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4th quarter 1998

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Don Barrett

(November 1, 1998) "I started as a rock jock in 1957, while going to Arizona State at KPHO-Phoenix [now KFYI], KRIZ [now religious], Bartell's KRUX, [now Music Of Your Life], and KUPD under pd Frank Pollack [former jock at KDAY]. Upon getting a marketing degree in 1963, I headed for Tinsel Town to get into advertising and ended up on morning drive at KPRO in Riverside, under pd Ralph Lawler [now doing basketball play-by-play on TV]. In nearby San Bernardino, Bill Watson was programming KMEN until he went to program KHJ with Bill Drake in 1964.

In October 1968, I returned to Phoenix as om at KRDS, a 250 watter at 1190, against Buck Owen's 50,000 watt KTUF AM & FM. We went from #32 to #5 and were #1 country with a fake-Drake format. I returned to L.A. in 1972 and again worked with Ron Erwin at KPPC as a jock, under Bernie Alan [KCET/TV], until they changed to KROQ. I then worked at Capital City's KPOL AM/FM until 1976. The FM became country KZLA and the AM eventually went foreign language.

After twenty years of being a radio bum, I got a real estate license and have been selling houses in the San Fernando Valley ever since. That was a career move I have often regretted. I was a vacation-relief engineer at KRTH in 1981 and KABC in 1984 and still try to keep abreast of my first love--radio. I have your web-site as one of my favorite places on my computer." Bob Pond


(October 24, 1998) "Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my father, Kenny Green. You probably remember him as the Co-owner of LA Network, a company that provided traffic reports to L.A. radio stations with my mother, Rhonda Kramer.

My dad had many great stories about radio in Los Angeles. Its a business that he was passionate about and spoke frequently about the wonderful people he had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

One of his favorite personalities was Rick Dees. He said he was at Rick's house one night, and all he did was laugh. Rick thought my dad had such a unique laugh, and asked if he would put it on tape so he could use it on his show.

My dad's favorite talk show personality was, without a doubt, Tom Leykis. Any time I was with my dad during the week, Tom was on his radio. He did have the pleasure of meeting Tom when he was running LA Network, and it was a lunch engagement that he spoke of often.

He not only had great respect for the radio industry; he loved the people in it. Now that I am older [I just turned 13], I have had the pleasure of meeting many of them. My favorite radio event every year is the SCBA carnival where I get to hear about ‘The good ‘ol days.’

I send my sincere thanks to all of you for being such a good friend to my father. He loved working with many of you, both personalities and management. If you would like to share with me any memorable stories about my dad, I would love to hear from you. Just send all mail to my mom's email address. Thank-you Don for allowing me the opportunity to remember my dad today, and keeping his memory alive." -Erin Green SinglNThin@aol.com


(October 21, 1998) "The Top 50 Los Angeles Radio People is quite a list. So many memories. If I were to list my Top 10, it wouldn't be from 1 to 10, because each brought something special to my radio listening. Dave Diamond, and the ‘Diamond Mine,’ playing the long version of Light My Fire for the first time; Dick Whittinghill, and his battle against Top 40, and the rising tide of youth; the incomparable Gary Owens, whose line I still use, giving credit to the master, of course, ‘We came to Barry Manilow, not to praise him.’ B. Mitchel Reed, listening to him I discovered FM, when KMET was actually tape delayed! Vin Scully, whose descriptions of Sandy Koufax no hitters and Gibson home runs will be with me to my grave. Dave Hull, and his antics, and my memories of meeting him, in Lake Tahoe, when he was a taped voice for an FM competitor to my station. Meeting Robert W. Morgan, at a party at Pam McIinnes' house. And his steely stare, as he told me I took his friends job. He wanted someone else to take over KFI in the Sky. He later warmed up, and the experience remains a good one. Watching Mr. KFI, [his real name], developing from a producer, to one of the top 21 personalities in L.A. It has been a rewarding 12 years as an L.A. radio person, and a very rich 49 years as a Los Angeles listener. And again, thanks to you for a place to bring it all back. Take care, Mike Nolan"


(October 15, 1998) "Have been busy with selling our house and moving into another so haven't been in touch with the Internet for a few months. Just got all caught up on the news thanx to your site! Now I feel like I'm back in the loop! Awhile back, radio people wrote in with some memorable moments...was it TV viewing or something like that? Well, other than watching the Kennedy assassination stuff, my TV highpoint was The Real Don Steele TV Show that aired every Saturday night at 6 p.m. in the Southland during the early 70's. What a great show, with a gorgeous host! That's what I always thought anyway! If only I could meet him I thought as I watched RDS every week from the safety of my San Diego home far from Hollywood! Who knew?!

For the uninitiated, it was a wild, hour-long dance show with musical guests and Show-Biz gossip hosted by The Real Don Steele. Don described it as ‘...like Dick Clark on acid.’ I watch the episodes of the show now thinking how right-on it is for today....it's a 70's time-warp....hotpants, platforms, bell-bottoms and plenty of posing by the dancers, it's really a trip. Nothing like a musical number by the DeFranco Family with matching baby-blue, bellbottom jumpsuits! It would be great to have it on the tube so people could see what the 70's really looked like! Take care Don, and keep up the great work! Shaune Steele" ( Steele93@aol.com )


(October 9, 1998) When KFWB went all-News in 1968, Mike Botula was there. From 1972 to 1977 he broadcast the news for Gary Owens at KMPC. In late 1977 Mike made the transition from radio to tv and spent the next decade as a field reporter and producer for every local station, including eight years at KTLA/Channel 5. In the fall of 1989, Mike became the news secretary to Los Angeles County District Attorney's Ira Reiner and Gil Garcetti. Mike emails: "I'd appreciate your putting my email address on the list. I've already made good use of it to re-connect with a lot of my old radio cronies from many years gone by. I'm still toiling away in the District Attorney's Office. One of my primary assignments is producing a 30-minute program for cable tv every month. District Attorney File: Family Focus is carried by 35 cable systems in L.A. County. I'm happy that I still get to use my 'radio voice' on occasion. Mike Botula" mbotula@msn.com


(October 3, 1998) "My name is David Hirsch. In the late 70's and early 80's I was News Director at KEZY AM & FM. I went on to work at KMET where I was their weekend talk show host [taking over from Mike Harrison].
I was the only on-air personality from KMET to make the transition to KTWV, where I did the morning news and weekend talk shows. After that I was News Director at KBLA, the short-lived business news station.
For the last five years I've been the owner and editor of The Lifestyle Information Service -- a radio prep service with over 100 subscribers and over 1600 continuous daily issues. The Web site is www.lifestyleinfo.com My address is DavidH8716@aol.com "


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