Mary Beth Garber's Address at
"Status & Future of Audio-Anchored Advertising" Confab
January 31, 2008 - Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Mary Beth Garber, President of the Southern California Broadcasters Association opening remarks from January 31, 2008 panel of Radio CEO’s discussing the “Status & Future of Audio-Anchored Advertising"

 Congratulations.  You are members of the #1 radio revenue market in the entire world, the $1 Billion plus market of Los Angeles. 

Your clients are telling you they expect more than the same old 30 sec tv spot.

They’re clamoring for new media ideas. So you’re out there buying the talent and expertise you supposedly don’t possess,  hoping to bring the newness and glamour of the internet into your  traditional agency portfolios. And then you spend even more time and dollars creating that elusive holy grail … called synergy.

Well that’s one way of meeting your clients’ demands…but there is another.

One that costs far less in terms of corporate dollars and energy. 

You could be turning to existing media for guidance. Because just like you, we’ve been re-evaluating, restructuring, and re-imagining our businesses to meet your clients’ needs. 

Your agencies are staffed by smart, experienced and creative people. So turn them loose to work with us. As others have already done. 

Instead of laying out more of your corporate dollars…invest your time and learn how others are already learning to work with us to create exciting, new media solutions by merging existing media together to create new media ideas.

Because that’s really what your clients are asking for.

Not  new media. But new media ideas that target and involve their marketing needs in ways never before imagined.   

During 2007 stations throughout the Southern California Market worked with you and your clients to prove that when it comes to audio anchored media, content is King. Content…that can then be distributed to your targeted consumer through a wide range of delivery systems….including all formats of radio, all iterations of the Internet including station web-sites and  blogs. Even wireless mobile delivery systems and consumer created  YouTube videos.   

Here are just some of the multi-platform solutions devised by Southern California Radio Stations for agencies and their clients in 2007: 

Emmis Radio created a multi-level distribution plan including an on line game for its client Fox TV’s hit show Prison Break. Fox received a combination of on-air and online messaging, including email blasts that reached over 1.1 million persons and the on-line game was played over 150,000 times!    

Am570 KLAC’s ‘Fame and Fortune” promotion for clients Rubio’s and Universal Studios generated over 15 million hits to its website over a 3 month period.  The campaign was really multi-platform, including on-air, on-site and on-line exposure. The grand prize featured the opportunity to co-host a weekend show for a month. And, Rubio's confirmed the promotion drove traffic to various stores.

JACK/fm’s Moustache Madness campaign for the Southern California Chevy Dealers had on air, viral, interactive and contesting components and, as JACK would say, a lot of other industry buzz words.  It generated a million and a half page views and one whopper of a moustachioed guy standing in a Chevy truck.   

98.7 FM KYSR’s  “15 Seconds of Fame” promotion spurred listeners to create and post their own videos…with the winning video running on its client Fox 11 during an episode of ‘24”. 

KLOS’s Mark and Brian morning show’s ‘3 Strangers and a Wedding’ promotion for sponsor Mercedes Benz of Anaheim drew 1.4 million page views to its website on the day of the event. 

KLSX’s program for Rustoleum took in store demonstrations, created a website for them, involved emails, downloaded videos, and much more, and ended up with two of the greatest thank you notes I’ve read from a client.

KABC Clean Air Car Showcase took hybrid and green products from Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru and mixed them with a multi-facted online, on air campaign, to produce over 24,000 potential buyers at their 3rd street promenade event. 

Univision – Intel Campaign -- Drove Intel-inside computer/laptop sales to retail chains Best Buy and Circuit City with a campaign involving Live-Nation, Univision radio stations, Online interactivity and contesting and Artist Affiliations.  They had data collection units at all of our major events and on Univision.com to research what computers Hispanics were purchasing and how much they new about Intel. 

Thanks to the stations in this market … I have stacks of DVD’s at my office (that I will be happy to share with each of you), highlighting program after program…that proves the point that social networking isn’t new. Consumer Generated Content and Engagement aren’t new.  Targeting your client’s customers and having them interact with you isn’t new. The buzzwords may be new…but the basics have been around for years, on what we’ve called radio.   

Audio Anchored content distributed on air has built one of the most loyal audiences in the world. Listeners have self selected their favorite stations. And today, they are being reached and are reaching out to the stations in every conceivable way.   

More people in Los Angeles today listened to, interacted with and spent more time listening to their favorite station in their cars than did 5 years ago. 

2008 can be the year,  that you …if you haven’t already done so…prove to yourselves and your clients that it’s not about new media. Instead it’s about new media ideas that target and involve their marketing needs in ways never before imagined. Ideas that come from Audio anchored media. 

Thank you for coming today… And now let’s meet our moderator and our panel.

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