin Gershan - KTHO, Lake Tahoe "The Insane Darrell Wayne" -  former KSFO jock, Neil Ross -  and NBC's TV Production Director, Bud Stalker
6. All-in-all - it was a GREAT EVENT -believe me!!" - Dave Hull



"I still miss my daily dose of LARadio.com, but I don't blame you at all for discontinuing.  I know how hard you worked on it ... it showed!!" - Greg Mills





(January 24) Actor, New York Times bestselling author (Full of Heart: My Story of Survival, Strength and Spirit), Dancing with the Stars champ, motivational speaker and retired U.S. Army soldier, J.R. Martinez, will add talk radio host to his impressive resume as he takes over Sunday evenings 6-8 on KFI AM 640 beginning January 27.


“He’s so inspirational and dynamic; he filled in for Bill Carroll during the holidays and I just had to have him join our line up! I’m thrilled he jumped at the opportunity and I’m excited to see what he will do with his own show,” says Program Director, Robin Bertolucci.


In March of 2003, J.R. was deployed to Iraq, and on April 5, less than a month into his deployment, he was serving as a driver of a Humvee in Karbala, when his left front tire hit a roadside bomb. Three other soldiers with J.R. were ejected from the burning vehicle, but he was trapped inside and suffered smoke inhalation and severe burns to 34 percent of his body. He spent 34 months at Brooke Army Medical Center and had 33 surgeries.


“I discovered it is what is inside a person that matters most and I wouldn’t change anything…absolutely anything!" states J.R. "I do believe everything happens for a reason, and I'm extremely grateful for that day because it led me into this life!"


When he does have leisure time J. R. spends it with family and friends.


David Cruz will step down from the Sunday night show to focus on his new expanded four hour program that airs Monday through Friday on sister station KTLK AM 1150.




“Hope all is well and I miss your daily news.


I just decided to find Tom Leykis after forgetting that he was on the Internet.  The show is really funny and so are the phony ads.  Tom pulls no punches, has a good business sense and advice, and like Howard Stern, you want to listen to him to hear what he is going to say next.


What really caught my attention was his Facebook note to have fans call KLOS and get on the air to ask about the ratings.


I think there was a lot of animosity KLSX flipped to music.  As I recall one of the Frosty, Heidi & Frank crew blamed Tom and his high salary for the firings.  I think it must have been Frank.


Anyway, Tom was pretty self-assured in his reply then and NOW it looks like he's still miffed.


I remember you told me that FH&F were pulling in the lowest ratings for the mid-morning slot on KABC as they were ending their contract. It seems still hard to get ratings now as Tom says he's sure it's now

about 40% less for H&F in that KLOS time slot than what Mark & Brian were doing.


Your web page noted that rating dip and I don't know if Tom saw that before he came up with his idea to call Heidi & Frank.


I read that Jimmy O'Neill died and that was a surprise to me.  He seemed to be relatively ‘young’ to me compared to most of the broadcasters of the day.  I still remember that panel discussion of about 10 years back where he was among the biggies of the time.


The KRLA morning show is pretty good - Heidi Harris is very outspoken, and might be too much alone, but Brian Whitman and Ben Shapiro do a good job going over conservative and liberal sides of issues.  Ben is very quick as is Brian and that makes it entertaining besides informative, which might be a bit boring.  That often pulls me away from McIntyre in the Morning for a while and I can get those

podcasts later, too, but not as quickly posted as KFI does.


I don't hear Heidi & Frank too often on KLOS but they are funny.  Better than Geraldo, whose time slot is best when a guest fills in, especially Joe Crummey.


Well, hope all is well.   I am trying to do what I can to get Kevin James into the Mayor's runoff election.  He actually has good ideas from all the years of his show focusing on city issues.  He is a better communicator from the several debates I have seen in person. 


I will end my venting here but the radio side of life is becoming more mysterious as time goes on without your column as a guide.” - Robert Guevara, Eagle Rock  

Alan Oda Suffers Heart Seizure 

Alan Oda has been released from UCLA Hospital and is now home recuperating. Yeah.

1.24 (6:30 a.m.) 

