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Don Barrett

Fred Gallagher Retires After 28 Years in Southland Radio

(June 1, 1999) Longtime KNX sports guy Fred Gallagher stepped down yesterday and has officially retired. In playful play on words, morning anchor Tom Haule introduced Fred for the last time as "not shy, certainly retiring." Tom had high praise for Fred near the end of his shift: "Sometimes we’re moody in here and Fred has always been a joy to work with. Constantly in control, just setting a standard for the rest of us. You approach the job with a very even tempo and a very clear control over everything you’ve done. We’re gonna miss you. We really are." Co-anchor Linda Nunez joined in the farewell praise. "They’ve had lots of people sitting in this anchor chair. You’ve been the only one, the only sports guy. You’re the only morning guy left in the 10 years that I’ve been here. We’re really going to miss you," echoed Linda. Fred is well known for his long sportscasts. "We figured it out," Tom told Fred. "You were actually going to retire at the end of the year but taking all of your sports reports, realizing how each one has gone over time, it’s now over for you. We’re actually a dysfunctional family at times, but as we like to say, we’re losing one big member," Tom concluded.

Where’s Peter Tilden? His whereabouts continue to be of intense interest to visitors of LARADIO.COM. "I just turned in another project to Nickelodeon and I’m enjoying the Memorial Day weekend," said Peter when I caught up with him by phone on Saturday. As to reports that he has accepted a job at a Denver radio station? "I am shocked and dismayed that someone would print that without checking with me," said Peter. Peter was candid because I was the one responsible for putting Peter together with Jeff Hillery, the nice guy pd at KHOW-Denver. Jeff was equally dismayed why the reporter did not check with him before printing the story. There is interest on the part of both parties, but Jeff is talking to a number of personalities about the KHOW opening. "There are a number of vulnerable positions in the L.A. market and I’ve been actively talking with those stations. I may end up staying in Southern California," said Peter. In the meantime, a deal may work out between Jeff and Peter in Denver or it may be with another station in a major market that is actively pursing Peter. But as of today, no deal has been made. This Friday night Peter is the host for the annual black tie dinner and auction for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Los Angeles…During the "7th Day" Sunday night at KLOS, Beau Riales reminisced about being in Meridian, Mississippi in the summer of 1978 playing Running With the DevilBill Sharp made a KACE appearance at Cheers in Moreno Valley Sunday night…KBIG morning team Rick Diego and Carolyn Gracie are giving away Notting Hill movie tickets in a themed promotion as female listeners who make more money than their male counterparts phone in with their stories…During "Dodger Game Day" over the weekend at KXTA, Ken Levine couldn’t resist a Star Wars comparison when he called Carlos Perez the Jar Jar Binks of the Dodgers.

The son of radio talk show host Art Bell has filed a federal lawsuit against the Nye County School District and a former substitute teacher who is serving a life prison sentence for sexually assaulting him. The complete story appears in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. …Arrow 93’s" middayer Mary Price is featured in the summer tv campaign on KCBS/Channel 2…Garrett Burke wants to know if there is a portable device that is in effect a VCR with a timer for radio to record radio programs? Any thoughts for Garrett?…"Star 98.7" conducted an all-80s Memorial Day weekend. Sunday morning Leah Brandon gave away tickets to party with the Go-Gos at the $15 million "Star Private Beach House" in Malibu and to attend a Go-Gos concert at the Greek Theatre in July…KRTH’s Chaz Kelly broadcast from Pasadena’s Summer Fest last Sunday…Cameron Reagan, the son of KIEV’s Michael Reagan and the grandson of President Ronald Reagan, is scheduled to be jailed in L.A. tomorrow. He pleaded no contest to receiving stolen property from two car break-ins last year.

Friday seems to be LARP golf day. Seen on recent Fridays at the Studio City Golf Course on Whitsett: Denise Fondo, Randy Fuller, Jeff Baugh, Meghan Reyes, Tom Storey, Larry Barajas and Brian Phelps (one-half of the Mark & Brian team at KLOS)…Former KFWB newsman Gary Franklin frequently comments on the state of radio and can be found from time to time at this site appearing at Email Saturday postings. KLSX’s Tom Leykis responds: "After all those years of being overpaid by moronic TV news operations to tinkle all over the movie industry, giving one lousy movie after another a ‘10’ just so that you could see your name appear in countless movie ads, it must be tough to be sitting home a bitter old man with your face pressed against the glass, wishing you could get back in. I'm sure I speak for most of those of us still employed in the business when I say that I can't WAIT until I can stop getting paid to go to a real job every day doing all my uneducated shouting and, like you, have nothing better to do than to write a series of endless, rambling, pathetically bitter diatribes that unsuccessfully attempt to bait an audience of deaf ears. Sleep well, Gary."

Last week I posted a note from KOST apd Johnny Chiang:
"You know, during the past few months a certain ‘Big’ station in town kept touting that it doesn't play ‘sleepy’ and ‘boring’ songs. In fact, its morning show recently pronounced on the air that the ‘sleepy station’ is getting old and is about to be overtaken. I wonder if they're still feeling that way after the latest trends? Moral of the story: Be humble...or else be prepared to eat humble pie! By the way, the changes at KLOS are awesome! It's about time that someone in town did a real rock station!" said Johnny.

KBIG’s midday personality Lance Ballance responds to Johnny’s comments: "Interesting how they simply can't stop talking about us! Everyone knows trends don't mean a thing. Besides, how could he know what our Morning Show said about them if they didn't constantly monitor us! By the way, Johnny, their names are Rick, Carolyn, & Shirley. Please use them next time. KOST already knows my's above theirs in the latest Arbitron Book. [Winter 1999, 12+ Middays, KBIG 3.4, KOST 3.1...I won't even get into would only publicly humiliate them.]

Jeff Wyatt, former pd at KPWR, KIIS and KACD, is off to Washington DC to program a "Jammin' Oldies" station. "Gonna be good," emailed Jeff. "Excellent situation and place to live. I've been working with the Chancellor guys for quite awhile to find a fit back East for family reasons. This is it. Now watch what happens!" The station at 99.5FM is in the process of securing new call letters. The station has been WGAY/FM…Lance Ballance was giving away KBIG tee-shirts at the Brea Mall over the weekend to listeners who had the 104 sequence in a drivers license or credit card…"Susan Lucci got her Emmy. She's now 1 for 19, about the same success ratio as NATO missiles." Our start of the week funnie from Westwood One’s Zack Taylor.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Pat Boone, Paul Freeman and Pete Turpel

LARP Remember Their Fathers

The joy of putting together LARADIO.COM on a daily basis is the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles Radio People better than how they are perceived in the radio world. From time to time I have initiated special features that allow us to peek into their lives.

I asked 20 LARP to talk about their Fathers. Sylvia Aimerito has been part of the Southern California radio landscape for over two decades. Born in Springfield, Illinois, Sylvia grew up in Lakewood. She attended Cerritos College and Cal State Long Beach before starting at KNAC in 1978. She has worked at KEZY, KHJ, KNOB, KNX/FM, KFI and a decade in morning drive at KBIG.

"My Dad was a milk man for about 40 years. He made a living as a hard working, blue-collar man, driving a truck and delivering heavy loads of milk and other dairy products. He worked long shifts, starting very early in the morning and finishing well into the late afternoon. It was back breaking work and he came home exhausted. Yet, no matter how tired he was, no matter how frustrating his day might have been, my Dad greeted his family with warm hugs and kisses.

Dinner almost immediately followed his arrival. Sitting around the kitchen table my brothers and sisters and I would sit and listen in amazement as he would recall in minute detail the many funny and interesting stories that occurred throughout his day. How exciting he made delivering milk sound!

Thinking back, I know now it wasn't just his stories that I liked. It was the fact that my Dad was sharing with us; letting us in on the adventures that happened to him while he was away from us. It made me feel so important to him. I loved that about him. I loved that he would ignore his fatigue and give to his family the attention and love we all needed. What a lesson in love I learned." - Sylvia Aimerito

Radio Reviews Debut at LA Daily News

(June 2, 1999) Fred Shuster, LA Daily News radio writer, is breaking new ground with a twice a week critical review of local radio programming. In yesterday’s Daily News, Fred wrote: "We’ll hold radio – one show at a time – to the same standards by which critics examine movies, theater, tv, music and other cultural events." In his inaugural critique, KYSR morning show, "Jamie, Frosty & Frank" received 2 stars. Fred doesn’t indicate what the highest star rating can be. As part of his review of the "Star 98.7" trio, Fred wrote, "It’s South Park reborn as morning radio. But with considerably less wit, cynicism or self-awareness." He calls it "brain candy for the ride to work." Fred wrapped up his review describing the show "is like a toddler, plowing unsteadily ahead, fascinated by its own diaper. One thing we are eager to see, and it’s a cliffhanger: What will happen when they run out of excretions?"

John Scott from Seattle tipped me to a NY Times article earlier this week that addressed the issue of the importance of billboards in Southern California. The story made reference to KPWR’s Big Boy: "One of the most eye-catching recent ads promotes a morning radio DJ named BIG BOY who is BIG and FAT, which he celebrates in self-mocking advertisements parodying Calvin Klein underwear ads."

When a station plays a "Totally 80s Weekend," is all the music totally from the 80s? Jeff Axelrod, assistant managing editor at Radio & Records had this experience: "My daughter and I were driving home Sunday night, listening to Star 98.7's ‘Totally '80s’ weekend, when they played My Sharona, which I very clearly remembered from the summer between 7th and 8th grade, also known as 1979. We got home, and I called the jock, just to jokingly give him a hard time about it. Knowing the jocks' propensity to record calls, I decided to do it with the radio off. So I talk with him briefly, he says, ‘Hey, man, it's what's on the log. What do you know, it is from the '70s!’ OK, fine, whatever. I was just having some fun with him. I hang up the phone and turn the radio back on, only to hear One Way or Another segue into Pop Muzik -- both of which are also from 1979! Well, y'know, like, 1979 was, like, so totally '80s, just, like a little bit earlier."

KABC’s Mark Taylor and Guy Davis, hosts of the TaylorDavis weekend show, were honorary mayor and honorary sheriff at the Canoga Park Memorial Day Parade. "They had a big turnout," emailed the pair. "The highlight was meeting and talking to Sgt. Andrew Ramirez. He is very shy, but everybody is drawn to him like a magnet. We asked him how many photos he had taken since his release and he said ‘a lot’ and that he really doesn't like to have his picture taken, which, of course, is very ironic since that's all he does all day when he's out in public."

It’s clear that the talk show hosts at the Dodgers flagship station, KXTA, have no restraints as far as being critical of the team. Yesterday afternoon, the Dawgpound keepers Newy Scruggs and Dave Denholm lambasted the poor play of the Dodgers on Monday. "You can’t make that kind of money and play half-ass," said Newy. "The shot of Davey Johnson sitting on a bench in Pittsburgh looked like he really wanted to go off on his team. He just had that look." Dave jumped in: "I’ll tell you what, if they hadn’t won five out of six before that game yesterday, and Davey saw that kind of effort, it might have been the day he blew up. There was no excuse for it. We could have gone in front of San Francisco."

Ran into former LARP newsman Roger Aldi, who is now a minister in Toluca Lake, and we talked about the people from his past who emailed him following the update story about Roger at this site. "I heard from Carl Nelson [KJLH nd for almost 20 years] who used to work for me as an intern. Carl said that he never had the chance to say ‘thank you’ and wanted to take the opportunity." Roger almost had a tear in his eye as he talked about so many people finding him and reaching out…Author Jackie Collins will be on Al Rantel's show today at 2:00 p.m….Dire Straits will guest on "Rockline" on "Arrow 93" tonight at 8:30..."The weekend officially starts with the Friday night 80s party." – KBIG promo.