"Hi - a brief check in since they just did another 5 AM blood draw. Please keep Donna and my boys in your prayers, good thoughts, and any other way you can help, they've bared the brunt of my infirmary. I still need to catch up on sleep, but that's a good thing. As for the procedure, I'm just glad they found a heart!" - Alan Oda 

1.23 (5:15 p.m.) 

"Alan hasn't come back yet but the electro cardiologist who did the procedure just came by. The arrhythmia was on the right side of his heart so they went in and ablated it. The procedure was a complete success! Thank you everyone for your prayers." - Donna Oda


"Visited with Alan this afternoon in his ICU room at UCLA. He was in good spirits. Due to being admitted on the weekend and the MLK holiday, he will not be able to learn about options until tomorrow. He wants to thank everyone for the well wishes." - Don Barrett 


Alan was stable yesterday and throughout last night. I will be visiting him today and give you a first-hand report - Don Barrett 


"Hi, Donna again. Alan had another seizure just before 1 AM. Don't know what is going on. Please pray."  


Please send prayers for Alan Oda (senior correspondent LARadio.com) on a speedy recovery from his recent heart seizure. - Don Barrett 

From Donna Oda: "Since I have a quiet moment, I'm going to recap what happened and explain why Alan is in ICU. On Tuesday I was at work and my cell rang. I immediately had this bad feeling because the person calling was using Alan's cell. I don't remember exactly what he said, but the gist was that Alan was found collapsed on a sidewalk about 1/2 mile from our house. Luckily our dog, who he was walking at the time, started barking like crazy and brought the neighbors out. He was unresponsive so they called 911. The paramedics hooked him up and found that his heart was racing (over 200 beats/min.). In the ER, they ran a battery of tests, but everything came out normal. They decided to admit him because every time he sat up, his heart started racing. I ran home to get some things for him and when I returned, he was having a seizure. After they stabilized him, he was taking to ICU. After more tests, the docs determined that the problem with his heart was due to SVT (more info at: webmd.com). They said it was serious but very treatable with a non-invasive procedure. They believe the seizure was due to a combination of high blood pressure meds, dehydration, and hitting his head when he blacked out with the dog. Hope that helps clear things up for everyone."

Morning Ratings - Holiday PPM 2012


1. Mark & Kristen (KOST)
2. Bill Handel (KFI)
3. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
4. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)
5. Valentine (MY/fm)

1. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)
2. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
3. Mark & Kristen (KOST)
4. Valentine (MY/fm)
5. Big Boy (KPWR)

1. Mark & Kristen (KOST)
2. Kevin & Bean (KROQ)
3. Ryan Seacrest (KIIS)
4. Valentine (MY/fm)
5. Piolin (KSCA)

Christmas Very Good to Christmas Stations 

(January 22, 2013) KOST and KTWV (The WAVE) adopted a 24/7 platform of all Christmas music, all the time, shortly before Thanksgiving. It paid off handsomely for both stations in the recently released Holiday Arbitron PPM 6+ Mon-Sun, 6a-12 mid. KOST came in 1st, almost doubling the second place station, KIIS, jumping from 7.1 - 10.2. KTWV was up almost a point leaping from 3.1- 4.0 to come in 4th place. Rounding out the Top 10: 2. KIIS (5.6 - 5.5), #3. MY/fm (4.8 - 4.8); #5. KFI (4.2 - 3.7); #6 tie AMP Radio (3.1 - 3.5); #6 tie KPWR (3.8 - 3.5); #8 KRTH (3.9 - 3.5); #9 HOT 92.3 (3.6 - 3.4); and #10 KROQ (3.0 - 3.3). 

All-News KNX remained steady in the Holiday book coming in #14 moving from 2.9 - 3.0, while sister News/Talker KFWB was in 35th place with a 0.4, same as last month. 

Stations taking a significant hit include Country KKGO, dropping a half point, 3.0-2.5. Alternative KYSR (98.7/fm) had lowest numbers in a half year and JACK/fm fell from 2.6 to 2.1. 

Hoping to get a boost from Heidi & Frank replacing Mark & Brian in morning drive, KLOS fell to a new low of 1.7. Cumulus is rolling out a new Country format, NASH/fm, which launches in New York and that might be a consideration for KLOS if ratings don't improve. 