Stanley Sheff, formerly of KROQ's Young Marquis and Stanley Show, is involved in a unique endeavor connected with the Los Angeles Conservancy. Classic films will be shown every Wednesday this month at classic L.A. theatres like the Orpheum, Million Dollar Theatre and the Los Angeles Theatre. Tonight at the Orpheum the 1933 classic, 42nd Street. Following the showing, there will be a live dancing extravaganza with swing dancers, singers and surprise guest stars. Stanley is producing the live production. For more information: 213.623.2489…KKLA’s Kiris Coburn passes by a couple of towers in Torrance on 190th near Hawthorne Boulevard. Kiris wants to know which radio station is using the towers.

A reader to this site was asking about a portable-type VCR machine to record radio programs. "Sounds like Garrett is looking for exactly what I tried a year or two ago, Reel-Talk's Talk Show Recorder," emailed John Fox. "Quoting the ad in a copy of LA Radio Guide - who by the way, never fulfilled my paid subscription – ‘Like a VCR for radio. Allows you to play back a radio program at a time convenient to you! This AM/FM digital radio comes with a built in timer and tape recorder. Record 4 hours of your favorite shows using just one side of a standard audiocassette.’ I ordered one, didn't like it and sent it back. I saw one near the checkout counter at Orvac Electronics in Fullerton. My favorite way to aircheck is to run audio from my stereo into my VCR. I get up to 8 hours of high quality audio that way, but it's not portable."…Rich Buhler emailed another thought for Garrett: "I run the output of a receiver into the sound card on a computer and recording at a low enough sample rate that with the right hard drive, you can get 24 hours of recording! You put together either a scheduler or a batch file that will launch an application like Microsoft recorder at the time you want the recording done."…Chris Parker jumped in with another suggestion for a radio VCR. "It's called ‘Reel Time’ and is available at the Affordable Portables chain. The unit is basically a cassette deck with a built -in timer and AM/FM tuner. I have one and it works great. The only drawback is that the cassette records at 1/2 the speed of a conventional cassette, so you need to play the tape back on the same machine you recorded on, or else you get sound that resembles the Chipmunks. The unit sells for between $150 and $200. I recommend it," emailed Chris.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Rich Capparela, Jerry Mathers and Gil Stratton

LARP Remember Their Fathers

The joy of putting together LARADIO.COM on a daily basis is the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles Radio People better than how they are perceived in the radio world. From time to time I have initiated special features that allow us to peek into their lives.

I asked 20 LARP to talk about their Fathers. Gene Baxter is Bean, one-half of the popular KROQ Kevin & Bean program. They never worked together on air until they were teamed on January 2, 1990. For the past almost decade, they have achieved enormous success in morning drive. Bean shares a memory of his father.

"Throughout my teen and college years, when the bug had already bitten me hard, my dad steadfastly advised me to avoid radio as a career. He correctly assessed the entertainment industry as being unpredictable and one in which it would be difficult to make a good living. Like actors, he explained, 99 out of 100 radio announcers do not make enough money to live comfortably. I don't know how he knew this, being a lifelong navy man, but to him the steady government paycheck was a better shot for a young man than the nomadic life of a disc jockey.

I chose to go to the University of Maryland because of their excellent broadcast school and if you don't believe me ask fellow Terrapin Connie Chung. Dad financially supported my curriculum and I first got involved with, and then became obsessed with being on our 10-watt carrier-current campus radio station. I started to skip classes for airshifts and spent study time hanging out at WMUC trying to learn what I could. Late in that first year, I landed my first on-air paid gig, a weekend shift on suburban Washington DC's WINX, Rockville, Maryland. With a blowtorch signal of 1,000 watts (daytime), I sat down for my first professional airshift.

During the second or third song when I felt comfortable enough to start answering the request lines, I was surprised to hear dear old dad on the other end of one. I felt sure he was calling to congratulate me for sticking to my dreams, working hard and starting to reap the benefit of my passion by getting on the air at a "real" radio station. "Son, I was wrong about this radio thing," he said, starting promisingly enough. "I forgot that now that you are on the air, I can just flip a switch to turn you off!!!" We got a big laugh over that for a long time but I don't think it was until I got my first multi-year contract with KROQ that he finally admitted that radio might not have been a bad choice after all." - Bean

Westwood One and Metro Networks Get Together for $900 Million

(June 3, 1999) Metro Networks, the largest provider of traffic reporting services and a leading supplier of local news, sports, weather and video news services to the television and radio broadcast industries will merge into Westwood One in exchange for approximately $900 million in Westwood One common stock. Metro operates in over 80 markets nationally and services more than 2,000 radio and television station affiliates in six countries. Westwood One is America's largest radio network, providing over 150 news, sports, music, talk, entertainment programs, features, live events, 24-hour formats and Shadow Broadcast Services including Shadow Traffic, News and Sports. Westwood One services more than 5,000 radio stations around the world and is managed by Infinity Broadcasting Corporation. The deal certainly generates more questions than answers for LARP. An early buzz had Shadow Traffic (owned by Westwood One) physically moving into the Metro Wilshire Boulevard studios and then by the end of the day, no one seemed to know anything. Much too early to tell the fallout from this one.

Gary Thompson at KLAC is giving away a four-pack of baseball tickets to "The Big Ed" for a game and fireworks show…"Arrow 93FM" afternoon drive personality Bob Coburn is nominated for Radio Personality of the Year by Radio & Records. The station is also giving away trips to the Rio All Suite and Casino Hotel at station appearances throughout the summer."…Yesterday morning on KROQ, comedian Robert Schimmel and KROQ's Kevin compared vasectomy stories. Kevin is always happy to tell anyone the story of how his "crotch was smoking". This morning Kevin & Bean will have all the details on KROQ's Seventh Annual Weenie Roast and Luau including date, location and who will be playing. KROQ correspondent Vincent says that you should keep your calendar clear for June 19th, and gas up the car for a drive down to Irvine Meadows for this year's Weenie Roast…Krickett Davis was giving away tickets to ArrrowFest last night on "Arrow 93." On Father’s Day, ArrowFest at the Irwindale Speedway features Joe Walsh, REO Speedwagon and Kansas.

KABC traffic and news reporter Jonathan Chance has had a very exciting week with breaking news stories. "In the past 3 days, I was responsible for calling 911 and directing emergency units to an overturned sailboat on Lake Mission Viejo, an unconscious bicycle rider involved in an accident on the Huntington Beach bike path and a generator fire injuring 3 people in Culver City," emailed Jonathan. Perhaps a new slogan for KABC should be, "We're first with breaking news, because it happens in front of Jonathan Chance."

"Regarding Jeff Axelrod's comments about hearing songs from 1979 on ‘Star 98.7’s’ Totally 80's Weekend, we should all consider that those songs were probably in some sort of ‘recurrent’ rotation in 1980, which may justify their being included. Just a thought," emailed Harley Davidson…Yesterday KKLA’s Kiris Coburn asked about the radio towers in Torrance on 190th near Hawthorne Boulevard. "The radio towers in question belong to the mighty KNX," emailed Raul Moreno. "It used to have this great old building on the site with all the engineers in ties working away, but it was replaced in the 1970s. They used to sit right about where the car dealership is now. With those 50,000 watts of pure news, we still get calls from people who live in that area about problems with their phones." Thanks also to Chris Parker, Ron Karam (remembers the park around the towers as Columbia Park) and Perry Simon for passing along the information.

Wanna go to London tomorrow? KOST is airing a "Beverly Hills to Notting Hill" contest. This Friday morning at 10 a.m., KOST is screening Notting Hill. The first 450 people who arrive with a valid passport will be admitted. Before the movie starts, a winner will be announced. The winner and a guest leave immediately by limo for LAX, board a 12:50 p.m. flight for London for a three night/four day stay. London is the setting for Notting Hill. Fun promotion…KGIL’s Jim Roope is using a Dodger night for a terrific fund raiser. "Rosie and I got the charter to begin the So Cal chapter of Families of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), the neuromuscular disease from which our son Tyler suffers," emailed Jim. He needs to sell 1,000 tickets to the September 24 Dodger – Padre game. You can also be a corporate sponsor. Jim has all the information at: …The LA Times weekly radio column by Steve Hochman this morning features the musical changes at KRTH. PD Mike Phillips gave Steve a great quote: "Some day middle-age couples will be walking down the beach saying, "They’re playing our song’ – and it will be Puff Daddy."

At the end of the current news each day, we salute LARP who are celebrating birthdays. If you are not on the list, be sure to let us know your birth date. Don Herbert noticed that I ask for a birth date and if you want your death listed. "Your offer to LARP to list their birthdays/ I get back to you on that later? By the way, if it occurs before I have a chance to notify!!!!!! See what happens when you retire and sit around like this? I suspect you soon will get a similiar inane note from Fred Gallagher asking if you know where he put his teeth," emailed Don. The party was great!" according to a KNX insider who attended the Fred Gallagher retirement party. "It was a huge turnout and was the biggest one since I have been there," said the source. These farewells are typically brief but because of all the well wishers, the party lasted over an hour. Tom Kelly showed up and told many stories about when the two of them worked USC games. Former KABC newsman Chuck Madden is working morning drive sports for now…At SportsFan Radio Network, K.J. Sala from "The Muscle" (KSML) in Riverside has been hired to be producer/sidekick to talented sports guy Rocco Pendola.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Dave Michaels, Cary Rolfe and Ira Sternberg

LARP Remember Their Fathers

The joy of putting together on a daily basis is the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles Radio People better than how they are perceived in the radio world. From time to time I have initiated special features that allow us to peek into their lives.

I asked 20 LARP to talk about their Fathers. Bernie Alan chose radio as a career when he was six years old while listening to Don Wilson on a quiz show interviewing kids. Since 1984, the Temple University graduate has been the voice of KCET. Before joining the PBS station, Bernie worked at KFAC, KPPC, KROQ, KLVE, KEZY, KOST, KZLA and KKGO.

"My father was an old-world man, having left a disputed area (at the time Russia) when he was sixteen and enlisting in the U-S army at 17 by lying about his age. He spoke Hebrew, Yiddish and could converse in Russian and other Slavic languages and eventually mastered English with little or no accent...and he was trained as a tailor, plumber, carpenter and in a smattering of other ‘trades’...and so it was confusing to him that I wanted to go in ‘radio’ a far-fetched and alien idea for him. His admonition was ‘go out and get a job’ and he didn't mean as a dj. There was also a generation gap between us as my father was well into his forties when I was born.

While the situation grew colder for us I auditioned (at age 17) and got a job...and immediately our relationship changed. For the first time he realized that I could do this far-out thing and was actually doing it. He never said that but his attitude changed...and his friends told me how proud he was when he called them into the room to hear his son on the radio from a tiny 250-watt station thirty miles away.

I guess going into radio helped my father and me solve some of the four generation and culture gaps." – Bernie Alan

KIIS/KACD Lead the Revenue Pack in April

(June 4, 1999) Jacor combo KIIS/KACD generated $2,879,000 or 6.1% of the advertising monies in April, according to informed sources.

Steve Parker, XTRA Sports 1150's "Car Nut," will broadcast from Greenwich, Connecticut this Sunday morning at 7 a.m. while at the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance (that's a fancy name for a car show)…"You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll send hate mail." – Promo for Larry Elder at KABC…Colleen Ryan was reporting traffic on KIEV’s Ray Briem show Wednesday afternoon and reported a SigAlert on the 134. "Someone has lost their marbles, literally," said Colleen. An overturned truck spread marble debris resulting in the closure of all lanes…On Joe Benson's "Off The Record," The Grateful Dead will be featured Sunday night at 10. Tomorrow night at 6:30 meet "Arrow 93’s" Joe Benson at the Costa Mesa Speedway on the Orange County Fairgrounds…Still no word on a replacement for KROQ’s Jimmy Kimmel, the Sports Guy…Every Saturday is KZLA party night with Bob Harvey at The Western Connection in San Dimas…"Truth, justice and the American way." KIEV station ID…Syndicated gardening expert, Nick Federoff, celebrates 10 years of broadcasting on KFI. Nick is known for his outrageous personality and wacky sense of humor. "At one time I was the youngest at KFI, now I feel like I'm the oldest and I'm not even forty!" says Federoff. "My listeners have to drink a gallon of water before they go to bed on Friday night to get up early enough to hear me" he continues, "but that ain't nothing, I have to drink 2-gallons."

Guess who's going back to his talk show roots this weekend? Eric Tracy joins KRLA on Sunday evenings for a general talk show. "I was a talk show host for many years before getting into the sports-game; in fact, early in my career I was Larry King's competition when he first started doing his all-night talk show on Mutual," emailed Eric. "I did a show called America Overnight on RKO." This Sunday night his first hour subject asks the question, "Is the Entertainment Industry Becoming More Spiritual or is God Just the Flavor of the Month?" The second hour will deal with computers. The final hour’s subject is Single in Southern California. Good luck, Eric…KACD is looking for San Fernando Valley listeners. "Channel 103.1fm World Class Rock" stickers fell out of newspapers last weekend…LARP Pat Boone appears as the celebrity driver of the week with the traffic guys at KRLA tomorrow afternoon…Doug McIntyre is a busy guy. He does occasional fill-in work at KRLA. "Each month I co-host with Ira Fistell at KRLA and from time to time I appear with Conway & Steckler at KLSX," emailed Doug. Last year he was the executive producer of Mike Hammer – Private Eye with Stacy Keach. Doug’s just finished work on a new film starring Leslie Nielsen and he made his fifth appearance on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill MaherXavier Soriano, "Mega 100’s" X-Man was giving away tickets yesterday to the "70s Soul Jam" on the 12th starring the Stylistics, Dramatics and Chi-Lites.

Ron Price, pd at KXMX is still looking for talent. "I already have a huge box full of tapes and resumes, but it's really tough to find the quality jocks that are out there," emailed Ron. "I need quality people that are willing to compete against the L.A. market at a station that technically isn't part of the L.A. market. For the most part, Mix is going to be a training camp for raw talent that has the potential to become great radio performers. Plus, they need to have a great work ethic. Finding that in a personality is not the easiest thing in the world." Send your tapes and stuff to Ron at KXMX, 1190 East Ball Road, Anaheim, 92805…Michael Medved, film critic and KIEV afternoon talk show host reviewed Notting Hill yesterday. "Julia Roberts can be one of the most annoying actresses, but here playing a lost, lonely superstar, very much like herself, she is terrific." Michael gave the film 4 stars…Thanks to Steve Harvey in yesterday’s LA Times "Only in L.A." column for the Web site mention. He told Bean’s (KROQ) Father’s Day story.

Charlie Van Dyke and the K-Earth morning crew will be conducting their annual "Care For Kids" radiothon this morning. Mark Kriski will be doing his portion of the KTLA morning show from the K-Earth studios promoting the fund raiser for the Variety Club charities…Cindy Dole is a new news anchor at KFWB. She is a fourth generation Angeleno (her ancestors were here before there was tar in the La Brea Tar Pits) and a 1982 honors graduate of USC, having majored in broadcast journalism and communication. Cindy spent 2 years as an anchor/reporter at KNX, where she won two Golden Mikes before leaving broadcasting briefly to try her hand at public relations with the GCI Group here in L.A. It didn't take her very long in the PR business to decide that radio was her life. For the six years preceding KNX, Cindy was anchor/reporter at WWMT/TV in Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo spending the last three years as the station's prime 6 & 11 p.m. co-anchor. She has also been a reporter and anchor at KRDG/TV, Jefferson City/Columbia, Missouri and KYEL/TV Yuma. Cindy began her broadcasting career as an anchor and reporter at KDES-Palm Springs. Cindy, her husband and their English sheep dog live in Glendale.

Larry Stewart in the LA Times this morning reports that Ed Arnold will be leaving KTLA/Channel 5 when his contract is up. Ed is one of the most familiar faces on local tv, but his heart has always been in radio. As a youngster in Texarkana, he started out with his own show called "Rockin’ With Eddy." Ed co-hosted a weekly country jamboree with huge stars like Johnny Cash, Hank Thompson and Elvis Presley. While he was in the Marines, he was offered a football scholarship at Santa Ana College, which brought him to the Southland. He received his B.A. degree in speech/radio/tv/film in 1968 from Long Beach State (now Cal State Long Beach). Ed worked at KDAY, KOCM, KHTZ/KRLA and KMPC (worked mornings with Robert W. Morgan). For over a quarter of a century he has volunteered his time as the announcer for Dr. Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power. When I was doing my book signing at Pepperland in Orange a couple of years ago, I was honored to have Ed spend his afternoon greeting the hundreds of radio fans who turned out. It will be fun to watch where he appears next. Truly one of the bright and nice people in Southern California radio and tv. Stewart asked the question this morning: "Will a new weekend sportscaster at Channel 5, replacing a known and popular one, make a dent in the ratings? It doesn’t seem likely."
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: T. Michael Jordan

LARP Remember Their Fathers

The joy of putting together LARADIO.COM on a daily basis is the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles Radio People better than how they are perceived in the radio world. From time to time I have initiated special features that allow us to peek into their lives.

I asked 20 LARP to talk about their Father's. Geoff Nathanson is a graduate of UCLA and has always loved sports. Since 1982, Geoff has been an active part of the Southern California sports broadcasting community.

"Father's day was probably invented to celebrate people like my Dad. A self-made man who created a successful business from ideas and hard work, Sherman Nathanson is, and has always been, a great role model. It started quite frankly, with my birth date in 1964.

Back then, Fathers were discouraged from being in the room during the actual birth. However, being a caring and supportive Dad and husband, he realized that it was important for him to be there despite the outdated customs. He went down the hall and "borrowed" some doctor's scrubs and entered the room. His support helped my mom and somehow I've always known that he was there for me then. And he has been ever since.

As a father, he worked 60 hours a week and still somehow had the energy to tell me and my brothers original bedtime stories featuring such characters as Mickey the Monkey and Winnie the Pooh. We enjoyed the stories so much that they often ended with a worn out Dad declaring, "And then Pooh decided to go to sleep."

I remember in Little League once, I had a big hit in a game. As I stood on third base, I somehow heard his baritone "Hooray!" over the rest of the crowd. I knew that he was thrilled for me because he knew my love of baseball and had also seen me strike out more than once. He's taught me about life, business, self-confidence, and people.

Perhaps there isn't a foolproof formula for fatherhood, but I'm thankful to be the son of one of the best. I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day." - Geoff Nathanson, KNX 1070 Sports

Email Saturday

(June 5, 1999) We Get Email…

** Franklin Answers Leykis
"This fellow, Tom Leykis, is absolutely right in his answer to my angry diatribes: the tv and radio stations did indeed overpay me handsomely, during my decade-and-a-half stint as critic and entertainment industry reporter. It's a disgraceful example of broadcasting's excesses vis-a-vis talent. But I have no desire to return. I'm in the process of creating a new platform for disseminating a whole flood of highly critical, acidic comments on the likes of Mr. Leykis - and passing along compliments for the good guys and their programmers [along with a renewal of Franklin-scale film and tv reviews and examples of my fine arts/documentary photography]. Meanwhile, I have to guide my just-finished novel, 1952, through New York's publishing jungles. Wait till Leykis and his ilk read what I have to say in that book about the state of broadcasting and the animals that inhabit some isolated corners of that strange world." - Gary Franklin

** Where’s Peter?
"Thanks so much for the Peter Tilden update, but I cried out ‘NO’ when you mentioned Denver was thinking of taking him away. Please, Peter, we want you back -- right here in the L.A. radio area where we can enjoy your incredible wit!" - Maddy Woodyard, Westminster

** Totally 80s (and 1979) Weekends
"The reason one may hear a song from 1979 on our ‘Totally 80's’ show is that there are those songs that had the eighties ‘sound’ and/or were done by an artist considered to be an ‘80s artist’ [One Way or Another by Blondie, Roxanne by the Police and My Sharona]. When I play any of them during an 80s show, I always mention something about this fact and openly invite listeners to sue us! Anyway, thanks to Harley Davidson for his explanation [and for listening!!]" - Bill Alexander KYSR "Star 98.7"

** KNX Towers
"Saw the question and answer regarding the KNX transmitter site in Torrance. Thought your readers might like a brief history.

The new KNX transmitter site in Torrance wasn't ready when Columbia Square opened in April of 1938. KNX continued to transmit from its old site in the San Fernando Valley. The Torrance site went on the air in September of 1938. There was a daylong celebration of the new ‘mighty CBS transmitter.’ The local newspaper printed a special edition welcoming KNX and CBS to Torrance. The site consisted of 12 acres on the corner of 190th Street and Hawthorne Boulevard.

In 1960, CBS began a project to remote control all of its O&O AM's, to eliminate the 24 hour manning of the sites. The property along Hawthorne Boulevard was quite valuable by then, and since we no longer needed such a large transmitter building, a smaller building was built next to the 500-ft tower. In fact, the tower rises out of an enclosed courtyard area in the back of the building. Two new transmitters were installed, a 50KW and a 10KW, along with a generator and the remote control equipment. The generator was only big enough to power the 10kw transmitter.

In September of 1965, during the Michael Jackson show, persons unknown cut one of the guy wires and the original 500-ft tower came crashing down, knocking KNX off the air. KNX and CBS engineers scrambled to restore the signal. Edison planted two power poles on the property and a long wire was strung between them [one of the poles is still on site] and KNX was back on the air at 10KW. A tower, which was not yet erected, was found in town at the KFAC site. The tower was installed and KNX was back on the air at 50KW. This 365-ft tower is now the auxiliary antenna. A new 500-ft tower was erected to replace the fallen one. This is the reason KNX has two towers. Although directional operation was experimented with in the late 60's, the nulls to the north and south were too deep, the project was abandoned, and KNX remains to this day non-directional.

Also in the late 60's, CBS gave most of the land to the city of Torrance with the proviso that it become a park. The park was dedicated in the early 80s as ‘Columbia Park.’ CBS retained right of way access to maintain the site. CBS also negotiated some very strict CC&R's, to protect the signal and the site. In fact, the Wicks Furniture building and the Staples building have large amounts of copper in the walls which is all tied into the KNX ground system. This makes the buildings invisible to the signal.

The last major upgrade at the site was in 1980 when the building size was increased to accommodate the new 50KW transmitter and a 210KW-diesel generator. This was my first big engineering project at KNX, working with Erik Disen, Larry Wichman, Ralph Wilson and Jim Garrett. Larry Wichman is still the transmitter supervisor [and one of the best in the business].