And Sports radio has numbers that should be a real concern to all involved. KSPN dropped from 1.9 to 1.4 and 23rd place. KLAC seems to be in free fall with a 0.4, which ties with KFWB, and Salem's KRLA. Progressive Talker KTLK fell from 0.8 - 0.5, but still beat KFWB and KRLA. And the Angels' Sports station, KLAA, almost failed to be listed coming in with a 0.1.

Drew Hayes to Return to KABC for Programming Assignment

Article from Robert Feder who broke the story at



After three tumultuous years as operations director of news/talk WLS-AM (890), Drew Hayes is leaving the Cumulus Media station here to fill the company’s programming vacancy in Los Angeles. 

On Tuesday, Hayes, 54, is expected to be named program director of news/talk KABC-AM in L.A. — a post he previously held under Walt Disney Co./ABC ownership. The position has been vacant since another former Chicagoan, Jack Silver, left last June. 

At WLS, Hayes’ job as operations director is not expected to be filled. Tracy Slutzkin, who was promoted from assistant program director to program director under Hayes in September 2010, will continue in her role. 

“I’m really excited for the next chapter,” Hayes told me Monday. “I appreciate the confidence that Cumulus has shown in me and in what we’ve built at WLS. It’s in great hands with Tracy.” 

The latest run was the second tour of duty at the Big 89 for the New York native and onetime WMAQ talk show host. In 1989, Hayes was one of the architects of the news/talk format at WLS, where he headed programming and operations for seven years. He left in 1996 to serve as general manager of ESPN Radio in Bristol, Connecticut, and later program director of KABC. He returned to Chicago in 2001 as operations director for several CBS Radio stations, including all-news WBBM-AM (780), sports/talk WSCR-AM (670) and former FM talker WCKG, which collapsed and died on his watch.

Since Hayes rejoined WLS in January 2010, the station underwent a change of ownership from Citadel Broadcasting to Cumulus Media, a change in the front office, with Donna Baker replacing Michael Damsky as vice president and market manager, and four changes in its midday talent lineup. More recently, veteran morning personality Don Wade was diagnosed with a brain tumor, prompting him and his co-host/wife, Roma Wade, to step down. And last week midday co-host Jim Edwards, known on the air as Jake Hartford, died of a heart attack.

“There’s very few situations that a market manager and an operations manager have to go through like the one we’ve been through in such a short period of time,” Baker said. “Drew and I have kind of been through the war together.  From a professional standpoint, I’ve learned a lot from him, and have great admiration for his talent. He’s very good at what he does. I’m confident that Tracy will be able to carry forward the vision of WLS that we’ve discussed and that Drew and Tracy have crafted.” 

Saying she wished Hayes “the very best,” Baker added: “The people he will be leading next are very lucky to have him.” 

Under Hayes’ authoritarian direction, WLS sharpened its right edges, becoming a mouthpiece for the Republican party and often mimicking the daily talking points of Fox News Channel. Outside of Roe Conn and Richard Roeper’s afternoon show, the station’s hosts generally displayed an intolerance for differing views that bordered on contempt. 

Ratings declined, too. 

The station Hayes took over three years ago ranked fifth overall with a 4.6 percent share of listeners. Among those between the ages of 25 and 54, it was tied for 22nd place with a 2.1 share. In the latest Arbitron figures, WLS ranked eighth overall with a 3.4 share. In the 25-to-54 demo, it was tied for 23rd with a 1.8 share.

Cumulus Launches National NASH Entertainment Brand Based On Country Music Lifestyle 

Introducing New York City’s Only Country Radio Station,

NASH Magazine, Website & TV Programming  

ATLANTA, January 22, 2013 – Cumulus announces the launch of NASH, a multi-platform entertainment brand based on the Country music lifestyle that will feature radio stations, a monthly magazine, website, social media, concerts and television programming. The flagship NASH radio station serving New York City -- 94.7 FM WNSH (currently WRXP) -- went live January 21st as the only Country station serving the nation’s biggest media market.

Cumulus is the largest Country radio broadcaster in the United States with 83 Country stations, and is the nation's largest pure-play radio broadcaster with a total of 525 stations in 110 markets plus a syndication network of more than 5,000 radio stations.