After 40 years, the site is still in great shape and ready for the new millennium." - Michael Smith (former KNX Chief Engineer) Director of Engineering KCBS/KLLC San Francisco

Experimentation with Playlists

(June 7, 1999) PD Mike Phillips doesn’t refer to the year of the Oldies being played at KRTH. Middayer Christina Kelley at "Mega 100" makes veiled references to the time a hit was a hit. "Here’s a tune from when roller skates laced up and they didn’t have four wheels all in a row," was heard recently over the intro to Turn the Beat Around by Vickie Sue Robinson. A number of Oldies stations are experimenting with additional titles, so in some way when Gillian played Elton John’s Bennie and the Jets on KACE the other day, my first reaction was, huh? Eighty-one seconds into the song, Gillian abruptly stops the song. "I think my boss has lost his mind. You know he just got back from Sinbad’s Soul Music Festival. I think he had a lot of fun down there. Let’s just forgive him. Sorry Elton." Kevin Fleming, pd at KACE, thought Bennie might fit but once he heard it on the air he told Gillian to take it off. He told me, "It just didn’t fit so I had her take it off. There’s no story here unless you want to make one. No big deal." After a couple of songs, Gillian announced, "The phones are still ringing. People are flipping out." Kevin came into the studio yelling, "I’m sorry. I’ve been suffering from sunstroke. I’ve had too much sun in the Caribbean. We can’t play that song. I just lost my mind." Gillian said, "It was 15 on the r&b charts and went platinum." Kevin screamed, "James Brown, not Elton John." Later in the hour the entire song was played. Kevin’s busy preparing for "A Midsummer Night’s Magic" hosted by Magic Johnson and Tom Joyner. Big weekend event at the end of July with a concert starring Whitney Houston, a casino night and a celebrity basketball game. All proceeds go to the United Negro College Fund. Kevin is close to confirming another huge star. He wouldn’t tell me, but he said it was a huge group in the 70s and known by initials.

John Leisher, former KFWB newsman, is now working at KXL-Portland…Rhonda Kramer, one of our favorite traffic ladies, spent part of her birthday yesterday playing golf. She shot an 86. "Two 86's in a row. At least I’m consistent," said the birthday girl… Dan Rather made the rounds of L.A. morning radio last Friday promoting his book signing. While talking with Bill Handel at KFI, Bill wondered if CBS bought Dan lunch. "Most of the time I eat in at the CBS cafeteria, which we call the Bay of Pigs," said Dan…Sandy Wells interviewed Jim Ladd for his weekly radio column in Cheers!, the San Gabriel Valley newspaper group. Jim talked about his new free-form radio in L.A. where he plays music without restriction in his new late evening slot at KLOS. "I can’t wait to get to work at night. I’ve blown out three speaker monitors since I’ve started doing this," Jim told Sandy… Over the weekend, Leah Brandon at "Star 98.7" was giving away tickets to the Austin Powers premiere tomorrow night. One lucky winner will be on the VIP guest list for a private screening at Planet Hollywood.

Is "Power 106" lucky this summer? The station incorporated Power into the Star Wars promotion and now they have the second most heavily promoted film with the title Austin PowersAustin Hill was with KZLA from 1993 up until a few months ago. He is now the morning talk host at KTKP-Phoenix. "We talk about lifestyle issues and whatever is in the news in Phoenix," said Austin in a recent phone conversation. Austin began his radio career while in high school at KVPR-Fresno. After graduation he worked at KYNO-Fresno and KSLY-San Luis Obispo where he also earned his bachelor’s degree in English at Cal Poly State University. In 1987 he joined KHTY-Santa Barbara and later that year returned to his native Orange County to do mornings on Christian music formatted KYMS and later co-hosted a talk show at Christian KKLA. In December Austin earned his master’s degree in "The Philosophy of Ethics" at Biola University. "I’ve always been knowledge-based with ethical and moral issues prevalent. I came back to town last month for graduation ceremonies," said Austin. I wondered why he didn’t continue Christian radio? "A turning point came when I realized that I was preaching to the choir. I wanted a broader discussion of ethics and to articulate a morally informed worldview to a general, mainstream audience. Isn’t this important today?" asked Austin. Before he left the Southland, Austin won an Angel Award ("Excellence in Media") for his public affairs show "Pathways," which still airs at KZLA.

Steve Hochman wrote in the Pop Eye column in yesterday’s Calendar section of the LA Times that Radio Disney and KDIS have become a new source to drive a new generation of kids into record stores. Steve wrote that "such youth-skewed acts as Britney Spears, ‘N Sync, B*Witched and Five have all received major boosts from exposure" on Radio Disney…Ken Borgers of KLON saluted two jazz greats who died over the week. Yesterday he played the songs of Mel Torme and music by the great arranger and saxophonist Ernie Wilkins…Eric Tracy started off his new Sunday afternoon show at KRLA with, "Hello anybody." It was the first thing he ever said on the radio. "My first job was in Shelby, Montana. I grew up here in Los Angeles, a megalopolis of 9 million people and the first job I had was in a town of 1,100. I didn’t know if anyone was listening, so I said ‘Hello, anybody,’" said Eric as he opened his show.

This past Friday afternoon, KROQ's Jed the Fish got a phone call from Eric and Melissa from the band Hole, who were performing that night in Santa Barbara, according to Vincent, KROQ correspondent for LARP. During the interview Jed mentioned that he would not be able to go see them, and Melissa asked, "What?? You're not coming Jed?" Jed responded: "I'm not even breathing hard, baby." All weekend long KROQ was giving out tickets to the Seventh Annual Weenie Roast and Luau featuring all of the following bands: Eve 6, Freestylers, Lit, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Pennywise, Blink 182, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Live, The Living End, Orgy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, and believe it or not: Metallica. KROQ will also continue the Weenie Roast ticket give away all this week…Robin Abcarian, former KABC talk show host, wrote the cover story in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times Magazine on Farrah Fawcett. "Somehow it has come to pass that this…icon…this incandescent smiling object of 12 million fantasies [yes, that’s how many posters were sold] has become in the public imagination a boyfriend-battering wildcat so dislocated from reality that she can’t talk her way from Point A to Point B on a late-night tv talk show," Robin wrote of Farrah.

The $900 million merger of Metro Network and Westwood One, which owns Shadow Traffic, prompted a memo to all Shadow AFTRA employees from union representative, Robert Hochberger. One of the early concerns was a physical move of Shadow into the Metro facilities. "As a result of the concern, I called Terri Lorenz in New York City," said Hochberger. "In a nutshell, what Terri informed me is that Westwood One has simply come out and stated that it wants to buy Metro. As many of you know, there are federal regulatory bodies and hoops through which Westwood One will ultimately have to jump in order to get the purchase of Metro approved. Terri believes that there is no way that such approval could probably even be given before the Fall. Until then, she stated that Shadow and Westwood One will continue to conduct business as usual. Furthermore, Terri informed me that there is no intention to move anyone to Metro and she will make some calls to Gary Yusco [the Chief Financial Officer of Westwood One] and others to confirm the lack of any such intention." The second issue addressed by Hochberger was that management was "actively soliciting" and perhaps training "scabs" in the event of a strike. "I believe that the rumors are probably true since it appears that they are coming from a variety of sources. I would simply remind everyone that these individuals are meant to be ‘strike-breakers’ if you choose to go out on strike," said Hochberger…Did you know that Jimi Hendrix toured with the Monkees in 1967? Part of the jewels imparted by Beau Rials on the "7th Day" at KLOS yesterday…Last night at KRTH, Dave Randall was giving away tickets to an advanced screening of An Ideal Husband.

KABC’s Stephanie Miller and Merrill Markoe appear at the Improv on June 16 with all proceeds going to Caring for Babies with AIDS…."Stay tuned, the worst is yet to come." – KFI imaging line…Did you hear the very real sounding lapping waters behind Talaya Trigueros this past week on KTWV? The midday host was broadcasting from the big island of Hawaii…Wayne Wankus, formerly with KIBB, leaves WEZB-New Orleans…JD Freeman, former gm at KZLA/KLAC from 1993-96, is returning to Phoenix after a short stint at KDMX/KEGL-Dallas…Thanks to Ira Sternberg who starts out the week with a Monday funnie. "Today is Cole Porter's birthday. Celebrations are scheduled night and day."

LARP Remember Their Fathers

Barry Rohde was with KNXNewsradio from 1965 to 1997. He was part of a team that won 22 Golden Mike Awards for Best News. Barry retired to Florida in the summer of 1997. He shares a memory of his dad.

"I grew up in middle-class New Jersey. My dad loved golf, but only after years of toil, could he afford to join a private country club. Still, the big-name places to play were out of the question. Then one year while I was at KNX, I was invited to play in a Junior Chamber of Commerce outing at famed Riviera Country Club. My parents were visiting and my dad was also invited. The day was cold and windy and my dad, coming off two heart attacks and in his seventies, was bundled up so much, he could hardly swing the club. But, we played and even witnessed a hole-in-one by another member of our foursome. Afterward, at a dinner, someone took our picture. I have found, in later years, it was the only picture of just the two of us. My dad never said much on the way home, but I later overheard him tell my Mom, ‘Wow, what a day.’ I still cherish that day, and that picture. Happy Fathers Day to all Dads." - Barry Rohde
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Bob Griffith, Rhonda Kramer and Stanley Sheff

Beyond Broadcasting

(June 8, 1999) Is there life after a broadcasting career? Phil Reed, formerly of KFWB, KNX and KBIG, was ordained last weekend in Pasadena as a minister of the Church of the Nazarene. He is currently pastor of the Monrovia Nazarene Church and about to receive a master's degree in communications from Northridge University. He also teaches at Point Loma University. Other L.A. media people who are now ordained ministers include Janine Tartaglia, former L.A. tv news reporter and now an ordained Nazarene minister and a member of the philosophy and religion faculty at Point Loma University and Rich Buhler, formerly of KFWB, KNX, KBRT, an ordained minister of the Foursquare Church and a speaker and author.

From Northern California, an LARP story of a KBIG veteran going back to school. When I interviewed Dave Robinson for my book Los Angeles Radio People, he had moved to Sacramento and was an administrator at the National Broadcasting School (similar to his work at L.A.B. in the Southland) and ready to retire. Dave spent 15 years at KBIG. At the end of our conversation he said, "These are the golden years and with my social security check and AFTRA retirement monies, I’m having a great time." Well, Dave wasn’t happy with retirement. "I hated the way no one seemed to notice people like me as we’d walk down a street. So I decided to learn something about our condition." The "condition" was aging. He went back to school and enrolled as a full-time student at American River College where he is majoring in gerontology, the scientific study of old age. He told the Sacramento Bee for a story they were doing on lifestyles that "I went in an effort to fight invisibility." He has completed three semesters toward an associate’s degree in gerontology and the 68-year-old is scheduled to graduate in May.

The real world has come to Merrill Shindler’s dining room. Merrill’s tasty restaurant show is heard every weekend at KLSX. His "Dining Out" show has appeared at KABC, KMPC and KTZN prior to joining the FM Talk station last year. Merrill passes on trendy restaurant suggestions, but now with the birth of his first daughter, Sarah Jenny, who was born October 27, he now has other worries. "My concerns are now not just about how my listeners will react to Vietnam noodles, but also how Sarah Jenny will like the stuff," emailed the graduate of New York University with an M.A. in film criticism and aesthetics. "I'm now taking Chuck E. Cheese far more seriously than I ever have before. And for the first time, I'm viewing Mickey D's Meal Deals as a worthy alternative -- though she doesn't actually have any teeth yet." Merrill’s stark reality in starting a family later in life, "My biggest regret is that after I finish changing her diapers, she's going to have to start changing mine."