"Country is more than just music -- it's a lifestyle that is rich with content and marketing opportunities because Country is mass appeal and very much underserved in all forms of media,” said Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey. “Cumulus is committed to serving this significant lifestyle segment that stretches from coast-to-coast by creating a full complement of content on the radio, in print, online and on TV."

 NASH Magazine, published by Modern Luxury, will debut in the second half of 2013 along with an interactive and innovative NASH website. NASH will also include social media content and exclusive concert events.

 NASH radio programming will include live shows, some originating from Nashville, and will be available to stations throughout the day through Cumulus Media Networks. All Country stations owned by Cumulus will feature the NASH brand and content. 

Country music is the most popular radio format in the United States, and the Nashville culture is increasingly prevalent in mainstream American entertainment: 

  • Top prime time television and sports programming feature the Country theme
  • In 2012, five of the top 10 music albums were Country (Nielsen)
  • In 2012, four of the top 10 phone ringtones featured Country songs (Billboard)
  • Even without Country format stations in top markets such as New York and San Francisco, Country’s share of total radio is listening is now at an all-time high (Arbitron)

KNX Wins Six Golden Mikes Including ‘Best News’

Honors for Third Consecutive Year


            KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO won a total of six Golden Mikes at the 63rd annual awards dinner held Saturday evening in Universal City. The awards are presented annually for excellence in radio, TV and Internet broadcast journalism by the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA), representing newsrooms in Los Angeles, San Diego and other markets from Bakersfield to the Mexican border.

              The 2012 KNX 1070 award recipients are:




Diane Thompson l Jim Thornton l Chris Sedens l Jan Stevens l David Singer l Greg Habell

KNX afternoon news team



”Shutdown Occupy L.A.”

Jon Baird l Brian Ping l Rory Eriksen l Pete Demetriou l Steve Futterman



“Tales of the L.A. Riots”

Charles Feldman l Margaret Carrero l John Brooks l Jayson Campadonia



“KNX On Your Corner”

Ed Mertz l Pete Demetriou l Vytas Safronikas l Chris Sedens

Margaret Carrero l Claudia Peschiutta



”Traffic & Weather Together on the 5s”

Denise Fondo l Desmond Shaw l Jeff Baugh l Mike O’Brien



“Money 101”

Bob McCormick l Austin Cross 

            RTNA is a non-profit organization of professional broadcast journalists dedicated to promoting excellence in local broadcast journalism.



"I feel so blessed.  Excellent job!  I’m so excited and I can’t wait to go back on the air at Go Country 105.  Everyone is so nice.  Please stay in touch and thank you again for everything." - Christine Martindale  

Fist Fight in LARadio

Joe McDonnell tweeted this weekend: "IS IT TRUE that an ego-driven PD of an LA radio station got in a fist fight w/ an on-air employee of a sister station? Bane of his existence?" 

Hmmmmmm. Any thoughts? 

Friday Funnie


There's this actor, Marty, in his 50s living in L.A. who's never had his big break. One day, his agent calls him. "Marty, you're not gonna believe it. I got you a part. It's on Broadway. It's just one line, but it's a huge play. And you're on tomorrow night."

Marty says, "This is great. What's the line?"

The agent says. "Hark! I hear the cannons roar."

Marty agrees to the part, and he's thrilled. He gets to the airport and starts running the line out loud over and over again all the way to New York. "Hark! I hear the cannons roar. Hark! I hear the cannons roar."

All the way to the theater he runs the line. He gets to the theatre, goes backstage, waits for his cue. He runs onstage and hears the cannon. Bang! And he screams, "What the fk was that?" (Funnie Joke from a Beautiful Woman series in the February 2013 issue of Esquire. Lauren Cohan, featured on The Walking Dead)


"I'm trying to get to the Fuddrucker's book signing in order to pull off the Dave Hull HAT TRICK. I've met him twice before, going for the 3rd time.  He's such a class guy and I just HAVE to lay my hands on that book. Should be a great read!