David L. Lander worked at KRLA in 1968 and KPPC from 1970-71. He was part of the legendary "Credibility Gap" on KRLA. David came to the Southland from New York where he was an actor. When he left radio, he went on to play Squiggy in the ABC series, Laverne and Shirley. In the current issue of People magazine, David reveals a 15-year secret - that he has multiple sclerosis. The tender story about his challenges concludes with: "Now that it’s in the open, I’d like to make a difference in somebody’s life, to really talk to people who are going through the same fears I was going through. In a way it feels tremendously liberating."

KIIS’s Rick Dees is the answer to this week’s TV Guide crossword puzzle 23 Down. The clue is Solid Gold host Rick…Heftel Broadcasting Corporation has changed its name to the Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation. "The company has evolved to the point that we believe it is appropriate to adopt a name that is more descriptive of our mission," said McHenry Tichenor, Jr., President and CEO of Heftel. The company, the largest Spanish language radio broadcaster in the United States, currently owns or operates 42 radio stations in twelve out of the top-15 Hispanic markets, and Las Vegas.

Tom Leykis and Gary Franklin have been battling about the state of radio. Every Saturday is Email Saturday with LARP and fans of LARP voicing their opinions. Tom sends a scud missile Gary’s way in response to his most recent email. "Too bad you were incapable of ‘highly critical, acidic comments’ when you were paid as a professional critic. How many viewers wasted their money seeing lousy films you fawned all over? Now that you don't have a position in this profession, what a shame that you are so bitter that you have nothing else to do but to criticize those of us who can still find work. As for ‘the animals that inhabit some isolated corners of that strange world’ of broadcasting, you should know. You fed at that trough without a whimper for YEARS."

KRTH’s 6th annual "Care For Kids" radiothon raised over $73,000 last Friday, 35% of it from Charlie Van Dyke’s morning show. In six years, KRTH has raised close to $1 million…Melody Rogers, darling host of 2 On the Town and wife of "Paraquat" Kelley, is hosting a month-long feature on KFWB and KRLA. Melody traveled to Ireland last week and has filed fascinating reports on her experiences. Nobody knows travel like Melody…The Reverend John J. Hinkle passed away June 4. During World War II, he served as a military flight instructor for the navy. He had a commercial pilot’s license, but he chose instead to serve the Lord in full-time ministry for the past 34 years as senior pastor of Christ Church in Los Angeles. For over 30 years, he gave the weekday morning broadcast "Thought for today" on KTYM. He was 82.

In the current issue of the San Diego Business Journal, there is a story about the static caused by KOGO securing the rights to Padres baseball, ending KFMB’s 20-year run. The story by Tammy Rodrigues reports that KOGO is paying $20 million for the four-year agreement. KFMB offered $4 million less. The KFMB pd noted that the station was losing $1.5 million a year. One of the troubling pieces of fall-out includes whether longtime KFMB and Padres broadcaster Ted Leitner can announce games on a competing station. Leitner is also the voice of the San Diego Chargers and his contract to the station runs through May 2000.

In 1980, a 15-year-old challenged the softball team of KSUL (now KLON) to a baseball game. This teenager, Anthony Vitiello, bugged the station incessantly about requesting songs. Partly to get the kid of their back, the station agreed to give Anthony a five-hour shift to play any music he wanted if he won. But if the kid lost, he would forever stop with the phone calls. So Anthony rounded up 8 buddies. The bet seemed safe for the radio station because they were undefeated (12-0). Well, as the radio gods would have it, Anthony’s team won. "The radio station impressed me enough to know that was the environment I wanted to make my career," said Anthony recently. He followed his new dream and by 1985 found his way to LA Network, the company founded by Rhonda Kramer and Kenny Green. "I started off as a traffic producer, gathering traffic information. I learned quickly. After three months in the position, Rhonda asked me if I wanted to be on the air. I actually responded "no" which surprised her. I told her that I wanted to be the one that fixes and installs the equipment. She said, ‘Oh, you want to be an engineer.’ I, of course, responded with ‘Yes, I guess?’" Anthony went back to college and earned a bachelor’s degree in electronics at Cal State University Long Beach. "In April of 1989, Metro Networks [Metro Traffic Control at the time] purchased LA Network" Anthony continues. "I made the transition as a Producer/Engineer. I have been with the company ever since." From a softball game in his teens to engineering coverage of the Academy Awards and Grammys for Metro’s entertainment division, Anthony has worn many hats behind the scenes, but he has never been on the air. As the company grows, Anthony would like to move into the television division.

LARP Remember Their Fathers

Suzanne Ansilio was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania and she received a bachelor’s degree in communication at East Strautsburg in PA. Following a start in Scranton radio. Suzanne came to the Southland in 1990 and worked as Susie Who at KLSX. In 1991 she joined "Pirate Radio," KQLZ as Suzy Cruz. Since 1993 Suzanne has worked at KLOS and is currently the midday personality. She shares a memory of her father.

"My dad and I, to this day, roar with laughter when we reminisce about how he used to scare my high school dates.

Tom Ansilio is a fairly big guy. He's a little over six feet tall, with a broad chest, strong arms, dark hair and brown eyes, a Mediterranean nose, and a hearty laugh. And just like every other grown Italian man from the East Coast that enjoys a good dish of pasta, he's got a stomach, which just adds to his overall imposing presence in the face of a trembling 16-year-old.

During the summer, after a five o'clock dinner, my dad liked to sit outside on the lounge chair by the pool and smoke a cigar. By seven when my date would show up, he had a lot of time to think about his youngest daughter going out, in a car, with a young man.

There was a large picture window in the kitchen that looked out over the back yard and pool area. My dad would be sitting out there on the lounge chair, with a big Cuban cigar in his mouth and his arms folded across his chest, when I would have to break the news to my date. My dad wanted to talk.

And out the door they went. I would see my father out there with a big grin on his face. I felt for the guys, but my father loved it. He was doing his job and having a little fun. ‘Where are you planning on taking my daughter?’ ‘Have her home by midnight.’ He loved using the line, ‘make sure you watch your driving, you'll be carrying precious cargo.’

I'll never forget the night ‘Freddie’ came to pick me up for our fourth or fifth date. My dad picked up a knife that was sitting on the table next to the lounge and began, ‘There are good girls and bad girls,’ then after waving the knife in front of the guy, he continued, ‘remember one thing, my Suzie is a good girl.’

Of course I didn't know at the time what my dad had said, but when ‘Freddie’ walked back in the house there was an abundance of sweat on his brow and his armpits were soaked.

And there was my father, stretched out on the lounge with his cigar in his mouth and his hands holding his stomach, having an inexhaustible belly laugh." – Suzanne Ansilio

The Lange and Short of It: Kelly Returns to Radio

(June 9, 1999) Kelly Lange, longtime KNBC/Channel 4 news anchor, begins a weekly Sunday afternoon show at KRLA on June 20, according to super agent George Green. He plans to syndicate Kelly’s show. She got her start in radio at KABC in 1967 and by the early 1970s she transitioned to tv. For more than nine years she co-hosted Channel 4’s 90-minute live public-affairs magazine, Sunday. Kelly has also filled in as substitute host on Today, weekend anchor of NBC Nightly News and guest host on the late night Tomorrow show. She has written two books…George Green mentioned that Ira Fistell, late night at KRLA, will roll out in syndication on July 19th with 20 stations carrying his show.

The R&R Convention begins today. Radio executives and talent from all over the country will descend on the Century Plaza Hotel to talk radio. Mike Kinosian, AC editor at R&R has put together a superstar panel of personalities, many of whom worked in Los Angeles. Appearing Friday afternoon will be: Geoff Edwards, Wink Martindale, Ken Levine, Gary Owens, Sonny Melendrez, Ellen K, Danny Romero, Bobby Rich and Don Bleu. I’ll be covering the Convention with an emphasis on Los Angeles Radio People…KOST's Mark & Kim got a 9-year old out of class at LaSeda Elementary School - for a good reason.  They asked him to talk about his heroic efforts that saved the life of a classmate who was choking on chicken nuggets. He learned how to do the Heimleich Maneuver from watching Mrs. Doubtfire. (Movies do influence young people, eh?) Mark & Kim gave the young man a trip to Universal Studios Tour…Cheap Trick appears live tonight with Bob Coburn on "Arrow 93." The "Rockline" audience can call 800.344.Rock to talk with members of the group.

KFWB news director Crys Quimby married John Jarrin, producer for E! News Daily, on May 28. She and he just returned from a honeymoon in Edinburgh, Scotland. Crys never called in to the all-News station because she couldn’t figure out the pay phones in Europe. "We must have visited London and Edinburgh during the ‘Great Ice Shortage’ of 1999," emailed the newlywed. "I was prepared for room temperature beer, but even mixed and soft drinks come relatively ice-free. I would request ‘lots of ice’ to ensure I'd get at least two cubes in my glass! I'll never take ice tea for granted again!" Crys said the weather was great and it rained only one day, their wedding day. "I hear that’s supposed to be good luck," hoped Crys.

Many of the visitors to LARADIO.COM bookmark the Current Page forgetting there are many other resources at this Web site. When you read about a favorite LARP, you may want to send them an email. Chances are you will find their Email Address at Email Addresses. I receive around 300 emails a day and the most frequently asked question is "Whatever happened to..?" My book, Los Angeles Radio People, profiles over 3,000 personalities who have worked in Southern California radio. Now I am attempting to give you a quick look at the 3,000 LARP, where they worked and where they are now at Where Are They Now? I need your help. The site is updated daily. If you haven't been included yet, email me a quick reminder. If you see "Unknown" next to a name and you know where they are now, please send me an update.

The Inland Empire’s KMSL drops its all-Sports format and goes Country over the July 4th weekend. David J. Horn of Entergy Video Network passed on the information from a story in the Ontario Business Press. Art Astor, president and gm of Astor Broadcast Group in Anaheim is changing the call letters to KIKA. "The Rancho Cucamonga station's all-sports format wasn't working and hasn't been profitable," said Art. "The station could make a lot of money, but it's not going to with the all-Sports format," he said. "It's losing money, but it could be a valuable property with the right programming. Country music is a much better format for this market," he said. "We're going to go with it for a while and see what happens. If it doesn't work, we'll look at what our other options are." Art bought the station earlier in the year for $3 million. Tom Henderson, KMSL's general manager, declined to discuss revenues, but said he believes the sports format could have succeeded. "In another six months, I think we could have proven that," he said. "But the deal was too sweet to pass up." The story pointed out that music on AM is a challenge. It's good enough, Astor said. "You don't need great fidelity for country music. It's not the Boston Symphony. All they want to hear is someone trying to get over a love affair." R&R’s Tony Novia was quoted in the story "You have a whole generation of kids who barely know that AM radio exists," Novia said. Art seems unconcerned with the successful Country stations already in the market. "There's a lot of gold in this market," said Art. "All we're trying to do is get a little bit of it." Art owns Country KIKF in Anaheim.

Tom Hoffarth at the LA Daily News reports that Kenny Sargent, KCOP/UPN/Channel 13’s weekend "hipster" sports guy and former dj at KQLZ and KLOS gets dropped at the end of the month… Yesterday morning "Power 106" was giving away tickets to an advanced screening of Tarzan…Irma Blanco, part of the morning team at "Mega 100," thinks Ricky Martin would be a perfect replacement for George Clooney on the ailing ER…Wonder what the heck Tammy Bruce is up to these days?

Jim and Melissa Sharpe worked the morning shift at KYSR from 1993-95. They now live in Phoenix where Melissa is doing the morning show at KYOT ("Coyote"). She and her partner Lisa Genuit are the only female/female team in the state. "Melissa recently passed up the chance to do mornings in Chicago at WNUA with Ramsey Lewis [WNUA was Smooth Jazz Station of the Year last year and Ramsey is up for R&R Personality of the Year]," emailed Jim. "We are very settled in Arizona. Nothing can drag us away." Jim was offered the midday job at KYSR when Larry Morgan left, but he didn’t want to commute. "After I quit the morning show at the Zone here in Phoenix, I took some time off and have decided to start my second career: Talk Radio! Armed with some great advice from John Kobylt, and some very strong opinions [as well as a love for my home state of Arizona], I made my debut on KFYI on Memorial Day. I'm hooked! They have signed me up as their number one fill-in host and I'm hoping to turn it into something full-time [or at least steady weekends] before summer is over," emailed Jim.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Dave Ervin, Larry Groves, Dick Hugg "Huggie Boy" and Xavier the X-Man Soriano

LARP Remember Their Fathers

John Sebastian was the program director at KHJ, KTWV and KZLA/KLAC. He shares a Father’s Day memory.

"My Dad's passing a few years ago was one of the toughest and saddest challenges I've had to hurdle in life. We were extremely close in a lot of ways. We even shared the same birth date, December 22. He died the morning after we went to #1 25-49 Adults at KSLX in Phoenix. We talked the previous night about how thrilled I was with the station's dramatic turnaround and how happy he was for me professionally and personally. And I got to tell him I loved him. He was saying goodbye now that I look back upon the conversation. It was strange and magical at the same time.

One of my fondest memories of my Dad was an example of his great generosity. We were quite poor growing up, many times barely enough food on the table for my two ailing sisters and myself. But every once in a while my father would round up the whole neighborhood full of kids and take all of us, in his van, to a baseball game. Then afterwards he'd buy everyone hamburgers, fries and milkshakes. I know he couldn't afford it. But he would have said he couldn't afford not to. Over the span of my lifetime watching my Dad, this was perhaps his greatest gift to me. He really lived the concept of doing for others without any anticipation of reward or acknowledgement. This is a lesson I hope I can fully embrace as I get older. Happy Father's Day!" – John Sebastian

"I Got Into Radio to Impress a Guy"

(June 10, 1999) She’s a pistol! I don’t know how else to describe my close encounter with "Y107’s" (KLYY) middayer Jessie Jessup. The walls of the Pasadena studios better be made of rubber to accommodate the bouncing. Jessie is part of a complete station retooling with music and personalities that is only months old. Where did you come from? "Well, this morning I came from Westwood," bounced Jessie. The quick one-liners punctuated the 20-minute phone conversation. Jessie ("I have a heart over the i, isn’t that what you do in L.A.?") was born April 18 in Wyoming. What year? "It turns over to zero zero this year." She was raised all over the world. "My mom was a Bohemian and my father threatened us so we took off for Paris, Japan, Haiti, Spain, Puerto Rico, Saipan and we spent 10 years in Guam." She got into radio to impress a guy. "This guy I liked a lot liked a particular radio station, so I figured if I got a job there he would like me. I got the job, but didn’t get him." Jessie ended up in Las Vegas and stayed with friends for 4 years. She followed LARP’s Holly Adams and Sam Freeze at KEDG and also worked at KOMP, KPNT and KENO. Has she found a home in Southern California? "I’m never leaving. There’s a psychotic air here. I spend all my free time at Red Balls of Fire on Melrose. Have you been there?" She’s really not waiting for an answer. "They have hats with hair attached. I got the neatest 8-inch platform shoes with cartoon characters on the heels."

Jessie ended up living in Westwood. "I thought it was West Hollywood, but so what. I have astro turf and pink flamingoes on my balcony. Did you see Dharma & Greg when they got the astro turf? I thought it was so cool and so California. My place is not an apartment, not a house, not a condo. I’m not really sure what it is, but it’s between Santa Monica Boulevard and Wilshire." Jessie is at the station at 6:30 in the morning preparing for her five-hour shift that begins at 10. "Some days I wish I could be on longer. I love the callers." She hasn’t been cage dancing yet, but it hasn’t been for lack of desire. She gets up too early. "Have you been to doodie dot com?," she asked. I replied, no. "Wow, I get to tell Mr. LARADIO.COM about doodie dot com. Wait till you see Jonathan Livingston Doodie." Tomorrow night is a big night for Jessie. "Can you believe I’m going to the Cult reunion at the Viper Room? The manager calls Halloran ("Y107" apd) and I pretended to be his secretary. I never get invited to anything because I can’t influence record play, but we became best phone friends and I’m going." The Cult might be upstaged tomorrow night.

Mark Wilson, leader of the "Y107" morning team, is a new father. Yesterday he did his part of the morning show from San Luis Obispo while his wife was in labor for 39 hours. The baby was named Taylor and weighed in at 7 pounds, 9 ounces. "Don’t ask me how long she is," said an exhausted Mark. "I don’t get the length thing." Following his show this morning, Mark’s going to bed. Tough job being a daddy…LARP fan Jeff Bowen passed on this tidbit about Henry Velasco who spent thirteen years as an engineer for the KFI Lohman & Barkley show. Henry is Government Affairs Director for the Arcadia Association of Realtors. He is also the treasurer for the city of El Monte and ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the City Council…John Renshaw, KCTD One-on-One Sports had "lowest moment in sports" as a subject yesterday morning. One caller said we were experiencing it now with Davey Johnson as LA Dodger coach. A team that many feel is one of the best going nowhere…Former KFWB dj Les Biegel is representing a studio with an ISDN unit at Melrose and Vine that is for leasing. For info you can reach Les at:

LARP fan Bruce Harris wonders why I don’t let Tom Leykis and Gary Franklin fight it out between themselves in a flurry of emails? "Or are you enjoying this little war?" asks Bruce. Well, both are intelligent and I think the exchange is insightful. We’re now in Gary Franklin’s corner. "Again Tom Leykis is right, when he sez that I fed for many years at the same table with some of the strange animals who inhabit weird corners of the broadcast world. Yup. It was very good money - but what really drove me on was the knowledge that I had an effect on people's views and - I'm told - on box office, especially when it came to good, but under-advertised, under-promoted films and plays. At the same time, I was able to insert frequent comments on Hollywood's exploitation of violence, while at the same time suppressing sexual content. Yup, I was probably the only critic in the world who disliked E.T., because it ridiculed science, and close to the only critic who trashed Raiders of the Lost Ark, because it had funny Nazis. My view was that there's nothing funny about Nazis. Of course, those reviews had no effect, none whatsoever, on those films' box office and video sales...and that's probably why Spielberg has forgiven me. However, it made my employers somewhat uncomfortable, especially when it could have an effect on their film studio advertising. The sales departments at 2, 7, 13, KABC, KFWB and KNX really hated me. God, it was great ! Leykis refers to me as a ‘professional critic.’ What the hell is that ? All the broadcast critics I know - as well as many of the print critics - are just people - mostly journalists - who drifted into that area, because it was fun and they could write well...and you and the sports guy were the only people on the staff who had the privilege of expressing personal opinions. Only the New York Times has ‘professional critics’ and I'm not even sure about that. As for my attacking broadcast people who have jobs .... that's not worthy of reply." Tom, you’re up.

Former KEZY morning man John Fox is doing fill-in at KOLA in the Inland Empire in addition to writing and reporting at KFWB. "I have no regular schedule at either station, but it usually works out to about four days a week in Hollywood and in my first week at KOLA, two evenings in Redlands," emailed John. Fortunately I live close to midway between the two." John’s also creating an on-line store for his wife’s Hallmark shop in Corona…Phil Hall, former pd at KLAC and KHJ/KRTH, has just been appointed vp of programming for the ABC Networks in Dallas.

The Jane Chastain Show has been added to the weekly line up in afternoon drive on AM 1390, K-LIGHT. Her feature "What Washington Doesn't Want You To Know" is heard in the first half hour…Larry Marino has guests chock-a-block this morning at KIEV. Before the "Morning Magazine" is over, Larry will talk with Representative Robert Barr, Michael York who is in the new Austin Powers movie, and Fox network baseball analyst Tim McCarver…Not sure what was going on with Rick Diego, Carolyn Gracie and Shirley yesterday morning at KBIG. Apparently the Chancellor bigwigs are in town this week and there is pressure to perform being applied from the boss. "Nobody understands us. This is the hardest job," said Shirley. "It is so competitive. We’re just doing our best. It’s not like a bunch of brain surgeons work in radio." Carolyn revealed: "My husband, when we first started this show, was about ready to come over here, haul off and knock his block off on more than one occasion because I used to go home crying." Rick said, "Now I go home crying." Carolyn concluded with "My husband still isn’t quite sure about our boss."
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Craig Carpenter

LARP Remember Their Fathers

Barry Turnbull has been working in Ventura County for the past 15 years and part-time sports at KFWB.

"I never met my real father, but I believe him to be Warren Turnbull, who from what I could gather through small snippets from my mother had a career in sales at KMPC - maybe he was national sales manager? My mother, Shirley, was always reluctant to tell me much about him - but I saw an envelope with KMPC letterhead around the house a couple of times, and overheard her speaking of my biological father working in radio.

She was suspicious when as a teenager KMPC became my favorite station (early 1970s) - and in the early 80s when I interned in the KMPC newsroom some of the sales people there asked if I was any relation - I begged off, not wanting to go into it.

I read in the newspaper that a Warren Turnbull, PR man for Hollywood Park, had died - this was 2-3 years ago - the story said he had been down on his luck. I did a little bit of checking, and I found out that this Warren Turnbull attended high school in Inglewood at the same time my mother did in the 50s - I was born in June 1956 when my mother was 18.

Obviously, even though I never knew this man - and I am on the broadcast side of things and not sales - there must be some genetically passed down love for this crazy business I got from him - and I will love him for that no matter what." - Barry Turnbull - KVEN (KFWB part-timer sports)

Brian Whitman Acts Up

(June 11, 1999) For eight years, Brian Whitman has been the comedy voice providing laughs on the Rick Dees show at KIIS. When Ken Minyard and Peter Tilden left mornings at KABC last year, Brian came out of the shadows and co-hosted morning drive with Mr. KABC for over three months. Well, the versatile talent is set to be in a movie that shoots this summer. "The neighbor above where I live has been writing this movie and he got the financing to direct his own screenplay," said an excited Brian. "He listened to me at KABC and knew of my comedy with Rick and asked me to be in his movie, Pride and Peril. The story is about a father who is retiring at the same time his four grown children move back home with him." Brian plays the oldest kid and the screenwriter rewrote the part to make him a part-time radio talk show host. "I guess he doesn’t want to take any chances on a first-time actor. My character is quirky, neurotic and a wise-ass," said Brian. Whotta’ thrill and an opportunity for the 26 year old.

KROQ has been nominated for the 1999 Marconi award for Legendary Station of the Year. In the category of Rock Station of the Year, KROQ has been nominated along with KPWR and KSCA….KOST $5,000 Song of the Day song today is Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins.

"Want to see fat people with really bad skin?" That’s how Rick Dees describes radio people as he welcomed those who are in town for the Radio & Records Convention at the Century Plaza Hotel. Magic Johnson was due to speak at the General Session yesterday afternoon and had to cancel because his father had a heart attack. CHR R&R editor Tony Novia jumped into action and secured Tommy Lasorda as a last minute replacement. Tommy is a great motivational speaker and the auditorium was packed…Cruising the hallways and hanging in the lobby were a number of LARP including: Don Benson, Jim Maddox, Jack Patterson, Scott Lowe, Mike Phillips, John Duncan, Mike Butts, Walt "Baby" Love and Paul Joseph…Stopped in the Dan O’Day session for "Radical Station Imaging." Dan saluted "legendary" John Frost for his work at KROQ and praised Howard Hoffman at KABC for establishing a memorable image for a talk station…In celebration of the visiting radio people, KRTH’s Charlie Van Dyke had Mike Butts (former morning man at KIQQ in the 1970s) on the air this morning. At one point during the hour, "Shotgun" Tom Kelly called in and Tom and Mike reminisced about when they worked together at KCBQ…"Arrow 93’s" Days Of Summer will be at Dockweiler Beach tomorrow at noon passing out "Arrow" beach bags…Funnyman Jackie Mason appears on the KIEV "Morning Magazine" with Larry Marino this morning along with a number of political pros dissecting the peace deal in Kosovo.