I'll probably have some Dave Hull aircheck! s in one or more of my ipods/ipod touch/iPhone." - Randy Tivens

Adam Carolla Sued By Podcast Partner

          Read story at The Wrap

                                                                           Dave Hull's Book Signing

Jimmy O'Neill's passing last weekend is another reminder that the LA radio stars of yesterday are becoming vulnerable. Along with Jimmy at KRLA was one of our favorites, Dave Hull, the Hullabalooer. He has written a terrific book that magically captures the Top 40 world of the sixties and MOR of the seventies.

Dave is coming in from his compound in Palm Springs to appear at Fuddrucker's in Burbank this Saturday for a book signing. Be there around 11 a.m. He is one of the nicest guys in the biz and as you wait in line to get your book signed, you will hear some amazing stories from Dave. Many other LARP will be attending and this will be an excellent chance to meet some of your radio favorites.

KNX's John North (Edy)

November 9, 1931 – December 21, 2012 

The EDY Family is sad to announce the passing of our beloved Father, Grandfather and Brother.  Please join us for a memorial service and Internment

Friday, January 18th

Little Church of flowers, Forest Lawn
1712 S. Glendale Ave., Glendale, Ca. 

Please join us immediately following as we celebrate a life well lived with food , drink and stories. 

The tam o’shanter
2980 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los angeles, ca. 

In Lieu of flowers, please consider the American Heart Association https://donate.americanheart.org/ecommerce/aha/aha_index.jspprint






JANUARY 16, 2013, BURBANK, CA — Benztown Radio Networks announced today that R Dub!, host and producer of the nationally syndicated radio show, “Sunday Nite Slow Jams,” has produced and directed a feature length documentary on the birth of Hip Hop radio in Tucson that has been chosen as an official film selection at three upcoming U.S. film festivals: The 2013 San Diego Black Film Festival in San Diego, CA; The Bloody Hero International Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ; and The Other Venice International Film Festival in Venice, CA. 

AM Mayhem: The Story of Tucson’s Power 1490, captures the passion of a group of friends whose love and vision for radio gave birth to Tucson’s first Hip Hop station. The film features many of the people who paved the way for rap music in its early days, including Bruce St. James, KTAR; Ted Stryker, KROQ; Tim Richards, KZZP; Boogie D, WHHL; Mojo, WKQI; and Slow Jams’ R Dub!. 

The first of the three festivals featuring AM Mayhem is the San Diego Black Film Festival, where the film will be screened on Friday, February 1, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15 in Downtown San Diego. The San Diego Black Film Festival was established in 2002 by the Black Historical Society of San Diego, and is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of African American and African Diaspora cinema as well as the education of media arts. It is one of the largest black film festivals in the U.S. 

The film will also be screened at The Bloody Hero International Film Festival in Phoenix on Saturday, February 9, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. at the Phoenix Center for the Arts. The Bloody Hero International Film Festival runs from February 8-10, 2013, and features independent work of both filmmakers and screenwriters. The festival is dedicated to supporting and promoting independent artists from around the world. 

The Other Venice International Film Festival in Venice, CA, will feature AM Mayhem during its run at Beyond Baroque from October 11-13, 2013. The Other Venice International Film Festival celebrates the original “Hollywood” and local filmmaking greats like Roger Corman and James Cameron that base their shows in Venice. The festival is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. It seeks to discover, support and inspire independent film and theatre artists from Venice and around the world and to introduce audiences to their new work. 

Chris Martin, Festival Director of the Bloody Hero International Film Festival said: “Independent film is more than a challenge. We are firm believers in the power of individuals with vision, talent, determination and a keen ability to collaborate in pursuit of telling their story. Far too often amazing stories go unappreciated and underexposed. The Bloody Hero International film festival is a place to feature the work of independent visionaries. This year we have many documentary films that fit into the category we like to call "struggling artists". AM Mayhem to us was an obvious choice. And we are confident that it brings a strong offering to supporters of the arts in our community. It captures the independent spirit, while supporting local champions of their chosen art form. It speaks to the struggles of standing behind the art in the face of all the adversity of the times. We couldn't be happier to include this film in our programming. And we can't wait to screen it for Arizona fans.” 

 R Dub!, “Slow Jams” Host and President of Fusion Radio Networks, said: “This film tells the untold story of Power 1490 in Tucson, where I started working in the early ‘90’s at the age of 16. It was a magic time for radio, and the rebels and visionaries who made Power 1490 an early force for Hip Hop tell all in this documentary, which was a true labor of love for me. I’m incredibly proud that it has been chosen as an official selection of these three cutting edge film festivals—and I hope that everyone in radio has a chance to see the film.” 

For more information about R Dub!’s documentary and these film festival screenings, including ticket information, visit www.power1490.com.  

Chicago Tribune looks back at the tumultuous reign of Randy Michaels


                                                                Congratulations to Christine Martindale, new midday personality at Country KKGO

(January 15, 2013) Starting Monday, February 4, Christine Martindale will be the on-air host from 10am to 2pm Monday through Friday.

Christine was on-air host at KOST FM for twelve years until recently terminated by the Clear Channel owned station.  She had extensive Country Radio experience prior to the KOST position, and in the opinion of Go Country 105 management, has been one of the most talented and exciting on-air voices in local Los Angeles radio. Her fans will be delighted by her return to radio.

February will also be celebrated by Go Country 105 as the sixth anniversary of KKGO bringing country radio back to Los Angeles-Orange Counties and, the latest Arbitron report shows Go Country 105 as the most listened to country radio station in the USA.

KKGO FM (105.1) is owned and operated by Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters, Inc., and on February 18, 2013, KKGO FM commences fifty four years of operation under the same family ownership and management. 


"I told you that I was swinging for the bleachers for a new midday dj. In the next few days we will be releasing the name, and its a heavyweight." - Saul Levine, KKGO

** 1.15

"Chunky is leaving us end of the month...so mornings OPEN in San Diego!
Tati and Porkchop stay on board.
Looking for an amazing morning host for San Diego's heritage Jammin' Z90 that can win in one of the best markets in the nation, at a great company with a killer staff!  Morning experience and WINNING track record required.

Send T&R to:  localmediasd@gmail.com
Absolutely no calls." - R Dub

** 1.12

"Bill Mouzis remembers KHJ - but he gives the Boss Radio debut date as May 5, 1965. Grant Manning, an old friend who made the original aircheck, which he sent me a copy of and which I sent to others and all the collectors now have, said it was April 28. Ray Richmond
convinced Ron Jacobs it was April 27. I have to go with the date given by the guy who made the aircheck." - Steve Thompson

                                                    LARP Running for LA Mayor

(January 10, 2013) Kevin James was a Talk show host at KABC and 870/KRLA. Today he is running for mayor. We've had other LARP run for political office and some who have left office and become a Talk show host, namely former mayor Sam Yorty.

Kevin is featured in the current issue of Los Angeles Magazine. The story begins:

  • "Among Los Angeles's field of mayoral candidates, Kevin James sticks out like plaid on polka dots. A gay Republican in a bedrock blue city, he still speaks with the folksy drawl of his Oklahoma birthplace, despite having moved here 25 years ago."
  • "James has never run for anything."
  • "Though he lacks name recognition - James jokes that he hopes people confuse him with the actor from King of Queens - his campaign has turned out to be more than just a quixotic sideshow."
  • "He practices a disciplined style of retail politics, having visited more than 50 neighborhood councils in the past 18 months. On the trail he pounds away at what he sees as the fiscal recklessness of his opponents, who, he insists, have brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy."

Kevin appears with John Phillips tomorrow morning on the KABC "McIntyre in the Morning" show.

** 1.7

"Bill Mouzis died this morning, following his battle with congestive heart failure, at the age of 90.

Bill was as fine a man as I have every met.  He was an inspiration to me, both professionally and personally, and there has never been or will ever be another 'Magic Fingers' Mouzis.  He didn’t set the bar…he WAS the bar.   

As a young Boss groupie, I used to take the 101-H bus down Ventura Boulevard, from Encino to Hollywood, to try and get into 93/KHJ at 5515 Melrose and grab a glimpse of a Boss Jock.  After many failed attempts I managed to sneak my way in through the KHJ-TV, Channel 9 entrance on the west side of the building.  This was repeated many times, followed immediately by being thrown out by everyone from Ron Jacobs and Robert W. Morgan to, Shelley Morgan (then Shelley Gordon – Jacobs assistant) and Milt Hoffman (a producer at KHJ/Channel 9.)   