When KFOX was the ruling Country station in Los Angeles, Bill Patterson, aka Willie Lee Hooker, was one of the jocks. Bill is visiting former KFWB dj Ted Quillin in Las Vegas. "Willie Lee is married to Dorothy Woodard-Patterson for 43 years, a radio success story as far as I'm concerned," emailed Ted. In the mid-1950s, Willie worked at KWKH in Shreveport, which owned the Louisiana Hayride when Elvis was on the hayride for about two years. Willie and Dorothy are living on a farm in Ruston, Louisiana…KABC’s Stephanie Miller and Bill Maher, host of ABC's Politically Incorrect have teamed together for morning bits through ABC Radio Today Entertainment. The full-page in R&R reads: "Headline Comedy…it’s today’s top stories sliced and diced by two of the sharpest tongues on radio." Terrific photo of KFWB’s morning news anchors Kathleen Sullivan and Dan Avey in the current issue of R&R…KLOS’s Geno Michellini is MC’ing the Big Brothers Hero Roundup tomorrow at the Calamegas Ranch…KFI’s Karel & Andrew broadcast live from the L.A. Women’s Show at the L.A. Convention Center this afternoon…Tomorrow Tim & Neil will be broadcasting their KFI Saturday afternoon show at the 13th Annual Spring Boat Show at the Pomona Fairplex…Michael York visited with KOST’s Mark & Kim this morning to promote Austin Powers. "We both saw the film and loved it. It’s great to laugh out loud," said Kim…Ralph Garman, part of the Kevin & Bean KROQ morning team, called Austin Powers "this is a funny goddamn movie. I’m laughing just thinking about it. I laughed more in the opening credits than I did in most comedies," said Ralph…Shirley, part of the KBIG morning crew said Austin Powers "is soooooo funny."
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Red Blanchard, Chuck Moshontz, Peter Tripp

LARP Remember Their Fathers

The joy of putting together LARADIO.COM on a daily basis is the opportunity to get to know Los Angeles Radio People better than how they are perceived in the radio world. From time to time I have initiated special features that allow us to peek into their lives.

I asked 20 LARP to talk about their Father's. Rhonda Kramer has been associated with traffic reporting in Southern California since 1982 when she started LA Traffic Network. She has been with Shadow Traffic since the early 1990s. Rhonda shares a memory about her dad.

"I have always had a terrific relationship with my father. I have many great memories, but there is one in particular that seems to stand out in my mind.

I was the first of three daughters to get married and give him a grandchild. I remember the day I went over to his house to tell my parents the good news. We were sitting around the table, and the discussion came up of how times had changed. He proceeded to tell us how he wished he could have seen his children come into the world. Without even thinking, I asked him if he would be there along with my mother when his first grandchild was born. Needless to say, there was little hesitation.

I remember this day vividly. I was in labor for 21 hours, and when the time finally came, I could see my dad off to the side feeling like he was invading my privacy. Eventually he got a little more comfortable with the situation, and got to witness the birth of his first grandchild. This was the first time I ever saw my father cry. I will never forget the look on his face when he held my daughter in his arms for the very first time.

This experience has not only made me feel closer to my father, but I think he feels closer to his grandchildren as well. We have a strong bond that will never be broken, and I am blessed to have him as my father." - Rhonda Kramer

Email Saturday

(June 12, 1999) We Get Email…

** Loves the Leykis/Franklin Feud
"You really need to segregate the Tom Leykis/Gary Franklin thread so that newbies can start reading it from the beginning. It's a great salon (small s) on popular culture." - Judd Magilnick

** Time-Out from the Franklin/Leykis Feud
"If I could interrupt the Franklin/Leykis feud for just a moment, did anybody happen to notice the article on recent developments in satellite provided pay radio in the LA Times Business section on Wednesday. It reminds me of what happened in 1978 when the FTC mandated that new car manufacturers had to start selling AM/FM radios in new cars as opposed to AM only ones. Within five years FM went from a rumor to the dominant radio band. Just picture what'll happen when generation X finds out that for two hundred bucks plus ten bucks a month they can have 100 channels of digital entertainment with no commercials in their cars. If this thing catches on I would predict the demise of commercial radio within the next ten to fifteen years. Or maybe a lot sooner. And now back to the Franklin/Leykis feud already in progress." - Neil Ross

** Newer Oldies on "K-Earth"
"Channel surfing last night on my drive home and tuned in to KRTH and almost drove off the road when at 7:08 p.m. (6/8) I heard not the Four Seasons, BUT the Spinners' 1980 remake Workin' My Way Back To You, which incidentally was my Very Favorite Song that year. Later I heard Steely Dan's Do It Again from 1973 and this morning, Charlie Van Dyke just played Pick Up The Pieces by the Average White Band from 1975. So I think I'll listen all day at the office." - John Nikelsky, aka The SuperRadioFan

** More Big Band Oldies on KLAC
"Good work 570 KLAC for the longer music sets and with more songs being added to the playlist. You guys are swingin' with the memories. Please, I'm trying to remember the djs who were at KPOL in the late 70's and early 80's. I enjoy, enjoy." - David Swain

** Here’s To You Mr. Robinson
"Just a quick note to say thanks for the updates on John Leisher and Dave Robinson. I had the pleasure of meeting them both at Los Angeles Broadcasters. Dave always had a funny story to tell, though most I shouldn't repeat. Glad to see they are still with us." - David Wayne, KWVE FM 107.9

** Hitman Loves Tower Story
"One of my most treasured LA Radio memories relates to Michael Smith's history of the collapse of the KNX tower in Torrance. I was listening on that September evening in 1965 when someone cut a few guy wires and KNX's 500-foot tower imploded. The remainder of that night's Michael Jackson program was relegated to KNX's sparsely heard simulcast-FM. About 24 hours later, KNX/AM was finally ready to return to the air, and Michael signed back on with typical British understatement: ‘As I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted...’" - Tom Greenleigh, KRLA Hitman #3

** Michael Jackson Should be Syndicated
"With all the syndication going on, why is Michael Jackson still local? If anyone should be syndicated, he is top of the list." - Richard Rose
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Ed Scarborough and Dennis Cruz

LARP Remember Their Fathers

Tim Conway, Jr. is part of the nightly team of Conway & Steckler at the FM Talk station, KLSX. Tim shares a memory or two about his celebrity dad.

"Thanks for the opportunity. Let's see, well, there was the day that my father gave me a corked bat in little league to get my first hit. My father also taught me, at age 7, to box an exacta. Later I would use it in show-n-tell in fourth grade. That prompted a call home from the teacher calling it borderline child abuse. My father told her if I had the race one way and it came in the opposite way, now that would be child abuse." - Tim Conway, Jr.

Jhani Kaye Promoted at Cox Radio

(June 14, 1999) For almost 17 years, Jhani Kaye has been the longest running program director of a Los Angeles music radio station. He has done it all with an incredible 60+ Arbitrons of unparalleled success. On Friday, he stepped down as day to day program director of KOST and will take on broad duties for the parent company, Cox Radio. Early Friday morning KOST general manager Howard Neal called the staff together to announce Jhani’s decision to leave the family. Howard praised Jhani’s contribution to the enormous success of KOST and his intense loyalty. "It was kind of a somber mood," said longtime KFI/KOST traffic reporter Mark Denis. "There were tears in the room and after the announcement, the staff stood in line to embrace and hug Jhani." This morning Howard said of Jhani: "I have not worked ever with a program director so professional, so skilled as Jhani Kaye. Cox is the fairest company to work for and when Jhani, with the kind of record he has had, wanted to step down, the company asked ‘tell me what you want.’" Jhani will be housed at the KFI offices for his new corporate duties and he will be an "intricate part of the day to day activities" while a search is on for a replacement, according to Howard. Jhani’s success has not been limited to Los Angeles. He was the winner of the Billboard magazine Program Director of the Year award in 1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991. He also won Gavin’s Programmer of the Year honors in 1987 and 1990. Born in Maywood, Jhani is proud of his American Indian heritage. He got into radio by accident: A friend asked him to fill in on a local high school station’s radio show. Assistant program director Johnny Chiang will take on the interim programming chores.

Rod Lurie, who recently reupped with KABC to do a weekend entertainment show, has resigned, according to informed sources. Rod and KABC programming officials were unavailable. Rod’s film career has taken off and there were bound to be conflicts of interest and scheduling problems. His film Deterrence was recently picked up at the Cannes Film Festival last month by Paramount Classics. A major production company recently acquired a new screenplay of Rod’s. As reported here last month, Rod will direct The Contender in late summer with some heavyweight actors. The shoot is planned for three months back East, which would have undoubtedly provided logistic complications for his Saturday KABC show.

KYSR is looking for "top-notch special events/promotion coordinator." Contact Traci Cox at KYSR…Former KROQ dj Carson Daly’s galpal is Jennifer Love Hewitt…KXTA’s Steve Parker returned to his old hometown at Rockville Centre, Long Island. He took his new bride, Carey. "Boy, did that bring back memories! But everything was as nice or nicer than I remembered it. It would have been terrible if I had told Carey how nice it was there and then we visited and it turned out to be a dump!"…Wherehouse Records at the Beverly Connection was the site yesterday for Ricky Martin to sign autographs for KBIG. The tv coverage of the 25,000 fans showed more KIIS signage than KBIG on the stations that I monitored…KIIS/FM is now twice-bitten with summer promotions. The station’s 5 cents admission to Knott’s Berry Farm on Cinco de Mayo resulted in 200 riot police to control the crowds. This weekend’s heavily promoted Wild Wild Wango Tango event at Dodger Stadium was delayed because of a broken water main, which resulted in a nightmare of a traffic jam getting anywhere near the stadium. The LA Times gave the concert a rave review. "Kudos to KIIS for achieving that mix [multicultural, multi-taste cohesion] in a time when radio is being fragmented into narrower musical niches."…Kevin & Bean will have a plethora of Weenie Roast guests this week, beginning today when the Red Hot Chili Peppers make a phone call to KROQ from Spain. Over the weekend KROQ had an interesting Weenie Roast promotion called "Back Lawn – Backstage." Every hour, a listener won tickets to the Lawn Section, the worst tickets at Irvine Meadows, but to make up for poor seats they also won back stage passes...KIEV’s Larry Marino has presidential hopeful Steve Forbes as a guest this morning.

AC Superstars at the Record & Records Convention

Congratulations to Mike Kinosian for running an A+ seminar with the AC Superstars at the Radio & Records Convention on Friday at the Century Plaza Hotel. As opposed to the fiasco last year with the Legends of Top 40 Radio, Mike balanced the 75 minutes with equal amounts of personality and everyone shared at least one magic moment from his or her brilliant career. Without notes, Mike made each panel member introduction special. Most of the group worked in Los Angeles radio at one point or another. The True Don Bleu, currently mornings at K101-San Francisco, worked at KHJ in the late 1970s. Don won honors as AC Personality of the Year from R&R. Don told a delightful story about celebrating his 50th birthday by jumping from a plane at 15,000 feet. "My problem was when you free fall at 200 miles an hour and suddenly go to 20 miles an hour when the chute opens, which is definitely better than going from 200 to zero, you have no idea when the instructor on your back is going to pull the ripcord. When he does, most of your weight goes right into your crotch."