One particular summer day, I met Bill Mouzis for the very first time.  Not only did he NOT throw me out of the building, he asked me who I was, where I went to school and took a personal interest in me.  He then proceeded to show me around the concrete bunker-like studios and into the closet-sized production room where all the magic was made.   After about an hour and a half, he told me he had work to attend to, that is was nice meeting me, and to please come back and visit him sometime. I took him up on that offer on more than one occasion. He was the very first person to teach me about radio production and what it meant to be a professional at all times.  He made me feel like a potential peer, not a pest!

One of the things I remember best is that Mouzis, Morgan and Jacobs came up with their own unique measurement of time that was imperceptible to most, but was like a giant gap to those in the know.  It was called a 'Strassman.'  It really did make a difference in a segue, promo transition or a History Of Rock ‘N Roll montage.

I had the pleasure of actually working with Bill Mouzis  in the early 80’s, when Robert W. Morgan was the morning man at Gene Autry’s 710/KMPC.  Bill applied the same professionalism to his work there and, along with Robert W., continued to 'school' me on everything production and life.  From executing the removal of a 'Strassman'…to multi-track recording, EQ, and music and SFX selection for promos.  I still apply everything I learned, from Bill, in my work today, as a producer/director at Entertainment Tonight. 

Bill and his wife Nancy were also a part of the annual Robert W. Morgan tamale run, every Christmas Eve Morgan since 1980.  Around 8 a.m., we would drop by their home in Lake Balboa and drop off tamales (from Carrillo’s Tortillaria in San Fernando), have a cup of coffee and some scrumptious coffee cake that Nancy had just baked and spend and hour or more reminiscing about the good old days and talking about any and everything OTHER than radio.  It has been a tradition that I have cherished and looked forward to every year.

He will truly be missed, but I know he is smiling as he reunites with his Boss Brothers in heaven." - Kevin Gershan

** 1.7 

"I never knew what a 'Strassman' was, but if it has to do with time measurement, now it feels like eternity is just in the other room. Or like time was something God gave us to prevent everything from happening all at once. And yet, it's sad the Strassman couldn't have been stretched just a little longer, I wish a but selfishly, do that we might have enjoyed Bill a bit longer. So with this overview it feels like it did actually happen all at once. 

It's so close to home in how his passing certainly reminds us all of our own mortality, however, if you look at everything he accomplished and the wonderful life he had, I can't help but vicariously feel the pride of what he must've felt of his  accomplishments and therefore my own pride of having known him.

Where did the time go? Somebody sped the record up a tad too fast.

Thanks, Kevin, for mentally freeze-framing some of the best moments of his (& your) experiences for us to commemorate!

Bill, it does feel like it happened all at once, my friend. And in show biz  with any great performance , it would please you to know that we all feel how you accomplished much and played it well, but you left us all wanting more!" - Don Elliot

** 1.6

"My dad continues to weaken. A meeting is planned with family members and two of his doctors. He no longer can speak. He is incoherent most of the time. I believe he cannot see or sense who is in the room. Only brief moments will he open his eyes and appear to recognize someone only to drift off. The insufficient level of oxygen in his blood has taken its toll on his consciousness. We are arranging for a priest to visit. This is very hard. I pass along all the well wishes with the hopes he knows he’s loved. My gut tells me tomorrow is going to be the longest of days.  I’ll be in touch." - Tom Mouzis (son of Bill Mouzis)

** 1.4

Happy New Year, Don. Any word on what is happening with John Phillips? He is no longer mentioned on the morning show and Doug McIntyre and T-Rae are no longer pictured with him on John's web page." - Jim Mitchell, Laguna Beach

** 1.3

"Just in: In my final month at Go Country, December 2012, we became the #1 Most Listened to Country station in America! I've now reached this milestone with 2 different stations. #Proud #newbeginnings." - Ryan Fox

** 1.3

"I'm trying to find an old friend who worked in Escondido on station KOWN in the 1970's. His name was Clip Helps. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks." - Dave DeWitt
gddewitt@pacbell.net, 760. 747.9596

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