Mason Dixon, also briefly at KHJ, has become a superstar in Tampa radio. Mason saluted fellow panelist Wink Martindale with an early memory. "I can remember when Wink interviewed Elvis on Dance Party on WHBQ/TV. Remember that?" Wink looked puzzled and replied, "No!" The audience howled.

Ken Levine, who was Beaver Cleaver on the radio, has gone on to a very successful career as writer/director for tv sitcoms and play-by-play baseball. Kinosian asked Ken which of his "careers" he liked the best. "Baseball play-by-play is my favorite. On the radio with baseball, nothing happens until you say it does," said Ken. When he worked for the Baltimore Orioles, Ken was looking for a signature homerun call. "I thought this was really going to be great. ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.’ I did this a couple of times and it was very successful. We were in County Stadium one time and Robin Yount hit a long drive to deep right field and I said, ‘A long drive to deep right field, ladies and gentlemen, Elvis is…off the top of the wall."

Syndicated Delilah who appeared briefly at KBIG last year brought her 7-week-old son to the seminar. Her prescription for success in the radio business? "Never be afraid to be fired."

Former KRTH morning man, Steve Morris, relayed his latest dot com business. "Synergies that focus on portals that allow people to heighten ability to network and to create new abundances that punch through the portal gateways."

Ellen K, sidekick to Rick Dees at KIIS, talked about being a little girl in Indiana and she would fall asleep at night listening to John Records Landecker from WLS-Chicago (she loved boogie check) and wake up to Larry Lujack. She eventually went to work for an Indianapolis radio station and was on vacation in San Diego for a week. "I was on the beach every day listening to the Rich Brothers and I got that Chicago feeling, that magic. I was enjoying my vacation and trying not to think about going back to Indianapolis. I brought a tape. I don’t know why. On my last day of vacation I called Bobby Rich and said, ‘I’ve have got to work for your radio station. I don’t care what. I just have to be there.’ He told me that no one ever leaves, that some had been there 8, 9 years. I thought, well, darn, no dream job. But a job did come along and he remembered and hired me."

Bobby Rich, former pd at KHJ and now working in Tucson, talked about the magic and passion that happens for radio people. "Magic happens," said Bobby. "Passion and the love and thrill of being on the radio, listening to the radio. It obviously got us all at an early age. My contribution to that magic was growing up listening to great radio at KJR in Seattle, which I consider to this day to be the single greatest radio station for about a six or seven year period. If I had grown up in the Midwest, it would probably have been WLS. In the East, probably WABC. What radio is, is what comes between the songs. There’s gonna be 200 channels of digital audio zooming into our computers and cars, but we’re the ones who can put the magic in between, tie it together and make it happen."

Wink Martindale talked about how he prepared for the KMPC job. He spent a decade at KGIL waiting for an opening at KMPC. Since the formats were similar, his homework paid off. Wink would interview the Pop singers and cut the interviews into manageable segments that he could weave into an intro of a song. "I called them audio biographies." When he got to KMPC, and now Music of Your Life, he had a library of interviews from which to cull.

Danny Romero talked about how he balances his morning radio assignment at "Mega 100" and his job as nightly weatherman at UPN/Channel 13. "Radio is fun. At four in the morning when I’m driving to the station, something goes on. A magic. It’s still happening." Danny naps for four hours in the afternoon and four hours in the evening (midnight and four) and it works.

Sonny Melendrez, nine years with KMPC and now living in San Antonio, talked about his days with KMPC. "At KMPC, I was just a kid. For those of you who don’t know what KMPC was, it was the most unbelievable radio station, I think, in the history of Los Angeles radio. They would hire the best people, the best personalities they could find and then they would do an amazing thing. They let them do what they hired them to do. We were told the order of importance: You, then the music, then the news, then the sports and all the way down."

Geoff Edwards, longtime KMPC personality and game show host, was on fire. His humor punctuated the festivities as others talked. Gene Autry who always owned the Angels baseball team owned KMPC. "Angels were having a bad year," Geoff started, "some place between 1960 and 1990. I remember saying on the air, the only thing duller than listening to an Angel game on KMPC is going to the game itself. But it was okay, Gene Autry couldn’t remember."

LARP winning awards at the R&R Convention: True Don Bleu (AC Personality of the Year); Cindy Scull (Active Rock Music Director of the Year); Marty Bender (Classic Rock Program Director of the Year); and Kevin Weatherly (Alternative Program Director of the Year).

LARP Remember Their Fathers

Art Laboe has been a legend in Southern California having worked on various stations since the early 1950s. From broadcasts at Scrivner’s Drive-In Restaurant to hosting over 300 live dance shows at the El Monte Legion Stadium, Harmony Park in Anaheim and the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium, every top name Rock act appeared with Art. His first volume of Oldies But Goodies was on Billboard magazines’ Top 100 for a mind-boggling 183 weeks. Art owns stations in Tucson and Fresno and his "Sunday Night Killer Oldies Show" airs on "Mega 100."

"My Father was an immigrant steel smelter worker with a limited education, but he was one of the most intelligent men I have ever known. He followed science, politics and was a proficient speaker. He encouraged me to speak publicly, sing publicly and express myself as he did. If I did not do these things, he would kick my butt. I owe whatever success I enjoy to him." – Art Laboe

Gary Owens Hospitalized

(June 15, 1999) On Friday Gary Owens was scheduled to be part of the AC Superstar Seminar at the Radio & Records convention. The seminar started and Gary was a no-show. Anyone who knows Gary, knows he's punctual or on the phone with an explanation for the delay. Moderator Mike Kinosian was distracted for much of the seminar with one eye on the door waiting for Gary to arrive. Gary had invited dear friend Jonathan Winters to join him and was scheduled to pick Jonathan up at the Marie Callendar’s in Toluca Lake. Jonathan waited and waited for his longtime friend and got very concerned. On the way to Marie Callendar’s, Gary became "very ill," according to his wife, Artie. They drove to the nearest hospital and Gary was immediately taken into emergency for surgery to repair a hiatal hernia. "It was very close to a rupture," said Artie. Gary is "doing very well," but will stay in the hospital for a few more days. "His diabetes got all out of whack with the surgery, so we’re not going to rush home," said Artie. "And when he gets home, he will stay home until he’s fully recovered." She did not disclose Gary’s hospital and she is asking that everyone respect his need to fully recover and asked that there be no visitors or phone calls.

"Cox has been very good to me," emailed Jhani Kaye, who stepped down from his day-to-day programming directorship at KOST on Friday. "They’ve provided me my professional home these past 17 and a half years. I can’t thank them enough. However, after 66 consecutive Arbitron wins as L.A.’s #1 AC station, the time seemed right to take advantage of new opportunities within the company. I'm so grateful to Bob Neil for giving me the option of remaining with KOST day to day as their programmer, or to provide the company with new services. I have chosen to take advantage of the latter, providing services to KOST as a consultant and to expand my role as producer/director of television commercials."

Rod Lurie’s resignation from his entertainment/movie talk show on Saturday seemed to catch many people off guard. "It's a Tinseltown epic, a real rags-to-riches, run-don't-walk, I laughed, I cried, it's a part of me blockbuster," emailed KABC program director Drew Hayes. "Rod Lurie became a real-live moviemaker and he asked to be released from his contract to make movies. He also felt that he might experience a conflict-of-interest in reviewing films, which I pointed out was not a real problem because, after all, if Spielberg or Coppola has Saturday mornings free, they'd be welcome to host a movie show on KABC. So, Rod goes off to make movies and as part of our agreeing to release him from his obligations, will credit 790 KABC Radio at the end of his next three films. I'd give this arrangement two thumbs up!" Rod’s last Saturday show will be July 3. Drew reminded me that the new millennium begins July 1st as John & Ken start at 5 a.m.

Ron Fineman read Geoff Edwards’ comment about Gene Autry in yesterday’s column. "It reminds me of one time when Autry called the newsroom at KMPC, asking to know the day’s baseball scores. On that day, the Angels had lost to the Indians by something like 11 to nothing. Since he sounded like he had been drinking, I wasn’t sure if he knew the Angels score. So in a few seconds I had to decide if I should just skip the Angels, assuming he knew the score. Yet, I would risk insulting the boss by not even mentioning his team. On the other hand, who wants to remind Gene Autry that his team got clobbered? Looked like a lose-lose situation to me. So I said in a casual way, ‘Of course the Angels lost today 11 to 0.’ Of course meaning ‘I’m sure you already know’ as opposed to ‘they lost like they always do.’ Do you know what his response was? ‘I already know THAT!’ Lesson learned."

Pete Kemp from Bethel, Connecticut answers radio questions on AOL. He’s stumped on the whereabouts of former KBIG dj Carl Bailey. Carl used to broadcast from the big, white ship that went back and forth to Catalina Island. Anyone know where Carl is?…An AFTRA and Shadow negotiating session scheduled for last Friday was postponed due to financial information from management being incomplete and they need time to "consider implications and possible effects of Westwood One’s acquisition of Metro."…Ian Kranitz is leaving his position as National Director of Marketing at Metro Networks at the end of the week. "I’ll be doing some consulting in the music and broadcast industries and attending to family matters here and in Detroit," emailed Ian.

Neil Ross read reader email on Saturday at this site. David Swain asked about the KPOL lineup in the late seventies, early eighties. "I arrived at KPOL in the spring of 1978, replacing Burr Middleton. The lineup at that time was Paul Johnson [now doing the weather at KNBC/Channel 4 on weekends] doing morning drive. Yours truly 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Dave Steele 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Denny Bishop [now doing voiceovers for Channel 4 and many others] overnights. Mike Villani [the voice of DiTec Finance these days] was a weekender along with Barbara Barri, who segued over to the FM side on KZLA when they went country and had something like a twelve-year run there. Dan Gordon was also at the station. In the newsroom was B.R. Bradbury, who was replaced as news director by Rick Wallace. Other news folk I recall from that period include: Brent Seltzer, Paulette Lee, Barbara Em [who later became Barbara Whitesides] and Gene Ferguson. Al Herskovitz was the Program Director. That's probably way more than Mr. Swain or you wanted to know." Thanks, Neil Ross

Paul Volpe, also known as Kaptain Kaos for three years on KIEV, spoke to students at a Monterey High School spirit week assembly, according to a story in the LA Daily News. Paul told the kids: "Many times I’ve wanted to quit. Believe in yourself and go after what you want." His show on KIEV was cancelled March 30 after he broadcast tracks from an album recorded by Pope John Paul II. Volpe has sued Salem Communications Corporation for $4 million alleging breach of contract, defamation of character and infliction of emotional distress. Counsel for Salem claims Volpe is making "more out of this with the press than they will be able to make out of it in court." Volpe calls it a "Salem witch hunt." Volpe has taken his "Subterranean Music Show" to KALI.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Julia Chavez and Scott Keene

LARP Remember Their Fathers

Doug Roberts is better known as "Sluggo" or "Doug the Slug" from his 7 years at KROQ. He shares a story about his father in this annual Father’s Day series.

"The only dad story in my attic would be that he was kind enough to let me wire up his room with my own radio station when I was a kid and occasionally listen to my in-room radio station. Oddly enough, I would break away to news from my present employer CBS at the top of every hour.

He was also smart enough to have a volume control on his end so that when I started digging into my new wave/punk 45's he could turn down the sting a bit." – Doug Roberts, "Sluggo"

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